Demand that the Bailout Legislation Be Rejected DO IT TODAY

Normally I would not post Political on my Blog, but this is something that needs to be Done Today.


Demand that the Bailout Legislation Be Rejected

We are witnessing a bankers’ coup d’etat.
In the name of saving the
economy from a crisis created by their own greed and immense profits,
the biggest bankers have taken a country and a people hostage.

"Give us your money and tear up what’s left of your Constitution or
we will sink your economy," is the message from Wall Street and the Bush
"Give us the power and money we demand or you will be
left jobless from a new economic depression.




When more than 1,000 workers

demonstrated on Wall Street,

VoteNoBailout. org volunteers

were there with signs and flyers.


Under the pretext of the banking crisis, the Bush Administration is
changing the way this country operates.
This is not simply taking
trillions of dollars from the people and giving it to the richest
bankers to do with as they see fit.


Click here to send your letter to Congress

Congress is poised to vote to give the Executive Branch of
government, and specifically the White House’s political appointees in
the Treasury Department, the absolute right to take our money and give
it to domestic and foreign banks and corporations without any oversight
of elected officials, from the courts, or from the people.

The new legislation states: "Decisions by the Secretary [of the
Treasury] pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and
committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of
law or any administrative agency.
The Legislation allows the
Treasury Department to appoint the same bankers who created the crisis
to administer and dictate the use of trillions of our tax dollars.

We will not stand by and let the Bush Administration formalize its
vision of a "government of, by and for the richest bankers.

The new system institutionalizes theft on a grand scale.
Brothers bankers will receive $2.
5 billion in bonuses after their
company went bankrupt last week, but the new dictatorial authority under
the White House and Treasury Department has ruled out any relief for the
millions of working families who are being foreclosed.

We live in a $15 trillion annual economy.
Instead of taking our tax
dollars and giving it to the already rich and powerful, these funds
should be used provide to decent paying jobs, affordable housing, health
care and a good education for our children.
There is another way!

Now is the time to hear the voice of the people.
A spineless Congress
authorized Bush’s illegal war in Iraq and rubber-stamped the Patriot
Now they are being herded like sheep again to give the White House
and Wall Street dictatorial control over the people’s money.

Send a letter to Your Congressional Representatives

www. votnobailout. org

..Congress has no right to give the White House and its Secretary of
the Treasury the power to transfer the people’s money to the richest
bankers in the country. Vote No to the Bailout legislation. The Bailout
legislation is being rammed through Congress in a matter of days. This
is an illegal power grab by the White House and their richest friends
on Wall Street. The Legislation allows the Treasury Department to
appoint the same bankers who created the crisis to administer and
dictate the use of trillions of our tax dollars. It is also one of the
biggest transfers of wealth from working families to the ultra-rich in
the history of the United States.

should help families stay in their homes. Wealthy executives should be
forced to disgorge their obscene profits, fees and bonuses that made
them ultra-rich while they ran the economy into the ground.


Surrender Your Judgments

Our beliefs are created by programming that we are exposed to from birth by our families, schools, the media, etc. The programming is reinforced daily. We carry around stale beliefs that have been with us since childhood, and do not serve us anymore. The beliefs about our gender and our identity, as well as judgments about other people and things, limit our options and cut us off from the life force which is our true nature.

The old beliefs, which often operate below the level of consciousness, cause us to continually repeat patterns of behavior. We keep having the same reaction to situations until we break the cycle of our patterns by becoming aware of the underlying beliefs which control us.

It is time to let go of our stale beliefs, which do not bring us what we want in life.

By bringing awareness to our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can release our beliefs and judgments and be aligned with the Infinite Energy Source, which is life itself. Our lives will become peaceful as we give up the things that frustrate and irritate us.

Let’s surrender all of our judgments about people, situations, and ourselves and embody the peace which we crave. We no longer need to seek it as it is what we truly are.

The Only Reality

We torture ourselves with a fundamental untruth- that something is wrong. Wrong is all that cannot be loved, while right is how we think things should be.

We believe that if something was different then what it is right now, then we, our life and the people in it would deserve love.

If only I had nicer shoes.

If only my teeth were whiter.

If only I didn

It Is Time to Change Our Consciousness

We humans are incredibly polarized in the world today on a variety of issues, many stemming from the economic conditions that have been generated to increase the disparity among people and nations. The Dalai Lama said in this millennium our greatest challenge would be the disparity between The Haves and The Have Nots… and so it appears to be.

I see this disparity not only in economics but in education, human rights, respect for all life on this planet, natural resources… etc… It is essential that we WAKE UP… that we begin to think outside the proverbial box, and think into the future of life united, beyond political systems, governments, color, religion and race.

The only way I know to do that is to begin to think and question our own beliefs, our own choices, our own behavior. To question what influence and price they have on humanity and all life on this planet.

In the evolution of life, polarity is a key factor that preempts transformation, transcendence and change. We seem to be fully in this polarity on this planet, a good sign of evolution.

After having lived for eight months in Japan over the last four years, my eyes, heart and hope has been tremendously opened to tragedy, brilliance, trauma, inspiration, cruelty and kindness… in ever so many ways, in ever so many nations around the world.

No matter what our culture, language, nationality, we all create our own reality from our life experiences, beliefs, social programming and subliminal cultural behaviors that have been used for so many generations that they are unconsciously influencing the masses.

This I believe is what we are awakening to throughout the world; when I am in Japan and read the international news and realize how enormous this change is, I know this is the paradigm shift that is essential for all life to continue.

I was in such despair three years ago because of the atrocities that are being committed in the name of America, worldwide, financed and flaunted by multinational corporations using all nations as pawns on the chessboard of life with humans as the most disposable items. When I recognized this, I knew NOW IS THE TIME for all humans to WAKE UP and think with their heart and soul, and have their thinking begin to direct new beliefs, choices, decisions and actions, or we would not have life as we know it.

I believe the U.S. has a destiny as the youngest nation, the nation created at great risk… by people courageously crossing an ocean, in faith that they would reach the opposite shore. We are instilled with this faith.

Then the first shore was not enough challenge, so across the plains came the next great adventures, to this sacred land of California.

The change is consciousness. It is as huge as was the change in consciousness when we "discovered" that the world is not flat. It never was and never will be. Someone made that up and many died as a result of that erroneous belief, and upon that discovery change had to occur collectively.

Today is another shift in consciousness as huge as the previous one. For me, change is the only truth there is. My heart’s desire is that we change with as much consciousness as possible, that we each become accountable for our thinking, our beliefs, our choices, our perceptions and our decisions, and our action. That is the only way we will have a future that does not duplicate the past.

Duplicating the past is not an option in evolution, so now is the only reality to launch our future from. Otherwise, we are slammed in our faces by the atrocities that we humans are generating on this planet, causing immense suffering because we want to be dominant. We want to be RIGHT!!! This is not worthy of evolution for any species.

Our children remind us, over and over with each birth, that there is no duplication. Each life, each breath is a new moment and yet we fight and kill people in the name of being right and requiring duplication. This appears to be insane to me.

So for me, whether it is FOX NEWS, CNN, BBC, the foreign news,, TrueMajority, etc., it really doesn’t matter. What matters? Whether this news is causing people to think, or just to react.

Reaction comes from our attachment to our fears, our beliefs and our history, sick or not; we are committed to repeat it because it feels familiar and we translate that as "safe."

History, as we have created it, is not safe for our children or any sustainable future life on this planet. Love is safe and we are so afraid of love we are more committed to being right, according to our history and our perceptions of our safety — essentially, what is most familiar.

It is challenging in America right now to be a thinking individual. The media manipulation here is greater than I ever imagined — until I was shown how international news reports "news" — the good, the bad and the ugly — and how much more the rest of the world knows of our politics and political choices than we the citizens of the U.S. It is tragic, and yet, in America, we have brilliant thinking people who are following their heart and soul, giving voice to what they believe is "right," hopeful, encouraging, etc. — and willing to risk all in sharing their views with others.

So what I celebrate is that we are attempting to wake up, to think and feel deeply in our essential nature, our soul, to have the courage to tell ourselves the truth that lives in us, not what others think or believe, but what causes our breath to return to our body, every time we release it. What is the call inside of us that keeps us wanting to wake up each morning?

All things outside of us are symptomatic of the conditions inside of us. There is no other reality. So the issues in the world will not be solved, dissolved or resolved outside of us. We are the mirror of the infinite, and we are the translators of this life force. That is why I wake up and call the breath back into my body, because I believe in LOVE, I believe in the goodness in the heart and soul of every human Being, no matter what.

The Day Sky

The Day Sky

Let us be like
Two falling stars in the day sky.

Let no one know of our sublime beauty
As we hold hands with God
And burn…

Into a sacred existence that defies,

That surpasses…

Every description of ecstasy,

And Love….


What’s Your Competent Advantage?

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Coach Colette

Lesson 10 Earth Healing and Graduation day

Lesson 10 Running the Energy for Earth Healing

We are now deep into a very calm relaxed place, the energy is flowing though us. I want you now to visualize your right arm, pointing West, reaching down deep into the Water of the ocean, push it further and further into its depths. Now open your hand and see yourself placing it over the city of Atlantis, see it sleeping deep in the middle of the ocean and filled with Wisdom. Run the energy into your left hand and feel the knowledge of how you can with this energy clean the water that surrounds Atlantis, feel the energy there Awakening and flowing into you just as your energy flowed from Heaven to Earth. Now when you are moving energy into and out of the Ocean, I want you to see your energy moving out very fast though the ocean, running up and into the rivers, evaporating into the air and raining down connecting to all water on the planet and cleaning it, see your energy purifying all the water of the Earth.

Now take your right arm Pointing East and send it deep into the center of the Earth, feel it as it sinks deeper and deeper into middle Earth, open your hand and place it over the Garden Of Eve (Eden) sleeping in middle Earth, pull all the healing energy that is there to the surface and send it into the roots of all the plants and trees, cleaning and purifying the soil and helping everything grow with this organic pure energy bringing forth fruit, and vegetables that are healthy.

Now see your feet pointing North towards the combined energy of the sun, moon and feel the magic of the Northern Fire as it awakens your inner energy, feel this bright light enter your body. Let it flow though you and back out into the sun and moon. Run the energy seeing it boosting the power of the light, clearing it and healing it. Make sure you keep breathing.

Lets now add the top of our head, see it pointing South, feel the Southern Winds as they blow over you and into you, go deep into the Indigenous lands and see yourself sitting there with all the spirit guides that keep their wisdom there. See your energy running into the wind and blowing all the pollution that is there away. Feel the calm as you heal this wind.

Now lets add the energy flow we had going earlier, heading into the Heavens and down into the Earth. See it running through your Heart upward and down through your back deep into the center of the Earth. You are now connected to all the elements of the Earth and it’s time to run your healing touch into to it all. Breath deep let it out slowly and heal the Earth. Feel the flow of life as it flows through you, push it with your inner rainbow colored energy and fill it with the colors of life. Do this as long as you feel like it, you will also feel the healing taking place inside of your body because you are now connected directly to the Chi and it will heal you in return for the healing it is now receiving. Be sure to sweep yourself when you are done with this exercise.

That is enough for today, time for me to head to the beach and run a little energy into myself and do a little Chi healing. 

Boosting the Energy

Here are a couple things you can do at this time to boost the Energy level you are running.

First after doing several color runs up and into the heavens and down through your body and into the Earth, start visualizing as you send the energy towards the heaven, that gathering there are all the spirits of your soul circle and see this energy entering and healing them. Now see Buddha, Jesus, Abraham, Mohamed and all the profits of the world gathering there and run energy into them, watch as they pass it on to their followers.

Now move on up and give God a good energy hug and send all your colored healing energy into the Deity, saying thank you for all that has been given you.

Now look past all of this, as far as you can imagine, visualize going as far out into the universe as you can and breath deep pulling all your colors up and send them to that place, way out there. Now see it bouncing back like a soccer ball and know that it will Heal everything in its path as it returns to you, all Earth, all Spirits and all people on the Earth and the Earth itself will now receive your healing energy as it passes them. Visualize the children and elderly of the world holding their hands up and catching the energy with their fingertips and smiling.

Now that you are connected to healing all that is, take a deep breath and as you breath in whisper ¨ I——- LOVE——- YOU—- ¨ pull this phrase deep into your heart and then as you blow out whisper ¨ H—–E——A—–L—–¨ see all things healing as you do this and now you will really begin to feel yourself healing along with everything around you.

Here you can also direct the energy as it returns to specific people, animals and even to that dark, black place where all negative energy lay, I will tell you that you need to be ready for some powerful reaction of inner healing as you send energy to the Devil himself and all his followers. If you can do this with the deepest feeling of compassion and love, you will be sending positive healing light energy to a place that is not at all use to getting it and you will really feel it working here because of that, you will also feel God heal you for showing this kind of compassion.

When you are through make sure you do your sweeping and spend a little time running energy directly into yourself. I like sending the last few passes directly into me to help give myself a good cleaning. I also stand and say a prayer to the Waters of the West asking that the animals that live there, the whales, the dolphins enter this healing adding their life to it. Then turning to the Fire of the North, I ask all the animals that are there, the Polar Bears, the Penguins and the Great White Owl to enter this healing and bring their life to it. Then turning to the Earth of the East I ask all the animals there to enter this healing, and finally to the Winds of the South, I ask the animals there, the Eagles and Birds to enter this healing bringing their life here.

Then I bow to myself and say a prayer to me for the work I have done.

Now last I get down on my knees and I Thank God for everything I have in my life and ask him to send his blessing to this healing.

I hope you will find in this what works best for you, we each have our own paths to healing and yours will be different from mine. If you listen, really listen, you will hear where you need to be for the best of the healing to work.

What we have done here is explore the colors and vibration levels of the human body and their effect on our wellness. We have I hope learn to help our inner natural healing process along and should be able to use this to help those around us heal as well. Once we have cleared and opened up our Chakras, we can explore tapping into the five elements and do a little Earth healing work on them. We have also learned to surf together on the Chi or Life Force Energy and come to understand the idea of using it as a cosmic telephone. Through this entire process we should be able to quickly and quietly slip into a deep, calm, peaceful meditation and once there, feel ourselves as a part of the Chi, opening up endless possibilities of where we go from here.

Take care class and I hope you find your way to a greater, deeper healing for yourself and all things around you and it brings peace to your life.
Love you all

Graduation Day 

Final Exam

Last lesson Class: Try this anytime and anywhere you are moved to.
Take a couple quick cleansing breaths, 1 color breath up and down letting out the air slowly focused on sending healing energy to the Chi. Take 1 Love-Heal breath up and down and do the same, Breath deep sending energy to the Chi as you let it out. You will find this is a very quick way to enter a deep meditative state and can use this for lots of work you do that requires you to empty yourself of thought.

Now feel yourself connected to the Chi and see that energy rolling out of you and filling your personal space, see it filling the room you are in and entering all that is there, watch it as it rolls outside and fills the trees and enters the animals there, see it passing through on to the entire town or village near you, watch it move on filling the entire state or region you are from with kind, loving, healing energy. See it fill your country and cross your borders surrounding your neighbors with energy, go with it as it travels across the waters and lands on distant shores healing everything that exist, On and On and On it will go until it connects on the opposite side of the Earth from you.

Now see your hands as if in Prayer, open them and watch as the Earth floats up and into the center of your hands. Fold your hands around the Earth getting as close as you can without touching it. Smile, feel your Love of Mother Earth, feel your balanced colored energy flowing, Go deep and bring forth your love for the Father of us all and with all of this as a part of who you are, H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life).

Now after practicing this routine a few times, take a Cleansing Breath, Run the Color up and down, Feel your Love and H.E.A.L. It should become easy to slip into a connection to the Chi and feel yourself a part of it. Once connected your options are unlimited.

Find your Roots, Feel the Pleasure in Life, Enjoy the Organic Balance that is You, Find your Soul Mate and Love deeply, Bring your inner Voice to the surface and speak up and out, Explore your intuition and discover your inner Wisdom, Reunite with your higher power-Spirit and find your life’s true Purpose in Life. All is Possible.

Most of all Have Faith, Find Hope, and Believe: YOU ARE THE ONE!

¨Every decision to Change the World begins with one Wo-man who has Faith, Finds Hope and Believes he-she can.


Love, Peace and Understanding

Congratulations you are now an Earth Healer.
Go Forth and H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life)

Now as a final Gift for attending class I would like to pass this on to you. I received this Apple on my desk this morning when I arrived for this Graduation Day final posting and it is appropriate it should come from my long time soul traveling friend, Gene.

This is a very powerful visual lesson on what we have learned.

Here also is the Chakra test I promised.

I think by now you will know your colors better and have a good understanding of how they affect you and how you can use them to heal. Bring them into your life, pass them into honey and consume them, keep them close for they will not steer you wrong, only good will come from them and in the end you will shine, like a rainbow, to those around you. Just remember that you are the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. I hope you will keep in touch and I look forward to inviting all of you to the Fist Annual virtual Conference on Healing the Planet H.E.A.L. will be hosting here in late 2010. I believe by then we will all have a better understanding of the power we all posses and together we will use this power to H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life)

A Side Note:

In the last couple days, when I have slipped into my Chi place, this very large smile and extremely deep sense of happiness has come though to me. Today the Chi said so loud and clear I think you all heard it


I knew the Chi was saying this because many of you are now healing it with your balanced colored energy and it is feeling gratitude for this. Remember  The Rainbow comes after a cleansing rain and I think it is Gods way of showing us what our inner colors look like when they are Balanced, Healthy and Aligned after we cleanse ourselves.

Today is graduation day; I thank you all from the bottom of my very Green Heart for joining me in this lesson of life.

Here is a prayer I offer at the end of my book H.E.A.L.

My Prayer:

Like me I am sure there have been those times in your life when you were discouraged. Like me I hope you come to realize those times of discontentment are only Gods way of holding back giving you your treasures until you are truly ready for them. I also hope and pray that through your love, light and kindness you will discover the real secret, that you are the most deserving person on this planet. I will rejoice in the knowledge that at the moment that happens you like me will be truly blessed.

Love, Peace and Understanding

God Bless You All!

I Love you very much and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Please feel free to post this link where ever you think we can get more Earth Healers to join the class. The Chi will pay you back big time for your assistance in getting it more healing.

Now that you have graduated from this class, I hope you will move on the the next classwe will be teaching here on Intent soon, Living Life at Zero Point in Quantum Polarity and finding your purpose in life.

I wish to at this time extend my personnal thank you to Maliika Chopra for having the vision to trust her Mission from God! INTENT, I have a feeling we have just seen the beginning of it´s affect on our Planet.

Touch Everything
Attach to Nothing

Love, Peace and Understanding
Ziggy/Nuela Chogyal
C.E.O. (Concerned Environmental Officer)
H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth and Life)

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