Something you might not know about green living…

…is that it is easy! 

When people hear “green living” or “eco-friendly products” people assume it will cost them money and time to become part of the trend. The truth: it won’t. Not only will green living save you money in the long run (even if you go to the higher level and install solar panels across your roof), but it will save the environment so your children will be able to enjoy it.


Here are 10 simple tips for reducing your carbon footprint and greening your life.


1. Recycle. EVERYTHING from paper, cans and bottles to ink cartgridges.

2. Adjust your heat/air conditioning settings a couple degrees lower or higher

3. Use less toilet paper. Surprisingly, just being aware of how much of something you use can make you use less.

4. Unplug appliances, electronics and other products when they are not in use. Even products that are “turned off” continue to use power, so un-plug them to not waste precious electricity (or money for that matter).

5. Start your own compost. Not only do you waste less, but for those avid gardeners out there, you might see a bit more life in your plants by creating and using nutrient-rich soil

6. Do not open your oven or fridge longer than you need to. Every second reduces/increases the temperature and your appliances will need to work extra hard to get the temperature back to the set degrees

7. Reuse half-full notebooks or pads for note-taking or messages

8. Print double sided and use the draft setting whenever possible to conserve ink and paper

9. Pay your bills, bank and do whatever else you can online to save the paper and time

10. Donate or re-use old products instead of throwing them away.


See. I told you it was easy! Just 10 simple steps and you have already reduced your carbon footprint and proven that green living is not only possible but easy.