4 Ways to Pre-Pave a Joyful Holiday

The holidays should be whatever you want them to be. However many people complain that the holidays are filled with stress rather than their ideal, such as finding joy in time with family and friends.

You hear people talk about Christmas and other holidays with dread, as if the dates are another deadline: buy piles of gifts, have a perfectly decorated home and have it all together by Dec. 25 — or at least by New Years! Perhaps your Chanukah or other observance has become just as stressful.

When you feel stressed out by the demands of the holidays, it’s a sign you need to find balance.

The Law of Attraction says we choose. Whatever we focus on shows up more in our lives. If you constantly focus on challenges, you will have an abundance of challenges. If you focus on stress and anxiety, that’s what you will get. If you feel negativity towards others, you will feel bad.

What if instead you focus on abundance, blessings and the positive? The Universe is always listening. And how you respond can completely change your day, and your holidays!

The key to finding balance anytime you feel overwhelmed is to pre-pave your thoughts. A pre-pave is a statement or command that you think, say or write that describes what you want. Your command becomes your intention, and the Universe begins to “line up the energy” to make it happen. Here’s how it works:

Say you feel like you are being pulled in a hundred different directions as the holidays approach. You have exactly two weeks, two hours and 10 minutes to complete shopping for everyone on your list. You have to bake and cook and make sure your home looks perfect for a holiday party, despite kids intent upon undoing all your efforts. Or maybe you are taking a week’s vacation but have a month’s worth of work to do before you can go.

You may feel tempted to say in exasperation “I hate the holidays — I’m not celebrating them this year!” Instead, try these thoughts and see how things change:

  • Pre-Pave: I have plenty of time to accomplish everything. Pre-Pave this thought and watch the energy line up to support you. Everything goes smoothly. You find people assisting you in unexpected ways. You find yourself with more time to do what you had planned to do, with time to spare.
  • Pre-Pave: I choose balance. Start the day with these thoughts: “Today I find balance. I choose peace and harmony in all of my activities. I love my life.” This will make a significant change in the experiences you attract and help you to experience joy during the holidays and every day.
  • Pre-Pave: Choose the positive. Ever had someone cut you off in a shopping line or parking lot, or grab the item you were getting ready to look at? The average person has a tendency to feel bad in these circumstances. The Law of Attraction says feelings are not a result of circumstance. Feelings are a result of thoughts — period. You can choose to focus your thoughts on the solution or the lesson. Instead of thinking: “I am not going to get stressed out or upset,” think: “I am going to find joy in everything I do today. I will have fun and accomplish all I set out to do. I am so blessed.” You will find joy, empathy and peace.
  • Pre-Pave: Nature abounds with balance, so do I. Once a day or whenever you feel a little out of balance, take a quick time-out in Nature. The peacefulness of winter — the new fallen snow, clear blue skies, biting cold — reminds us that we too endure, persevere and are sustained throughout the seasons. 

Pre-Paving is a great technique to put your focus on the “now.” It is consciously choosing how you want to live. Your thoughts become your intentions and your intentions create your reality. The great thing is this — you can choose your thoughts!

Elisabeth Fayt is an international speaker, owner of RnR Wellness, and bestselling author of the new book Paving it Forward. One of the featured speakers in the movie The Opus, Elisabeth is both a prominent abundance expert and a successful business woman. Find out more about Elisabeth at www.ElisabethFayt.com or email her at info@ElisabethFayt.com.

Originally published in 2009