Compassion and Caring

My intent is to live in a world where compassion
and caring are the universal language in which caregivers, children and cultures are empowered. Through creativity, commitment and collaboration, I intend to live in a world where the patient is cared for with the same passion we treat the disease, where children are taught not just reading, writing and arithmetic but are also taught the tools to face obstacles and opportunities with love, compassion and strength, and where cultures maintain their natural essence and identity in the face of globalization.

The Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

Intent’s editor Ebony March and Intent Voices blogger David Llorens attended the same high school in Shreveport, Louisiana back in the 1990s. He was on the debate team. She, on the drama team. The two soon struck up a deep friendship that unfortunately faded when his family moved to Illinois the following year. However, through technology (MySpace), Ebony was able to track Dave down and pay him a visit while on vacation in San Francisco. What she found when she arrived is that her childhood friend had blossomed into a highly knowledgeable and passionate solar power advocate.

Dave, by trade, is now an electrical engineer, and has channeled that work into his current position with NextEnergy Solar ( a solar power installation company located in California’s Bay Area). The two recently sat down to chat about the economic benefits of making the leap from traditional electrical power to solar.

EM: Dave, what got you so interested in solar power as a vocation?

DL: My friend, Dan, in Seattle–he wanted to create a financial company for solar power. He thought these third-party power purse agreements were where it’s at. And I kind of a agreed with him. We began to document our research about the subject and then that documentation there became a blog which actually got a little bit of traction and people were reading our stuff and that was fun for us. So we continued doing it and we created a site where people could go to find free money available in the state that they live in for solar power.

EM: Okay then, walk me through it. How do I go about making the leap to solar energy for my home or business?

DL: So, let’s say you wanna install solar power on your house or you’re considering it as an option. You would poke around on the Internet and hopefully you would find our company. You might call them up and say, ‘Hey, I’m thinking about getting solar. What do I have to do?’ And they would send me over to your house to evaluate it to see whether or not it works.

I would look at your power bills, look at the orientation of your roof–its tilt, if there’s any shading issues, how much real estate is available up there. And then, we’d just try to design a system that meets your goals. If your goals are to knock out your entire power bill, then let’s see if we can do that. And if we can’t, then how much can we do.

EM: That’s good to know. Now tell me this: How much has the industry changed since you first got started? Is there much of a difference in solar from, let’s say, 5 years ago to today?

DL: I don’t have a lot of visibility of what it was like 5 years ago. But when I got into this, I looked at the financial fundamentals of solar power and thought, ‘Oh, you know what? I live in the most progressive city in the entire United States. I bet people are going to be exceedingly receptive to this . And I was very disappointed. People are not–It’s a very long-term investment. And people, I think, sort of assume that it’s not cost-effective. Yet, with the heavy subsidization–especially in San Francisco, it turns out it’s often a slam-dunk.

EM: What’s the biggest downfall of what you do?

DL: People aren’t willing to listen unless they can see, like, the Joneses have [solar power installed]. But if no one else has it, they assume it’s for hippies. People who have townhouses and condos assume they can’t have solar but there’s actually a law that prevents the Homeowners Association [in S.F.] from preventing the solar power based on aesthetics alone. So if you have a townhouse or a condo, you can probably get solar.

EM: Very good. Still, I’m curious. What, in your opinion, is the future of solar power in this country and around the world?

DL: We need Barack in office, basically, and then solar can explode. It’s gonna get bigger. The market is getting bigger. Contrary to popular belief, the technology is not making it cheaper. In fact, it’s getting more expensive. What’s going to make it cheaper is that power is getting more expensive. People’s power bills are going to double and the solar power doesn’t ever change. The sun doesn’t charge you more. It’s always free.

Universal or Non-Local Consciousness vs. Local Mind: Part 2

While it may be true that the experience of universal consciousness,
emptiness, or oneness may be indescribable, the holistic science may
provide a verifiable and objective description that can be validated
against the observations of the universe. The merit of such description
is that it is as free as possible from the purely subjective
pronouncements of the self-acclaimed experiencer or observer.

The variety of definitions and understandings of consciousness or
mind phenomena are artifacts of an incomplete understanding of the
wholesome reality of the mass/energy/space/time continuum universe. The
universal consciousness is not the biological consciousness that is the
seat of the ego or mind. The universal consciousness is the blue skies,
while the biological consciousness or mind are the clouds of thoughts
and emotions generated by neurons firings in the brain. The universal
consciousness is beyond mind but mind is not beyond consciousness. The
universal consciousness is pure existence; unconsciousness or lower
levels of consciousness exist within it. Mind is a fragmented or walled
or bounded consciousness.

Attention is not awareness but thought. Meditation does not have a
focal point of attention but dissolution of it. A focal point of
attention is limited in space-time. Universal consciousness gets veiled
by attention or thought like clouds in the sky.

Emptiness is not empty-ness but fullness. It is not nothingness but everythingness.

We are habitually, genetically, culturally, religiously, and
socially programmed to define, analyze, and understand any phenomena or
events. All these extraneous and acquired straights color our
perceptions and lead to confusions, uncertainties, and inaccuracies
resulting in understanding and describing the ONE universal reality.
This also misleads many to believe that there is no standalone
universal reality or purpose to the universe and each one of us to make
our own – another trick of the ego to maintain ownership of reality and

It is also important to note that even if a perfect description of
the ultimate reality were possible, the listener or the receiver of the
description may induce its own bias to the interpretation of the
description. The ability of the listener to listen perfectly is as
important as the ability of the describer to communicate the ultimate
reality. Even a perfect master who may be able to convey or describe
the reality as is could never penetrate an imperfect listener. The art
of listening and observing is as important as the art of describing.
And, that is where the strength of scientific communication comes in.
The medium of (holistic) scientific communication minimizes, to the
extent possible, the uncertainties and errors in communication.

From a holistic scientific perspective, universal consciousness,
eternity, emptiness, oneness, enlightenment, godliness, awareness, and
Samadhi could all be mathematically described as one simple massless
state of the Zero-point energy wherein space and time are fully
dilated. However, different non-scientific or metaphoric descriptions
would describe these otherwise unitary phenomena in many different
words, poems, or languages that would have different meanings for
different listeners leading to the apparent confusions and multiplicity
of interpretations. Holistic science (HR) describing the one underlying
essence of all, one universal path -dissolution of the ego, and one
destination or purpose – Eternity. HR thus ends the multiplicities of
paths, commandments, morals, beliefs, and convictions that are
artifacts of the multiple local minds or egos.

Non-local mind is as much of an oxymoron as non-local matter or mass
(ego). Such definition is in direct violation of the universal laws and
the observed universe behavior. Mind (ego) must dissolve just like
matter to achieve non-locality of the universal consciousness.

Universal consciousness is pure motion, while stillness
(motionlessness) is unconsciousness or death. The experience of eternal
peace, harmony, certainty, and order during the state of Samadhi (deep
meditation) is not stillness (V=0) but pure motion or kinetic energy
(V=C, speed of light) wherein clock stops and distances dilate to zero.
This gives the feeling or experience (awareness) of being everywhere
(omnipresence) and at the same time (clock stops). On the other hand,
the pure stillness (stopping of motion, V=0) occurs inside a black hole
wherein even a photon that normally moves at the speed of light is not
allowed to escape. The universal consciousness is an infinite ocean of
kinetic energy that imparts motion or life into everything and being.

And YES, there is a pill for achieving this kinetic energy of the
extreme kind. Moreover, it is free and every human being has it. The
pill is the ego; just swallow it and dissolve it. The pill, when
dissolved, releases all the kinetic energy that was earlier bound
within its shell and that one needs to realize the state of universal
consciousness, eternity, emptiness, oneness, enlightenment, godliness,
awareness, and Samadhi described scientifically as one simple state of
the Zero-point energy.

However, a note of caution about science is warranted. As Einstein
said, quantum mechanics is not a complete or holistic science. Also,
Richard Feynman said that no one understands it. Hence, QM descriptions
of the universal reality are incomplete, fragmented, and misleading
marred with multiple unresolved paradoxes- multiple universes, multiple
dimensions, anti-matter, quantum gravity etc. QM is great for
electronic gadgets and materialistic high-tech applications of science.
But I would not waste any time using quantum concepts such as
anti-matter, exotic particles, strings, time travel, time-warps,
quantum non-locality, quantum mind/observer, and quantum soul etc to
explain, describe, or understand universal reality or consciousness.

Olympic Torch: China’s Power Projection and India

Dear Friends, it is important to understand the underlying
reasons — and geo-political implications — for the vehement protests
that have taken place in regard to the China Olympic torch relay in
Athens, Istanbul, St Petersburg, London, Paris and now San Francisco.

China’s power projection strategy merits a vital Socratic dialogue
and we are grateful to the distinguished ATCA Contributor, Dr Harsh
Pant, from the Department of Defence Studies, King’s College London,
for his submission, “China’s Power Projection and India — Implications
for the US, Japan and Allies — Tibet, Nepal, Arunachal and Burma Fault
Lines.” Dr Pant writes:

Olympic Torch Protest, San Francisco

Dear DK and Colleagues

Re: China’s Power Projection and India — Implications for the
US, Japan and Allies — Tibet, Nepal, Arunachal and Burma Fault Lines

Last month China announced that its military budget for 2008 will
increase by 17.6 percent to about USD 58.8 billion. This is not really
surprising as it follows a 17.8 percent increase in 2007 and
double-digit increases in China’s annual defence outlays most years in
the last two decades. But what is causing concern in Asia and beyond is
the opacity that seems to surround China’s military build-up, with an
emerging consensus that Beijing’s real military spending is at least
double the announced figure. The official figures of the Chinese
government do not include the cost of new weapon purchases, research or
other big-ticket items for China’s highly secretive military and as a
result, the real figure may be much higher than the revealed amount.
From Washington to Tokyo, from Brussels to Canberra, calls are rising
for China to be more open about the intentions behind this dramatic
pace of spending increase and scope of its military capabilities.

Whatever Chinese intentions might be, consistent increases in defence
budgets over the last several years have put China on track to become a
major military power and the power most capable of challenging American
dominance in the Asia-Pacific. While China’s near-term focus remains on
preparations for potential problems in the Taiwan Straits, its nuclear
force modernization, its growing arsenal of advanced missiles, and its
development of space and cyberspace technologies are changing the
military balance in Asia and beyond.

Read the article at

To reflect further on this, please click here and read views as well as respond directly within the online forum.

We welcome your thoughts, observations and views. Thank you.

Best wishes

DK Matai

Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance (ATCA) & The Philanthropia


Why do so few fathers and stepfather’s father with intention? Most
men in our culture take only a marginal role in the day-to-day rearing
of children, while getting caught up in the traditional (and too
narrow) role of dad as provider of money.

One reason is the way many people (men and women both) perceive
fathers. For example, what does it mean to

The “Self Abhy”

As part of the Ayurvedic daily routine, it’s recommended to do a self-massage with oil each morning before getting into a warm shower. (If you have a Vata imbalance, it’s especially important.) At the Chopra Center, we call it the Self Abhy (pronounced AH-bee, which is short for the word abhyanga, which, incidentally, simply means “massage”).

We rub the oil into our skin every day to nourish and protect the skin, as well as loosen the ama (toxic residue) that accumulates in our tissues due to stress. The warm water from the shower helps to open up the pores in the skin, allowing the oil to penetrate deep into the tissues.

The whole process shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes. When I’m in a rush, I can do it in 60 seconds.

Supplies needed:

An old towel to stand on
A plastic bottle of massage oil (you will only use a few tablespoons of oil each morning)
A sink full of hot water (optional, but recommended if you like using warm oil)

Optional: Fill your sink with hot water and put the bottle of massage oil in it for a few minutes to warm up.

Start to run the hot water in the shower so that it’s nice and steamy when you get in. Lay out your old towel on the floor in front of the shower to stand on while you do your abhy – it’ll protect your carpet/floor from any oil that spills.

Pour a tablespoon or so of oil into the palm of one hand and rub it between both hands. Start with the scalp. Rake your oily fingertips through your hair to get a layer of oil onto the scalp. Vigorously “shampoo” the oil into the scalp, moving the scalp in all directions. Next, apply a little bit of oil to the face, throat and neck, rubbing the oil into the skin. Try some little circles with your fingertips over the forehead, into the temples, around the cheeks and jaw. Do a couple strokes under the cheekbones from the bridge of the nose to the ears. Massage some oil into the ears. Be quick but make sure to touch everything once.

As for the rest of the body, the general guidelines are as follows: long strokes (back and forth, or up and down) over the long muscles (e.g. the biceps, triceps, forearms, thighs, calves…), and circular strokes over the joints (e.g. the shoulders, elbows, knees …). There’s really no wrong way to do this – follow your intuition. Cover as much of the body as you can with oil, and rub it in creating friction and heat between the palms of your hands and the skin. If you have time, do one or two strokes up and down each finger (and toe!), and use your thumbs for 10-20 seconds to dig into the bottoms of the feet.

Once your body is covered with oil, step into the warm shower and relax for a minute in the heat. You can shampoo your hair as usual, but just use soap where necessary, leaving a layer of oil on most of the skin.

Yes, you will get oil stains on your towels. Your bath towels will not last as long if you do a self-abhy every day and you will need to buy new ones more frequently. But so what? They’re just towels. It’s more important to nourish and protect your skin.

Bringing light info your life

Dear Friends,


Bringing light info your life

We have light qualities such as love, compassion, joy, laughter, gratitude, appreciation. We also have dark qualities such as fear, anger, pride, greed, jealous, envy. The list of light and dark qualities are endless. Quality of our life depends on what qualities we manifest and express in our life. According to yoga, there are three modes of nature that governs us (known as gunas in Sanskrit). Forces of creativity (Sattva) – which is expressed as light qualities, Forces of Dynamism (Rajas) – which is expressed in the form of desires and actions, Forces of inertia (Tamas) – which is expressed as dark qualities. All three forces are active in each of us. Depending on which of these three mode is predominant in our life, we express/manifest those qualities.

One of the challenges we all face is our dark qualities or conditioned habits, that inhibits our growth and experience of life. Iam sure all of us have tried to remove darkness by fighting against it. However, we know by experience fighting against darkness does not work. So, How can we overcome these dark qualities and conditioned habits?. When we go into a dark room, what do we do remove darkness? We turn on the light. Similarly to remove the dark qualities that affects our life, all we need to do is increase the light in us.

How to increase the light with in us? Be grateful for everything in your life, Appreciate the beauty of life and the intelligent order that exists in the universe, Accept your life as it is without resistance, Be compassionate to yourself, Laugh at your situation, Laugh at your mistakes, Eat nourishing food that increases your vitality and creativity, Feed your five senses with nourishing experiences by immersing in nature, Relax more often, include some spiritual practice in your daily life such as meditation or yoga or chanting, connect with your purpose in life, read books/scriptures that inspires and uplifts you.

Here is a link where Deepak Chopra offers steps to Seduce your spirit and bring more light into your life

You can read all the previous messages at



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