Shake your routine and start living creatively

What is a spiritual solution? How do we find creative solutions to life’s challenges?

These are the foundational questions addressed in the new Chopra Well show, Spiritual Solutions, based on Deepak’s best-selling book of the same name.

I struggle occasionally with loneliness. Even in the largest crowds or among the closest friends, I sometimes feel strangely alone. The dreamy child grew into a contemplative adult, and my peace is often the stillness of solitude. My typical response to this feeling is defiance. “I’m just independent. I’m free.” But by clinging to these beliefs, I’m complicit with the problem. I’m beginning to see that change is, first, an internal process. Some challenges we approach pragmatically require spiritual attention.

“We’ve all got problems,” Deepak reminds us. The difficulty lies in dealing with these problems creatively. We have the potential to experience every possible human joy, pain, and pleasure. That’s what it means to be human. Endless possible problems fall fair game under the umbrella of Life. Of this we need no reminding. We often neglect, however, that infinite solutions exist at our disposal, as well. It’s been too long since we last played, and it’s high time we remembered how to exercise our imagination.

Spiritual solutions derive from expanded awareness. The greater the awareness, the more access you have to creative, alternative solutions to problems you face. On a daily basis, we’re forced to process and react to endless stimuli. Much of this occurs on an automatic level. We learn rote responses to everyday problems and deal with them as they come, in the only ways we’ve learned how.

With Spiritual Solutions, we learn that there are endless alternative paths.

In every weekly episode, Deepak engages with his audience by helping them explore these alternative solutions. No one, not even Deepak, is going to have all the answers. But the goal is to expand awareness and to never give up exploring. Whether he is chatting with people in New York City’s Union Square or responding to videos uploaded by viewers worldwide, Deepak addresses fundamental questions and issues people have. How do I deal with depression or my desire to feel loved? Where is the line between self-care and self-centeredness? Deepak offers tools and strategies that enable us to meet life’s difficulties from within and experience a genuine sense of fulfillment and purpose.

So, how do I deal with loneliness? Maybe the first thing to address is the routine I’ve developed around a sense of independence and solitude. Routine feeds on worldview and belief, so those will need some tough love, as well. Emancipated from habit, I see more clearly. I can then use this expanded awareness to invent new, creative ways of structuring my time and navigating the social world. And, like magic, life becomes a garden and not a prison!

What challenges do you currently face? Consider this: When you next find yourself poised to react to a problem based on deeply ingrained beliefs, pause and consider alternative ways of responding. Even if you don’t change direction, you will have expanded your understanding of the situation. You’ll know that you are never stuck in one course of action.

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