Humanity: The Opening of A Window

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9.30.08 Humanity: The Opening of A Window




Sleepy Souls

Artists for peace

O.K I understand that I titled this Artists for peace but I have to mention those wacky guys on wall street first. Perhaps it’s the saltwater and the sun of the islands that have rendered me slightly bent but you will see where I am going with this shortly.

When the Soviet Union collapsed it was not due to a war or a revolution, they simply went bankrupt and could no longer afford the war toys. Unfortunately as they’re military migrated from jumbo sizes to a more lean look we continued to gorge ourselves on all the goodies the defense contractors could cook up. I remember a political cartoon once where a General was asked why he still needed a new super duper missile system. He thought for awhile and replied “The imminent asteroid threat?”

Anyway back to wall street newest thrill ride, a endless downward spiral through a dark tunnel without a single cute Disney animated character to cheer you up. It appears to me that whether you are a peacenik or not you have to concede that we can no longer afford to pig out at the military contractors all you can eat Armageddon bar and grill. Everyone is outraged by the 700 billion dollar bail out of the politicians who persuaded us that we needed government out of our hair and de-regulated just about everything including the banking industry. Turns out we needed a little goverment in our hair. Yet we spend close to that every year on the military. And do not start talking about the war on terrorism because thats a drop in the military spittoon. Iraq, couple more drops. Like our current culture, it’s all about the toys. The pentagon loves toys, just like us, except theirs can unleash nuclear winter. This is why we do not have enough money for education, health care and yes even greed driven wall street. Greed is good! Not. So lets show people.

O.k artists, still with me? This is your time. Time to shine a light on the morality of peace and the waste of war. Time to change the world. The arts have always been an integral component to building consciousness when change was needed. It is agreed among film critics that Hollywoods last golden age started in the sixties and ended in the late seventies. Rock and rolls golden age started in the sixties and ended in the late seventies. Except for lots of pot what did they have in common? They both were making statements. They both had something important to say. And it was not just film and music, it was literature, it was art and it was television. Then Mr. Reagan was elected and it all disappeared.

So, don’t you think it’s time to crank it up again? If your in film, write a script or find a script with a message of peace. If your in music, write a song or sign a band with something meaningful to say. artists, paint or sculpt something. Authors and Poets write something powerful and transforming.

And teachers, if you teach history or english or political science. Show some of the great old movies in class. Show Apocalypse Now or the Deer Hunter or Platoon. And talk about the morality, talk about the waste. Relate it to now, because it is very much the same. If Bob Dylan was coming up today he might be singing, “and the times need a changin” It is indeed time to expand our peace consciousness and reach that critical mass that we so desperately need to reach, to end the insanity. We can not afford not to, as wall street so eloquently pointed out today.



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