The real Spiderman, cancer and family


Last week the real spiderman passed away quietly in Minnesota as a result of brain cancer.
At least, that is the story according to one self-written obituary for Aaron Purmort. In it he says goodbye to “first wife Gwen Stefani, current wife Nora and their son Ralph” and asks Ralph to avenge his father’s untimely death. In truth, Aaron and his young family shared their life and love story, via Nora’s blog, which included cancer as of 2011:

Since 2011, cancer and death were our constant companions, but we didn’t pay them any mind, didn’t give them any more space than they absolutely required, and in turn, they were as gracious as two assholes can possibly be.

Now in the midst of holiday season, the Purmorts continue to be honest about where they are in the light of one of the greatest losses a a family can endure. You can see their story here: