Causecast Drives Change

Civic and church groups are no longer our primary outlets for activism and volunteerism. Instead, websites that provide information, a call to action and the ability to donate or contribute services nearly instantaneously are claiming do-gooders’ attention. Causecast is the newest (and most entertaining) hub for social change. It joins philanthropy with media, social networking and content to empower people to make the change they seek.

Causecast follows a lead-by-example paradigm. Individuals, organizations, leaders and brands that are already leaving their mark are highlighted, thereby giving users the inspiration, knowledge and tools to effect their own positive change.

While Causecast is a movement, a campaign for change, its online component,, is a rich concentration of video content, select nonprofits and cause leaders, member content and related news.

It’s not often that we hear the vision of an organization from its creators. Here, CEO Ryan Scott shares his intent for Causecast:

As do Brian Sirgutz, President & Sloane Berrent, Director of Business Development:


Giving and Receiving

The basic components of the universe, which comprises all of the matter we perceive and which forms the objects we "possess," is more like a thought than a thing. When consciousness is understood as the foundation of the universe, giving and receiving can be seen as being contained within a single thought.

The very essence of every object we perceive is thought. As a result, from this perspective, it becomes easier to understand how giving increases what you already have because ideas increase when shared.

This becomes evident when we think of Love.

Given that the universe is more akin to an idea, and everything in the universe is a subsequent idea, what we give is what we receive and we set the value on what we receive by what we give.

Our New Makeover

Hello everyone — You may be noticing a few new things about our site today — notably our brand new homepage.

Many of you sent us great feedback when we started working on this redesign, and we’ve incorporated as many of your suggestions as we could.

Some of the new features:

— Member Blogs module: We’ve been seeing the great content our members have been writing and recognize this is pretty hard to find on the site right now. So now we have a dedicated section for member blogs on the homepage highlighting the best of the day. We’ll also be revisiting our category pages in the near future to highlight more of our members’ posts.

— "Write Blog Post" option directly on the homepage: It was a little hard to find where to start writing your posts on Intent — so we’ve highlighted that now front and center.

— Question of the day: We love this feature on our sister site IntentBlog so we’ve brought it over here! If you have a question of the day you want to ask Intent readers, simply write your post — using the title of the post as the question and elaborating on your question in the body of your post. You can then email us at with "Question of the Day" in the subject line of the email and you may see your question on the homepage of Intent!

— Bigger headlines module: This allows our editors to program and highlight a greater variety of content.

— Better promotion for our Intent Voices: You can now see a bigger photo of each of our writers, as well as a description of who they are.

So take a moment to explore and let us know what you think!
We hope you like it!


Cofounder & Head of Product

Get Dads in the Mix

Hundreds of therapists, physicians, nutritionists and family members gathered this past weekend in Austin, Texas to talk and learn about eating disorders at the annual conference of the National Eating Disorders Association.

I was there as one of the keynote speakers, but it was surprising how rarely the power and potential of fathers and stepfathers arose during discussions about prevention and treatment of serious problems like anorexia and bulimia. In fact, I don

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