The 08-08-08 Business

On August 16th we will experience the second act of the drama that was unfolded on the Solar eclipse of Aug 1st. This coming Full Moon in Aquarius represents the completion of a process started on the New Moon in Leo two weeks ago. I received many emails and comments about how powerful, challenging and transforming the weekend of August 1st was on so many levels. It does not mean this coming eclipse will be adding gasoline to the wildfires the eclipse started, but it does suggest that whatever was initiated on the new moon will come full circle on the full moon. So, as the poets say, take heed!

This eclipse in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, friends, groups and organizations will ask us to let go of whatever is holding us back, as a society and as individuals from experiencing the full range of energies of the Age of Aquarius (see below the excerpt). It will ask us to examine all our friendships, clubs and groups we belong to and reassess our connection to our fellow human beings. On this full moon weekend, spend time with your friends or find activities that might introduce you to a new circle of friends

Can I just say: “I love you”.

I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I just joined this community and I just had the urge to say it out loud.

I love you!

Whoever you may be.

I am really feeling this today and I guess I just have to let it out. I’ve told all those close to me and still I am so full of love today. So why not share it with you too? :)

I love you!

I am thankful we are on this planet together, hurtling through space and time. Today I love the fact that I can just type my love into the internet and you on the other side can feel it.

I love yoooooou!

I’m having one of those ‘isn’t the universe awesome’ days today. Funny as the last few weeks have been quite difficult. Lost and grief stricken was the feeling. I guess I’ve been releasing a lot of difficult stuff through meditation and healing, forgiveness and letting go. It had to come out. Better out than in I say. Today I just feel…. buzzy…. zingy and so totally full of love… and just connected.

The spiritual path is so full of surprises. I just love it!!

I love you too. :)

Have a cosmic hug of love from me!

Jen xxx

p.s. If you’re feeling the love there is a ‘meditation’ thing I love to do. I’m not sure it can be a meditation, but it has intent and focus. Basically I focus on the planet and everyone on it and then I sing love to everyone. First I imagine the planet floating in between my palms and connect by meditation. I connect with the direct source of divine love and ask with intent that the energy flows through me and envelopes the planet and everyone and thing on it surrounding and bathing us all in divine, healing love. I get to a certain point in the meditation, then I put on a cd and sing along out loud. My favourite to do this is with the Lionel Richie/Commodores song “Sweet Love”. It’s very beautiful and quite fun. I enclose the lyrics if you want to have a go and sing along. :)

“Sweet Love”
(Lionel Richie and the Commodores, 1975)
Show me a river that’s so deep
Show me a mountain so high
I’ll show you love that’ll last forever
Flying high, so high
Ah, show me a place where dreams are for dreamers
And all the things you wish come true, yeah
I’d wish the world had all happy people
Then there’d be no more wishing to do
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Sweet)
Sweet love (Sweet love)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Well, well)
Sweet love (Sweet, sweet love)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, well
Sweet love
Sweet love that comes through the ages
Reach out and touch my soul
Gave my life so much meaning
And everyone a heart of gold
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Sweet,
sweet, sweet, sweet love)
(Oh, you needed love)
Sweet love (Sweet, sweet love)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Sweet love (Sweet love, well)
I know you’re searchin’
I know you’re searchin’ for a little love
A little peace and understandin’
And I know it’s been hard tryin’ to find your way
But you got to keep on
searchin’ harder day by day
‘Cause it’s love, love’s the only way
(Oh, nothin’ but love)
Oh?oh? (Love)
Sweet love (Sweet love, ow)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (When you’re
down and out and you can’t see
your way)
Sweet love (And you need a friend, well-ell-ell)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Just call on love, love)
Sweet love (Sweet, sweet, sweet,
sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet,
sweet love)

Weekend Getaway

It’s Friday afternoon and here I am, where I always seem to be, sitting at my computer! But within minutes, I’ll be driving off to a weekend getaway with my hubby – ahhhh, paradise! I’ve learned that the only way to get away from the computer is to get out of the house. And that goes for both of us – my husband is as bad as I am. We need balance in our lives. And by “we” I mean every one of us, not just my husband and me. We can work and work and work and get all kinds of stuff done – but then we get stressed out, worn out, and the inspiration dries up. By taking a break, putting ourselves in a new environment, getting some much-needed rest, we basically re-charge our batteries so that we have the strength we need to keep going. It doesn’t have to be anything big – maybe some meditation, a little massage, or even just a walk to the park. It’s important to get some balance every day.

When we’re out of balance, it tends to be that we’ve been working too much. Have you ever heard anyone complain that they’re just too relaxed, that they need a little stress to balance themselves out? Doesn’t happen. The work and stress come easily to us, it’s up to us to counterbalance all that with some fun and quiet time. Sometimes we have to make a little effort to tear ourselves away – sometimes we even have to get in the car and drive away! But it’s always worth it. I’m looking forward to spending time on the beach, listening to the waves, talking with my husband, and reading an actual book.

And I’ll be back, feeling relaxed and energized and ready to tackle all the challenges of life with a fresh new perspective.

Black Power: Moving towards a Redefinition

Black Power calls for a harmonize relationship with all people, from all backgrounds, ethnicity, and skin color; it is the inclusion of all of African descent. It is not the exclusion of anyone from religious, economic, and cultural backgrounds, it is under the umbrella of the international movement against any form of domination for the greater good of the world, that is why it is fundamentally against poverty, oppression, and colonialism and all its hideous forms. Black Power draws from the collective strengths of all Black people, seeing a need in group unity, building up the collective ranks of all Black people but not reproducing models of domination and hierarchy Blacks resisted. Black Power is about fighting for a better world, not to recreate similar outcomes as ones former oppressor such as group hegemony or cultural domination. Black Power sees a need for a redistribution of the resources in a society that grants more power, privilege, prestige, and status to one group based on race, therefore Black Power in practice cannot replace white power.

Black Power believes that any government that does not represent its entire nation

Investing In Girls

At AIDS 2008, the world’s largest HIV forum in Mexico City that commenced this weekend, the need for interventions specifically designed to empower girls was clear: increasingly, the face of AIDS in Africa is young and female.

UNAIDS figures from Swaziland are a good snapshot: HIV prevalence among girls 15-24 is over 20 percent; among boys it’s just over 5 percent.

The Global Fund (RED) grants in Rwanda, Ghana, Swaziland and Lesotho emphasize programs serving women and children. And more needs to be done to give greater attention to females of different ages and circumstances (married v. unmarried, living in urban v. rural areas).

Lisa MacCallum, Managing Director of Nike Foundation, showed a video called "The Girl Effect" that we loved. The gist of the video is that by valuing and investing in girls they can make a better life for themselves, their families and improve society as a whole.

Watch the video:

So far, the incredible scale up of Global Fund resources from public and private sector donors, including (RED) consumers, coupled with newly-reauthorized PEPFAR investments, direct action by affected countries, and partnerships driven by civil society are all driving in the right direction. We just need to step on the gas.

Tick, Tick, Tick

Most of the work I do requires getting to the core of who someone is; really digging deep and understanding who they really are below the surface. I love the work, I really do! As a matter of fact, I am crazy about it. When you get down to the heart of someone (where their values really live), not only do you get to know them, but you can support them in creating and achieving intentions that are in alignment with who they truly are.

Thinking about this I realized how important it was to revisit my own internal make-up, what really makes me tick. What better place to do that and to share that then right here. So I asked myself the question,

Mid Summer Night


The Summer solstice (June 21st) which marks the actual day on which the sun climbs to its highest point in the northern hemisphere. Also, this day is considered to mark “midsummer”. The word “solstice is derived from two words: “sol” meaning sun and “sistere” to cause to stand still. This is because the sun rises higher and higher on the days leading up to the solstice, it rises an imperceptible about compared to the day before. In this sense it stands still. Simultaneously, this is the longest day of the year—the day appears to actually stand still.

Midsummer Night’s Dream-

Now, I wonder if “time standing” still was Shakespeare’s inspiration for Midsummer Night’s Dream. A hot long day where time stands still and you have the adequate opportunity to cast spells on your friends and their lovers with the deep desire of persuading one of them to fall in love with you instead of their true love. While, the play portrays a comedic and confusing love triangle coupled with a few brief summer romps in the forest. In the end, when true love prevails the audience is informed that if anyone disliked the play, they should imagine that it was only a dream.

An illusion, similar to the illusion we create everyday with the delusions of grandeur or lack there of that exists in our multifaceted mind. Plain English—our perception of life or reality. Shakespeare states if you do not like his play consider it a dream. Imagine it never happened—as if it only occurred during a brief respite on a warm summer night. Shakespeare inspires me to take his idea of a dream and use this concept to bring awareness during the summer months ahead. By taking the time to stand still and commit that the illusion, your reality, is exactly as you want to perceive it. You can enjoy each moment—find humor in your life or you can be disgusted, tortured and/or imposed upon by life’s twists and turns. You decide.

During a warm summer night, my friends and I went to see a western version of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. I had the fantasy before we got there that it would be the perfect evening under the stars with some friends embracing culture inspired by one of my favorite poets, Shakespeare. However, in the spirit of the play the director and writers took a twist and turn on Midsummer Night’s Dream that appeared to be a complete and utter failure. We could have considered it torture and honestly it kind of felt like a short prison sentence. Everyone in the audience was falsely engaged and simply put it was a horrible interpretation of the play. Rather, than being let down or claiming the tickets were a waste of money—we all just celebrated the numerous trips to the concession stand for brownies. The comic realization occurred when we all confessed we were equally miserable. Once, we agreed that we were ready to abort ship and chalk it up as futile attempt to experience Shakespeare on a midsummer night—freedom and joy shortly followed. We did not have to agonize over it and in fact it turned into a funny story in the years to come.

During the heat of the summer, as you move slowly, take the time to be still and consider if you do not like something that has occurred just consider it a DREAM—

In Service with love, peace and Laughter,


Why CEOs Prefer Acting as Consultants: Talents and Tolerance

The most imperative motive for a ceo to become a consultant is because he or she wants to. So question is, what are the skills and the personal resilience you will need to remain a consultant? It forces you to explore the upside and the downside of working out of your organization and the potential barriers to your success.

You may be surprised to think of a ceo as a consultant, but you must examine this aspect of becoming a consultant. His professional skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience provide the content. His entrepreneurial abilities will determine how well he runs his business.

As a consultant, he possesses skills that are valued and needed by clients who are willing to pay him for them. Naturally, many of the skills required will be dependent on the niche he will carve out for himself. Whether he works in the manufacturing or insurance industry, whether he focuses on training or organization development, he will want to acquire the skills necessary to put him at the high end of the knowledge curve. Here Talents and Tolerance plays a vital role.

Few important 2T concept:

Diagnosing Client Needs. In some cases you will meet with your clients and they will tell you exactly what they want you to do. Sometimes they will ask you what needs to be done. And sometimes what they say they want is not what they need! Your diagnostic skills will tell you what to do in all cases.

Identifying Mutual Expectations. The ability to lead a candid discussion with your client to reach agreement on what each of you needs, wants, and expects as a result of working together will ensure that your projects start on the right foot.

Pricing Projects. How long a project will take, how many on-site days are needed, how long it will take to design and develop the materials, and how many trips you will make to the client

Speak to me of my heritage

Tell me of the African Diaspora,
So I can learn the spirit of a continent.
Read to me proverbs in Ebo,
So I can learn the wisdom of a people.
Show me the rituals of the Ankan,
So I can reconnect to the ancestors.
Tell me how Ghana took back their land,
So I can see the power of Black hands.
Tell me of my beautiful continent

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