Death is not an option

There were a few times that I was in the hospital over the last 27 years when my health got so bad that the doctor in charge told my parents that they should be prepared that I might die. My dad who is the kind of person who is used to being the boss made sure he let the doctor, and the hospital know that death was not an option for me.


Have You Registered to Vote?

If you haven’t registered yet, today, October 6th, may be the last day you can register to vote in the 2008 presidential election. Find out what the registration deadline is in your state and how to register on

If you’re still wondering which candidate will get your vote, the Declare Yourself website has a fantastic page on where Obama and McCain stand on major issues including health care, the economy, Iraq, foreign policy and more.


How do you invest in your community?

In the past few weeks Olivia Kuhn-Lloyd has covered three really great organizations devoted to giving back — GOOD Magazine, Causecast and KIVA.

How do you give back to your community — whether a local or global community? Do you give back to the planet by carrying a bag with you to the supermarket, to cut down on waste? Do you donate to an organization that you believe is making a difference? Do you simply act with kindness and sensitivity in your day-to-day interactions?

Tell us how you give back to your community, and what contributions you might like to make but haven’t yet! (First on my list: contributing to a microloan through KIVA.)


Engaged in Prayers That trump Politics

Having found myself locked up in Politics and the current economics of
today. I have been seeking positive ways to lend a more purposeful way
to be calm and stable and of genuine Help. With guidance from Deepak
and my mentors at One Heart One Mind.I had come to
realize I needed to quit putting up an opposing pole(That still lends
energy to what I do not intend) Seek what I desire! Stand for what I do
believe, not against. Then I heard this prayer from the Church of
England this morning and I went in search… So I offer these as
examples only, but I do believe we should be engaged in prayers that
trump Politics and all those ills that our country and the world are

Election 2008: Ego vs. Higher Self

In September Deepak wrote that this presidential race is a "consciousness race." With insight he detailed Obama’s desire to increase our national consciousness and the right’s desire to remain asleep. I thought of this today as I learned that Governor Palin has now introduced a new round of personal attacks againt Senator Obama, trying to tie him to a Weatherman terrorist who acted out when Barak was eight years old. Senator McCain recently indicated that he was ready to "take the gloves off" and the Republican campaign team has indicated that they are going to take things to a new level in this final month of electioneering.

I believe we are witnessing the battle of the ego vs. the higher self on a national social level. One candidate desires to address issues from a thoughtful perspective to change the future by being honest and pragmatic about the present and the choices we are making. The other candidate is resorting to appealing to emotion and sentiment, belittles thinking and a rational approach and when he finds himself down in the polls, begins to embrace fear and intense personal attacking in an effort to hang on.

I find this national situation often played out in my inner life. My ego refuses to yield to the higher self without a fight, a fight that is never based on reality, a fight that is all about remaining in power. At fifty years of age one would think I would be used to it but I continue to marvel at how far and with what strength my ego will go in an effort to stay in power.

It is my deep hope and prayer that the American people will renounce the politics of 1988 and 2004. I hope that Willie Horton and swift boating politics will not, again, turn our national focus away from the serious issues of economics, war, and the future we will bequeath to our children and grandchildren. As we move toward November and change, I hope America moves beyond the ego and begins to embrace the higher self. Awakening vs. remaining asleep is an important personal and now, national issue.

Ronald Reagan often spoke about America being a shining ciyty on a hill. The building blocks of such a city must include respect, diversity, tolerance and the desire to find in others, the same light that exists within oneself.

No More Compulsive Thinking

If we pay attention to our thoughts, we will discover that 90 percent of them are gibberish. The problem is, this gibberish controls what we think, how we feel and what we do. Conditioned thinking is why we are so often angry and unhappy.

We can loosen the grip of our conditioned thoughts by bringing our attention to them without judgment. By becoming aware of our thinking, its ability to control us lessens. Once we realize that so much of our thoughts and beliefs are stale, silly and do not reflect what we want ourselves to be, we can release them.

Let’s release our attachment to compulsive thinking by becoming aware of it.


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