Mallika Chopra: Since when are stay at home moms out of touch with economic issues?

I just watched the clip of Hilary Rosen, a democratic advisor, speaking about how Ann Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife, is a stay at home mom, has never worked a day in her life and doesn’t have the credibility to advise her husband on economic issues. Really? I think Hilary Rosen just made Mrs. Romney really relatable.

I’m a stay at home mom, having chosen not to get a full time job so I can be with my kids. I work 24/7 a day, pay the bills, manage all our family accounting, do all our shopping, and started Intent. And, yes, I too would say I came from a background of privilege, but I was taught that you had to study and work hard to get ahead in life no matter who you are and where you came from. I would guess the Romney’s feel the same way deep down inside since they have entered politics.

My mom, a stay at home mom, is the most hard working person I know, and she knows more about the economy than my dad!

I am a Democrat and completely support President Obama, but Hilary Rosen was wrong, and I am happy to see that people are criticizing her political statement. Kudos to Michelle Obama for tweeting:

Ann Romney raised 5 sons! My guess is Hilary Rosen just gave Ann Romney a rallying cry and we will be seeing her use it a lot on the campaign trail!


  1. Thanks Mallika for bringing this up! You, yourself, are an epitome of a hard working mom & an entrepreneur.
    My mom worked as a teacher for so many years & managed home so efficiently. I look upto her on how she she still manages to work hard than all of us. I always say that if women can give birth to men, then they can do anything better and bigger than men.

  2. The policies that Romney and the Republican party have pushed for decades have made it necessary for millions of moms to work outside the home who otherwise wouldn't want to. By consistently pushing down the wages of working Americans in order to enrich those who own and invest in corporations, Romney has helped create a system where staying at home with the kids is a huge luxury for women. With her husbands' millions, Anne Romney never had to make that choice.

    The real problem is the transfer of wealth from the working class to the wealthy elite. Check out this chart for an interesting view on how wages have changed since the rise of "conservatism", which is really corporatism.

    Wealth hasn't been "created", it's been transferred from one large group (working class, who now must work two jobs to keep up) to one very small group.

  3. Mrs. Romney had the luxury of being a stay at home MOM and obviously you too have the same luxury. It doesn't mean you do not work hard taking care of the home and children, but it is very different from having to work outside of the home, pay for childcare, find childcare, get your children to and from childcare, take care of the home, while trying to do and keep the job you were hired for.

    Hillary Rosen clarified her statement.

    Mrs. Romney is a lovely woman who raised five children without having to worry about serious money issues which most working mothers cannot relate to.

  4. I see both sides of the coin. I have from time to time stayed home to raise my son and have not felt an ounce of guilt in doing so, or felt that has dimmed my light as a human being that I am not worthwhile. I do see that there are some women themselves that think staying at home with the children does not have the same level of preponderance as earning a pay check. I follow Oprah's LifeClass and there was a show with Tony Robbins and one of the guests was a woman who had given up her job and was staying at home with her children and did not see herself as the "transformational, loving, nurturing leader" of that family unit, she was ridden with guilt about her self-esteem. So there is something in the psyche of our collective consciousness that kind of reflects that dark shadow that a "stay at home Mom" is not worthy. The lack of self worth might be attributed to the "materialistic" aspect of it too possibly of worth equaling material gain. That being said I do see Hillary Rosen's point of view that a person of privilege might not really understand what it means to raise a child as a "single parent", a child out of wedlock, or maybe the woman in the marriage is the primary earner and so has concerns, there are so many women that might hold down 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. I don't think Ann Romney is aware that there is a subtle inequality in the workforce as far as women are concerned just like the subtleties that exist today as far as racism is concerned in the workforce or everyday life. That women are still not paid an equal salary to their men counterparts, that they are not promoted to Leadership positions that easily what is the Romney campaign doing to alleviate this issue. I feel President Obama being raised by a single Mom in adversity has more of a personal experience of what it is to be raised in those circumstances than anyone that is privileged so seems to have a higher awareness of the issue at hand.

  5. Considering most stay at home moms get their entire outlook on most topics fed to then by Oprah and Dr oz im going to go ahead and say yes, it is highly unlikely that many would be able to give an informed personal opinion on economic issues. That being said, why is it of any import for a politicians stay at home wife to be able to do so in the first place?

  6. It seemed quite weird that there have been a series of articles/tv shows that have come across my path these past few days that were related to this topic so I have come back to this blog post. My major concern is that Corporate America has given too much into that "American Greed" where employees are working more and more hours around 16 to 18 hours a day and that goes for the women all the more because they tend to outperform to get the well deserved recognition. I watched Gloria Steinem featured on a show on Oprah's Next Chapter and both Oprah Winfrey and Gloria Steinem said that to be successful women they chose not to have children. Oprah Winfrey has said this more times than once that she chose not to have children because she could not achieve that extraordinary excellence and dedication with children in the picture. Why is that would be my question? Why are women pictured as someone who have to put in more effort and make personal sacrifices to prove their worth in Business? I also had a friend post this article on facebook today, it was about women entrepreneurs, it seems like again in the male dominated industries women do not prevail. I think in one of the videos Hillary Rosen says the same thing, which kind of is what I find relevant is if Mitt Rommney was not a huge proponent of promoting women within the organizations that he had control(which seems like the norm for Corporate America) of then how is he going to promote the cause of women when he is control of this Nation?. The biggest takeaway I had from the book "The Soul of Leadership" that Dr. Deepak Chopra has written was the qualities that a good leader should have is "Look and Listen" and "Emotional Intelligence/Awareness", I strongly feel that women are well endowed with these qualities and yet they do not make it to leadership positions and then the lack of emotional awareness in Corporate America leads to a disengaged poor performing organization and thus the state of the economy today so it would seem we would actually benefit from having women who bring that emotional intelligence to the table. Then the other side of the emotional awareness is how about women that are on hourly paid jobs working in restaurants, small businesses, most times these kind of employees are not offered health coverage and then are not paid if they don't show up to work because of a sick kid. How do we ensure that a hard working mother who is being paid hourly still does not lose that pay check just because she had to take care of a sick kid. There are a myriad of complex issues related to this, I am not sure if a blog post will suffice. I am by no means a feminist but would like to see that both men and women who chose to have a balance between work and personal life are still spoken for and acknowledged. Thank you so very much for bringing up such a complex issue to light, absolutely grateful for it.