Eating After Exercise

Q: How long should I wait to eat after I exercise?

A: You shouldn’t wait at all if you can help it. Depending on the intensity of your session, you have a post-workout "recovery window" of about an hour or so during which your body is looking to replenish all the energy that it burned through in order to get your ass into gear. Your muscles are wide open, ready to store fuel for the next time they get called into heavy use.

So for about an hour after you exercise, very little of what you eat is going to be stored as fat. Sounds like a good time to eat to me.

Just be careful. If you get really hungry after exercise, resist the temptation to overeat or eat crappy food. Even though this recovery period is probably the best time to have your largest meal or to "cheat" a little with something you maybe shouldn’t have, a pound of chili fries is still a pound of chili fries. Intensity of hunger is not a reflection of how much food you need, it’s a reflection of how soon you need it.

If you find that eating too soon after exercise makes you queasy, try having something very light to start your meal – a few sips of juice, a small piece of bread, a bite of fruit. This should settle your stomach and allow you to eat the rest of your meal comfortably.

If you aren’t hungry after your work out, then don’t eat. Just don’t let your body go too long without fuel once it does ask for it either.

Thanks for exercising in the first place,
Jay Co

Fasting: The Basics

Fasting isn’t going to completely clean your dietary slate, but it can be a fantastic way to detoxify your body. Though there’s not a whole lot of Western medical research on fasting, it is a huge and central part of many holistic systems that have been around for centuries.


Basically, when you fast you give your digestive system some time off. It gets to catch up on some work without having to deal with anything new in the inbox. You’re already doing the same to a lesser degree by following the suggestions in my book, Your Fat. A fast intensifies the process for a relatively short period of time.

If you’re interested in fasting, do some research before trying it. Any good book will touch on a few things:

— Start easy. Fasting can bring about a whole slew of side-effects, especially your first time out. Maybe try a one-day "light" fast (allowing light meals like a cup of miso soup) or a twelve-hour juice fast, then build from there. You have no idea how your body is going to react to not having food.

— Consult a physician if you are taking any regular medications or have any outstanding medical problems. (You should probably consult a physician, period.) Pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t fast at all.

— Do not use fasting as a means of losing weight. It is dangerous. Any significant amount of weight you lose while you fast is almost guaranteed to show back up when the fast is over anyway. Do not use fasting as a means of losing weight. Do not use fasting as a means of losing weight.

Realize also that a fast isn’t worth jack if you’re going to be waist-deep in caramel and nougat again once it’s over. You’ll get the most out of your experience if you’re already moving towards making sound nutritional choices a part of your daily life.

I gained 7 pounds over the holidays. How do I get rid of them?

I gained 7 pounds over the holidays. How do I get rid of them? Fast!
-from Jason in Palmetto, FL

I gained 11 pounds in the last three weeks myself. Join the club.

You gained some weight during the holidays. Big Deal. You were celebrating with people you most probably haven’t seen in a long time. There was honey-glazed ham, egg nog, and evil gingerbread men that sung to you while you bit their delicious little heads off. And then there were leftovers. Who can blame you? Holidays happen.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. If you panic, you’re going to start making bad decisions. You’ll adopt some kind of extreme diet or exercise regimen and you’ll be burnt out on it by February. Worse, you’ll try to starve yourself. Don’t do that.

Get yourself back into sound, wholesome eating habits and the weight will start to come back off. They’ll get you back into balance, no matter how far off track you find yourself. If you don

“How Does It Feel to Be Poor?”

An article in the Washington Post On Faith section in response to their question:

What’s your response to this question from a Post national poll of low-wage workers? “What role does God or your faith play in helping you get through tough financial times?”

The new poll on poverty has a certain brazen quality about it, or is it rubbing salt in the wound accidentally? The poorest people in any society are the most vulnerable to economic anxiety. They are the least able to afford downturns and have almost no power to improve their lot through political leverage. The poll revealed that the poor are aware of their teetering situation. Did anyone expect that they would discover anything other than pessimism?

To the degree that the poor still believe in the American dream, a Marxist would say that they have been duped. There are more opiates of the masses than just religion. However, there are no unbesmirched Marxists left, it seems, so the social wheel must turn in a new direction. Having abandoned the welfare state in its most liberal and generous aspects, America ignores the poor as never before — the idealism of the “respectable poor,” the compassion shown to victims of the Great Depression, and the social crusades of the sixties are gone. Is there a new idea that can bridge the immense gap between rich and poor in income, education, health, and opportunities?

Religion certainly isn’t that new idea. Asking the poor if they turn to God in hard times — and discovering that the vast majority do — revives the specter of Barack Obama’s “clinging” episode. It also validates, if validation was needed, that clinging to religion is a very real phenomenon, one that has its own dignity and worth. Few people in any income bracket fail to pray in a dire crisis or to hope that a higher power sees their plight. There may be no atheists in the foxholes, as the wartime slogan went, but there are few on a sinking ship, either. The pessimism revealed in the poll is simple realism as seen from the lowest deck.

Forty years after Michael Harrington’s groundbreaking book, “Poverty in America,” which launched the War on Poverty with high ideals that never materialized, our knowledge about poverty is enormous, but our will to attack the problem is slim. One reason is obvious. As many economists point out, the poor subsidize America’s enviable lifestyle. Every underpaid hotel maid, McDonald’s cook, migrant farm worker, and school janitor living below the poverty line is contributing money to the rest of us. Without the poor there would be no American dream, and yet they are the least likely to benefit from it.

If I am being asked what sustains me in economic hard times, my answer isn’t conventional religious piety but a new vision of possibilities. Such a vision must be spiritual at its core. Begin with the notion that all souls are equal, and that each person can evolve in consciousness. Give the poorest people — and everyone else — the tools to expand their own awareness, and heartless questions about how it feels to be poor won’t be necessary anymore.

National poll of low-wage workers:

The Girl Effect

At AIDS 2008, the world’s largest HIV forum in Mexico City that commenced this weekend, the need for interventions specifically designed to empower girls was clear: increasingly, the face of AIDS in Africa is young and female.

UNAIDS figures from Swaziland are a good snapshot: HIV prevalence among girls 15-24 is over 20 percent; among boys it’s just over 5 percent.

The Global Fund (RED) grants in Rwanda, Ghana, Swaziland and Lesotho emphasize programs serving women and children. And more needs to be done to give greater attention to females of different ages and circumstances (married v. unmarried, living in urban v. rural areas).

Lisa MacCallum, Managing Director of Nike Foundation, showed a video called “The Girl Effect” that we loved. The gist of the video is that by valuing and investing in girls they can make a better life for themselves, their families and improve society as a whole.

Watch the video:

So far, the incredible scale up of Global Fund resources from public and private sector donors, including (RED) consumers, coupled with newly-reauthorized PEPFAR investments, direct action by affected countries, and partnerships driven by civil society are all driving in the right direction. We just need to step on the gas.

Words form sentences…

My soul desires, conspires, and retires. Countless opportunites aknowleged, put to the test and set to rest. The thoughts started to stir, turned into a blur, and now slip back into the subconscious. Mind… mind me or mind you? Common ground, a sense that it has been found, then someone finds a way to stomp it into the ground. A story to tell, a journey to share, spoken only to those who truly care. Explaination of all my creations, life is learning. You closed the door on me, but I have opened one for you. In return? This question will always burn. Does everything happen for a reason? I know I’ve found the rhyme, seemingly always in the nick of time. Constantly trying to steer clear of the rewind… button. Unless it is copied over, with an open mind, our time to shine. New perspectives courageously shaping every step I take. Show me your world openly, and I wouldn’t have to pry. To share is to spare a common occurance. I can sense more than you will express, and this isn’t said just to impress. I’ll push your buttons as long as you remain eager to smash mine, bottom line. Still patiently awaiting each day with each connection, each conversation with its core backing. Patiently, I stay here open for you to say, even with slight delay, who you are to you… true. In the realist of times, in the depth of your mind. It is yours, it is ours, it is now also mine.

Contentment and Peace

Contentment and peace.

How does one get to that place?

I propose a good activity to help you to get clear is to make a list of what you are doing during a time period that you are experiencing contentment.

That would be me right now.

I’ve been sitting here for hours watching the ocean waves, people frolicking, fireworks going off, the happy cries of children, the looks of serenity on people’s faces, and the waves…. Oh, the waves!

So peace and contentment – what is the recipe?

#1 Not thinking, and being OK with that. I imagine that is easier said than done for most Americans…until they hit the beach.

#2 Listening to wave sound. There is a reason why it is marketed for restful sleep.

#3 Doing what YOU like to do. In other words, this is your time and you are spending it the way you want to spend it. It is possible to live a life like that – doing what you love. I think this is a big key, but then I am a humongous lover of freedom.

#4 The feeling of freedom – no time constraints. ‘Nuff said on that one.

#5 Being with those you love. Yes, it is possible to be peaceful and contented all on your own. Being able to share it with others who love, understand, and accept you makes it all the sweeter.

#6 Dressing down, or dressing in close to nothing – whatever turns you on.

#7 Being in a place where no one knows you. The is a great sense of freedom in anonymity. No expectations, no judgments, no history, fresh start. Woo! Sounds heavenly!

#8 Having the wherewithal to cover all your needs, and then some.

#9 Rest and relaxation. I am getting a lot of sleep and, as my husband pointed out, I don’t have to go to bed early in order to get up early! I can be a night owl all I want! So what am I doing? Certainly not being a night owl. Odd, that.

# 10 Uncluttered spaces. I keep trying at home and so far it

A spiritual experience?

When describing my version of what I went through, I usually come up with a more grand explanation for the ineffable, as my dyamism with life and applicaition towards positive change indeed treads on an excited platform.

In describing I would remember, Introscoping into the inner world of our other self. Examining the archetypes that circulate continuously through our infinite spirit. Revelations of understanding and recognition form noetic sources present a comprehension of cosmic order at that time. Only when we re-enter this noetic space, can contentment with a single individual

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