The Pre-Wedding Ritual That Needs To Go Away: Engagement Photos

Do engagement photos need to go away? You know, the very glossy-looking pre-wedding photos that usually involve the newly engaged couple doing quirky and romantic things like staring lovingly into each other’s eyes or smooching in front of some bridge, tree or other local landmark? 

This blogger on The Gloss thinks so. Her breakdown for the generic engagement photo formula is pretty dead-on and hilarious: 

Engagement photos, in case you haven’t heard of them, are a photoshoot taken shortly after a couple gets engaged. They are usually designed to show off a) the ring and b) how happy the couple is. Here’s the usual formula for how they work: 

1. Get engaged. Yay!

2. For reason I have never been able to suss out, pay a bunch of money to get a ton of pictures of you taken.

3. Pose in front of several “nature” scenes, such as “the covered bridge,” “the man-made lake,” “the trellis with flowers all over it,” and/or “the very nicely polished boulders.”

4. Choose an assortment of these poses: “looking lovingly into each other’s eyes,” “holding hands with fingers criscrossed so you can be in love and show off her rock,” and “he hugs her from behind and rests his head on her shoulder.” Bonus points if you already have a pet or child together who you can bring in to use as an accessory.

5. Some people go full throttle and do pictures of them kissing, which no one (including your grandmother, who loves every picture of you ever taken because you’re her special sweet punkin) wants to see.

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Not surprisingly at all, a blog dedicated to awkward engagement photos has already reared its unflattering head for all of us to cringingly enjoy. It makes for a great cautionary tale for engaged-to-be’s.

So engagement photos: an unnecessary and expensive ritual that needs to go away? Is it just another money-sucker wedding fetish that brainwashes young men and women into thinking that they absolutely have to do? Is it totally okay if wedding couples just start skipping the whole engagement photo process because you know, there’s going to be tons of pictures of the bride and the groom looking really happy together at the main event anyway? 

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a photo slideshow of unprofessional pictures taken on digital cameras by friends and family of the couple from different events and happenings. It just feels like a more genuine portrayal of a happy couple than a very forced embrace of two well-dressed people that so happens to occur in the middle of a very panoramic field of flowers during the magical pre-twilight hour of the day. Just sayin’.

Come to think of it, there are probably many overpriced rituals in the whole wedding process that can probably be downgraded to a more DIY and less expensive version or taken out completely all together. Are flower arrangements and napkins with specific color palettes really that necessary? Seriously, can brides not force their female friends to pay money for an expensive bridesmaid dress that isn’t flattering for them? And the whole obsession with The Perfect Expensive White Dress To Be Worn For One Day Only–a little ridiculous, yes? 

But then, engagement photos do make for some priceless memories. Especially if they look something like this: 






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