No More Fairy Tales

Two Western spiritual teachers came for a visit last week. One was American; one was English. They both claimed to be enlightened. They actually told me they were. And I think, to some degree, it was true. They both had undergone many powerful transformative spiritual episodes and were considered by some to be masters or gurus in their own right. They both had a light in their eyes, the unmistakable shine of consciousness that has been awakened beyond the veil of the separate self-sense. They both radiated and transmitted a personal kindness and inspired enthusiasm about life that is unique to individuals who are spiritually awakened. They also both spoke nonstop about their own lives, their own work, their own beliefs, and their excitement about their own futures. We didn

A little healing story Chapter 7 Violet

If you are joining this story for the first time please start at chapter 1 Red and work yourself forward, thanks and hope you enjoy it.


7 Awawe-Violet

 “YOU MUST CLIMB,” Geronimo spoke clearly in his head. Ziggy was an expert climber. In the mountains above his father’s cabin climbers would come from all over the world to train for their assent of Mount Everest. The many different routes up Tahquitz Peak offered expert training.             The Corral was a deep black volcanic rock. It was sharp and jagged but the boy’s hands were tough and he easily found hand-and-foot-holds. As he reached the top he could sense Traru watching his every move. He climbed to the rim and stood on the six-inch wide ledge. Over his shoulder he could see the entire valley. (“Follow your light,” Geronimo prodded.) He inched his way to the back of the Corral, pushing through the waterfall and feeling his way along the wall of rock. He felt guided. Ziggy closed his eyes and opened his mind. God was in him, above him, beside him and below him. The large stone he was standing on move. Reaching down, he grabbed the rock and lifted with all his strength and the glow coming from under the rock illuminated the dark space around him. The hole beneath him was just big enough for him to squeeze through. Climbing down into the cave he felt a spiritual power engulf him. He looked around and there in the cave were gathered a large group of spiritual entities. The largest and most easily recognizable was the Buddha, sitting crossed-leg and smiling. Next to him sat his father’s favorite hippie, Jesus Christ, to his right Ruka Pallin. In the circle were all the great spiritual leaders joined by light as if holding hands. A violet glow surrounded them. The boy saw an open space in the circle he knew he must walk through. With shaking legs, he moved to the center of the circle. A voice came as a collective of all the spirits. “We have, through time, led with light, love and kindness. We have shared our truths with souls of the universe. We have spoken as one voice for the One True Sprit, the Spirit that is in everything and everyone, is connecting us all. We believe in love, harmony, peace and joy. We respect the earth and all its elements and are committed to healing and protecting them. This place, has for all time been a gathering point?a place where God’s energy comes from the bottom of the Corral and the top of the tower you see above you. From here it pours out over the land. We come here to pray for the healing of the physical and spiritual elements of this world. It is important that the good energy coming from here be spread throughout the world. You stand here today so we may see if you have learned the lessons and have the requirements to be the gatekeeper of the property that lies below this Corral.” Ziggy could feel his breath, his body, his soul, and his love. “There are three test you must pass before receiving the key. The first two are questions to test your wisdom; the third is a test of your physical strength. You must be of strong mind and body to watch over this place.” He cleared his mind and opened his heart, ready for the experience.            “First, tell us all here who is your mother?”             “Who is my mother?” The boy was shocked by the question. Who was his mother, she died when he was born. He knew her name, Katharine. He knew about her by the things she had once treasured and the stories his father had told him, but he did not really know her. He had felt her presence watching over him but now her body was in her ashes returned to the ground, spread over the mountains by his father. She was a part of the earth and sea and air. And then he said it out loud: “Mother Earth is my mother.”“Good! Now what circle do you stand in?” The boy looked around the circle where he stood and amid this gathering of light and love, he could feel all their prayers. He thought about the millions of people who also felt their presence and followed their teachings. He thought about how different prophets had come and gone but always their energy, their guidance, their essence had remained and spread through word of mouth and their writing. He felt at times some misguided souls had used these teachings as if they were their own, as if their way were the only way to live. He felt connected to the spirits in the room and knew they were all the same energy that flowed through the ‘circle of life.’ “I stand in the circle of life,” he said.“Very good. Now look up,” and Ziggy did,  “You must climb to the top of this tower, you must enter the opening to the outside world that you will find there, and we must see if you have the courage to dive into the Corral.” Ziggy had done some cliff diving in Mexico but he knew that would not help him now. He looked down at his feet and saw the small violet silk cloth and knew what was under it, and he drank the sweet nectar. The walls above the cave were steep; it tested all of his strength as he pulled his way upward. He felt that all of the spirits of his past and those he had met on this journey were supplying him with hand and footholds to help him along. The sound of the water from above grew louder. As he reached for the ledge at the top, he used his last bit of strength to pull himself up. Turning and looking back down the young boy saw the spirits below were gone, only darkness replaced their light. He felt alone. He could hear the harshness of the water as it passed just over his head. Looking out through the waterfall, he caught glimpses of the valley that lay below. Looking down he could not see it but he knew it was there some 500 feet below, the “Corral De Aqua.” sat like a small pool, collecting only a part of the water that flowed from the hole above him. Standing on the ledge he closed his eyes. He saw his body suspended and floating in air. Outside of himself he could “see” all the colors of his chakras glowing brightly. At the bass of his body was the red square box of his root chakra and he saw Teddy and Kono. He felt himself securely grounded in patience and stability. The rich orange glow of his triangular sacral charka brought him Armun and his pleasure, passion and the abundance of his enjoyment of nature.  The bright round yellow glow of his solar plexus chakra made him smile and hear the music as he saw Florencia dance. He was confident now of his personal power and freedom of choice, his great health. For a moment he thought “Why Me, what did I do to deserve all this?” He knew this insecurity was his weakness and the place where he needed the most healing, the place where his self-worth was hidden.  He remembered the pouch hanging from his belt. He took the sticky contents and put it in his mouth. The bright green moon-shaped glow coming from his heart chakra warmed him as he felt the love of Humberto, Alexia and Leonardo surround him like a warm blanket. “I Choose Love,” he thought. Their peace and togetherness filled him with joy. The voice of the Orator found in the turquoise pyramid-shaped throat chakra was strong and powerful. He felt his voice, his truth, his willpower, his creativity were in communication with all things. The deep indigo blue of the star-shaped brow chakra on his forehead and thoughts of Traru sitting below permeated his vision, his insight, his intuition, his wisdom and his strength. The warm, kind soft glow of the violet skullcap that floated just above his head made him feel one with God, sensing Him in everything and everyone. He felt Him in the depths of his soul and he knew he was in God’s hands as he leapt from the ledge, dropping head first into the water, felling its power as it engulfed him. “You are my Son,” he heard, and in a second he knew he had become the water, and as one entity they hurled themselves towards the Corral, gaining speed as they fell. Together they entered the Corral, with no resistance they plunged deep, deep, deep into its depths. As they went down he felt the energy and power flowing with him and then from the bottom of this well to the soul of the center of the world, He felt his rejuvenation as the water from below met the water from above and became one. For the first time the boy opened his eyes, as he remained in this calm place where the two waters met. On a ledge nearby was a pile of pristine gems, he reached over, scooped them into his hand and put them in the leather pouch hanging from his belt. The force of the water coming from below grabbed him and sent him upward, releasing him as he reached the surface of the Corral.  Holding on to the edge of the Corral he looked down and he knew this was now his home.  Ziggy pulled himself up onto the edge of the Corral, and as he looked down he knew this was the place Dragonfly had died. Then he heard her laughter, he saw her spirit. It was smiling at him, looking at him, and then he saw the face of the small boy “Leonardo.”  Ziggy realized Dragonfly had returned as Leonardo to be close to the ones she loved. He remembered that from Leonardo’s home you could see the top of Teddy’s Ruka, and he knew they were all back together again. Ziggy would never again look into the eyes of a child without looking for the eyes of his mother.

            Traru was sitting exactly where Ziggy had left him. Next to him on the blanket was a small suitcase. He smiled as the young man approached. Extending his hand, Ziggy handed to the retired gatekeeper the largest gem he had found in the Corral. The old man knew he would live a long and happy life living with his brother and his nephew. He picked up his suitcase. “I have everything I need here, the rest is yours. The world and all its riches await me. I have seen them in my dreams and now I will visit them all.”


Next chapter H.E.A.L.

Lesson 8 Violet The Crown Chakra and Reiki Healing

This blog is from a class I taught on Earth Healing if you go to the first lesson and work your way forward I think you will really enjoy the class and in the end I hope you will join us in our Earth Healing work.

Lesson 8
Violet The Crown Chakra

Here we reach the height of spirituality, we connect to the Divine. We clearly define our source of healing energy. We lay down the things in life that we now understand do not matter and reach for our higher calling. We pray, meditate and talk directly to God. We become Shamans, Medicine wo-mens, Gurus, Indian Chiefs and spiritual leaders. This Chakra is represented by a round Violet skull cap that rests just a couple inches above our heads. Here lies all spiritual understanding. Life begins to make perfect sense and looking back we see our path was a blessing and looking forward we see heaven. Peace surrounds us. To the outside world we look almost alien because our bodies are almost pure light now. You do not need any light when you follow them into the darkness. The eagle is the animal of this Chakra because it soars high above all that exist. We now understand that God is above us, below us, around us and in us at all times. We know that soon we will be in his presence and he will welcome us with open arms.

The Violet person is light, pure, clear, brilliant light. They radiate with Joy and laughter. No egos here only a state of grace. They carry themselves with dignity and honor. Enlightenment and Samadhi is a way of life for them, not a place they want to get to. They love to help others with compassion and kindness. They are always at peace and spread peace as they go. Trusting them is the only path you see. You would follow them anywhere and can only sit and listen when in their presence. They see right through you to the beauty that is your heart. They believe in you and energize you to step forward and join them. They know you will someday find your way to this heavenly place and are happy for that because they know we will all enter heaven together.

Now I want to add three more reiki symbols found on

I would like you to practice drawing these symbols and try to see them in your mind. It will also help if you read and study more about Reiki In general or take some classes to get your Masters. We will use them when we get ready to do our complete energy healing

The DAI KO MYO – is used both for attunement and healing and it works on the spiritual body level and on healing the soul.
Lets place this between the Green and Turquoise Chakras.

We will also use Non-traditional Dai Ko Myo, from Diane Stein’s book Essential Reiki (A great guide to becoming a Reiki Master) because I find this one to be very clean and energy boosting.
Let’s place it between the Turquoise and Indigo Blue Chakra.

The Light-Bolt Symbol – also called Raku opens the Chakra system and allows the Reiki energy to flow into the person or energy receiving the healing. I like to use the Fire Dragon it looks like a lightning bolt.
We will place this one between the Indigo Blue and Violet Crown Chakras.

The final symbol I would like you to use is the spiral; it is probably the oldest symbol of human spirituality. It has been found scratched into rocks from thousands of years ago, on every continent in the world. it is also the one used as the logo of Go Gratitude as a symbol to show gratitude

I place this symbol on the top of the Crown Chakra and use it to spin the energy into orbit.

Next lesson putting it all together to start healing you, those around you and your mother Earth.

Foundation for Peace

Awakened consciousness is the foundation for peace.

Peace is a choice.

Peace starts wih me.

Peace starts in an open heart,

Peace starts by choosing Love over Fear.

Peace is the path , peace is the way.

Peace in every step.

Imagine Peace

Allow Peace.

Invite Peace.

Gratitude for Peace.

Awaken Peace in every heart and soul

Prayers of Peace

Peace meditation.

Peace hugs.

Dance Peace.

Sing Peace

Paingt Peace

Peace Art

Symbols for Peace

Does Peace have to be silent ? Can Peace be quiet ?

We say " Peace and Quiet " as if they were two different things.

Om , shanti , shanti, shanti, ommmmmmmmm !


When I was young I witnessed a great truth. There was going to be a full eclipse of the sun. I remember we fashioned these little paper devises in class, so we could view the eclipse safely. As I stood there with my classmates I grew impatient as the moon took it’s sweet time strolling into position. About the time the sun began to resemble a yin yang symbol on my paper I could no longer restrain my curiosity and I looked. I seem to always have to look. As I watched for a moment the anticipation began to be replaced by anxiety as night swallowed more and more of the day. But I remember in the moment when the moon had covered the sun and we were all in darkness, that you could still see the light. The light was still there. The light is always there. I think it is easy to forget in these times of economic turbulence and never ending war, that the light will always be there. We live in a world of abundance. It’s just that we are doing a rather poor job of managing it. They say the bank bail outs could cost 700 billion dollars. And whether you are for or against the bail out we are all outraged by that figure. But where is the outrage when our military budget is 515 billion dollars with provisions that could push it well over 600 billion? Year in and year out. With the banks at least as we sell off the bad assets, even at fire sale prices we will recoup at some of that money. Unfortunately there is no rebate coming with the military. But in the darkness there still is the light . With finance on everyones minds I believe this is the perfect time to point out to our friends and colleges the insanity of this kind of military spending. Ask them if they are not outraged by 15 billion dollars completely unaccounted for in Iraq and so on. We all know the arguments but with the country, going broke perhaps more people will begin to hear the arguments. And just maybe we will begin to manage our abundance in positives ways and when the light returns, perhaps it will be even brighter then before. My intent over the coming days is to speak to as many people as I can about these issues. Peace

What is Love?

here is a famous Haddaway song titled "What is Love?" and shortly after that question in the song comes the statement "Baby, don’t hurt me". That statement displays that the singer really doesn’t know what love is. Real love has no fear of being hurt, because you can’t be hurt by it. True love isn’t loving the form or physical of someone, but it’s loving the God in someone. And when someone you love does something you don’t want, you don’t get upset at them because only the ego gets upset when it doesn’t get what it wants. Ego is whatever you identify with. It’s false. It’s the clothes, the clique, the religion, the region, the race, the sex, the sexual orientation, the job, the likes and dislikes…that is not who you are. Who you are cannot be stripped away, stolen, lost, destroyed, or offended. This essance of you is called many things by many different people: Consciousness, God, Enlightenment, Spirit, Awakening. They are all the same thing; the innate spirituality that unifies us all. And the way to live as that essance is to dis-identify with the ego. Does that mean give up all your possessions and live like a monk? No, because that itself would just be another ego; the identity of a poor monk. All you have to do is be conscious that the way you look, act and feel are not you. And when you disassociate yourself with the ego, it no longer has control over you. If someone calls you ugly, it doesn’t hurt because you know, you are not your appearance. If someone steals something from you, you don’t feel violated, because you are not your possessions. If someone burns a cross on your front yard, you don’t feel insulted, because you are not your race. The scenerios are countless, but living as your essance always has the same reaction; stillness and acceptance at the awareness that you are unmoveable. Many religions hint at this awareness without really ever explaining it. The two symbols that make up the word Buddah literally mean Man (ego) and No. Enlightenment is the lack of ego. The entire teaching of Buddah is contained in the name. Christianity speaks of a God that is unchangeable that has always been and always will be;

Dear Shadow

I’m sorry for neglecting you. You were to whom I told all my darkest secrets and regrets, and in being shamed by those secrets I became ashamed of you. I’m sorry for trying to get rid of you; that time I locked you in the closet only to have you pull through the crack at the bottom of the door as I walked away. You didn’t deserve that. Like Peter Pan, I’ve come to realize the important role you’ve played in my life. You were able to cope with many things I was not yet ready to examine. I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate you before. I just didn’t know how. I could barely look at you, let alone appreciate you. I have made you so ugly, but now I see that it’s time we fixed that. You see, there’s something I’ve never shown you. It’s called "The Light". I’m sure at first you are going to freak out and try your best to run and hide, but I assure you, it is nothing to fear. You are my closest friend, and I only want what’s best for you. Which brings me to another point I must address: Your services will no longer be required. This in no way means I’m once again trying to get rid of you. I know that’s impossible, anyway; you are firmly attached to my feet. Instead it means I want you to see the world. I want you to experience life with me instead of just behind me, and while it may be hard for you to adjust, I’m sure you will ultimately feel much more at home in the open. I love you, and I always will for you are a part of me. Thank you for all you have done for me. I could not have gotten to where I am without you.

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