A year ago, I was asked by a friend from a virtual community to which I then belonged if I could answer ten questions that he had posted on his website, the URL of which I now forget.

At the outset, I made it very clear that I did not possess answers to everything and could only comment on the basis of my limited experience and understanding of the questions posed by my dear friend.

The first question posed was a rather cheeky one.

Duality: Within and Without

Within and without,

inside and outside.

Within The body and out,

two worlds abide.


The world inside,

both wondrous and rapturous.

The world outside,

both illusory and sensuous.



Go into your world,

and pray in the dark.

Learn to be bold,

see the light and the mark.



Go out unto the world,

and labour in the dark.

Learn not to be told,

see the good and the stark.



Within and without,

both are the same.

Journey without doubt,

and play a clean game.

From Senecca Falls to Today: Hillary Speaks at the DNC

I would have whistled if I could. Instead I cheered during Hillary’s speech at the Pepsi Center tonight in Denver. I first noted Hilary’s graciousness, followed by her humor and faculty to galvanize the crowd. I feel more graciousness would have served her well during her primary run, but is that a biased thought? Would I have expected ‘graciousness’ from Obama. It’s a female oriented word in our society.

I’ve been around a lot of strong, successful women during my two days in Denver. As a slightly type-A woman myself, I’m trying to find my own footing on the continuum of agressiveness and graciousness as they relate to career success and public acceptance.

Day 1 in Denver

Monday, August 25

6 PM in Denver and my day is just half over. I arrived this morning for
the Democratic National Convention and I practically feel like a

Here, I’ll share some of my experiences and attempt to depict the energy and constant movement that is this year’s convention.

left Los Angeles at 6 AM Monday morning and arrived to a calmer Denver
airport than the day before. I’m rooming in the unfinished basement of
a bed and breakfast about three miles from the convention’s epicenter.

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