Soul Questions to Empower Your Intents from community is based all over the world.
That means an entire world of experiences, circumstances, hopes and dreams being poured out and more often than not, we find intents that mirror moments we’re experiencing with or without knowing the author.

Today we share our top 10 intents along with soul questions to get your heart and mind pondering in the event you find an intent that feels like your own:

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A great first step towards finding the relationship you want is to know WHAT you want. It will help you prioritize who and what is important.
Are you being the person you want to meet?
Are you saying no to unhealthy relationships and interactions?

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Considering all the things going on in the world, it is easy for your social media streams to turn into waterfalls of negativity, anger and conflicting “truth”. Resist the urge to launch in with the stream. Instead,
What do you love and want to share?
Who is most needing a dose of positivity in your life?

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We can all find ourselves faced with the pressure to do the right thing or keep from disappointing. That pressure can cause us to whither and grow resentment where we should be thriving. Is it possible to live your own way? Absolutely? Will it be tough? Possibly? But it is it worth it? What could be more worth it?
Where do you feel the most pressure to live differently?
Is there a list of non-negotiables for the life you want to lead?

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There is tremendous power and freedom in realizing you are complete right now, in any state. Life is a journey, so don’t wait for a magic moment to arrive. Go through it with full-force and confidence.
What does it mean and look like to embrace health?
Where are you starting and what points are on your horizon?


Boundaries feel unloving but they can honestly be the best way to create safe and mutually beneficial interactions. When you don’t know your boundaries, it is a wide open gate for someone to unintentional (hopefully) wound you, but when you know what you are and are not willing to say and do, others know how to interact in a positive way.
What are the sensitive areas in your life? They might require some fresh boundaries!
How can you best show yourself respect and honor?


Closing off can be a huge way that we try to protect ourselves, and that is understandable. Generations of species survived by avoiding the painful and seeking the pain-free. But not all progress comes without discomfort, especially as we heal. It can mean treating a deep wound to make space for healthy growth.
How do you tell the difference between dangerous and healthy discomfort?
How do  you feel/look/live when you are most open?


There is an old adage that says “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Knowing where your feet are firmly planted helps you to make decisions that are consistent with your heart, soul and mind. It also means you can take a step in a different direction when it becomes necessary.
Where does your faith rest?
In what are your strongest beliefs rooted?


Oh how glorious it is to be loved, and even more to so love with no strings attached, but instead, out of the freed to love well every person you encounter. As we seek to work those love muscles,
What holds you back from loving fearlessly?
What does fearless love mean/look like/feel like to you?


As we rush from fire to fire in our schedule, it can be easy to let the most important things slip when it comes to communicating our gratitude. There’s always tomorrow, right? But tomorrow is built on the shoulders of today so taking a moment to appreciate the important things in your life and communicate that appreciation is never wasted.
Who are the people who have changed your world for the better?
How do you communicate your gratitude to them individually?


It is no new statement that change can be scary, but what if we changed our mindset altogether? What if we began to see change and growth as a gift to people who are still alive and thriving? Instead of fearing change, we can meet it head on. Not all of it is bad and not all of it has to just happen to you. Like the surfer sitting in the water, you keep your eyes on those waves, knowing not all of them will work out but the horizon holds so much opportunity for you to get up on your feet and enjoy an amazing ride for however long it might last.
What positive changes might cause you to look the future with hope?
What root fuels trepidation when you think about change?