I Shop in the Women’s Dept.

I hate shopping for clothes.

I know that might be strong language, but let me state
my case. For better or worse, I have been blessed with
the body of an adolescent girl. Because I am in fact a
boy, this has driven me crazy for most of my life. Growing
up, I did everything in my power to “bulk up” — working out, drinking protein shakes and adding extra thick insoles to my shoes (yes, they do add a few inches).

It’s only been in the last couple of years that I have come
to peace with my small stature. In fact, I think I’m even
willing to say that I really like being small now. But if
there is anything that draws me back into my past (stuff),
it’s going clothes shopping.

In the men’s section, NOTHING ever fits me. The shoes,
the pants, the socks, the shirts — all too big. So I usually head
to the kid’s section to find that nothing there fits me either
because I’m SLIGHTLY larger than little boys.


Feeling defeated, I often find my way to the women’s section to
(painfully) discover that the clothes fit perfectly as long as
I’m willing to bite my ego and face the customer service

This is why I hate shopping for clothes.

But something really interesting happened during my most recent
clothes shopping experience that’s worth sharing because it’s
significant to our current social environment.

I stopped finding shopping uncomfortable, and instead I discovered the humorous element in it. I found the process of shopping in the women’s department HILARIOUS!!

Instead of getting caught up in a “poor me” story, I just kept
laughing at the comedy of it all. Was a part of me still
mildly frustrated? Definitely! But it felt so much easier and
more enjoyable to laugh instead.

Realize that you choose your perspective and your perspective
creates your reality. If you’re stressing out right now over the
current socio-political-economic climate, choose to lighten up.
Laugh at yourself, laugh at others, laugh at the world.
Nobody benefits from a morbid evaluation of these challenging

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this is why
meditation is more important then ever. As you quiet the mind
and connect to a place inside that feels easy and light,
“lightening up” is the natural outcome.

So please, pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top,
meditate every single day. The world needs it right now….

Much love,

Max Simon

Election 2008: What’s Your Health Intent?

The presidential election is nearly here, and it’s a heated contest between nominees Barack Obama and John McCain.

We at Intent are paying special attention to the two presidential candidates’ platforms, and as a site and community focused on wellness, we’re paying particular attention to their stances on health care. While Barack Obama believes in universal health care, planning to reverse the tax cuts made by President Bush on those earning over $250,000 to pay for it, John McCain doesn’t support universal health care. McCain believes that individuals should have choice when it comes to health care providers, and that this choice will foster better quality of care.

Everyone has a different story to tell when it comes to wellness. What would you like to change about the way health care is currently offered in the U.S.? What would you like to stay the same? What is your intent for the next administration when it comes to health and health care?

Here is what we at Intent hope for. Let us know your intents too.

Sal Taylor-Kidd: My intent is to support the Obama campaign in any way I can to ensure affordable health care for all Americans. View all of Sal’s intents.

Lorie Parch: My intent — and hope — is that the next administration will take seriously the challenge and opportunity of universal health care and that it will at least insure that those Americans who need it most — the very young, the very old, the very sick, and the very poor — have ready access to quality health care, and that we start to value prevention of disease as much as we value treatment. View all of Lorie’s intents.

Dani Morgan: My intent is for the next administration to begin resolving the Medicare fiscal crisis. View all of Dani’s intents.

Olivia Kuhn-Lloyd: My intent is for available and affordable health care for all residents of the United States. View all of Olivia’s intents.

George Brown: My intent for the next administration’s health care policy is that they implement an effective and affordable health insurance that includes every American. View all of George’s intents.

Prachi Patel: My intent is for more affordable healthcare to be available for everybody, so being sick is not a death sentence for the underprivileged. The last thing you need when you are dealing with a health problem is financial woes! View all of Prachi’s intents.

At the Crossroads of Being Raw…What Lies Ahead?

is a view of Grande Riverie, Trinidad where I went on a nature retreat
about a month ago…I’m using it to show my road ahead…

Photos by Meady’s Musings Production Copyright 2008

I am 3 weeks raw complete! With what I thought would have been a truly
impossible feat! Here I am! Now here’s the thing…I’ve decided to
continue to be raw! I didn’t think it would be so easy far less the
food would be so yum so tasty! But before I get hasty…I’m gonna do it
kinda kinda so like if I feel to munch on something really really then
so it shall be once it’s not a member of my sentient family! And once I
don’t abuse it a plenty!

I’ve eaten a run of cooked and ‘normal’
food today to see but it seems it hasn’t been agreeing with me! So on
fruits and veges I will continue to gnaw! Therefore below is my dinner
of tonight and I ate it to my heart’s delight!

things I’ve been missing are my tea (non herbal)and with milk
(evaporated) in it. And the occasional milky dish like warm oatmeal
with milk or sweet rice (kheer). In terms of carbs I feel I more miss
pasta…not so much rice or flour. I thought potato but I don’t know
after the reaction it had in my stomach…the reaction food has been
having is similar sounding to me to what people who eat meat and stuff
tell me they have when they first go back to meat. And I know some who
has as a result never went back!:) I don’t know how raw is good or if
we were meant to be and live this way and I don’t think I can be fully
raw and exercise frequently too after my normal day’s things…but the
next experiment will be to see how I can incorporate forms of exercise
and raw or well kinda raw…

Of course I also love chocolate as
I’ve kept saying and I also like ice cream and I find it nice
especially when it is made as natural as possible and with the least
amount of sugar possible. So today after my raw milk I’ve had one
tablespoon of Nutella flavoured gelato (italian ice cream) and perhaps
the same rule applies with European ice cream versus North American and
so the gelato is probably less packed with sugar than leading North
American brands. I’m also looking forward to the European chocolate
that a friend is bringing for me from abroad soon…that is made from
cocoa beans from Gran Couva, Trinidad which is just about 20 minutes
from my home but made in France (I think). Below see the pic of the
chocolate I’m hopefully soon having…pic courtesy of the website for
gourmet chocolate http://www.chocolategourmet.co.uk and with below description:

bar is made from the finest Trinitario beans. Gran Couva is an
exceptional chocolate, long roasted. The beans are from one Trinidad
estate and only a limited quantity of each vintage is available. Making
this a rare chocolate it has a smooth lasting taste, the initial
roasted nuts and spice subdues itself progressively.’

What’s Happening on Intent?

"My intent is to provide the community with useful, timely, and relevant information that will assist in enhancing their overall Intent experience."

Greetings fellow Intenters! 🙂

What’s New?

One of my favorite parts of my job is helping you guys fix bugs, as well as making sure feature request are noted and added for consideration when we make improvements. I am happy to say that we work with a truly remarkable team. Communication is seamless, and everyone is passionate and excited about Intent, for the same reasons you are. I am quite proud of the progress we have made so far, and can’t wait to show you more of what we have in store.

If there is anything I can do to help make your Intent experience better, never hesitate to drop me a message, or leave a comment on one of my blogs. I am here to help!

Some of you have been saying you are looking for a place where you can meet the other members on the site. While this is not the long-term solution, for now if you go to Mallika’s profile page, you will see the largest group of people. Soon, Mallika will be auto-added to each new user sign up. This will give us a place where we can welcome new members, and reach out to other users who look interesting. 🙂

No shortage of intention here..

Something that amazes me on a daily basis is the intent our members are bringing with them! Check these out:

"..to prompt people to give of their resources, time, talent, energy, wisdom,experience. we all have something to give." –Virginia

"..My intent is to live my life as Soul, a divine spark of God, in a manner that reminds others of their own divinity." –yourheartknows

"To put yesterday behind me and focus on making today the best it can be." –mariunc

What do you guys think of the Intent functionality so far? What do you want to see in the future? Thanks to everyone participating and sharing your Intents!

Have a great evening!


PS- If there is anything you can’t find on the site that you’d like to see updated in my blog, give me a shout! 🙂

Two Souls

Question to Deepak:

In your answer yesterday you wrote: "Pure consciousness is the non-physical source of all material creation, and that is what our soul is." I am really confused. I thought our soul was a compilation of our life’s experiences and memories, and that that was why there is sometimes a need for healing. Could you please explain where I have made a mistake.

Answer from Deepak:

The word

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