Seven Ways To Boost Your Mood in Just Five Minutes

It’s easy to fall into a funk. Life is so busy: kids, work, commuting, housework, social commitments. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, don’t ignore your internal alarms. Try one of these easy ways to improve your mood and your outlook on life. You’ll be glad you did (and so will everyone around you!)

Five Minutes of Complete Silence. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to or sit in your car with the radio off. Count backwards from 300, which takes about five minutes. Without the din of machines or the cacophony of voices, real and electronic, you will find yourself ready to face the day again.
Get Organized. Sometimes our feelings of discomfort are a result of clutter. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the enormity of a task, try tackling it in five minute increments. A good, calming place to begin may be with your CD or DVD collection. Get them in their proper cases and alphabetized, a few at a time.

Eat a Protein-rich Snack. Sometimes reduced energy and poor moods are the result of low blood sugar. Stop what you are doing for five minutes, eat a handful of trail mix, and just relax. You may be surprised to find how much more peppy you feel!

Kiss! When was the last time you spent five full minutes just kissing? Kiss your partner (and don’t do anything else) for five minutes. You’ll reconnect and feel much better, guaranteed!

Shred Stuff! A little harmless aggression can do wonders for your mood. Old bank statements, student loan letters, junk mail…spend five minutes chewing up documents and smile!

Write a Thank You Note. Chances are, there is someone you know who is long overdue for a thank you note from you. Or perhaps there is someone in your life you just want to let know how much you appreciate their love or friendship. Take five minutes to let them know you care.

Stretch! Okay, you may have to imagine a beautiful blue sky and a green field, but get up and get your blood moving. Many of us spend hours at our desks. Stretch your arms, legs, back and feet. You’ll soon feel like tackling the rest of your day.


  1. think of yourself as a ball: when you hit the ground, you bounce back up. the harder you hit, the higher you bounce. then your life is "Boing!" and not "Splat!"