Students at the Forefront of the Iowa Caucus


Photo borrowed from Kid Unity

Traveling from Los Angeles to Iowa, a group of 6th graders experienced the political process in a remarkable and personal way. The day of the Iowa Caucus, where the first votes for the next president of the United States will be cast, these kids were meeting candidates, interviewing political reporters and touring the site of this important event.

“As the next generation of voters, it’s important that we study the candidates, issues and process. Our classroom is on the front lines.” -Carlthorp Student

I followed their twitter feed throughout the Caucus, inspired and hopeful for the future. Here are their impressions and learnings in their own words…

“Interviewing the candidates is exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time.”
-Carlthorp Student

This trip was organized by Kid Unity, a non profit group started by two fathers Peter Sheehy and David Snow at Carlthorp School in Santa Monica (where my daughters attend elementary school). Kid Unity’s intent is to teach kids about activism, community participation and how to use your voice to make change. What an incredible opportunity for these kids, learning now how to live with intent by truly taking action and participating in this incredible process.

“What surprised me the most  is seeing that all these candidates are just regular people. When you meet them in person, you realize that anyone can run for President and anyone can BE president.”
-Carlthorp Student