Gotham Chopra: Election 2008 — I’m Tired, and It Hasn’t Even Started Yet

Is it just me or is the presidential race – more so the campaign – just an elaborate sporting event? All the hype. All the prognosticators. All the predictions and statistics, the punditry, optimism, and criticism, and so-called strategy and PR that ultimately seems to mean little to the actual outcome.

Here’s my prediction: over the next 6 weeks or so as each candidate chooses their running mate and goes on the raised hand-holding tour, we’ll see all sorts of volatility with the polls. Mixed in will be the fairly dramatic poll shifts dictated by the conventions where party blowhards from both sides will galvanize the troops with rally cries.


The Yoga of Being Nice

Of the estimated 15 million Americans who practice yoga, many do not realize that yoga practice, as we know it, involving poses of the standing, seated, twisting, binding, and balancing varieties, represents only one form or "branch" of yoga; there are 7 others. Asana practice is known as "hatha" yoga, but the featured yoga "pose" of this post derives its inspiration from karma yoga.

What’s the Most Valuable Piece of Exercise Equipment?

When push comes to shove, or punch comes to kick, or upward dog comes to downward dog, the intricate details of your workout routine matter a lot less than the simple fact that you make exercise an important part of your life. To this end, schedule your yoga classes, nature walks, trips to the health club, or excursions to the rock-climbing gym in your daily planner or Blackberry just like you would any other commitment. Do this, to the best of your ability, on Sunday night for the entire week.

Can’t fit in adequate time for fitness? Take a cue from the rest of your life and begin multi-tasking on occasion. Instead of meeting a friend for lunch or coffee, go for a walk. Need to miss your usual yoga class due to a work commitment in the evening? Plan ahead to wake up early and squeeze in an at-home, abbreviated asana session, morning jog, or early and efficient gym routine. Have clients or colleagues who enjoy hitting the links or shooting hoops? Coordinate a small group to talk shop while working up a sweat.

It’s your life, your happiness, your health. Plan accordingly.

An Astrological View of the Destiny of America

America is an experiment, consciously or unconsciously
generated. Can we really be a united nation of global citizens?

This question has generated movement, crisis, change,
transformation, slavery, human rights issues, indigenous massacre, continental
expansion, conscious evolution and immense questions.

Primarily, the question remains the same to this day; can we
really be a united nation of global citizens?

How to Use Antibiotics Appropriately

The Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a study out this week showing that
over 140,000 people are admitted to the hospital each year because of reactions
to antibiotics, usually related to a drug allergy.

My own kids,
now 13 and 15, went through pretty steady doses of antibiotics when they were
younger. As a working mother, I hoped antibiotics would shorten the time the
kids were sick, allowing me to return to work more quickly. Maybe the plan
worked, maybe it didn’t

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