Ravi Shankar Dies: A True Musical Legend

I read just now that Ravi Shankar has passed away.

I remember hearing Ravi Shankar play sitar when I was young. To be honest, listening to classical Indian music in those days was somewhat painful for my brother and me who were more attuned to Wham, Michael Jackson and pop music.

But I distinctly remember having one of my first ever experiences of time standing still when listening to him. His ability to take you to a different realm while listening to him was amazing.

Check out this video of one of his early appearances on American television:

Years later, George Harrison would share stories with our family about spending time and learning from Ravi Shankar.

I’ll never forget how much he seemed to love and be in awe of this great Indian maestro. Here’s an interview I found on YouTube of them chatting about their friendship and Ravi Shankar’s passion about sharing Indian music with Western audiences:

Ravi Shankar was 92 when he died today. One can only celebrate a great life that through his music brought joy and passion to the world. He truly was a “national treasure” as the Indian Prime Minister said when confirming his death.

Ravi Shankar also left behind two amazing daughters with unbelievable music talents – Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones. What a legacy to be truly proud of!