Serve Nature; Serve The Environment; Serve Humanity; A Humble Tribute

Serve Nature; Serve The Environment; Serve Humanity; A Humble Tribute

Nature, The Environment & Humanity are an Important part of us
We are a part of Nature; Nature is a part of us

We are a part of The Environment; the Environment is a part of us

We are a part of Humanity; Humanity is a part of us;

One World; World Peace, Happiness, Welfare, Development, Prosperity & Progress;

What we do for others; comes back to us;

Serve Nature & Serve the Environment

Nature and the Environment encourage us to perceive – observe and listen to each and every aspect that is associated with it predominantly

Nature & The Environment – Impartial

It is well known that Nature and the Environment are impartial

Nature & The Environment – Learn

Nature and the Environment also encourages us to learn meaningfully and take the purposeful steps accountably – responsibly

Nature & The Environment – Treasures

Nature and the Environment provide us with abundant treasures;

Nature & The Environment – Reciprocation

We need to reciprocate this goodness by gratefully acknowledging as well as doing our very best possible towards establishment of a healthy ecological balance; conservation of our natural resources and avoiding indiscriminate slaughter of animals

Nature & The Environment – Respectfully

Nature and the Environment do not wish to have any intrusion or interference with its agendas; its functionalisms must be respected and admired humbly

Nature & The Environment – Truly

The infinite gifts that Nature and the Environment provide us are truly the greatest treasures

Nature & The Environment – Pay

One can never be able to pay back Nature and the Environment for all the resources that is provides; we are ever indebted to Nature and the Environment

Nature & The Environment – Best Possible

However one can continually do one’s best possible meaningfully and purposefully in each and every sphere of this wonderful life for the Universe; for Mother Nature; for the Environment consistently with meaningful consistency


Serve Humanity

The purposeful and meaningful action of selflessly contributing one’s time; abilities; talents; expertise and knowledge, for the greater good of one and all



It might be possible, that certain people might consider and seek to count persistently the number of people serving them; the wealth they accumulate; the recognition; the prestigious milestones ahead of them



However, when one completes this wonderful journey on Mother Earth; in the Kingdom of God; the number of people a person served with humility, compassion and love accompanied with good deeds is what “Counts”


Hope – Healing

The intent is to create Hope and Healing;



Reaching across to serve the needy


One Thought ; One Prayer; One Wish

If possible, kindly invest at least one each of the following for humanity please


One Thought

One Prayer

One Wish



It does not cost to think for a moment; It does cost to pray for a moment; It does not cost to wish for a moment


One Moment in Time – Millions of Meaningful Moments for Humanity

It is one moment in time that could add to the millions of moments all across the World for Humanity


Little by Little

Indeed, little by little, we would be amazed to perceive the wonderful achievements and accomplishments manifesting



The smallest of thoughts relating to hope, compassion, love, dignity, happiness, goodwill and welfare for Humanity fills our life with immense goodness and return that no wealth could ever buy



Humanity seeks the most humblest of things such as unconditional love and respect accompanied with consistent observance of non violence in thoughts, speech and actions



Yes indeed; when we serve Humanity selflessly; we are humbly extending a noble and glorious tribute to life


Note of Thanks – Gratitude

This is a note of thanks to all those who have; who are and who will serve Humanity; enriching it with goodness for one and all selflessly



It is true that there are those who serve selflessly and do not wish to reveal or disclose their identities; since for them it is not the title or prestige of recognition that counts


Counts – They Know

They truly know that in the Kingdom of God; the number of people they served with humility, compassion and love accompanied with their good and noble deeds is what “Counts”


Humanity Knows

Humanity knows, no barriers or bounds; it is Universal; Happiness, Goodness, Welfare and Development for one and all



The goodness we perceive in others around is what dwells within us


Peace & Happiness

We have to be at peace and happy with ourselves; the realization is important


Nature & The Environment

Nature is a part of us; We are a part of Nature;

The Environment is a part of us; We are a part of the Environment



We are all interconnected



What we give – contribute to Nature and The Environment comes back to us manifold and multiplied


Serve Wisely

Augments and comes when it is destined to; it is our duty to serve truly, nobly and with meaningful intentions



Since it is the hands of time that eventually catches up with us; seeking accountability for every action



If we hurt someone today; then likewise someone else apparently hurts us at another place; at another time;


The Equation – The Law of Karma – The Law of Consequence

But the equation is persistently seeking accountability; the law of karma prevails infinitely



If we are mindful and meaningfully considerate and responsible in our thoughts and actions; it matters


Ecological Equilibrium – Natural Resources Conservation & Balance

No Indiscriminate Slaughter of Animals

Every meaningful and responsible step taken towards – regarding the following are sincerely appreciated


Establishment of a Healthy Ecological balance

Conservation of our Natural Resources

Avoiding indiscriminate slaughter of animals





Life encourages us to take every Step in Life with Meaningful Intentions, Considerate, Purposeful & Responsible Actions

It is L I F E we L I V E for;

Where there is L O V E, there is L I F E;

Where there is L I F E; there is L O V E & H O P E

S t e p s – Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Steps

S t e p s – Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Steps


L for Learning

I for Inspiring

F for Fulfilling


Learning; Inspiring; Fulfilling; Expectations


Living; One; Vision; Enthusiastically


Having; One’s ; Perspective; Empowered

Live Life Meaningfully, Purposefully & Responsibly

A Meaningful Vision of Peace, Faith, Hope, Compassion, Love, Wisdom, Noble Values,  Moral and  Spiritual Principles & The Very Finest and Noble Virtues of Life

Virtues of H O P E

Hope encourages faith, fortitude, prudence, temperance and wisdom

· Faith               – The Trust, The Belief

· Fortitude       – The purposeful and meaningful persistence

· Prudence       – The meaningful moderation

· Temperance – The abstinence from certain aspects meaningfully

· Wisdom – The power of knowledge; being aware; being insightful meaningfully; being aware of the various aspects of Humanity, Life, Morality, Nature & Spirituality

Way – Purposeful & Meaningful Way

It is considered that where there is H O P E; there is a way; a Purposeful and Meaningful way envisaged

The Miracle of Hope

Hope empowers the person extending the virtue of Hope; as well as the person receiving the virtue of Hope

Universal Welfare, Development, Stability and Happiness for One and All

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

May One and All be Happy

May One and All have well-being

May Happiness be showered on all

May One and All be Healthy

O Lord Protect us

O Lord Guide us

O Lord Grant us Wisdom

O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

O Lord May there always be Universal Welfare, Happiness & Development

Best Wishes,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi



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