Staying the course!!

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If you can imagine it, you can have it, David. This is the name of the game. This is the lesson to learn. It couldn’t be any easier. Reality is not what your eyes show your mind, but what your mind creates for your eyes to see. You are not limited by logic, the past, or the world around you. You are not even of the world around you. You are supernatural, pure spirit. You came first. Magic, miracles, and luck are the consequences of understanding this, the inevitable result of dreaming and acting in spite of appearances.

You are ever so close. Simply stay the course. It won’t be very much longer.

The Universe

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Specificity of Intentions


I am not sure if I am practising the law of “intention and desire” correctly.

I have set my intentions and desires, but in doing so I think I am also including possible outcomes specifically in two areas…..where i want to live and what work I want to do.

I am 42 and took a 3 month sabbatical to work out what it is I really want and what really makes me happy.I am following my TRUE NORTH path of being spiritual, realizing my pure potential and using my talents to serve humanity. I practice the “law of intention and desire” at least 3 times every day.

However, I also think about the kind of work I want to do, and am even thinking about the kinds of companies as well. Should I be doing this? Or is this part of the outcome?


It is fine to include specifics into your intention for where you want to live and what you want to do if it comes naturally. But don

Imagining God in Color

An article in the Washington Post On Faith section in response to their question:

Three in 10 Americans acknowledge feelings of racial prejudice, and yet 9 in 10 say they believe in God. How does racial prejudice reflect on one’s religious beliefs?

It’s very hard not to see God in color. From childhood everyone is taught to imagine God as a person, and inevitably that person has skin the color of those who worship him. Not that the gender “him” is any more accurate than the color black, white, or brown skin would be. A humanized God in any faith is a projection, not a reality. Blue-skinned Krishna is symbolically significant to Hindus but not to believers who see that image as pagan and primitive. Cultural judgments abound in religion, and these quickly deteriorate into the inane argument over whose God is better than someone else’s. Matters grow worse when the argument turns violent.

Religion has always been linked with conversion, and conversion with “lesser” races. For centuries the map of the world had two kinds of blank spaces: the places yet to be explored and the places yet to be Christianized. The moral duty to spread one’s faith doesn’t always imply using force, but the whole enterprise of converting the heathens was tied up inextricably with empire and conquest. And so, if military power was needed, squeamish missionaries and monks could avert their eyes until persuasion had cost enough blood. Generally they didn’t bother to avert them, however, since God had damned the lesser races anyway, salvation being their only hope. Kipling thought he was being supremely moral when he wrote “The White Man


According to our research, the net result has been that over 69% of enterprise technology evaluations run over time and budget, and that once selected; over 60% of the executions are unsuccessful to meet functional and total cost expectations.

Project teams constantly face a number of significant issues when deciding on enterprise technologies of new products and technologies. It is an eminent problem that vendors have a propensity to make a mountain out of a molehill product, service and corporate capabilities if it enables them to shift to the next stage of the deal. And if project teams have no ability to assemble objective, validated, updated data on the available vendor alternatives. Because it

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