Kindness Matters

My friend has taken this concept and
started an organization called The entire premise of Help
Others is to take a smile card, which they offer for free, and pass it on with
an anonymous random act of kindness. Once you’re “tagged,” you then are
instructed on the card to pay it forward.

The true essence of a random act of
kindness creates ripple affect and these smile cards serve as a tangible
reminder to encourage others to keep the ripple going. This simple act is a way
that you can experience being in service and since it is anonymous you take out
the “I” from the equation.

Experiment with it and see what you come up with. At
first you might find it hard to not be recognized for your good deeds but over
time you will actually feel the thrill from just knowing that you are being of
service to another and filling a need.

I have experienced the exuberance
generated by selfless giving to others; however, I must admit I started to
become a little smile card obsessed. After I realized this, I began to
recognize the most powerful acts of kindness do not have to involve any
material item. The act of giving words, gestures and service can be life
altering. I started to think about this concept further; I wanted to know
what else I could give to others without only giving “stuff.”

As these thoughts
were moving through my head, I entered the produce area of my local grocery
store. Keep in mind, I had been at the beach all day and I am not sure if I had
showered for at least two days.

Then, I suddenly heard a man say from behind, “It is 5:20 PM and I do not know if anyone has told you today but you are
absolutely beautiful.”

I turned to him with a huge smile, grabbed his arm and
stared into his eyes, letting out with a big gasp.

“Thank you! Thank you!”

As I
received these words, I knew that he had answered my question- I must share my
words with others.

As a result, now I leave books on
door steps or on a park bench with a love note or some words of encouragement
in them. I have the intent that whatever I am writing is meant for whoever will
find it. Your random acts of kindness can be anything that resonates with you.
How can you show someone today that kindness does matter?

Be Your Own Love Guru

Justine Kenzer – Hollywood ‘s own psychic
extraordinaire – your personal expert in everything holistic!

See The Love Guru this weekend – and then – Get your “enlightenment freak” on and bring
“somemores” love into your own life! Let go of having to make a list
of specifics – or visualizing your perfect partner – or affirming affection
will come! Just simply try out these super easy love luring natural products
suggested by PsychicGirl -and let the love flow!

Wish For Love – L.O.V.E. stands for Laws Of Vibrational
Healing. Simply place the Love Charger poster (made from the highly
blank knowledge and science of sacred geometry) between your mattress and box
spring and forget about it. Get ready to be surprised when you quickly start to
release stress and free up your energy to attract a lot more of what you want
in all areas of your life including love!

LifeBeat Romance Spray – Bio-energetic activation technology that
produces an instantaneous energetic shift resulting in immediately available
performance enhancement characteristics (in English = it puts you in balance).
They call it digital coherence performance activation. All I know is it works!

H2OM Love Water - Dr. Masaru Emoto (that water scientist dude from What
The Bleep’s
) official water. Vibrationally charged spring water that’s
bottled and labeled with the intention of love. Drink, be, and attract

Bach Holly Flower Essences - you might have heard of the Rescue Remedy
that’s used for any emotional experience you need instant relief from. Dr. Bach
says that the flower essence of Holly counteracts the absence of love. Put a
few drops directly under your tongue or put it in water and sip.

Rose Quartz - In the psychic and spiritual realms it’s dubbed the love
stone and said to open one’s heart. It is often used to attract love and for
love spells. Find a piece of jewelry of you like and wear it near your heart,
or place a hunk on your desk, dresser or shrine.

Herbal Magic Reiki Charged Love Candle – these candles are old school,
they have been around forever, designed with the specific intention of
attracting someone to you. They are made with Olive, Patchouli, Rose, Clove and
Lavender oils. Each candle comes with an affirmation and an inspirational
message. Light and burn with your own intention in mind.

Check out Justine’s blog updated daily!

Wishing you answers and healing,

Remove Toxicity: Rest and Sleep

People frequently ask me how I manage to cope with the travails of travelling, especially getting enough rest and sleep. I thought I would post a few suggestions on what creates good sleep.

Of course, when you are travelling its not possible to pay attention to all the minor details, but if you keep the following points in mind, I think it will be very helpful. My best advice for jet lag is eat very little on the plane, drink lots of water and when you get to where you are getting, just follow the rhythm of the place.

Removing Toxicity

The following conditions, situations, and factors may make a person more
likely to suffer from insomnia, students concerned about exams: people
working the night shift; frequent raveling; depression; stress stemming
from any cause; chronic pain of any kind; taking medications

Discover the Heroes and Heroines in you

Dear Friends,


Discover the Heroes and Heroines in you

Every culture has evolved its own Mythology defining its character and offering a way to understand the world. Mythology illuminates creation, god, nature of the world, nature of humans. The themes in great myths are universal. Myths from different cultures have striking similarities. Though great myths concern gods, heroes and monsters, much of their fascination lies in how they illuminate the human values and human nature. Archetypes are life models and ideas, that guide the direction of our life toward our soul’s ultimate destiny. Mythical stories is full of Archetypal themes and Archetypes.

We all have divine potential within us. Mythical stories and Archetypes in them serves as a guide and role model to manifest our divine potential. In his book – Spontaneous fulfillment of desire, Dr Deepak Chopra talks about Mythology and Archetypes. He says in his book that “Each individual soul has mythical quest. Individual soul will not be fulfilled unless it completes its mythical quest. Inside every human being there is an overarching theme, a template for heroic living, a god or a goddess in embryo that yearns to be born. Archetypal themes are born of the representations of our collective soul’s yearnings, imagination and deepest desires, but the themes are enacted by individual souls.”

In India everyone is exposed to mythical stories from their childhood. Two great Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, which are popularly read even today is full of Archetypal themes and Archetypes. These Archetypal themes provide us something to aspire for in our own life. Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, Egyptian Mythology and even Bible has lot of Archetypal themes we can learn from. We can use the Archetypes from these stories as our role models.

In recent times Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr, have raised to greatness – fulfilling the longing of collective souls. In the modern times, archetypal themes are played in movies like Star Wars and Company brand identity like Harley-Davidson. Movie stars and Celebrities also archetypes in a way, but they are second class, compared to real life Heroes and Heroines. You can find Heroes and Heroines in your local community who have risen to greatness fulfilling the need of the collective consciousness. In the community where I live, I see many Heroes and Heroines who provide volunteer services and raising above normal, providing as an role model for others to follow

When I was in India I didn’t realize the value of mythology. After exploring spirituality, came to realize the treasures hidden in mythology to guide our life. How can you awaken the Heroes or Heroines lying dormant within you? Find answers to the soul questions – Who are you? What do you want? What is the purpose of your existence? What are your deepest desires?. These questions will help you to discover your Archetype and Archetypal themes that you want to manifest. Relationships in your life, situations/events in your life, time period in which you are living also provides context and meaning to play out your archetypal themes.

You can also read more about Mythology and Archetypes from the following books

a) A Mythic Life by Jean Houston

b) Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

c) The ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology

Like to share a video from Deepak where he answers the question – Why there is so much suffering in the world?