Plan Today for Summer Safety!


Summer is a wonderful time for enjoying adventures in the great outdoors, but it’s important to factor safety into all your plans for sun and fun. With Memorial Day on the calendar this weekend,  take a moment to review a few precautionary measures that will keep your family out of harm’s way and ready to play all season long.

Summer Water Safety

What better way to beat the summer heat than to jump into a cool splash of water? But, of course, water play can be very dangerous in its own way, especially for kids. The CDC recommends a few tips to keep children safe, such as observing them closely near any bodies of water and taking common sense precautions like always keeping them in life vests when out boating or near deep water with currents or tides.

Grilling and Fire-related Safety

Some favorite summer activities undoubtedly include grilling and barbecue cookouts outside with family and friends. Make sure to keep the flying footballs and floating frisbees away from the cooking area. Tell all children to be aware not to get too close to the grill lest they get burned or inhale smoke. Adults should be wary of this as well since the hazards of the grill and fire are a bit more dangerous than charred chicken or salty sausages.

Heat and Sun Safety

We all know we need to be responsible about our exposure to the sun, but when the first blissful rays greet us after a long and dreary winter, it’s easy to forget and rush out to soak up some sunshine. Try to orient as many of your outdoor activities to be near shade and if that’s not possible, make sure to lather on some sunscreen. Go to the shore or beach with an umbrella for immediate respite, and choose to play ball in an open field that has some trees near enough. Lastly, remember to stay hydrated, even if you think you aren’t that thirsty.

Preventing Injuries and Falls

Slips and falls occur frequently when playing outdoors, especially in the summer. Children of all ages and those charged with their care should take precaution and investigate the area before starting a game or setting up a picnic. Rocks and sticks can make a tumble in the grass more painful or disrupt or tear water sports equipment or plastics.

Home and Backyard Safety

One of the most overlooked causes of home fires is electricity. May is Electrical Safety Month, and therefore a good opportunity to take a look at a closer look at any potential electrical hazards inside your home and its immediate vicinity. Garage, shed, and backyard electrical outlets are generally much closer to a wider variety of combustible materials than anywhere else in the home. And we all know that water and electricity never mix! Many online resources offer insights into various tips and tricks you can remind kids that electricity is nothing to take “light”ly – keep in mind that even though it’s all around us, electricity is a powerful and potentially dangerous force. 

Travel Safety

Don’t leave your common sense at home when you go on vacation. Approach any situations you would with a wary eye just as you would at home or in a familiar place. Obvious tourists are a target for thieves, not just pickpockets but sometimes “friendly” advice can be a ruse. Don’t assume things like beaches or parks are safe just because they’re vacation destinations, keep your loved ones and valuables in sight and secure.

The young (and young at heart!) would do well to keep these health and safety tips in mind during indoor and outdoor activities. Preparing today for hazardous warm-weather risks gives you more free time to enjoy yourself when the time comes – don’t let this summer be a bummer for you or anyone else in your family.