Single Moms, You Amaze Me

I’ve been a single mom for nearly three months, and it’s been unbelievably tough.

After being debt-free for 10 years, I racked up $4,200 in debt to start my new life. It’s now up to $5,000. I set aside $400 each month for credit-card bills, but it gets eaten up by curveball expenses.

I only have one income now. There’s no one to pick up my slack when I have a bad day. Or a bad month.

And it’s not just money that’s scarce—my schedule is less flexible. I’m fortunate to have an ex who’s an awesome dad. But on the days the kids are with me, they’re all mine—no extra room in my budget for babysitters.

Lately I’m having weird fantastical visions of creating a communal home for divorced working mothers so we can have a support structure in our lives—financially, emotionally, logistically.

We’d share meals, shopping, child care and last-minute impossible doctor’s appointments. It’s a dream I’m tempted to act on.

I have no advice, just empathy, as I’m still on a downward spiral, especially financially. Power to you, single working moms. How do you do it?

Team up. How could single working moms help each other out more?

Sasha Miller is a DailyWorth contributor, writing about the financial side of starting over as a single mom of two

photo source: jesspeterson’s shop on etsy


  1. Hi Sasha. Way to go for stepping out on your own that takes real courage! I've been a single mom for over three years now and just been out of the depths of debt for one (but that doesn`t have to be your road). It`s really tough to predict all the changes we need to make until we`re living it so don`t be so hard on yourself but do make the changes you need to. Also, don`t be afraid to ask for help. If you're judged then you don`t need those people. Be kind and gentle to yourself…and be the best mom you can be with what you`ve got. HIGH FIVE!

  2. I am so with you! One thing I have found is just reaching out. Somehow us single moms find each other. I now have a network of about 4 moms and we trade off babysitting every weekend. This is especially helpful for moms who have their kids all the time- or almost all the time, work full time and well- a girls gotta get out! Sometimes I'll have 4-5 kids at my house for a Friday or Saturday night. It's fun for everyone. We try and keep the kids for a good part of the next day of we can too – just to give a little extra time. Since there are 4 of us- no one has to do it more than once a month and everyone gets at least 2-3 weekend days and nights free! Oh and it's free!

  3. Hi Sasha….I love the fact that you are brain storming and working towards moving yourself forward. Your Idea of a single mom support system is an awesome one! I have been doing this almost 2 years, still have rough patches, but getting there. And remember to take really good care of you. Thats key. Thank you for sharing….