Sex-deprived fruit flies turn to alcohol

This is what scientists study when they’re feeling silly.

According to a new study from Science, when male fruit flies are deprived of sex, they turn to alcohol. Really.

Researchers at the University of Missouri gave sex-deprived flies a choice between regular food and food mixed with alcohol. The flies that had been mating regularly didn’t show any preference for the alcoholic mixture. The flies that had been denied access to females, on the other hand, strongly preferred the boozy food.

“Identifying the molecular and genetic mechanisms controlling the demand for reward in fruit flies could potentially influence our understanding of drug and alcohol abuse in humans, since previous studies have detailed similarities between signaling pathways in fruit flies and mammals,” leading researcher Troy Zars said.

Well, in case you needed proof from the natural world that sex is good for you… there it is!

photo by: imarsman