Does Online Dating Work?!

Dear Evan,

I was curious as to what your real opinion is of online dating. I did meet my girlfriend online, but after a year of painful struggle, meaning hardly any dates despite being educated, employed, and reasonably attractive. Friends of both genders tell that their experiences have been hard in different ways. My guy friends (also educated, attractive) complain that they get no responses and female acquaintences tell me that they get so many emails, etc, that they don


Dear Mallika, Thank you for sharing your intent for peace. Today, in remembering 9/11, I am aware of the hatred, the resentment, the fear that is behind all violence and war and terrorism. We can make a difference with our intention for peace; and BEING the peace we wish to see in the world. Love, Bobby

A little healing story Chapter 3 Chod-Yellow


 3 Chod-Yellow



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NOT ONLY WAS the straw of the hut yellow, but the rows of sunflowers and the large patches of herbs planted throughout the front yard all seemed to have yellow flowers. Florencia was on her knees in this garden and was talking to “someone” when he approached.  Her yellow hair glistened in the sunlight.  She stopped her conversation with the plants and turned to look over her shoulder, giving him a smile that made the young man feel as if she were very happy to see him again … as if she recognized him immediately. She did seem familiar but he was positive he had not met her before, at least not in this lifetime.

“My name is Ziggy. Armun sent me to pick up the herbs you prepared for her on my way to the Corral.”

She stood and reached out to him, he thought to shake his hand, but her grasp slipped past his as her hand settled on his arm and his muscles. She squeezed it tight.

“You just might be strong enough for the ‘Corral De Aqua’, however, its not physical strength you will need, your mental strength must be sharp.” Turning, she opened the door to her Ruka, stopped for a second to reach over and rub her hand on the well-worn notches of the Rewe that stood to the right of her door.  Ziggy smiled, remembering that his father had never entered his cabin, either, until he rubbed the belly of the large Buddha that sat in the same location.

The sound of dance-trance music greeted them as she opened the door. She walked ahead and began to move as if dancing, only she seemed to be gliding slightly above the floor.  Then she stopped and turned in a circle that reminded the boy of the Tibetan ladies he had seen perform when his father took him to see the Dalai Lama. Like his father, she was 100% hippie.

(Geronimo whispered, “Chod.”)

The day was not a cold, yet she had a large fire glowing in the fireplace. Ziggy stopped in the doorway, not sure if he should enter. He saw on a pedestal by the front door a large statue of the Angel Uriel, whose name was inscribed on the base. But it was already a familiar statue to him because he and his father had shared a book on angels his mother had left them. His father had said Uriel was his second favorite Angel, next to Gabriel. Florencia caught him staring at the statue. “Armun’s mom, Luz Clara, gave that to me when I took over as the Machi for her. She said that special angel was the Guardian of the Gates of Paradise.” 

“Come in,” she prodded him. “I have Armun’s herbs here in a large bag so I suggest you pick it up on your way back from the Corral.” The back door to the house was open; the young man noticed the worn area in the center of the back yard and a large wooden statue standing in its center. “That is a likeness of my husband. He ‘passed over’ several years ago. This is where we hold our ceremonies for the rites of passage; we also dance in celebration here. I recently had a visit from the Lamas of Tibet, who are now living just over the hill, I’m not sure if you know it, but there are only two stupas in the southern world; one is in Brazil and the other is near here in the valley, which is a very spiritual place. The Lamas speak no Spanish and the only English I know is, “I am a vegetarian, I do not eat meat.”  Yet, we talked for hours in our meditation together.” 

Florencia was selecting herbs as she talked. She picked some chamomile flowers growing next to a large table and put them with the other herbs on the tabletop and began mixing. Then, she removed a yellow silk scarf from the top of a large jar located on a shelf nearby. Ziggy watched as she carefully poured a sticky substance from the jar over the herbs, then stuffed the mixture into a leather pouch. He noticed the Kultrung (native dance drum) hanging on the post, he knew he must learn to play it and be nearby as Armun danced in the ceremonies held here.

Turning to the young man, the Machi continued speaking: “Remember you are a creature of God, you are worth your weight in gold, you are worthy of all His blessings. Trust in Him always to deliver you to exactly the right place at exactly the right time for your destiny to be fulfilled. All the world’s strength and power resides inside you. When the time comes that you doubt that, use this.” She handed him the pouch and he tied it to his belt loop.

“Thank you, I must be moving on now.”

The boy could feel his strength, his good health, and his happiness grew as he walked along the river that rushed by his side.  He saw his own power, in the power of the river, he felt his own warmth in the heat from the sun, and he felt his own freshness in the wind that blew. He was one with his life and the nature that surrounded him. He felt at home.

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Lesson 4 Breathing and the Color Yellow

If you are joining this post for the first time it is a class on Earth Healing by going to the firts post and working forward you will be able to follow much easier and the lessons will be much clearer. Love you all and welcome to the class.

Lesson 5
Breathing and the Color Yellow.

We have started these healings by using our breathing. Now it is time to bring it more into the energy process. When you are running energy though your body and out your hands I want you to breathe deeply, pulling your breath down into the base of your Red Chakra. Now touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and bow it leaving small opening in the center. Start letting the air out very slowly, as you pass it through the space on the roof of your mouth you should hear a high pitched whistling sound, this is great because it will keep you focused on keeping your energy level high as you run energy. Remember we will eventually learn to raise this vibration level to match that of the Chi.

We do this because when you eventually use this energy to heal another beings, you will focus on keeping your vibration level high as you work. This will force the person or animal receiving the energy to move their level up to meet yours thus allowing the natural healing process to go to work. You should understand that you are not the healer; you are just helping the other person raise their energy level so that their internal healing system can kick in. Our bodies remember what it was to be in that perfect place and want to return to that space, we just have to clear all the obstacles out of the way and it will find its way back to a healthy place.

Think about how you can be energized or drained by spending time with another person. This is because when two energies come together for a period of time, one will raise or lower their vibration level to meet the others. Our goal is to make sure by setting ours high and holding there that other energy will come up to us. If theirs is higher all the better, just let go.

As you pull your air in I want you to visualize collecting your life force energy into your breath. Now release it slowly pushing it out though your hands and to where you wish it to go to work. If you want to do a general self healing just close your hands into a fist and the energy will return to your body. This leaving and reentering your body strengthens the power.
Now if you want to increase it even more, when you are about half out of breath blowing out slowly, suck back in several deep, fast breaths and start again. This is what Quantum Touch calls fire breathing.

Now for one final thing to end the day we are now going to charge our energy with love, when you are releasing it think about something you love dearly, a child, a butterfly or better yet yourself, lets add this to the color and whatch as it H.E.A.L.s

See you all tomorrow, today’s homework is to take someone you love and give them one of your new energy hugs, send them the works and watch them smile.

Lesson 6

Yellow Energy Lives Low in a Oasis of Wisdom, The Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the center of the human universe. One can always return here to find balance in your life. It is a large round yellow globe located just over the stomach. It is where truth, beauty and freedom rest. It is the doorway to the Green Heart Chakra. The beginning of your upward spirtual travel. This is where we begin to heal ourselves and others deeply. The key to healing most of our internal organs lay here. It is the center of our personal empowerment. We feel at peace and generate peace around us. Our physical, emotional and mental health finds balance in Yellow energy and we digest ideas in it.

The animal of this Chakra is the Lion. Freedom of choice, self worth, confidence and self esteem all make this their home. It is in this place we begin to appreciate solitude.

The Yellow person is organic, pure, natural and happy. They love to heal those around them with herbs, homeopathic remedies, teas and other natural delights. They wear clothes that are loose and colorful. They are always free flowing in thought and they seem to float in the air at times. They love dancing to Eastern and other exotic music. They hold their children close and nurture them with common sense. They love home schooling because their home is heaven. They spend lots of time in gardens, landscaping and in nature. They are artist, musicians and anything else that moves them. Being around them makes you feel happy, balanced and loved and they enjoy giving hugs. They just came out of Orange so they are good at massage work and they are headed into Green so they are interested in being in love but are OK if they are not. Having one of these in your soul circle is a blessing because you can always leave your children with them and know they will have fun and be well cared for. Receive one of these as a mate and they will steady you.

We will now add two more Reiki symbols to our healing.

SEI HE KI – The Mental Symbol is used for purification, cleansing and protection. This directs energy to the emotional body or subconscious mind.
I place this symbol between the Orange and Yellow Chakras.

And the
HON SHA ZE SHO NEN – The Distance Symbol is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future used in Healing karma and directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind.
This one rest between the Yellow and Green Chakras.

Again you can study and practice drawing them in your mind here, there may be a pop up that appears when you open this just click the x in the left top corner and close it.

During the time of my grandfather, in my Japan life times, becoming a Rekie master would take at least three years and require great sacrifice, not the three weekends that is used today. I would have also suffered greatly for releasing this information back then, now it is available on the web and hundreds of thousands of Reiki Masters share it daily. In the words of my favorite song puller and one who had a good effect on the water, Bob Dylan ¨The Times They Are A Changing¨

There are today millions of Energy Healers on the planet. There are hundreds of thousands, if not more, Rekie Masters and this number is multiplying expediently-daily. This Awakening was the first wave of second level Earth Healers. There will be many, many more entering this cycle, Ophra and Eckhart Tolle New Earth class, will graduate well over a million new first level recruits.

Imagine as in James Redfield´s, The Tenth Insight, his small group raising their energy levels to that of the Chi, holding a vision and then healing with it, now see this group turning into millions and millions of people doing the same and using their raised energy level to heal Mother Earth.

It is almost inconceivable how fast this movement to repair the planet is taking hold, until you understand that it is not a new movement at all, only one that has been reborn with new hope. We hippies of the 60s and 70s understood what needed to be done; we just did not have the staying power to get there and took the Taoist road of least resistance. We are older and wiser now and a lot more determined to see this through. There is too much at stake not to.

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