paths, lessons, & life

 From my perspective, we can always see in front of our own paths. In fact I truly believe that we not only have an influence to our destinies, but we lay our own stones upon the pathway there. Sometimes we lay larger stones than others, sometimes we lay boulders that we may need to climb over or ask for a small ditch to have to maneuver. Whatever we lay, I feel that we do have control.

However, there is always the possibility that when we happen upon a crossroads where another Soul’s path has connected with ours, we mistake theirs for ours. Or, perhaps we see theirs and think that it is nicer or better and step upon…but, if we go on the assumption that we lay our own stones, then would not the next stone be ours and again by default be back on our own path.
It is an interesting thought.  I also truly believe that every time two souls cross and meet, it is by design and that something is exchanged. Whether it is an exchange of energy, a quick lesson, or an inspiration that further extends a thought or lesson, it is part of who we are and why we are here. One must always look into every situation for what it has to offer for us in completing our destiny and purpose.  We are too often too busy to really look, or we don’t want to look at what is being presented to us. If we fail to grasp the nature of a situation, how many times does life toss it back into our paths? Does it eventually tire and say “well, this one just isn’t going to get it” Then, what happens?
If we go with my theory that sometimes a soul has to repeat a particular lifetime because it just didn’t learn from the last time around.  What happens? This refusal to learn or blindness of the lesson is a ticket back to the start. And next time we simply repeat the same path as the present one. Do we perhaps have slots in our next venture into the mortal realm, which is saved for such instances, where we can slip them in and redo them while progressing? Perhaps lessons that we learn in the new life before we get to that slot can help us see what we were not seeing in the previous.
Can another soul suck energy from us? You bet. Are there souls out there that do? I think so. Why? I can only wonder. Have they in their mortal form become lazy, lost the idea behind their purpose?  Perhaps.  I cannot believe that each and every life has a purpose and main lesson on one hand and say that a person who is “bad” is off their path. How does one tell what is truly good until they have experienced and understand what is truly bad? It is the same when I say to fully understand spiritualism, one must also understand materialism; now can one get stuck… into a life of materialism not wanting to give it up and go on to the more spiritual life? Certainly. How does one get off that plane and into the other? How do we get back? Perhaps this is where Path Crossing comes in. Perhaps once, and it takes just once, another soul can come past and influence the other to either lay the wrong stones, or place the correct ones.