Plan Your Day and Be Productive: Live Efficiently!

When is the last time you sat down and made a list of things to do for the day?  On the contrary have you ever sat down and taken the time to create a well devised plan of action?

I have commonly found that when I take the occasion to plan my day that things run rather smooth and I always have more than enough time.  However, on the other hand when I just decide to coast through without strategic direction I never have enough hours in the day.  Sound familiar?

Regardless of your schedule if you make the time to plan your day’s events you will live productively.  A common excuse to avoid planning is as simple as not having enough time.  And to that I say let’s get real.  

Think about all the things you make time for on a daily basis and why.  Typically it may be do to an obligation of some sort or perhaps because you derive sensory pleasure from those activities.  You see in order to be an effective planner you must have a cause of action.  Hence the question: Why should you plan? 

I don’t know your take but I will share mine with you.  For me, in order to get the job done I need to lay it out on the line, i.e. evaluate the situation and make realistic time to bring about the mission.  After all, if you can show strength and character in small tasks then you can grow to accomplish greatness.

When planning you must also make room for the unexpected.  Literally create time for permission of situations that may arise out of nowhere.  Taking these precautionary steps will help you to stay in control when life changes at the drop of a dime.  And believe me it will!  One thing I have concluded is that the only thing in this world that I am in control of is how I react to everything out of my control.

Taking the time to prepare for tomorrow will also give you peace of mind allowing you to sleep through the night with calmness and absolute ease.

P.S.  Work smart and play hard!

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About Alicia Amie

Born December 22, 1980, in Houston, Texas. Alicia grew up as the youngest of four children. Her father, Ernest Amie Sr., provided tender love and protection while her mother, Hester Kemp Amie, was a powerhouse of nourishment and unconditional understanding. Together her parents and siblings created the ethical foundation for everything Alicia stands for. For as long as she can remember Alicia always had deep aspirations for becoming a professional in the fashion and entertainment industry. She also had a natural and undying compassion to lend a helping hand to those in need. After graduating from Lamar High School, in the Magnet Program, dealing with Business Administration, Alicia sat foot to run straight to Hollywood and become the ‘Super Star’ she always wanted to be. However, thanks to her families high level of encouragement in education Alicia went on to earn a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Media Production from the University of Houston. This was completion of a promise to her father to always put education first. Alicia is a professional Model, Runway Instructor, Voice Over Artist, qualified Motivational Speaker and Writer. She is no stranger to the fashion, entertainment and educational industries. Alicia has more than 10 years of professional modeling experience and seven years of teaching. She offers a wide range of programs and services - from Runway and Modeling Workshops to Motivational Speaking Seminars. Holding tight to a successful and prospering career, Alicia loves to advise others how to achieve the success they desire. In the fashion industry she has worked side by side with renowned designers like Vera Wang and Badgley Mischka in addition to walking runways for prestigious clients like Neiman Marcus, Sak's Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom to say the least. On the business professional side she has also spoken to more than 30 High Schools and Colleges through out the mid-west and west coast regions with audiences as large as 500 attendees. One of Alicia’s most recent accomplishments was working as a spokesperson for General Motors Corporate at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention in an effort to convey GM's technologies and initiatives to boost the American economy, clean up the environment and conserve energy. Alicia believes it was a true privilege to be a part of such a monumental piece of History. Passionate about finding true fulfillment in one’s dreams and it’s possibilities, Alicia's efforts are to provide inspirational and practical tools that are designed to ‘EMPOWER’ ‘ENCOURAGE’ AND ‘EQUIP.’