Rodney Yee on What Makes Yoga Powerful

We’re very excited to announce the start of a new interview series at Intent Blog that will feature in-depth conversations with the top yoga instructors and wellness experts at GaiamTV. GaiamTV is a lifestyle media website that features thousands of online videos and yoga classes designed “to nourish your mind, body, and soul.” Every Tuesday and Thursday we’ll introduce you to a new expert. Next up, Rodney Yee!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Rodney. We wanted to start out just by asking you about that term, ‘power yoga.’ What does power yoga mean to you?

Power Yoga is a modern way of saying that we connect profoundly with the present moment. As we root ourselves with mother earth and with father sky we become a conduit for the song of nature, we return to the orchestra of sound and light that is arising anew. This confluence is the only real power and as we bring our consciousness into the music that is we source our interconnectedness.

What was your intent in creating The Ultimate Power Yoga video?

The Ultimate Power Yoga video taps into some important sequences that unlock the door to interconnectedness.  There are some common blockages in our bodies, hearts and minds that this program addresses, so as these are dissolved the reality of oneness and wholeness springs forth. This return is our fundamental nature that is always breaking through but a little technique is always useful.

How do you think yoga makes a person more powerful?

Yoga is one of the greatest tools, one that is constantly evolving and penetrating the ignorance that keeps us blind to the light of wisdom, freedom and peace. Once these obstacles are removed, the true power of our love can shine unobstructed.

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