YAY! I’ve Made It Through My First Week Raw!

Photo by Meady’s Musings Production

reason I put up the above pic to commemorate my first week raw is cause
it’s gone by just like that like a little snail crawling! And no it’s
not cause I’ve been eating raw snails as some may have thought!

not really been hungry this first week raw by 70% or semi-raw or
whatever I might be labeled…kinda raw even? Neither do I think I’ve
lost any significant weight so far. However it has made me realize how
little we really need to eat and how much we eat just to fill up space.
I had always known bout the filling up space part but I never realized
how much so…like how much more what we eat can be reduced if we are
more conscious of it. How really little we need to eat to survive! I’ve
always been the one to get the eight classes of water in per day but
this raw experience so far has made me realize just how much water our
body needs. I think our bodies must need way more water than food! I
think it goes with being raw though perhaps as I saw Elspeth’s advice
to me to get enough water perhaps 3 litres a day! I dont know if I’ve
been drinking 3 litres but I’ve been trying to keep hydrated as much as
possible. Sometimes I get tired to chew another apple but I never can
have enough water!

Being raw isn’t half bad though. Although
there are times I sure wish I could eat a big, full, fancy meal like
earlier this evening…I was sure missing food! And it didn’t help that
my mother has been consistently making dhalpuris …next big session
since I’ve gone raw! But then by the time I got to eating my two small
bowls of yellow dhal today and some left over water melon and paw paw
from the fridge and a few nuts I snacked on in between I was quite
filled!Makes you realize how much the need to have this big dreamed up
meal in my head was not a real need of my body but perhaps more a
projection of my mind’s idea of what my body needed…maya…it’s all

I don’t know if I lost any weight but I’m not doing
this to lose weight although I need to lose some. But this experiment
is not about weight loss. I feel much lighter and my breathing is very
much like how it gets when I’m exercising regularly…I’ve not been
exercising this week and don’t plan to until the end of the three weeks
only cause I’m not sure if I know what I’m doing well enough in terms
of the raw stuff cause I figure even with the nuts I’m not getting more
than 1000 calories a day but then I’d have lost weight although I don’t
weigh myself so I don’t know for sure. Anyway it might not be the best
for me, not exercising but in terms of the experiment this way I have
only one variable. Cause I’ve not been exercising for a while now as I
was involved in several additional activities outside of work for the
past two months prior to this that made my available time for exercise
much less than normal and I decided to just catch up when those things
were done. So to exercise and become raw would have been two changes so
two variables would have entered into the experiment. So I plan to
restart exercise post raw.

But back to the health effects of my
rawism. Yep I feel much lighter in a way if only in spirit and there is
so much less weighing down on my digestive system I guess. I really do
feel like how a car’s engine must react to being given unleaded gas
finally when it was built for that and was being filled up with leaded
gas instead! All my fuel injectors are now unclogged of lead! So
breathing is that much easier! I’m also decaffeinated now and I think
this must be the reason or just the foods I’m eating as a whole but I
also feel so much more at peace and restful and also able to sit and
meditate even more now. I feel more still is what it is and more
centered so I can just sit still in silence for much longer more easily
I find.

And yes folks my not so pearly whites that were the ones
who guided me to be raw…well they are feeling so much better! Poor
things aren’t being corroded anymore and they are so at peace with
themselves now 🙂

So it may not be easy being raw but it’s good being raw so far! Two more snailing forward weeks to go!

Take Flu Shots!

The TV column in the Washington Post often posts the headline, especially about American Idol, "We watch, so you don’t have to." Well, I worry about minute details, so you don’t have to. Take flu shots. And, please do. Flu shots reduce deaths and serious symptoms.
Pharmacies and supermarkets will start offering flu shots on October 1, usually for $30. Most won’t take accept an insurance co-pay, but you can use your receipt to apply for a reimbursement, often for the full fee, from your insurer. Get claim forms by calling the member services number on the back of your membership card.

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace, September 21st , is devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples. It was established in 1981 by the U.N. General Assembly.

On the 20th Anniversary of its establishment in 2001, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a new resolution declaring 21 September of each year as the permanent date for International Day of Peace.

The new resolution, a living instrument in the service of peace,

"Declares that the International Day of Peace shall henceforth be observed as a day of globalceasefire and non-violence, an invitation to all nations and people to honour acessation of hostilities for the duration of the Day…it invites all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system, and non-governmental organizations and individuals to commemorate, in an appropriate manner, the International Day of Peace, including through education and public awareness, and to cooperate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire.

Conscious Intention: Moving from Fear to Hope

Watching the daily presidential election news is like seeing Greek theater in your own living room. The archetypal tension between fear and hope, acted out respectively by John McCain and Barack Obama, parallels how we deal with hope and fear in our own lives. And slipping the chains of fear has never been more important for us personally, or for our country.

As my friend, social entrepreneur and author Jean Houston would say, "It’s jump time, and we are the ones we have been waiting for." (I think you’ll love this youtube video "We are the Ones" with incredible music by the fabulous Karen Drucker). Listen Here.

We are living in a time of great possibility, an unprecedented era of global change in which each one of us can make a profound difference. How can we live sustainably, in greater harmony with ourselves, the earth, and the rapidly changing world order? How can we create a future that brings the earth and all her people to a new level of cooperation and relatedness? The historic shift we hope for requires conscious intention, and the recognition that hope is more than a passive wish or empty words. To hope is to engage deeply with vision, and to make a strong commitment to action.

There are three parts to conscious intention:

1.) Creating the vision for a future that is more coherent, compassionate, and harmonious than the current reality.
2.) Discerning the difference between a vision based on fear and social pressure, versus one that is rooted in a greater good.
3.) Forming clear, concise intentions that move vision into action.

The late Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan referred to intention as the "hope of attainment." He recognized that we all live with many hopes, some selfish and some altruistic, and suggested that we set our hopes on the "best and highest attainment possible for us." That, I would suggest, is to be the agents of what futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls "conscious evolution." The evolution to a wiser, healthier, more compassionate world has to start in our own mind and personal life. Then it will naturally be mirrored outwardly in the world that we help to create.

For intention to bear fruit it needs to be clear, specific, and powerfully focused. Let me give you an example. For years I’ve hoped for greater balance, since burnout and busyness take a toll on my health, happiness, and effectiveness. But this vague kind of intention didn’t change anything. So I got more specific and created intentions that demanded accountability.

Specificity requires a detailed map of the territory, in this case balance. Where is balance found and what does it look like? Goals like working smarter not harder, moving toward financial freedom, finding creative ways to travel less while continuing to teach and make a difference, preserving time for rest, meditation, recreation, and exercise and seeing more of my family were easy to wish for. But I needed to get real. For example, howdoes a person work smarter and not harder? Sounds good in theory, but how can you carry it off? If I’d known, I would have done it a long time ago! So the first practical step was hiring a business coach who knew the territory.

The concrete steps I’m making toward balance (a perpetual work-in-progress) are bearing fruit in two ways, both through the expected avenue of taking aim at a goal and reaching it, and also in a nonlinear, more mysterious way. Unexpected allies are appearing. Opening the morning’s email is exciting (now that’s a switch!) because new opportunities are flooding in. So how does this amazing grace manifest?

Hazrat Inayat Khan taught that the energy we project toward the object of our intention is just as important as the energy that comes from it toward us. The connection between what we hope for and our own self is a field of infinite power and potential that can open doors that seemed to be closed, or were invisible to start with. What we seek also seeks us.

This two-way attraction can produce results far beyond anything we can imagine, which is why discerning the "goodness" of an intention is so important. King Midas, for example, had the intention to become super wealthy. But when everything he touched turned to gold, there was nothing left to eat and no one left to love. Life became a dead wasteland. Similarly, George Bush had a strong intention to invade Iraq. But to what end, this war?

A personal intention that I’ve discerned carefully and over many months is to do everything possible to support the Obama/Biden ticket in the November election. Hence, this blog. Change is not a vague political rallying cry or mere wishful thinking. It is a laboratory for conscious, collaborative intention. This takes sustained work on the part of many people. But this I know: The work we all do will be matched by that mysterious force called grace. That’s something we can count on unless we let the politics of fear, and our own personal demons, poison our discernment and sap our will.

It’s jump time, and the future is in your hands. If you agree, please email this blog to your own contact list. We are the Ones. We can do it!

Tips for Using Conscious Intention:

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Ghandi

1. Finding Your Vision: Sit down with another person and take turns speaking aloud for 15 minutes about your vision for your best personal future. What would it look like? Be specific in terms of relationships, career, living situation, health, and whatever your concerns may be. While one person speaks, the other witnesses silently with compassionate attention. Then the person who was the listener takes a turn to speak. When both people have finished speaking without interruption, then it’s time for conversation. Take another 30 minutes for discussion and the sharing of insights without trying to give advice to one another. You can also do this as a writing exercise on your computer, or in your journal. In any case, make sure to write your vision down in detail so that you can refer back to it later.

2. Discernment: How does your vision feel? Is it life-giving for yourself and others? Is it compassionate? Is it sustainable? Does it generate a sense of peace and joy? Does it make you feel more alive? Go back to what you wrote in about a week. Does it still feel true for you? If not, try the visioning exercise again. If it still feels true, wait another week, and discern a second time. When you feel reasonably confident that you’re on the right track go to step 3.

3. Formulating Intentions: Start with one area and be specific. Lets say that you want a more fulfilling career. That’s your goal. Now think about how you might get there. Identify at least 3 clear action steps, which are your intentions. They might include things like networking with people whose careers you admire, going back to school to take a course or seeing a career counselor.

Just Show Up

Reflecting on the chaos witnessed this week in financial markets at home and abroad brought home to me today just how essential it is that everyone gets out to vote in this election. The stakes are just too high.

So much of what happens on that one day though, for many people, especially the disadvantaged, comes down to simple logistics.

Where is my nearest polling place? How do I get there? Can I manage to get out of work to get there? Can I find someone to look after my kids?

So let’s be prepared this time.

My intent is for everyone reading this post to take a moment to visit Vote 411.org and their polling place locator and do a little research ahead of time.

Find your local polling station.

Make sure you know how to get there.


This is your democracy, make your voice heard.

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