Review of Olivia Giacobetti’s Honore des Pres organic perfume collection


Honores des Pres was created by famed perfumer Olivia Giacobetti and until recently was only available in Paris. Thanks to the fabulous folks over at Lucky Scent I was able to review the entire collection and have my review for you to peruse.

Before I delve, though, here’s a few things you gotta understand from the jump about natural and organic perfumes:

  • If you’re expecting intense staying power, it’s time to change your paradigm or not wear organic perfumes. I’ve tested a good number of natural perfumes and pretty much across the board (and based on the base oils used) the average time is about 4 hours, give or take
  • It’s probably more money than you might want to spend. Again… it’s made from essential oils and they cost money, so you may get less perfume for more money. Like everything, it depends on what your needs are and what your budget can handle for a perfume purchase.
  • Before you go buy the big bottle, order a sample set. Any good store knows that perfume needs to be experienced and should offer samples. Nothing worse than spending $150 on a bottle that smelled great on your BFF and discovering it just in no way works for you. 

Now that that’s covered… the review.

Products reviewed: 100 ml bottles (3.3 oz) at $145 each (sample set for $30)

I might as well start with the scents that just didn’t do it for me. Understand that of course scent is subjective, so hope it helps in your decision making.

Honore’s Trip :: this scent is a fresh citrus burst — and lasts about as long as that! While I had no expectations for a long- lasting scent, I did expect that a seasoned perfumer would create a citrus blend with a deeper base, enabling the scent to last at least an hour!

Bursting with tangerine, lemons and oranges, Honore’s Trip has so much potential to be more intense, more beautiful and more captivating. But on this try Olivia fell short in delivery as this feels more of an after-shower body spritz than a fine French parfum. OVERALL: Buy a sample and spritz your hair.

Sexy Angelic :: this was the first scent I tried and actually used it for three days. It’s subtle and very feminine. Sweet and powdery, Sexy Angelic reminds me of Love’s Baby Soft, the first perfume I was allowed to wear back in the 80s.

It definitely is a mood perfume and probably doesn’t appeal to those of us who like a punch in their scent. Yet even I, who like my scents to remind me of a rough night of sex, was drawn to this aroma. The dry down is still quite sweet and is perfect for a sunny spring day at the to market. OVERALL: Sweet, feminine and perfect for spring

Bonte’s Bloom :: the name of this had me expecting another floral creation, but instead I was treated to quite an aromatic journey. I think this is the most complex of the set, though not may absolute favorite, I could see moving up a notch, according to my mood.

From the beginning, the richness of the blue chamomile, sage and white orris are captivating and initial hint of citrus gives way to a fresh scent that reminds me of a chilly day by the lake, wrapped in my old tattered chenille sweater.  I would venture to say that this scent could be unisex and leans more for those who like a bit of bite in their scent. OVERALL :: Don’t let the name fool you, this scent has much potential and is fresh and exciting. Would make a wonderful pure parfum concentrate.

Chaman’s Party :: if you don’t like vetiver, you won’t like this scent. I, on the other hand, am quite of a fan of this woody base oil. In fact, I would say vetiver almost overpowers this scent…. almost, but not quite.

I would swear there is also some oak moss or tobacco, because this scent is so rich and leathery and smoky. While not very complex, it is the longest lasting of the set and has a deep sensuality to it that really captured me. OVERALL :: rich, leathery and smoky. If you don’t dig woodsy earth scents, you’ll not enjoy this scent.

Nu Green :: strangely this is my favorite and I know it’s all mood based! Again, you notice some complexity in the scent with a strange mix of mint, cedarwood, musk and tarrogon. Yet, it evolves into a sensual blend that begs to be shared with another… preferably naked.

Again, it’s woodsy with a tinge of smoke and leather and would be considered unisex. Like a walk in the mountains, it’s fresh, clean and simple. OVERALL :: Minty freshness combined with wood and leather. Fresh.



  1. I love vetiver. A good vetiver scent is hard to find. A book called "Jitter-bug Perfume" by Tom Robbins led me to a perfume shop in New Orleans which was the inspiration for the book. I should explain that I was vacationing and didn't travel there just for the perfume shop. I doubt the shop is there anymore because of Katrina. They had a large selection of vertiver products of which the soap was my favorite. I too would like to know how to purchase these perfumes.

    Ms. Cosmiccat

    Feed Your Head

  2. Ms CC you changed from an old Whistlers mother holding a easter bunny to a pretty face with a lovely smile. Must have been good luck from that rabbit that transformed you.

    I should talk all I am is a piece of rice paper that says ZEN on it. I need that easter bunny.

    Supported and God Bless You


    Dom on the HORIZEN in my ZENDOM

  3. I, too, love vetiver. I believe that the New Orleans shop to which you refer is still in business. I'm sure it'll come up if you google it. Try Sycomore by Chanel if you can afford it!

  4. Dominic, you always make me laugh. Good medicine. Let me rub a little behind my ears and on my wrists. LOL

    Maw8o8, Thanks, I will google. I found a very decent and inexpensive vetiver made by DANA in an outlet store in the Florida Keys. I bought it for my husband for Valentine's day, but I wear it. I will put Sycomore on my wish list.

    Ms CC

    Feed Your Head

  5. Hey Andrea,

    Seems these fragrances are not too expensive when compared to the 5 and 10 ml bottles of essential oils, I have purchased. How about some posts about the essential oils you like best and any combos you like. I will be patient, I promise. Love,


  6. Thanks for the review. I have samples of these and Bonte's Bloom is my fav. I love Sexy Angelic too but find it incredibly weak. I'm sure it was a cost factor yet I wish these had been done in EDP instead of EDT. BTW, Honore's Trip is the only one in the bunch not formulated by the incredible O.G. & I think it's pretty obvious when you smell it. Strange Invisible Perfumes are my other favorite natural/organic line of perfumes yet I think the Honore des Pres line is a bit more mainstream. These really are beautiful perfumes & they are not reminiscent of aromatherapy blends…there's a big difference between the two, imo.

  7. Hey Kelly,

    There's a few online stores that are carrying the line now. Lucky Scent and Spirit Beauty Lounge offer them. Like I wrote, though, I think the best bargain is buying the sample set and deciding if you want to move forward to buy the 100ml size from there.

    Let me know your thoughts if you buy!


  8. Ed,

    That's true to a point. I was going through a phase after my mother died and thought my calling was to be a perfumer. It's funny actually, that scent is the way I dealt with her death, but I think it would make a unique post as this is when I learned so much about EOs.

    When I talked about the cost, there weren't many exotic oils used in her blends (no jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood, et al) that cost that much, and frankly, the blends weren't so…. complex. Compared to blends from, say, Mandy Aftel, I think a bit of the cost is simply because of them being from Olivia, you know.

    But I will now endeavor to write about my favorite EOs. Good suggestion!

  9. JoyB,

    Oh yeah! Big difference between these and aromatherapy! No comparison. I too like some of SI but I think my favorite natural perfumer is Mandy Aftel. Her scents are potent and complex and very sensual. I like that in a scent!

    My hope is the this line is a teaser… that perhaps she'll offer the better blends in parfum concentrate or EDP. The biggest complaint so far has been how quickly the experience ends.