Single? 6 Steps to Start Fresh!

We all know how much it sucks to break up. Whether you’re doing the breaking or you’ve been broken, ending a relationship is more than usually a pretty terrible time. But now that you’re on your own again, there is no better time to revamp the rest of your life to give you a fresh start. Starting anew while single gives you a great opportunity to focus on what’s most important: YOU! By centering your attention on being the happiest and healthiest you can be, you are ensuring yourself a very bright and fulfilling future, with or without a partner!

Freshen up…

Your Space

Just something as simple as rearranging your furniture or buying a new duvet cover is enough to make your space feel brand new and rejuvenate you. Make your living quarters a peaceful and inspiring place for you to create, rest & relax! Check out these 11 Tips to Transform Your Living Space for great ideas on making your home a tranquil place to be.

Your Look

Sick of the same ‘o same ‘o? Clean out your closet! Take the excess clothes and trade them in or donate them and treat yourself to some new duds to hit the town with! Not saying clothes can make you happy but they sure can help you feel confident and beautiful. Check out these 5 Steps To Your Ideal Closet for more helpful hints!

Your Bod

All those mornings you spent shrugging off the gym while snuggled up with your ex, take them back and use them working towards your ideal body. Exercise is key in all areas of health- physical, emotional and mental. With good fitness you’re not only getting buff but you’re also improving your self-image. Click here for some great fitness tips from the experts!

Your Diet

It can be hard to make diet changes when you’re dating someone so take this time to eat right! Try going vegan for a month or giving up dairy. You’ll be surprised at how it affects your mood and body. Check out these reasons why you should steer clear of dairy  or delicious non-animal product recipes!

Your Social Life

Don’t sit around your house moping! Take this time to reconnect with old friends or spend more time with the ones you already have. A good support system is key to getting over the trauma of a break up. Host a BBQ, prop starting a book club or have a monthly board game night to get everyone together and take your minds off the stresses of life- whether it be relationship related or not, everyone needs good friends and good times to relax. Check out these 6 Wine Pairing Recipes for get-togethers for some inspiration!

Your Hobbies

Relationships are consuming and sometimes things get pushed to the wayside. If you’ve been putting off your favorite past-time, now is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things by devoting part of your schedule to it. Mark off your calendar time to start that painting, hike that new trail or go back to dance class. Whatever it is you love doing, make sure to do it, especially during difficult times. Your passions can be your greatest ally as you battle the ups and downs of change.

This may not be applicable for quite some time but when you have balance and happiness in your life, dating becomes a cinch. You’re able to see what you need, what you want and most importantly, when those needs & wants are not being met.


Originally published May 2010.