Contentment and Peace

Contentment and peace.

How does one get to that place?

I propose a good activity to help you to get clear is to make a list of what you are doing during a time period that you are experiencing contentment.

That would be me right now.

I’ve been sitting here for hours watching the ocean waves, people frolicking, fireworks going off, the happy cries of children, the looks of serenity on people’s faces, and the waves…. Oh, the waves!

So peace and contentment – what is the recipe?

#1 Not thinking, and being OK with that. I imagine that is easier said than done for most Americans…until they hit the beach.

#2 Listening to wave sound. There is a reason why it is marketed for restful sleep.

#3 Doing what YOU like to do. In other words, this is your time and you are spending it the way you want to spend it. It is possible to live a life like that – doing what you love. I think this is a big key, but then I am a humongous lover of freedom.

#4 The feeling of freedom – no time constraints. ‘Nuff said on that one.

#5 Being with those you love. Yes, it is possible to be peaceful and contented all on your own. Being able to share it with others who love, understand, and accept you makes it all the sweeter.

#6 Dressing down, or dressing in close to nothing – whatever turns you on.

#7 Being in a place where no one knows you. The is a great sense of freedom in anonymity. No expectations, no judgments, no history, fresh start. Woo! Sounds heavenly!

#8 Having the wherewithal to cover all your needs, and then some.

#9 Rest and relaxation. I am getting a lot of sleep and, as my husband pointed out, I don’t have to go to bed early in order to get up early! I can be a night owl all I want! So what am I doing? Certainly not being a night owl. Odd, that.

# 10 Uncluttered spaces. I keep trying at home and so far it

A spiritual experience?

When describing my version of what I went through, I usually come up with a more grand explanation for the ineffable, as my dyamism with life and applicaition towards positive change indeed treads on an excited platform.

In describing I would remember, Introscoping into the inner world of our other self. Examining the archetypes that circulate continuously through our infinite spirit. Revelations of understanding and recognition form noetic sources present a comprehension of cosmic order at that time. Only when we re-enter this noetic space, can contentment with a single individual

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Depak’s blog-Consciousness and subjective observation.

One(mankind) can think and ponder all they want. But ALL IS God, ie, “The All That Is” , simply playing and entertaining , himself,herself,itself (whatever your name may be for The All That Is).
There is only ONE THING, that one thing only does one thing, CREATE, even when it appears it is destorying, that ONE THING is just exibiting another form of creation. That ONE THING is GOD by whatever name you call it. GOD(The All That Is) is alone and has always been. It is Alpha and Omega. It Is infinite. It is liken to a child who wakes one day and just IS, no parents, nothing but it, does not know where it has come from or where it is going, but has the ability to create anything within itself and experience it as reality. It, God , is self determining.

Dealing With Loss


Lately I have been made aware of sickness, seemingly premature deaths, and illness in people’s pets. My question is how does one respond to these situations. Even though I believe in the spirit in all, the emotional suffering of others is overwhelming, and I wonder what the most compassionate response is. I feel as I get older I am going to become more and more aware of this and I find it frightening, which is not helpful. I would be very grateful for your advice.


When those who are close to us suffer a loss, the compassionate response is to convey to them that they are not alone and are still loved and supported. In whatever way you can show them your love, that will be the best way to help them. Avoid bringing your personal fears and problems into it, you can deal with that on your own later.

Also, don

The Sheikh and the Rabbi: A Jerusalem Fable

We recently interviewed Rabbi Menachem Froman, an Orthodox rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, famous for traveling to the Gaza Strip to meet with the late Sheikh Ahmed Yassin of Hamas and former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. Later, we also interviewed Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari, a Sufi Sheikh of the Naqshabandian Religious Method and head of the Uzbeke Community in Jerusalem.

Both Rabbi Froman and Sheikh Bukhari are interested in inter-religious dialogue and a nonviolent means for attaining peace, and both imparted a similar sentiment: When it comes to matters of Jerusalem, the politicians have their role, but the religious leaders have a role too. As Rabbi Froman shared, the issue here is not gold, nor oil: it’s God. And since all three Abrahamic religions believe Jerusalem belongs to God, he asks, “Why not give Jerusalem to God?” Froman’s view is also global: “If we can figure out Jerusalem, we can be a bridge for all humanity.”

Perhaps the moral lesson of Jerusalem is simple and best described by Sheikh Bukhari: “Respect is like a mirror: if you show it, you will receive it in return.” For him it’s obvious that our destinies are entwined. “We all live here together and we are all going to die together. So why not support each other?”

*Video interviews with Rabbi Menachem Froman and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari will be available soon at

Brain Relax: Meditate with your kids

Most afternoons when I get home from work, I try to sit with my son (Hayden) and meditate for about ten minutes- that’s his max. Some days he fidgets like a boy his age should and some days it’s absolutely amazing! There are days when we listen to singing bowls and he shares wonderful insights with me and other days when he chants “so done, dad” – instead of “so hum”. And then there are times where I’m not sure it works at all. Then, about six moths ago, we were in town watching the planes take off. I heard Hayden ask his cousin Jack, “doesn’t that plane sound like Tibetan bowls singing?”. Jack asked, “what are ta-bating bowls singing?”. Hayden replied, “it’s the music that me and my dad listen to when we do brain relax”. They were like two old men sitting there- really listening in to the planes, in the moment. It was pretty cool. It was at that point that I knew that the “Brain Relax” must be working.

Eternal Blessings Of BaBaji

The moment you think you have gone as far as you can in the
pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, a great mystery
presents itself
and allows the unanswered questions of life to expand.

Such a moment happened to me on the way to work the other
I am thankful I have some time to ponder this unusual

Let me first say that one of my favorite books of all time
“Autobiography of A Yogi” by Paramahandsa Yogananda. My
purchased it the moment it was published in 1946 and
bought a copy
for all of her spiritualist friends.

It wasn’t until 1993, during one of the worst illnesses of
my life,
when I contracted Whooping Cough (Pertussis)from a two
month old infant
who died from it, that I enrolled in the Yogananda Self-
Fellowship Lessons.

A year later I was initiated in Kriya Yoga, the meditation
I practice to this day.

BaBaji was the guru of the guru of Yogananda’s Guru.

From the Autobiography: “The northern Himalayan crags near
Babrinarayar are still blessed by the living presence of
guru of Lahiri Mahasaya. The secluded master has retained
physical form for centuries, perhaps even millenniums. The
BaBaji is an avatar. This sanscrit word means “descent;”
its roots are ava,
“down” and tri “to pass.” In the Hindu scriptures, avatara
the descent of Divinity into flesh.

“BaBaji’s spiritual state is beyond human comprehension,”
Sri Yukteswer
explained to Yogananda. “The dwarfed vision of men cannot
pierce to
his transcendental star. One attempts in vain to even
picture the
avatar’s attainment. It is inconceivable.”

Later on in the same chapter, these words:

“Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name of
BaBaji,” Lahiri
Mahasaya said, “that devotee attracts an instant spiritual

For many years, I did not believe BaBaji would ever take
the time to
bless me. I figured many others would or could beam the
BaBaji vibrations
but I knew I had far too much doubt.

So it was on the way to my twelve hour night shift Labor
and Delivery nursing
job that I continued to ponder BaBaji and his capacity to
bless me if
he is in India and I am in Lancaster, PA, but ultimately I
also know
that these barriers are insignificant.

I thought, what the heck. I’ll try it.

I was doing a few rounds of Kriya Yoga and thinking of
BaBaji with devotion
as I was approaching a moderately busy intersection for a
Sunday evening.

Suddenly, a small sports car going 70 miles per hour ran
the stop sign
in front of all of us there and sailed through with smoke
and fire
spitting out of his tail pipe looking all the world like a
meteor that landed
on the corner of Hershey and God Knows What Avenue, right
before our eyes.

He sailed across to the other side of the street,
erratically took a left
hand turn, and smashed into a rock wall, a sturdy rock
wall that held up
to the impact very well.

Then like some sort of Super Hero, the man crawled out of
the wreckage and
stood there brushing himself off.

I was frightened that another person was in the car,
perhaps in need of emergency
medical care.

So I was the first to arrive to this scene and when I was
satisfied that
he was alone in that car, I gave him a spirited lecture,
making sure I was eye to eye
with this man, in shock from this experience.

I said, “My God, you really have a guardian angel. Do you
realize that? I hope
you have some appreciation that you are alive and that you
didn’t kill anyone else
going through that intersection!”

Then a man in a suit whom the dude was closest to killing
was running over, angry,
as if he was about to deck the dude.

I turned to him and said, “Wait a minute! You have a
guardian angel, too! You are aive!
Have some appreciation that we are all alive!!” 

And the gentleman was disarmed and his mood changed.

Violence was averted.

At this point, several cars pulled up with friends of the
dude. I imagine
he was proving something to these people, perhaps was
racing them when his car
went out of control.

I did not smell alcohol, but drug involvement was a good

But I kept rambling on about Guardian Angels and
appreciation and decided it
was time for me to go.

As I walked to me car, I remembered BaBaji.

What a total revelation! Not only did I receive a
spiritual blessing
the moment I invoked the name of BaBaji but so did
everyone else there.

All of our lives were spared.

It’s been several days since that spectacular moment of
other worldly drama,
but now I feel a closeness to BaBaji, like he is
omnipresent and also in my heart.

Before he was an elusive presence that I could never
fathom or equate in any
way to my life.

Now BaBaji is apart of every tree as I practice my Z Point
meditations. (Please
see my article, Z is for ZPoint).

I feel safe and full of inner mirth about the “reality”
that everyone agrees
on: economic collapse, violence, grim determination, even
the end of the world
in ten years if we do not end our dependence on foreign

(But let us end this dependence as soon as possible, Dear

When I got to the hospital after the BaBaji Blessing, a
patient’s husband
threatened to kill the doctor because he perceived that
the Doctor was
rude to his wife on the phone prior to their arrival.

I asked the security guard to accompany me into the exam
room, and not put
the man on the defensive but to “listen” to his
perceptions neither
agreeing nor disagreeing with what the man had to say.

This is what we did, and the man suddenly offered to leave
the room
while his wife was examined by the dreaded doctor.

This man was angry one minute, made a 180 degree turn
around and his
comments were no longer threatening.

I believe in the power of other worldly help.

I never believed BaBaji would ever help or bless me, but
since he did,
I am even more open to the unseen forces that always are

I know these forces exist and are ready to be called upon.

Sometimes thay show up if we forget to ask but the chances
for greater clarity
are strengthened if we remember.

In any event, my ride to work that day was an awakening.

I’ve added a picture of BaBaji to my spiritual alter as a
reminder of his omnipresence.

He is as close to me as the next Kriya Yoga breath.

Kate Loving Shenk
Nursing Career Transformation

Creative Capitalism 101

My story is exactly like Bono’s.

Well, not exactly, but I think you’ll see my point. The ten years I
spent at a traditional ad agency were ten years of frustration when it
came time to helping people. You’d see all of these great groups who
needed advertising and marketing help and then you had all of these
great advertising and marketing people who wanted to help, but money
got in the way ultimately.

The non-profits didn’t have it and, tragically, the writers,
directors and producers really kind of needed it to live. It was a
Catch 22 that wore me down. I solved it by, after my stint on the Kerry
Campaign and after I started writing here the day the Huffington Post
opened its doors, by focusing my new agency on new media.

Through new media, with its lower or non-existent production costs,
free media outlets and power of the masses, I can do something for a
non-profit or cause group at a price they can afford and hire people
who can actually earn a living salary to help me do it.

Bono, I have heard, had a moment after LIVE AID a few decades ago
when he discovered that all the money raised that day was the
equivalent to one day’s interest on the loans of the Western World to

What we shared was the realization that in a capitalistic society,
it is very difficult to fight capitalism. Capitalism is not really just
the economic system we work under, it is at its core human nature —
another quite difficult thing to fight.

How often has an open piece of land near you gone up for sale and
you hear the neighbors say, ‘oh they should just give it to the local
conservation group.’ Really? Why don’t you just give all your savings?
Or the money you saved for your children’s college?

The only practical way to save land is to buy it and be thankful that, sometimes, people will give you some more.

In this week’s TIME magazine, Bill Gates chimes in on what he calls Creative Capitalism and while I can’t do the entire article justice, read it here, there are a few important things he mentions.

The first is the founding of (RED) which he attributes to a night in
a bar with Bono — I have no proof of the contrary so this is the story
of the start of (RED)’s creation.

To take a real-world example, a few years ago I was sitting
in a bar with Bono, and frankly, I thought he was a little nuts. It was
late, we’d had a few drinks, and Bono was all fired up over a scheme to
get companies to help tackle global poverty and disease. He kept
dialing the private numbers of top executives and thrusting his cell
phone at me to hear their sleepy yet enthusiastic replies. As crazy as
it seemed that night, Bono’s persistence soon gave birth to the (RED)
campaign. Today companies like Gap, Hallmark and Dell sell
(RED)-branded products and donate a portion of their profits to fight
AIDS. (Microsoft recently signed up too.) It’s a great thing: the
companies make a difference while adding to their bottom line,
consumers get to show their support for a good cause, and — most
important — lives are saved. In the past year and a half, (RED) has
generated $100 million for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis
and Malaria, helping put nearly 80,000 people in poor countries on
lifesaving drugs and helping more than 1.6 million get tested for HIV.
That’s creative capitalism at work.

In the interest of full disclosure, my company, Common Sense NMS, works with (RED) and we are quite proud to. I also work with the Purple Dog Tag — created by Ron Lawner and Suzy Marden from Boston. I have met with Diamond Empowerment Fund and hope to help them as well.

All three groups are driven by a greater desire to help, (RED) to
AIDS in Africa, Purple Dog Tag to returning wounded soldiers and
Diamond Empowerment Fund to helping children in diamond-producing

All three have a commercial angle to them, (RED) has partners who
sell (RED) products, Purple Dog Tag sells Purple Dog Tags and net
proceeds go to groups like Veterans For America. And Diamond
Empowerment Fund receives money from the sales of a beautiful bracelet
that Simmons Jewelry makes (Russell Simmons is the creator of DEF)

But two of the three groups, (RED) and Purple Dog Tag have struggled
from a perception issue, they are not charities like DEF is and there
is this underlying uncertainty about their methods. This uncertainiy is
borne I believe of a one part pettiness, one part envy and two parts

In the end, it is one hundred percent tragic and comic.

In the two years of its existence, Bono and (RED) co-founder Bobby
Shriver have raised over $110,000,000 for The Global Fund, 100% of
which has gone to Africa. 100%.

Over $100,000,000 donated because I bought a (RED) ipod for the same
price as a blue ipod but because I bought a (RED) ipod, Apple gave
money to The Global Fund.

This is a success but because it’s a new model, there has been
chatter and negativity surrounding the brand that is unwarranted and

Let me tell you three things.

One, the amount of money that some of the ‘charities’ you might hold
up as examples pay their consultants and ceo’s and direct mail houses
money that is absolutely outrageous. And many of those charities fail
to help those that they say they are helping in any way shape or form.

Wouldn’t you rather support an organization that is successful
rather than a “charity” that doesn’t come close to delivering for the
people it’s supposed to help?

Second, why wouldn’t you applaud someone like Ron Lawner, who after
an incredibly successful business career, looked at the lack of care
our returning wounded were receiving and said, “I have to do
something.” Ron’s not making money from Purple Dog Tag, he’s paying real people real money to make it a real success, it’s as simple as that.

Finally, let’s say you had a great idea. You were going to raise
money by getting companies to pay you a fee to sell products with your
name on it. On the basis of those fees, you would build a company. And
every product that was sold with your name on it, a percentage went to
your favorite charity. I could have James Boyce golf balls from
Titleist where they pay me a fee to help make people aware of them but
$1 every sleeve goes to help The Open Door, the food pantry in
Gloucester, Mass I support.

And here’s the best part. The sleeve of Titleists costs the same as
every other sleeve so for the golfer, who cares? The regular golf balls
and the James Boyce golf balls, same price.

That, essentially, is the idea Bono had in that bar that night.
That’s the idea behind (RED) that Bobby Shriver helped bring to life.

That’s what Bill Gates calls Creative Capitalism. He sees the Capitalism part to be as important as a the Creative Part.

Naturally, if companies are going to get more involved,
they need to earn some kind of return. This is the heart of creative
capitalism. It’s not just about doing more corporate philanthropy or
asking companies to be more virtuous. It’s about giving them a real
incentive to apply their expertise in new ways, making it possible to
earn a return while serving the people who have been left out.

The next time you hear someone talk about an idea like (RED) or Purple Dog Tag remember:

We live in a capitalistic society and the bottom line matters.

How much have they given?

If you have an idea that gives away $100,000,000 in 24 months, I
don’t care if you’re a charity, a non-profit, an NGO or a damm limited
liability dual action reverse partnership.

I’m going to say two things:

Great idea.

And thank you.

Go for the Gold, China

Most Western TV Channels and the western media are making a big hue and cry and polluting the airwaves by trying to criticize China with talk about pollution, security, lack of freedom, and whatnot. By doing so they only put me off. Why the stepmotherly treatment for China? Is it because China does not toe their line? I would say just that it’s stupidity, ignorance, foolishness, and pure dumbness. Viewers and readers are no fools. They understand the world better and they are wiser. When a certain TV channel questioned a Canadian rower about the pollution in China he said, "You can’t only blame China. Pollution is everywhere."

I have seen rats crossing the streets of New York, flies floating in soups in Canada, garbage piles in Manhattan and more. Are they squeaky clean? Nope. All is not well even in heaven. So why this campaign against China alone? What can’t the West stand about China? What is the big deal of going to cover the Olympics and wanting to Google Falun Gong, Amnesty International, or Tibet? Why go to China during the Olympics if one wants to cover those issues? I thought only sports journalists would go to Beijing to cover the Olympics. It is the Olympics and you are supposed to be sportsman-like and we don’t need any spoilsports.

I say, "Well done, China. Go for the Gold."

wanting to wake up, needing to wake up

This morning I woke up earlier than usual, at 5am with a sense of urgency. The cat was meowing, the house was dark; scenarios from the day before began trickling in. What is this “urgency” I asked myself. Thoughts of what I could Do so early in the morning rose like red apples floating up on water. Meditate? Yoga? Zen Chanting? Facebook? Email people for work early? Return to bed? I lit a candle to welcome the intention for a new, beautiful day. Soon I found myself stretching up and down, between sun salutations, periodically looking up from my practice for changing colors on the horizon. Feeling happy, grateful, and safe in my home, I didn’t wake up this morning with the sense that “I had to”; there was no super early morning appointment I had to be at. I woke up this morning because it felt important to be up, and especially to be clear. This is the urgency I was feeling. Now listening to Zen Master Seung Sahn do the morning bell chant on my ipod and blogging, I feel something special, magical, and wonderful is going to happen today. Because it is already happening now!! (-_-) :D LOL I’m off to work now. Have a good day!!

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