India heading towards Civil War ?

Just as we were getting used to a rising stock market, Shopping Malls on every corner in our consumeristic cities, billions of dollars coming in from FRI’s, all on the basis that we have such a young population – just as everyone (but the poor farmers) were celebrating and the headlines were screaming about India’s economic development – came the news that the a third of the world’s poorest people live in India ! And this is just when we were getting used to the idea that a third of worlds teenagers were living in India – so they are amongst the poorest in the world. What is the truth of India ? Are we really becoming two nations – and how long before there is intense conflict, ? Civil war ? Between the new lifestyles of billionaires and millionaires observed by those who live on the streets holding the little hands of their children that have not eaten for two days.

The Sacredness of Politics

Gandhi said, "Politics should be sacred." I listened to leaders in faith dialogue about what this means to them at a DNC panel on New Faith Voters. Speakers included Marianne Williamson, Rev. Jim Wallis and Rev. Derrick Harkins.

The sacredness of politics mandates authenticity, humility and non-judgment. Marianne related one of the foremost events in her public life. She was speaking at an event in Ron Steif, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Derrick Harkins (L-R)Ron Steif, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Derrick Harkins (L-R)Sacramento several years ago when she was lobbed a question on abortion.

Marianne’s first instinct was to dismiss the topic and tactfully move forward. Quickly, however she realized that the issue was brought forward so that it could be discussed and healed, so she called for three minutes of silence to tap into the communal spiritual perspective. Before the silences, she led a prayer asking everyone to surrender their opinions, which stand in the way of true dialogue.

Democratic National Convention 2008 Coverage

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The Sacredness of Politics
by Olivia Kuhn-Lloyd

Gandhi said, "Politics should be sacred." I listened to leaders in faith dialogue about what this means to them at a DNC panel on New Faith Voters. Speakers included Marianne Williamson, Rev. Jim Wallis and Rev. Derrick Harkins. [READ MORE]

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Green Your Community: How Do We Diversify the Message?
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Democratic National Convention: Hillary, Go Home
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