Your Well-Being Can’t Be Found in a Pouch of Instant

We live in a world where instant gratification and instant results seems to be a theme; instant (or near instant) weight loss, instant meals, instant answers, you name it. What happened to taking some things slowly, putting in the effort, and exploring? Please don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing the "instant" industry or anyone who partakes in it; sometimes I like to get instant results too, however, what I have come to realize, instant answers are not always the right answers especially when it comes to our emotional and mental well-being.

Why aren’t instant answers the way to go?

Sometimes those instant answers only deal with the symptoms, providing us with temporary relief. Think about it, in order to kill a weed for good you have to get to the roots, or the source. If you just pull the weed and leave the roots, guess what? The weed comes back. The same holds true with the issues that often rear their heads on the emotional and mental well-being front. Getting to the source of any issue, whether it is fear, limiting beliefs or tolerations sometimes takes time, but most importantly it takes awareness as to what is causing those issues.

Awareness really is key and if we are zooming along trying to find that "quick fix" we may miss out on the signs that lead to the awareness we need in order to find the long-lasting answers. So the next time you’re in the mood for a "quick fix" to one of life’s more complex issues, please take the time to ask yourself the following, "Would I benefit more from temporary relief or long-term relief?"

Please never discount the fact that you are worth making the effort. Take time to explore and look for the source rather than grab for the "latest and greatest" instant solution. Leave the instant to coffee, tea, and even fast food, but not your mental and emotional well-being.

Dave Stewart: On the Road to Peace

Like many in the Intent community, Dave Stewart is committed to promoting peace. He found the opportunity to communicate this need for peace to the world by leveraging his passion and profession — music.
The videos below are the product of Dave’s commitment to peace. He donated all the profits from the Eurythmics’ peace tour to Amnesty and Greenpeace.
How will you channel your talents to promote peace — through painting, poems, Intent blogs? Let us know in the comments!
Peace One Day
By Dave Stewart and Jimmy Cliff
Here Comes the Rain Again
By Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox/Eurythmics’ Peace Tour


God does not make judgments. There is nothing that we can do to fall out of Grace.

We have complete freedom to live in harmony with our Divine Nature. Or we can continue to live unconsciously, experiencing the cycles of desire and frustration, elation and depression.

How do we know that our thoughts and actions are in alignment with our Divine Nature? We know that we are aligned with Source when our thoughts and actions bring us peace, love, and/or joy.

Let’s choose.

Experiential Knowledge of Our Divine Self

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Most of us have heard this assertion and deem it to be true. However, for some it still remains more of a spiritual concept worthy of aspiration than an actual state of being in the world.

As many of us know, spirituality must be practical in order to be effective. We have access to myriad strategies designed to facilitate awareness of our Divine Self. Many of which include coaching on how to practically apply the knowledge it conveys into everyday life and when applied consistently, does deepen awareness.

Most of the perceived disconnect between spirituality and the practicality of living in this world originates in the idea that spirituality resides in a different order of reality and as a result must be attained. While the spiritual does originate in a different order of reality it manifests in this order and does not lose any of its divine quality in the process indicating that it does not need to be attained but recognized.

The most successful opportunities we consistently encounter to facilitate experiential knowledge of our Divine Self are our interactions with our fellow human beings who join us on this journey into the physical. It is both noble and necessary to for us to seek to deepen our understanding of our divine nature through whatever positive precepts, exercises and tenets we embrace but it is equally necessary for us to seek to recognize the Divine in others.

This recognition of the Divine in others, regardless of external circumstances, is the gateway through which a deep understanding of the nature of reality is obtained and the realization of our Divine Self substantiated. At the fundamental level of reality, the level of creation, there is no separation in the Divine Light we all share, there is only Unity. We Are One.

An Evolutionary Trigger

I don’t believe that the clarity and liberation of mystical insight is a free ride. I am convinced that the awakening of the spiritual impulse in our own hearts and minds is actually an evolutionary trigger — an urgent whisper from the Self to Itself, God’s quiet voice imploring us to relinquish our attachment to our culturally conditioned ignorance, our materialism and our pathological narcissism. Why are we being called? So we will take responsibility for the evolution of our own consciousness and culture, publicly, in such a way that raises the bar for all of us at the leading edge.
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