Is “Ghizz” the New Super-food?

A trip to a Whole Foods market is always a pleasant adventure if not an education in wellness. From the delicious olives to the fine wines and exotic cheeses to the organic goat milk ice cream, who doesn’t love Whole Foods?! Needless to say, the samples are always my highlight. A few months ago, I was venturing through the aisles when I came across a sampling of an odd product called Ghizz.

7 Years Later

Like everyone, I know exactly where I was when the planes hit the World Trade Center: In my case, I was working in London, just a couple of months into the biggest job of my life. I’d moved to the UK after 13 years as a New Yorker; except for college, I’d spent nearly all of my adult life living in Manhattan. Since the UK is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time, it was around 2 pm when I saw the second plane hit and heard a BBC announcer say, "That one was no accident," referring to the early assumptions that the first plane was some sort of horrible accident.

Little story of healing chapter Two Orange

2 Keluchod 

THE SMELL OF JASMINE was heavy as they approached the little cabin. It sat on the river’s edge not more than 500 yards from Teddy’s. Ziggy swore he saw an alligator as they approached the cabin, but he knew he was mistaken so he said nothing to Kono. The boy had called his cousin a gringet … Armun, he said, was a half-breed. Her father, Tom, was a gringo and her mother, Kono’s aunt Luz Clara (Clear Light), was a Machi, the spiritual leader of the Mapuche in this area. “She danced like the wind,” Kono had said.

The door opened. He hoped he had not said it out loud, but he was afraid he had. (By the giggles coming from Kono standing beside him, he was almost sure he had.) “Oh My God, Wow,” was what he had hoped he had only been thinking. Armun smiled … and he felt as if he was standing at the doorstep of his favorite childhood playmate, the one he always fantasized about, the little girl he did everything with and whom he trusted completely with all his deepest secrets. But this was no little girl … this was heaven on earth. This was what his father must have meant when he talked of his mother: “When I first met your mother, my heart stopped. I knew at that moment that nothing on earth could keep me from being with her forever. That was the day we moved in together because, thank God, your mother felt it too, even more than I did.”

            “Hello, Kono, who is your friend?”

            “This is Thiggy.” (They spoke in English.) “He is a gringo like you. Papa ask me to bring him here to meet you.”

            The young man was surprised at how well Kono spoke English.

            “Come in I’ve just put on some tea.”

            Armun’s voice penetrated Ziggy’s soul. She was a creature of light. He felt his highest joy just standing in her presence.

“Tea is for girls and gringos. My friends are waiting to go swimming, I have to go,” and turned to run.

“Kono,” she said with firmness. He stopped in his tracks. “Where’s my kiss?”

Kono looked like he was about to be tortured. (Ziggy just wanted to take his place.) After giving and receiving his peck on the cheek, he scurried off.

            “Would you like some tea Thiggy?”

            He could not correct her. Stepping inside he felt he had just slipped on a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses. The house was ablaze in orange from the sun reflecting through the orange window panes surrounding the very modern-looking French doors which opened to a plant-filled patio out back. The color also came from the simple furnishings throughout the cabin. The orange he saw warmed him.

            Armun headed for the kitchen and all he could do was shake his head as he admired her from behind. It was clear she worked out or danced or did something athletic to have a body as hot-looking and strong as this.

            “Like a flower waiting to bloom, like a light bulb in a darkened room, I’m just sitting here waiting for you to turn me on.” He now heard his favorite artist, Nora Jones, singing a song that had a habit of sticking in his head called “Turn Me On,” which was playing on the small CD player sitting beside the couch?not that Ziggy wasn’t feeling enough sexual energy already. “This just couldn’t get any better,” he thought, and then it did. Armun, turning quickly, caught him looking at what she considered to be her best asset.

            “Would you like to dance?”

            He smiled … there was nothing he wanted more. In his arms he could almost feel her heart beating, smell her sensuality, feel his own blood racing through his veins. He had never been so turned on in his life, yet this was somehow different, he did not know how, and then she said it:

            “I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel this, my mother always talked about it but I thought it was just talk. I feel funny for saying this but I don’t ever want to stop feeling you.”

            Their embrace tightened.  She sang along as they slow danced … “Like a desert waiting for the rain, like a schoolgirl waiting for the spring, I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on.”

            It could have been hours they danced. He lost track of time. Outside it grew dark but inside her light kept him warm. She lit what seemed like hundreds of orange candles. His father used to say when asked, “What do you do for a living?” “I’m a candlestick maker.” He burned so many candles that as a young boy, Ziggy had become a candle stick maker’s apprentice as he and his father turned out colored candles in the little shed they had in back of their cabin.

            They talked about her father, Tom, an American who came to Chile after a premonition that thousands were going to die in an Oriental war, a foretelling of Vietnam. Ziggy then told Armun of a premonition his father had experienced just before he left home?that he saw thousands dying in a holy war waged on North American soil.  He saw a mass exodus as millions and millions fled south to avoid the death and destruction. (From what they had seen in Costa Rica it had already begun. Eighty thousand gringos were living there by 2005 and this was 2007. There were definitely more Americans on the streets of nearby Pucon. Ziggy hoped they did not do to Chile what he had seen done to Costa Rica.

            Armun continued, saying Tom had come after Ruka Pallin, in his anger over the cutting of the old Araucaria trees had dropped the “Corral De Aqua” from its towering height of ninety feet, to it’s current height of thirty feet in a great earthquake. It was said that Ruka Pallin lived in the volcano and he controlled all natural disasters. They said he kept his horse at the Corral and when the wind blew through the canyon, you could see his horse’s tail dancing in the 250-meter waterfall that fell from the cliffs above the Corral. Her eyes grew intense as she talked on, telling how locals said the roar before the quake was so loud from the water falling into the Corral that you could not hear yourself if you were within 100 yards.” She talked about the week she and her father had been camping at the base and how the roar stayed with her for days after leaving.

            Armun’s father had played a big part in the stopping of the cutting of the old growths. He waged a one-man war on the logging industry, and in time the Mapuche warriors joined him because their respect for Luz Clara, whom he married, helped bond them. She talked about the suspicion the Mapuche have for foreigners, dating back to the Spanish occupation. At first the Spanish said they were there to help, and then the killing started and the warriors took up arms to defend their people.

            Ziggy told her about his father’s organization, called H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life), and when he began doing business people called him “Johnny Apple Seed.” Armun gave him a look indicating he should tell her the story later. His father’s mission in life, he quickly said, was to put a billion trees back on the planet. When she talked about her mother and her dancing, he thought about how much their families were alike and then how different they were. Looking at her in the candlelight, he saw his mother, his sister, and his wife. He felt like maybe, in other lifetimes, she had been all of these. She proudly said she was just finishing her masters degree in native dance and her courses in body-massage at the University in Santiago. Quietly she took his hand, looked into his eyes and softly told him that tomorrow she must take a bus to Santiago for her finals, and though she would love for him to come with her because she didn’t ever want to leave him, my spirit guide, “Ko” (Water), keeps telling her to “let him continue his quest to meet Ruka Pallin at the ‘Corral De Aqua’ … he will find answers there to help you both.”

She began preparing tea and removed a bright orange cloth from a jar on the counter and poured its golden contents a teapot. When they finished their small ceremony, she joyfully removed his shirt and pushed him to the floor. Her hands moved over his body and, as if guided by God, her skillful fingers released all his stress points and healed his tired body. Though aroused, he felt …

She whispered in his ear, finishing his thoughts: “I feel tonight that we have our whole life time for making love. But now, I just want to give you pleasure.” And it certainly was pleasure, this caressing of his body. She gave him pleasure as she danced for him, she nourished him as she cooked for him and fed him. He had never had so much pleasure at one time in one night. He was so happy. He knew it would continue when she returned from the university. As for him, Geronimo, too, had told him, that he must finish his journey to the Corral alone. His future was uncertain, but he felt he could handle anything with her now at his side. Little did he know how much he would be tested by that conviction.

            They slept in each other’s arms and in the morning she cooked for him and they said their goodbyes. They planned to meet at the bus station in town on her return. She said she would stop by her good friend Eloy’s, to let him know he (Ziggy) was fine, still headed for the Corral and it might take a night or two more. She asked him to stop just up river at her mother’s friend’s little yellow house to pick up some special herbs from Florencia. At last they kissed and when she looked up at him, she whispered, “I will carry you in my heart I will breathe you every morning in my meditations. I will always love you.”

            He felt “home.”

            As he walked north, Ziggy could not stop smiling. He thought of something his father had told him, as he was leaving?“Every once in a great while, God opens the door into your life and you get a glimpse of your future and what might lie ahead. Two roads you will see there, one filled with happiness and contentment and the other with chaos. It’s not an easy choice to step through the obstacles to happiness?the fears of your unworthiness surround you.  However, if you believe in yourself and trust your decisions in life, when you step through that door, God rewards you for being so bold as to believe in your ability to manifest all the great things you desire. At the moment you step through, He gives them all to you.”

            Ziggy thanked God and he thanked his father?because when he moved to Chile, for the first time in his short, short life, he had found the courage to shove that door open and step through.

 Next lesson  Chod-Yellow Chakra

Lesson 3 Why use Reiki and the color Orange.

Lesson 3
Why Use Reiki?

The different types of healing work available are a lot like religious practices, there are so many of them and new ones coming out every day. I have spent most of my Awakened life time studying both these groups. As in religion where almost all practices start with ¨There is one true God-Spirit-Being.¨ Many of the healing practices start with ¨There is one healing Energy¨ My philosophy is there is ¨One True Healing God Energy.¨ There are also a lot of roads leading to it and we must each find the road that is most comforting to us.

Spending much time looking closely at Quantum and Healing touch, the Matrix Energetics and many others I believe they are all great ways of tapping into this healing energy and I use many of their techniques. I think that those that have studied any of these healing processes will find these first steps very easy. For me I always seem to find my way back to Reiki and even after doing a deep energy healing I end the session with giving some Reiki to the person. So I will be using this healing work that is said to have been use by Jesus himself in our work here.

These different types of energy healing usually start at the same point. It is necessary to find and feel the bodies energy. You can do this in many ways, Eckhart Tolle says find and feel your breathing, you can also start with focusing on your finger tip, look at you nail, feel the sensation underneath it, surrounding it. As you do this you will start to feel a pulsing sensation, like the flow of your blood in your finger. Follow this up your finger and into your hand, then feel it moving up your hand and into your arm, you will be able to eventually feel it moving through your entire body.

This pulsation is your life force energy. It flows like a constant river from the top of your head, down your face, across your chest and at your abdomen it crosses through your body and then proceeds down the back of your legs. When it reaches the bottom of your feet it starts its journey back up the front of your legs and again crosses over to your lower back and heads upwards to your shoulders and on to the top of your head.

If you sit or lay comfortably you can start this process though finding your breathing then locate your energy and start to run with it around your body. Once you feel you have this process down, start to take control of this energy and place it where we want in your body. Using this is a great way to focus yourself and start healing parts of your body you feel are weak and in need of some support or cleaning.

It is possible to let this energy move outside our body and I think one can use any point of their own body to do this, most practices use hands because laying your feet or nose on another person would not be accept to well.

Now that you have control over this energy start to move it down your arms and out through your hands. You can use yourself as your practice subject. Place your hands on where you would like to send energy and visualize the energy moving from you, out through your hands and back into you at that point. Many experience this energy working as a slight movement inside their body, it can be intense at times but that is usually a sure sign that it is needed.

The Reiki symbol located between the Red and Orange Chakras is called Cho Ku Rei. (Koo-Koo-Re) Thanks Gene

You can see this symbols here
If you print out a copy and start drawing it you will start to feel its power. I have seen many of the symbols more a little different than they show them. Here in South America for example this symbol is backwards. I think each person if he opens him-her self up to his higher power they will find their own energy producing symbols.

Cho Ku Rei
Pronunciation "Koo-Koo-Re" it is called The Power Symbol
It´s meaning is God and Man Coming Together or Place the power of the universe here. The primary use of this Symbol is to increase Reiki power. It draws Energy from around you and it focuses it where you want to.

I have seen it as a connection between your Red Root Chakra and your Orange Sacral Chakra.

Once we have moved through all the colors we will start our balancing and tuning process. Our goal to move our vibration level to match that of the Chi so as to connect with as clean and pure a body as possible before we start doing our Earth Healing.

Lesson 4
O.R.A.N.G.E. (Our Resting Ability to Now Give Energy) The Sacral Chakra

This is where our pleasure in life lives, it is located about 2 inches below the navel. It is a large orange pyramid, setting in you lower abdomen and pointing upward toward your heart. It´s base rest on your hip bones.

It embraces the pleasure, abundance and good health in your life. It represents sensuality and sexuality as well as connecting you to your joy and passion. It is where you find the balance between control in your life and your ability to let go of it.

The crocodile is the animal representing this Chakra, reminding us that we need food, rest, exercise and pleasure in our lives. It is here that one understands who you are and that he-she has is enough in life.

Balanced Orange People are filled with pleasure and joy. They treat themselves well and are in great shape. You will find them working as masseurs, yoga, dance and exercise teachers. They love water and to swim with the creatures they find there. They encourage you to trust life and want you to know you deserve to feel well and balanced while experiencing the pleasures of life. They seem to be always rested, relaxed and enjoying themselves and those around them. They love who they are exactly as they are. They seem connected to creativity, joy and abundance in life and put blissful energy into everything they do. They are great to be around and if you let them work on your body, you too will feel blissful and at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Think of the Vibration level of the Orange Chakra as the A string on your Guitar. As we move up the colors we will also move up our tone, let this happen naturally start low when in Red and move up an octave with each color. By the time we reach Violet you should be at the tone of Chi.

What I want you to do as we move through this is, when you start running energy, start with the Red Chakra, place your hands on your legs and send the energy into your legs, see yourself connecting to the Earth, growing your roots system. Examine your balance in this area, look at your housing situation, how are you eating, how is your ability to create an income, what is your connection to your family like? Don´t judge yourself, just observe from a distance and identify any weakness you may have. You may be a Indigo Blue person now and have moved through this place long, long ago. However the effects of the world around you may have clouded the knowledge you learned from living through those life times. The knowledge is there and can be brought to the surface and use to help you correct any weakness you may have. Let yourself feel your history, believe in it, let it guide you back to your internal balanced place.

Now that we have learned to run energy into our bodies by sending it out through our hands, we are going to have a little fun. Before you sit or lay down, (I prefer laying in my bed because I can completely relax. Normally I will do my energy work in the morning when I first open my eyes, it can however be done at any time, just try to make sure you are not interrupted to many times. I like to completely unplug all electrical appliances in my bedroom when I am running my own energy, so not to have competion for the electric space around me. )

Now back to the fun stuff, get yourself a glass of water, preferably made of glass. If you can drink it without getting sick use your tap water. Set the glass within reach of where you are running your energy.

Start again with monitoring your breathing and slowly move into running energy. Now pick up the glass in whatever hand feels right. Focus on running your energy down your arm and into the glass of water. Now place the glass on your lap hold it with both hands and let’s boost your energy a little. I want you to pick something that will make you smile, if you can’t find anything just think about your friends, seeing you now healing a glass of water and what they would say Send that happy thought along with your Red energy into the water and on into your Red Chakra. You may feel a tickling feeling in your groin; don’t worry it’s just you growing roots with the water you have added. If you don´t think this is having an effect on the water just check this out.

You are 50%-75% water, so think about the effect your positive, energy, color healing is having on your body. I think using the glass of water helps the water inside your body and that inside the glass connect.
When you are finished running energy through the water you can drink it and let it heal you inside, you can water your plants with it and watch them respond or even give it to your pets and watch as their coat starts to glow. I usually charge a large glass pitcher and use it though out the day.

I took a little break to join the full moon One World Healing Session and for a very special treat did another full moon healing up at the Buddhist Stuppa, we were joined by a large group of spiritual Lamas and did a special focus healing on what is going on in Tibet. Very nice healing energy in both. I hope as you move through this you will use your new healing powers and join us for the world healing.

You , me and our Angel

I learnt this summer that according to the teachings of the Kabbalah, when two or more people truly meet and connect , an Angel is born.

What is a relationship ? A relationship is not about me or about you , but it is what is between us – it is the angel- and that angel blossoms and thrives or not. The relationship IS the angel.



Prince Charles and Stephen Fry

A long as I can remember I’ve wanted to meet Prince Charles . Not because he’s a Royal , but because he seems so interesting and so misunderstood. A fascinating person with an amazing background. I’m sure there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Stephen Fry evokes simialr feelings in me. I imagine these two men might be friends. I admire Stephen Fry’s

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