Spiritual Solutions: Dealing with the Grief of Loss

Some say there is nothing as painful as losing a child. In this week’s episode of Spiritual Solutions, a new series premiering on The Chopra Well YouTube Channel, a woman describes her experience of having recently lost her son to a fatal fall. The grief is fresh and present in her heart. Deepak encourages her to experience her pain, to not run away from the emotion.

In time, she will move through this process. The grief will not always feel as it does in this present moment.

Many people over the years have reached out to Deepak in times of grief. What is the meaning of death? How we deal with the pain of losing loved ones? Death is one of the most fundamental and painful aspects of life. Our souls and consciousness may persist or be reborn, depending on what you believe, but sometimes even that is not enough to soothe a broken heart. We are bound, in the course of our lives, to experience the loss of loved ones and, in turn, be mourned by those who persist after our own deaths.

The death of a loved one can tear at our hearts and make us question the meaning of life and the existence of an afterlife. How do we deal with grief after such a loss? Here are some tips and words of love and wisdom Deepak offersto help you or someone close to you manage the grief of a deceased loved one.

We must confront our fears surrounding death. We can do this through meditation, contemplation, and self-awareness. We can thus experience the meaning of transcendence and assurance that this physical life is connected to the cosmos, which is infinite and eternal.

Deepak recently experienced the loss of his best friend, David Simon. Here he discusses coming to terms with Simon’s death and ways to manage grief: How Does One Deal with Loss? And here he speaks more generally on the meaning of death.

For more on the meaning of death in the larger cosmic picture, watch this video in which Deepak explores the soul’s journey after death: Do We Remain an Integral Part of the Cosmos After Our Death?

In his book, Life After Death, Deepak delves into “the world beyond” based on spiritual and scientific evidence. It may comfort many to believe that the soul lives on after death. The goal is to come to terms, in this life, with the ultimate reality of death and the infinite possibility of life beyond death.

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