Pampering Thy Self Means Global Pampering

Considering that we are all in this quantum soup place we call the universe together and all our pieces are what makes the whole, pampering “thyself” should be on the top of everyone’s list.

Pampering Tips For Your Organic Space!

Your Favorite Music
This is almost an immediate mood/energy changer for most of us. A quick way to do adjustments throughout the day when needed is to put on the tunes and do a quick dance in your space. I consider this part of attention to our spirit.
Human Touch
It is now proven that the human touch is an important support to health while we are here in these bodies! Thanks to healing therapists even if someone does not have a lover, child or friend to hold our hand, we can still fulfill this need with a massage, reiki service or other healing touch modality. Ever tried a wet room treatment at a day spa. Incredible. My colleagues and I partake in the Hunters Retreat at Burke Williams. Delightful!
Good Food
Good food is usually simple food, closer to the way nature created it. Purchased most cost effective through local farmers and prepared at home, or better yet, grow it at home. I believe this to be the start to a healthier body, mind and part of our collective human responsibility to ensure long term health of our planet and physical bodies. We need a good house for our spirit to play in.
Attention to Your Body
At least once a week we should all take care of our skin, hair, nails and sleep. What is equally important is the practice of prevention which should be considered as a necessity of pampering thyself. If we don’t take care of ourselves we end up turning to our disease care system we call the medical system which can bankrupt people when they are sick and is inaccurate at many times . I’d rather just take care of my body, it’s much simpler.   
Enjoying Spirit
The obvious, meditation, every day. Implemented every day, this beautiful time with you is priceless. Start off with invigorating your sense of smell. Favorite oils can be great to rub in your hands, inhale to enjoy. They can evoke different energies.

Enjoying your relationships is enjoying your spirit as well. I just loved the eye opening article from Dr. Chopra on dealing with negative family members he posted on the 3rd. I found some healing in the line “If your perception of them (family) is dominated by your love for them, without any expectation that they should be different than they are, then you won’t see them as a negative influence.”

A most excellent view which enhances the flourishing of love in relationships and spirit!

It takes a tribe to raise the children.
It takes a tribe to take the best care of themselves to create a healthy tribe.

Always Organically Yours,
Renay Matthews
Connor’s  view, Anini  Beach, Kauai 2009
The King of Pampering
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  1. Great post Renay! I love all your points, especially good food, I love cooking 🙂 My boyfriend took me to a Spa for my birthday this year and I loved it, I did a 'dry flotation' – it was amazing!! I'd recommend it to anyone. Connor's feet are so cute 🙂

    Love, Noreen.

  2. I have never heard of a dry flotation Noreen! I am intrigued and will check it out.

    I have a book of his feet and views, it is getting filled up, can't wait to show him these when he is older.




  3. Beyond this event horizon is a field of dreams. I already meet you there. Oh the joy of entanglement 😉

    I think you are onto something, Renay. Let's extrapolate…….. such a beautiful Dance

    I met a terrorist in the collective consciousness, the other meditation daydream. He hugged me back. Now there's a thing! We are one and yet each thought of division ripples out the Quantum Soup and leaves us in it!

    C'mon, let's all sing together now…..pampers are the best for baby's bum!!



  4. Thanks Renay,

    We might say it takes a healthy tribe to raise a healthy child, which is what can make it so difficult as the tribe degenerates. But we are of good hope for after degeneration comes regeneration where the tribe will need encouragement and some members prepared to provide. Right Doc? And what is with Noreen's Blue Moon? I barely recognized her. 🙂 I must make her smile every day until we get her back. Dry flotation ironically, is wearing your wetsuit in the flotation chamber. 🙂

    Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

    Love and Blessings X 10,


  5. Ed, I too love that old story about the two roads of life ending at the same field of dreams. You are a wonderful being and I have already met you there dear friend.

    Dancing in the soup!



  6. I like that Ed and agree. You are right there with Ed and the two roads leading to the same field. I feel a collective soup mix coming in, I think Noreen had just added some Spice to it, not real blues!

    In love and Yes, Pampers on my head,




  7. Dearest Renay,

    thanks for the post. It is so important that in pampering we have the hollistic approach to our body and mind. Your post appeals to both aspects.

    I see Connor was having a great time.

    Wish you love and prosperity.


  8. dearest renay,

    our choices match a lot 🙂 thanks for this beautiful post.

    Wish you love, peace and happiness.


  9. Rouzanna, I am blessed with you. Your previous comment about missing me but you think of Connor and you know he needs me more had me all choked up.

    You understanding means a lot. It is a blessing to have you understand where the time goes…………….I at times feel like it is swallowed up and gone……yet when I look at his little face, it is right where is should be. I thank ful for the understanding you have shared with me.

    With Love,


  10. Thank you dearest Trisha, I have missed you. When I read your posts I find many matches as well. We are close in the great sea of vibration dear sister.

    With Love,


  11. dearest sister,

    i too think the very same way, our souls are united. i was little scared for you because the last thing i read from you was that intent about problem in your plane and then you vanished..

    it feels so wonderful when loved ones come back with good news, like you and loveshine came back 🙂 i was eagerly waiting for you both.

    Wish you love, peace and happiness.