Returning Through Yoga

By Hemalayaa

It’s day two-and-a-half since coming back into balance with the depth of breaths and sleep I desire and enjoy. I lost myself pretty bad for a moment. I was having symptoms such as: being highly irritable, feeling lonely (and ignoring it), madly running from one appointment/meeting to the next without connecting to myself with meditation and other moments of breathing, etc.

All I can say is that yoga really does work!

My friend, Tommy Rosen, one of the founders of Tadasana Festival (Earth Day weekend in Santa Monica), wrote a letter to us sharing that he was going through major depletion as he is producing the festival, and then realized the same thing: the power of yoga is real!

I feel it truly brings us back to ourselves (our truth) again and again. That person that we know we are truly, underneath all the BS, we are kind souls that only want to love each other sweetly, unconditionally and playfully. I have had glimpses of this throughout my life, and mostly after every retreat and festival I’ve been to. The experience is that I am in love with everyone and only have the feeling of love. There may be judgements that float in and out, here and there, but through it, there is love and, it’s real!

This is the intention of the festivals that are happening in our culture now. The Enliven Festival in May is a five-day training program on how to live in your fullest empowerment. It’s for us to walk away with this in our entire self and learn tools to help us to experience it often. It’s for us beginning our journey and creating a practice that inspires us and more!

The upcoming Tadasana Festival, April 20th-22nd, will be very fun with getting us into our bodies in a powerful way through yoga and the music will be rockin’!  I am blessed to be teaching two classes with the most incredible DJs, and closing the festival with DJ Cheb i Sabbah, one of my faves, along with DJ Fabian Alsultany, who I adore. It can’t get any better than this! This weekend is sure to open us up in incredible ways with beautiful people and community to connect with.

I’m committed to being alive in all ways, even in relaxation and especially in balance, and will do everything in my power to remember every time I forget, and experience life through this kindness and sweetness called love. Join me. We need more of us to unite together, and I need the support and cooperative reminder.

Hema’s special gift is a teaching style that invites students to embark on a journey to their own inner joy, fitness in the fullest possible sense. She teaches in Los Angeles, Ojai, Santa Barbara and also offers frequent workshops in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, and  loves turning her students on to the vibrant styles of Indian dance, from the classical to the latest moves from Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian MTV.Use the code hema4 and receive a discount before April 1st for Tadasana Festival registration.


  1. Damn, ok, I have to admit… I am silently-blasted by indians expressions.

    India must be another planet in itself.