Proper Nutrition to Keep Your Workout Rocking

By Tamal Dodge

We all want our workouts to have a result. It could be on a subtle level of getting peace of mind or a physical quest of losing body fat and gaining toned muscles. Regardless, nutrition plays a huge role in every facet of our goal. If we have the right foods and nutrients in our bodies, we will not only see results, but have more energy to keep our workouts rocking!

A few tips:

1. Fresh air. Oxygen is the most important nutrient for the human body. If you exercise outdoors, you will have an extra boost for your cells and attain deeper mental clarity. If you live somewhere cold and working out outdoors is not realistic, try to go outside for at least 5-10 minutes daily just to breathe deep. It will enhance your day incredibly.

2. Water. Drink lots of water — at least half of your body weight in ounces.  (If you weigh 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces of water every day.) Some people have a misconception that drinking too much water results in bloating and looking heavy. If you don’t drink water, you retain more of it, which really manifests your fear. Proper hydration helps you look leaner and boosts your energy.

3. First meal. The word breakfast come from the saying “breaking a fast.” Since it’s the first meal since the previous night’s dinner, you want to eat something highly nutritious and sustaining without being heavy. We often make the mistake of eating a huge meal first thing, draining our energy and slowing us down. I suggest drinking a smoothie or eating fruit, especially if plan on working out immediately after.

4. Eat plant-based foods instead of an omnivorous diet. The more you switch your food choices to plant-based foods the more energy, enzymes, nutrients and vitality you will have. Get your protein and carbohydrates from whole grains, beans, legumes,nuts and seeds. Try eating raw fruits and vegetables throughout your day, or with every meal to get your vitamins, phytochemicals and enzymes. This dietary shift can potentially change your entire body and give you longevity, according to studies such as the China Study and Blue Zones.

These are just a few tips to keep your workouts rocking and to see results from all your efforts.

Tamal Dodge is one of the youngest and most respected yoga instructors in the world. He was born and raised in his families yoga ashram in Hawaii and has been teaching and practicing yoga since childhood. Tamal will be teaching two classes at the Tadasana Festival in Santa Monica over Earth Day weekend: Intro to Inversion and In the Land of Power and Flow. By using his promo code, tamal7, you save $50 off a three-day festival pass until April 1. Purchase tickets here.

Photo by flickr user Tom Mooring.