Please step slowly away from your computer…

Can you identify?
You are working hard; it is nearly the end of the day and you are rushing to finish a project, meet a deadline or just want to clear the "stuff" off your desk for the day. Your stomach is turning and your jaw is tight. Ultimately, you end up working an extra hour or even two and leave the office feeling drained and uptight. When you get home, you collapse in front of the tv for the night only to wake up the next day and repeat the process again.
You are in between jobs and are conducting a job search and hour after hour you sit in front of your computer scanning jobboards and company profiles trying to generate a job lead. You are frustrated and feeling hopeless then you realize that you haven’t eaten lunch and now it is 3 o’clock and you even showered yet!
You are at home with your young children. You wake up early, throw on your comfy clothes and dive into the busy routine of maintaining the house, cooking, cleaning, driving, listening, solving, responding… you move quickly from one task to another. You are efficient with a capital E! All of a sudden it is 10pm and you are in bed drifting in and out of sleep with the tv on.
If you can identify and want change, what can you do?
We all know the many positive ways to create balance in life and they will help – exercise, healthy diet, meditation, positive relationships, hobbies, volunteering… yet still we continue to search for something else.
There are many things we say to ourselves directly or that subconsciously drive our behaviour during the day like:
  • If I don’t do it, who will?
  • I need to get it done now, it will only take five minutes…
  • I want to do it the right way the first time.
  • I have to work hard or it won’t get finished or done properly.
If we believe that we "have to", "need to" or "want to"… at some level, we believe we have to "make things happen", that we have to "control" something that is going on in our lives rather than letting it unfold naturally. Learning to "LET GO" can be a complex and challenging process but the first step in any transition process is gaining awareness.
So step away from your work, your routine, listen and be aware of your thoughts and try to let go a little at a time.
Things will get done, you will work again, the house/business will not fall apart and you will be much more relaxed and able to enjoy your life!
For specific techniques to letting go to apply in your personal situation contact me anytime!
Enjoy your day!
Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I got something that I really, really wanted today. I was hoping for it, waiting for it, scheming to get it for nearly a year now — and today I finally got it. And I felt pretty bad about it.

This “something” is a garage attached to my house. It had been converted into a separate studio and rented out to someone else before my husband and I moved into the house. We really wanted the garage, we really needed the additional space for Christopher’s office, we really got increasingly crowded working together in one, none-too-large, room.

I couldn’t do anything to get it, it was the landlord’s decision, and I didn’t want to do anything behind the back of the person who was renting it, a very nice person. But I sure did a lot in my head. I was scheming and plotting and imagining all kinds of stuff.

Finally it came to be. The guy moved out, we started to move in… and I felt bad, uncomfortable, a bit guilty and definitely not as happy as I expected to be. There really wasn’t a reason for me to feel that way, I didn’t DO anything, I just wanted it to happen. And yet the feeling persisted.

As I opened to what I felt, trying to find out where it was coming from, I realized that it was a leftover, a hangover of sorts, of collapsing into my mind, of focusing and narrowing my vision. This is the mind’s way. It is in the mind’s nature to orient outside, to control what it perceives as an outside reality, to “make things happen,” to get what it wants. It is also the mind’s way to believe that controlling the outside reality is vital to it’s survival, that it will make it happy, fulfilled, whole — that there is something out there that is needed, that is missing, and it needs to be obtained.

I realized that I spent a lot of time indulging my mind, allowing it to control how I felt about the garage situation.

As I continued to look, regaining my presence, opening to who I am that has nothing to do with mind, I realized that all I could have done was remain present. All there is to do is to remain present.

I realized that it is the mind’s way to separate from, and to control, reality. It is God’s way to hold space so that reality will open, for things to happen.

When I am present to who I am, to who I am as God — I am the reality. There is nothing to control, nothing to organize, nothing to deal with, because it is all me. In a very real, very literal sense.

Why would I try to constrict myself? Why would I try to force myself? Why would I try to manipulate myself — when all I need is to choose? There is an absolute peace and an endless space when I open fully to who I am. No need to do anything.

To do anything would be to separate and constrict. To want something would be to separate and collapse

I realized that when I want something, when I want one thing, I might get it. But when I am present as myself, when I am the reality, I have everything. I have the universe.

When I try to control reality from my mind, I may force things to happen a certain way. When I remain present, when I am God, all I have to do is to allow things to open, to allow an unlimited amount of wonders and miracles to happen, to allow the universe to shower me with abundance beyond anything that my mind could even imagine it could want.

Just like the kid in Matrix said, “Don’t try to bend the spoon. Instead try to realize the truth — there is no spoon.”

A start somewhere…

Ok so here I am on this intent website writing my first blog. I guess there is no wrong or right way to do this, honestly at this point there is definitely no wrong way to write this blog for me since I have no friends at the moment….tee hee. I did have a conversation via chat today with a friend of mine. I have a tendency to ramble on about the soul, as if I am an expert 😛 I know I am not but it feels good to pretend that you think you know what you are talking about. Ya see when it comes to the spirit I feel that I am quite evolved in a general sense, I understand that life is imperament, and unfortunately though it is not always easy to see suffering truly is everywhere. If we can truly see this and understand this truth that to me makes all the sense in the world. Once one can see that life truly is suffering, in a sense you are free from it because when something unfortunate happens it is easy to accept. Accpeting anything makes any situation easy to deal with, so you are not so caught up and holding onto situations that will only cause you more saddness be it any situation. I hope I am making sense here? My point is this is my frist attempt at a blog 😛


In other places, I am known as Chakra Girl. The human energy body (energy is coursing through your system as you sit there, reading this) is composed of seven major energy centers (and hundreds of smaller ones). Those seven are aligned along the spine from just below the tailbone to just above the head. They develop over the years you are alive and correspond to eras of your own human development.

Your energy body was influenced, positively and negatively, throughout your childhood and as you transitioned into adulthood. The older you are, the more likely that imbalances remaining in your energy body (from early, negative influences – traumas like abuse, loss, etc) will begin to announce themselves through emotion, behavior, and physical illness.

Learning about your energy body will help you understand yourself on a more profound level, and will give you a deeper understanding of why things are happening in the world.

Your world is a reflection of your own energy body. There are lessons to be learned everyday. Oy, you say, I’m tired of learning! I just want things to change! So…replace "lessons to be learned" with "opportunities to heal and then thrive". Sound better? Indeed. Change your mind, change your life.

On Chakra Girl Radio (CGR) I am addressing the seven major Chakras one at a time. When I’m done with that series (3 more weeks!), I will move into the next era of CGR – seeing your energy reflected back to you everyday and not only what to do with that information but how to celebrate it!

Find me at Chakra Girl dot Com for ongoing commentary about how energy is moving, affecting us socially, politically, spiritually, and in every other way – domestically and in the international sphere.

What motivates you?

What motivates you? Is it knowing how great you’ll feel after you finish something — whether it’s exercise, cleaning the house or writing a thank you card?

Sometimes we all need a fresh dose of motivation. I get mine from envisioning how great I will feel when I complete my goal, from peers who are accomplishing amazing things, and sometimes from my own inner voice.

What are your tricks for summoning motivation or inspiration?

Where Do Souls Come From?

Question to Deepak Chopra: Would you tell me where our spirits — or souls — were before the world began, and where they will go if the world should end? I cannot find an answer to this anywhere and would appreciate your answer very much.

Answer from Deepak Chopra: Our spirit is non-local and timeless, its true essence is not locatable in space and time. Because of that, I don’t believe we can really talk about where our souls were in the past or where they will be in the future. Pure consciousness is the non-physical source of all material creation, and that is what our soul is. Our core existence or Being exists independently of its material expression.



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Beyond Partisan Politics

Does the name Robber’s Cave ring a bell? No, it doesn’t refer to a bar on Wall Street, or a back room for Washington lobbyists. Robber’s Cave is the name of a State Park in Oklahoma where Wild West outlaws Jesse James and Belle Star once hid from the law. It was also the site of a famous study of group conflict carried out in 1954 by the late social psychologist Musafer Sherif and his colleagues at the University of Oklahoma. That study of two groups of boys at a summer camp may help us understand partisan politics and how working together to solve the current economic crisis might even shift political action to higher ground.
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