Practicing Yoga Without A Mat: 5 Examples From Around The Web

You don’t need to be a speaker or activist to tap into the power of yoga to create change in big and small ways.

If we look a little closer at the opportunities available to us and use whatever space we have creatively, we can take our yoga off our mats and into our lives daily.

Here’s some ideas and examples to get you started:

Yogis from all walks of life contributed essays to produce this relevant book. It peels back layers of lives to reveal the power of yoga in our modern culture.

21st Century Yoga (Elephant Journal)

You don’t need a yoga mat and two hours to do yoga. Turn a five-minute break into a mini yoga retreat and reinspire yourself and your day.

How to Take a Yoga Break at Work (MindBodyGreen)

Using the Internet’s power to connect people, this new website invites yogis to interact and share in an online neighborhood.

Yogin’ It: A New Website for Yoga Lovers (Care2)

Yoga’s therapeutic benefits are being explored for a range of health concerns from anxiety to sleep disorders to autism.

Yoga May Help Benefit Kids With Autism (Huffington Post)

Letting our yoga practice inform our lives can turn any challenge into a manageable one.

Does ‘Yoga Parenting’ Really Work? (Mommyish)


How are you integrating yoga into your life?

photo by: h.koppdelaney