Ruts- Turn them into Rhythms!

I had tried all the tried and tested versions of rut busters lately, sadly to no effect. One day it would go but the next day it was again there like a wrecking monster of my life. The thing that amuses me is there actually are good ruts and bad ruts and mind sticks very persistently to the bad ones. I could never form a good rut or may be having a rut never appeared good to me. Any rut after all is bad. Balance is very important here – Not letting anything become a rut, even a positive thing, because the moment it becomes one, it becomes boring, one can’t tolerate it. So how do we do it, where is that magical formula that one can take for a week and be done or a wonder course of about two days that works as a quick fix or for that matter even these blog posts that would supposedly help one out? Here are a few tips: Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, Satisfaction not guaranteed–

1. Recognize the rut and look for its deeper meaning. For example, if you are in the habit of getting up late in the morning and starting your day late, see if it is some element of work that stops you from looking forward to your day and hence the rut.

2. Curing the symptoms won’t work for long and rut would always come back. Roots have to be shaken. How?? Going for a movie, going shopping, doing something totally new or different would give you a little nudge but rut won’t budge. Look for the deeper conflicts within yourself that make you stick to something that actually you don’t like or is not serving you well- Meditation and breathing exercises help in energizing the mind opening it to the vast awareness.

3. Accepting the rut: After recognizing the rut and looking deeper, accept it. If you would resist, it might persist. May be a rut is needed as a temporary phase in your life. Do not panic, do not give up, do not surrender. Keep working on it. Rely on the fact that once you have done enough of something, once you are totally shaken by extreme boredom, you won’t sit quiet, you would fight it out. So, let it expand, not literally, but in your mind. Believe that change is the only thing constant and even the most persistent things have to change in time. Your control is merely an illusion. Don’t go crazy with trying different rut busters everyday. Just be patient and kind with yourself in dealing with them.

4.This tip works in almost one hundred percent of the cases: Set a deadline or some kind of commitment with another person, company, group, place that would help you getting out of this rut and will push you towards something that you never could have finished otherwise. Talk about it to people. Let them know that you are going to be there, let them be the people you cannot let down in any case.

5. Sometimes rule#4 doesn’t’ work, which usually means that the Rut disorder is not only chronic but also severe. On such occasions, pray to the almighty for the extra will power, strength and motivation. Look back at times when you have had fought greater battles with ease. Get support of your loved ones.

6. Doing something to get joy or getting somewhere either puts people off when they don’t really get there even after handwork. They stop trying. Sometimes when it works, they start believing that they have formulated some law. So that now when they follow this exact protocol and they know this would happen. With this mindset they make a hypothesis, then it turns into a philosophy and they strictly follow it because they fear if they try any other way, it might not work. This becomes a positive rut, if it keeps serving them well; inflexible attitude and narrow mindedness, if they become too possessive about it overlooking hundreds of other possible ways. Worse happens when one day all of a sudden they become prisoners of it, and remain so, even when it doesn’t work for them anymore. So, what is the final solution–doing things knowing that you are joy, doing things spontaneously and balancing it well with day to day responsibilities, competitions, deadlines is important. I have seen that I can’t do something I don’t like. In past I had done those things out of compulsion or because it was need of the hour but not anymore. May be rut is a way of telling you to cut loose those ends that don’t serve you well. In that case listen to it and select what works.

7. Final point: While adding the final point I changed the title from Ruts-The worst Nightmares to Ruts-turn them into rhythms. The difference between a rut and a rhythm is intricate balance. Balance leads to harmony. Everything that exists in nature follows a pattern, a cycle. But it has a rhythm. It is because of harmonious existence of one thing with the other that such a pattern is so beautiful and we never get bored of it. Spring comes after the winter and then comes summer followed by the fall. Everything around us and within us changes with it acclimatizing and we live in harmony with our environment. If there were only a season, then no one would have liked it. Watch for harmony in your life. How much in balance with all the aspects of your existence you are? Focusing on it would lead to sweet surrender yet affirmative active life and there won’t be rut, there would just be a rhythm.

People change and so their likes and dislikes too change. You live one life at a time. There is no point wasting such a beautiful journey which is all about diverse experiences, waiting in a single color painted four walled apartment. Only if you live with faith on God, yourself and the world, only if you feel that you are love and joy yourself and life is not to be taken too seriously, would patterns disappear. All of the knowledge and human support and practices need to be combined together and utilized for the same.





  1. Great Article/Blog/Post Garima, very insightful, well written, and poignant. Thanks for sharing.