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How I Know I Was Chosen

How I knew I was Chosen

By Valerie S. Green

I grew up thoroughly consumed with the ideals of being an actress/fashion designer. I knew from a very young age that the entertainment industry was where I wanted to work. It never occurred to me that the reality of getting there might differ from what I read in magazines and saw on television. I finished high school, attended college, graduated from a Fine Arts Program, completed a fashion designer course, and I then assumed my door was ready to open. Not quite so, over 3 years later, several hundred mail outs to agencies, countless interviews, a few episodes of background work on Life Time Television

House and home

Deep in the centre of my being
in the place of peace, calm, beauty and wisdom
is the strength and energy
to deal with the changes and challenges in my present housing situation.
I now tap into this source to allow these energies to flow through me
and claim access to all clarity guidance and wisdom I need
that is for my highest good in this situation.
I claim my right to a beautiful , comfortable , affordable home.
I would prefer to stay in my present home
but I am willing to change for something better that is for my highest good.
I ask for love , support and guidance in this matter
knowing that all that is asked for is given .
I am open and willing to receive all my good.
Thank you , thank you , thank you !
Love Light and Peace in all dimensions.


Thank you for reading this and your attention in this matter.

a very very good day

The market fell another 7% today and the world markets are following suite, but:

The roosters were still crowing this morning when I woke up.
My daughters new puppy continues to pester the older dogs, no matter how much they scold him.
There was another magnificent rainbow this morning.
My eleven year old daughter told me a silly poop joke as I drove her to school. Then we cranked up one of her favorite bands The Beach Boys and belted out Barbara Ann together.
The green sea turtles continue to feed at the shore.
There was a tasty swell this afternoon at Richardson’s beach.
I had a great bowl of thai coconut ginger soup for dinner.
Every star in the universe seems to be in my night sky.
And now I sit listening to the crickets and frogs, sipping a glass of wine and writing this.
Life goes on, and today was a very very good day. I expect the same tomorrow.
A very warm Aloha to all and good night.

How do you stay calm amid chaos?

It’s not new news at this point, but the stock markets are tanking. The Dow fell below 9,000 today — the first time to do so in five years. And now the Asian markets are taking the plunge.

I was talking to my sister tonight, and she said that everyone is stressed out right now — it’s the universal vibration, or maybe something in the planets (or the market).

What are you doing to keep your calm, to make the best of the situation, to keep perspective?

My First Cleanse: Day 3

What’s a cleanse? Simply put, a cleanse is a short-term regimen designed to detoxify your body — it could be from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, meat or something else. Most cleanses are similar to fasting, so you’ll likely take in a lot of fluids to flush out toxins from the body. Be sure to consult your health-care provider before beginning a cleanse.

I was pretty apprehensive about today. Today is the juice only day, the first of two days where the only thing to pass my lips would be the Isagenix cleanse drinks and the snacks – 2 almonds every hour or so and the chocolate tablets.

I was SO hungry all day! In the morning I felt a little nauseated, but that soon passed. Herbal tea was my lifeline! But you know, despite being a little nervous it was really fine. Not nearly as punitive as I had anticipated.

I’m still waiting for that "light" feeling people talk about — roll on day 4!

Read about Day 2 and Day 1 of my cleanse.

Sending Out Universal Collective Prayers to H.H. Dalai Lama

I’ve just become aware that H.H. Dalai Lama has taken ill again I don’t
know how serious it is but some reports on the web says he may be
operated on tomorrow. Please write in and let me know if you have any
more news. Whatever it is I say…May the Universe’s Way Be Done…and
I remember tonight all the joy, love and compassion he has shared with
us on earth so far…and ask all of you to join in universal collective
prayer so it’s way can be done. You can join in our my universalcollectiveprayer blog