Major Conservative Defection

George Will is a very well-known and respected conservative Republican political writer. If you’ve been following his columns, he’s been a strong opponent of Barack Obama. Today all that shifted.

Will wrote an op-ed article for the Washington Post entitled: McCain Loses His Head. In the article, Will assails McCain’s calling for the firing of Chris Cox, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Will quotes the Wall Street Journal editorial that excoriated McCain for slandering Cox without even looking into the facts.

Will states that: "McCain’s smear — that Cox "betrayed the public trust" — is a harbinger of a McCain presidency."

He further states that: "Conservatives who insist that electing McCain is crucial usually start, and increasingly end, by saying he would make excellent judicial selections. But the more one sees of his impulsive, intensely personal reactions to people and events, the less confidence one has that he would select judges by calm reflection and clear principles, having neither patience nor aptitude for either.

It is arguable that, because of his inexperience, Obama is not ready for the presidency. It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes, is not suited to the presidency. Unreadiness can be corrected, although perhaps at great cost, by experience. Can a dismaying temperament be fixed?"

What Does It Mean to Be Hindu?

I am Hindu, and I have often wrestled with that question. I have spoken to some of the best minds, the most spiritual minds, I have journeyed to many places in my quest, and I have come to believe that the best way to describe Hinduism is to say what it is not. For how do you describe a "teaching" that encompasses all possibilities and all of eternity, refusing to describe the infinite in finite terms? A teaching that describes all of life and all thought as both illusion and reality at the same time? There is no science, no thought, no possibility that Hindu thought does not embrace… So there is only one way to describe Hinduism for me — although it may mean many things to other people — that Hinduism is a search, a yearning, to find that which is infinite within one’s own self, a yearning to experience that which is Eternal…
…So what is Hinduism not? It is not centralized, it not an organization, it is not political. It can never be. For every time there has been an attempt to organize Hinduism as a political force, it becomes by nature a finite structured force that bears no relationship to the idea for a search for the infinite. One of the greatest ills of the Indian society (and even Mahatma Gandhi said that) is the Caste system that resulted in a completely oppressive system designed to keep a few sections of society in political and economic power at the cost of the majority of the people — in the name of Hinduism. And a large number of conversions, historically or even now, whether to Islam or Christianity, can be traced to people trying to escape the oppression under this system.
So to those people that ask why we cannot declare India a Hindu state I ask them to understand and trace what a Hindu state is. And we soon realize they are looking for an identity. Which begs the question, why can’t we accept that identity as just Indian? Thatis the true question of identity.
So once again I say that a terrorist is a terrorist regardless of religion. Anyone who takes the lives of innocent people on a mass scale is a terrorist. And if there is any system, religious or otherwise, that is encouraging such terrorism, or has become the breeding grounds for such activity, then it is the duty of our Government to strike hard at the roots of that. For there is no governance or civilization possible if the people of this Nation cannot go about their daily lives in relative safety.

The Sum of My Blessings

I love the beach. Born and raised on Cape Cod, I can’t recall a time in my life when the ocean didn’t represent complete bliss for me. You know that tranquil, blessed feeling of peace that we find in sivasana or in meditation or in church? A reflective place where the world falls away and everything makes sense? It’s the moment where song lyrics are written, life decisions made, and sorrows dissolved. For me, more often than not, this moment has an ocean view.

Not too long ago (about three weeks and 20 degrees ago, to be exact), I spent a weekend at the beach, where I tried to surf for the first time. It just might be my new favorite activity! I also enjoyed one of my oldest, favorite activities: disappearing down a stretch of sand and walking until fellow beach goers transform from people, to specks, to solitude.

I walked for a long time, knowing that this makeshift pilgrimage would serve as the day’s yoga practice, and I relished every sandy step, snapping imaginary photos in my mind in attempts to preserve the perfection of each moment lapping right up against the next. I think my gait even acquired a skip at one point. Turning my face skyward, like a lizard seeking warmth, I thought "I don’t want to be anywhere else than where I am, right now." Then, rather abruptly, I realized I wasn’t alone.

Two massive dogs were playing in the ocean just a few yards away; maybe there were three. As I approached, I quickly realized that these were the largest black Labs I’d ever seen; then, just as quickly, I realized they weren’t dogs at all, but massive sea lions. At this, my jaunty, silly walk froze to a standstill. My jaw dropped, and I think I omitted some sort of noise, one of shock and excitement, tinged with a hint of fear. These sea lions were HUGE. And, seemingly multiplying…

When I counted seven, I thought, "An auspicious number for a magical event" but soon, there were nine. As I counted up to ten, I think I laughed out loud, looked around, and wondered where everyone was. How could they all be missing this? Why was this natural wonder happening to me, alone? Prior to that day, I’d never seen one sea lion, let alone a gaggle of them. Giddily, I counted the bellies of two more creatures, until finally topping the count at lucky number 13. Surely, it was a sign. Of what, I don’t know… Should I play the lottery? Heck, I felt like I had just won the lottery! I hoped the mental snapshots that I took would last forever.

So far, they’ve served me well. In the past two days, I’ve experienced several blessings so powerful that they brought my movements to a standstill and dropped my jaw in amazement. Some of these moments occurred at Global Mala on Sunday in recognition of the U.N. International Peace Day and in the presence of like-minded yogis and esteemed meditation teachers like Ek Ong Kar Singh and Lama Surya Das. Others happened today at a local hospital where I greeted a relative after she’d awaken from a long, complicated rest.

Somehow, the sea lions keep surfacing in my mind, as massive, playful blessings that I am thrilled to uncover. Only the sea lions numbered 13, and my blessings, I am still counting.

Freedom writers!!

Are we really free? I think we are not.

We are so dominated with the problems in life that we are not enjoying the real journey of life. The real life here is to make most of the every moment. We have to free ourself for a better time in our life. For all those happy moments aroud us which we are not enjoying. See what you want to see, explore new, do new, find new. Thats the way to be the FREEDOM WRITERS. Its our life, how cant we manage it? We are the fighters of the game called life and we have to win this battle. Write your own freedom. Now.

Just watched the movie

Causecast Drives Change

Civic and church groups are no longer our primary outlets for activism and volunteerism. Instead, websites that provide information, a call to action and the ability to donate or contribute services nearly instantaneously are claiming do-gooders’ attention. Causecast is the newest (and most entertaining) hub for social change. It joins philanthropy with media, social networking and content to empower people to make the change they seek.

Causecast follows a lead-by-example paradigm. Individuals, organizations, leaders and brands that are already leaving their mark are highlighted, thereby giving users the inspiration, knowledge and tools to effect their own positive change.

While Causecast is a movement, a campaign for change, its online component,, is a rich concentration of video content, select nonprofits and cause leaders, member content and related news.

It’s not often that we hear the vision of an organization from its creators. Here, CEO Ryan Scott shares his intent for Causecast:

As do Brian Sirgutz, President & Sloane Berrent, Director of Business Development: