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We Are What We Eat: Why Protein Matters

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

The 8 Best Sources of Protein for Vegans & Vegetarians


Keep Your Immune System Strong this Winter

Science Suggests Drinking Green Tea Can Prevent Cancer

Create Healthy Holiday Habits One Meal at a Time

Thinking Outside the Lunchbox

Simple Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Fact vs. Fiction: The Truth About Fair Trade

Drink Up! The Benefits of Tea


The Most Powerful Aphrodisiac Is…

How Ginger Can Help You Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

The Best Natural Home Remedy for the Flu

7 Ideas for Heartfelt Homemade Gifts

5 Healthy Stocking Stuffers Under $25

8 Inspiring Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Recipe for a Healthy Family (and delicious sangria!)

A Morning Sickness Remedy for Kate Middleton: Ginger

How Ginger Can Help You Get Fit

Ginger for Healthier Hair


A Year and $100,000 for Positive Birthing

A Five Point Plan for Maximum Impact

Recipe for a Happy Year and Fulfilling Life

What Would You Do If You Could Take a Year Off?


Manduka YOU Series

How Yoga Taught Me to Survive… and Thrive with Ashley Turner

Transformation Begins with Connection

I Don’t Have a Disability, I Have Different Abilities

Can Yogis Save the World?


The Fire of Transformation with Kia Miller

Rodney Yee on What Makes Yoga Powerful

Jill Miller on Yoga, Weight Loss, & Eating Disorders

Kathryn Budig on Aiming True & The Path of Love

Seane Corn on Detoxing the Mind and Body

How to Cultivate Core Strength with Sadie Nardini

Evolutionary Enlightenment with Andrew Cohen

How Yoga Could Help This Year’s Olympic Athletes

How to Overcome Energetic Constipation and Open Your Heart with Tommy Rosen

10 Keys to Happiness – According to Deepak Chopra

 Integrating Yogic, Martial, and Living Arts – Interview with Budokon-Creator Cameron Shayne

Why Mariel Hemingway Practices Yoga

Making Meaning of Loss and Heartbreak

Modern Day Yoga Brings It Home

How to Cultivate Gratitude Through Yoga

5 Yoga Poses That Combat Depression

How Yoga Makes You Happy


Congratulations To Marissa Hough, Moment Of Serenity Contest Winner

Desktop Wallpaper Background: My Intent Is To Find Serenitea In The Fall

Meditation With Mallika Chopra: An Online Course

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 1: What Is Meditation?

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 2: The Basics Of Meditation

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 3: A Breathing Meditation

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 4: I AM Meditation

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 5: What Is Mindfulness?

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 6: Mindfulness In Speech And Thought

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 7: The Power Of Intent

Meditation With Mallika Chopra Lesson 8: Meditation For Global Peace

My Intent Is To Find Serenitea: Sokenbicha Hub Page


HOW TO: Promote Peace Within Yourself And Your Community

HOW TO: 5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

HOW TO: Join The DIY Self-Education Movement

HOW TO: Promote Your Music On The Internet

HOW TO: Make and Share Your Own Zine

HOW TO: Support Your Community Libraries

HOW TO: Make Exercise Easy and Fun

HOW TO: Prevent Childhood Obesity


How To Eat Healthier


How To Survive and Thrive During The Holidays


30 Days To A Greener You


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