The Power of One

Disease and strife, I cannot cure
War and suffering, I cannot endure
Poverty and hunger does not end
Scars of life, I cannot mend.

My blessed life seems like a curse
When your ills, I cannot nurse
Do I give up and live in sadness?
Two lives wasted, is that not madness?

So my quest is that I must be true
And live my life to the fullest for you
Duty-bound am I to strive
For a life worthy of being alive

I step up to the plate, to my life I lay claim
I am the master, no slaves to blame
I owe it to you to grab opportunity
To nurture the seeds of fate and fortuity

The solution is simple, it only takes one
To change the lives of everyone
The pathway out of toil and grief
Is one life lived with pure belief






  1. dear toni,

    its simply fabulous, it speaks my mind too. to pull someone up from a ditch, we have to stay on a higher ground.

    Wish you love, peace and happiness.


  2. dear toni,

    I most probably read that quote in bible or some spiritual site, this says our path/method of helping helpless people is correct.

    Wish you love, peace and happiness.


  3. Dear Toni you have just enlighten this humble life with such sweet poem, so I must tell you that I LOVE YOU!


    Your personal healing candyman.

    You dwell in my heart.

  4. Well I LOVE that you share my love of poetry and all things spiritual and beautiful! Thank you both by the bucket load ๐Ÿ˜‰




  5. "I step up to the plate, to my life I lay claim

    I am the master, no slaves to blame"

    Whenever I feel bewildered by life I'm going to remember those lines as a wake up call.


The Power of One

Years ago I walked by as a man was yelling irately at a woman in a parking lot who had backed out of her spot and “touched” the bumper of his car. I knew it was wrong, I knew I should have said something, and I didn’t. I can’t explain why – I’ve always spoken up when there has been bullying, at the work place or the grocery store or wherever the event was. But this time for some reason the yelling triggered another memory in me and I was afraid. I was afraid the man would turn on me, perhaps even getting physically violent.

While I did go in to the store and tell the staff at the desk that someone should send a manager out to the parking lot, it haunted me for years I didn’t speak up when I saw what was happening. And when I got home that day I vowed that I would never hesitate to speak up sooner, and step up as I would hope someone would do for me had it been me needing a stranger.

What can one person do? Well since then I’ve learned how powerful one voice can be. One person, can change the world. One person, one at a time, can create their own patch of light in the world making positive, intentional change, and that patch eventually reaches another patch and another and another …until you’re breathless and in awe of how many like minded people are around making the world a better place. And then you feel your soul filled with joy that people care about something greater than themselves. I’m not talking about a god or religion or source – although that is surely part of it. But people care about service to others, and service to the planet, and loving. People care about cooperation, not solely competition.
And once we reach that critical mass of like-minded people, I have no doubt we’ll see a quantum shift in our evolution.
When Bruce Lipton in his book Biology of Belief said it is not the survival of the fittest that will see our species survive, it is survival of the most loving … I see how true that is. And that my friends is the Power of One. One person, one life, one community, one planet.
With much gratitude for being part of this community, my intent is to let my voice be heard wherever injustice speaks.


  1. Hi Allison,

    Wow,,i could have used you on my side last night whilst driving in Toronto. I had make the mistake of turning my car towards the oncoming lane in hopes i could make a left. I thought the oncoming lane was a left turn lane…nope. My mistake,,,,not only did the woman facing me in her vehicle (while on her cell phone) start flailing her vacant arm all over the place and convulsing at me, not one person in the lane beside her had the courtesy to let me through so as i would avoid holding up all the traffic. She even had the nerve to pull up closer to me,,,within an inch. I was trapped. Yes,,i admit i made a mistake..but holy cow!!! I thought she was going to have a stroke!! I still in in awe how some people have such a terrible temper when behind the wheel. It must have been quite a show,,as my girlfriend noticed another vehicle snapping photos. That boggled my mind as well. Although I must not lump people in the same category,,,i have come to the conclusion that a great number of Torontonians are rude, angry and inconsiderate drivers. I almost feel sorry for that woman. Her anger was evident,,over such a trivial and harmless thing. I wonder what her reaction would be in a real serious matter. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff! I really do believe in trying to see things from anothers perspective. Although we may not always agree on how we do things,,or maybe we would make a different decision in certain matters…we must try to be considerate and have respect for others. I guess this incident really floored me,,as I know i have never reacted to something so trivial in such a angry manner. I have never had anyone react to me in that manner either. Its the first time I've experienced "Road Rage" . Most people may have flipped her the bird. I was truly sorry and hope this woman gets some awakening in her life regarding her behavior. My intention is to not let negative foul people pull me down to their level.

  2. "This is the true joy in life, being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy"

    GB Shaw

    I so needed to be reminded of the power of one. I know this at a mitochondrial level but my confidence was shaken,I read about the 4 levels of confidence and forgave my wavering.I read the 21 day big dream challenge then this. I feel the angels lead me through this series of reading just now in the silence of a hot day…

    I know my one voice…it speaks from my one heart. What Go puts in one is in the other.

    onward I go.