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5 Simple Ways to Develop a Fitness Habit

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Developing and sticking to a new fitness routine can feel overwhelming but it is actually much simpler than it sounds. The first step is to define your fitness goal. No matter what your reason, defining it from the start, and making it incredibly personal and relevant to you, is how to begin creating this positive habit in your life. Here are some simple ways to help you meet your personal goals: Continue reading

Announcing The Year of Intent : Use Intent.com to Reach Your Goals in 2014

year of intentWORDS

We’ve been bringing it up over the past several weeks but today the Intent team is excited to officially announce 2014 as THE YEAR OF INTENT. From here on out Intent.com and the blog will be used to support our community in achieving their goals. Intent itself will be striving to do it’s part as a brand and a conscious company to make a world a better place. We think that an essential part of that is by helping our community utilize the power of intent not just as part of a meditation or yoga practice, but in every aspect of their lives.


What do you want to accomplish in 2014? Mallika Chopra intends to write and publish her book Living With Intent. Gotham Chopra intends to launch The Religion of Sports  – a multimedia cross-platform project to answer why do you care so much about a thing you have no control over? Megan (Intent Blog editor) intends to finish her first screen play. MeLissa (Intent.com community moderator) intends to take her writing and acting career to the next level.

Whether you are trying to do something big like write a book or start a business or something more personal like intend to be a more patient person, we want you to come up with one major intent for 2014. Sign up (it’s totally free!) on Intent.com and post it in our Year of Intent category. We’ll be recruiting others with big projects to do the same. Then we’re going to support each other. Throughout the year you’ll update that intent with your progress (worksheets to help you keep track of your progress will be available soon!). Tell us about the major milestones you hit, or if you hit a snag and need help getting back in the saddle. We’ve enabled users on Intent.com to be able to post hot links and YouTube videos for multi-media projects. The blog will also be a tool for support (more on that below).

If you are unsure of how to set your intent or even what it is, read this post to help you get started.


The idea of intent isn’t limited to meditation or a yoga space. We are trying to show that it’s a principal that can be applied to your every day life to make your life more fulfilling and help you achieve the things your soul most desires. We want to show you and the world how to do that and prove that intents aren’t something you state and then leave for the ether. The Year of Intent is going to help people create real change in their lives and the world by encouraging them to complete their heart projects. So we are inviting you to be part of that movement by adding your intent and going on this journey with us.

Okay, sounds good, but it also sounds like a lot of work. What’s in it for me besides some feel good stuff? 

We’re glad you asked. There are actually quite a few incentives for you to participate in Year of Intent. Let’s start with a basic few.

  • Quantifiable support: Intent.com is an active and growing community. Its members are also very active. As you update your intent you’ll have the community behind you – and the numbers are right there for you to show investors, publishers, agents, etc. So if you’re writing a book, as Mallika is doing, as you update your intent your support will grow. Chapter by chapter and and by the end of the manuscript you can go to publishers and say “I’ve been tracking my progress on Intent.com and I already have X amount of people in seeing this become a reality.” (Our newsletter mailing list alone has 30K, so that X can be quite impressive). For those pursuing creative intents having a measurable audience is a definite help when it comes to finding partners and companies to help distribute or officially launch your work and Intent.com can be the place where you grow that invested audience.
  • Collaborations: MeLissa and Megan will be monitoring the community and the intents daily. As you update your intents they will recommend users who are working on similar projects. So if you update your intent to say that you have hit a snag, there could very well be another member of the community who is working on something similar or has expertise in the field that you need and you can be connected. Not only does it foster the supportive vibe we want in the community but it also enhances your personal projects and could create lasting partnerships.
  • Accountability and inspiration: Everyone knows that a little pressure can be invaluable when you’re trying to reach a goal. Setting your Intent.com and creating an audience creates an accountability to keep up with your intent, whether its creative or personal (or both). We also encourage you to support others’ intents to make them accountable, and to draw inspiration from those around you also pursuing their goals.

I still don’t get what you mean by “update my intent.” Don’t I just make it and affirm it when it’s done? 

Year of Intent is about big goals, even if they are personal in nature. We want you to create an intent that is going to take work to complete. We’ve created worksheets and other tools to help you break your “big” intent down into smaller milestone goals. As you reach a milestone, you’ll update your intent with your progress. With the hot link and YouTube features you can actually show that progress as well to those who have supported you and also to show new members of the community or to your intent what you’ve been up to. By creating smaller goals to achieve it not only makes you accountable (see above!) but it helps make reaching your big intent more manageable, and you get encouragement along the way to help push you forward!

This is all happening on Intent.com. What about the blog though?

The blog is going to be Intent headquarters from here on out. We’ll still have great inspirational articles but they are going to be catered to supporting you and reaching your intents. There will be tips on setting your intents, how to keep the motivation going, useful habits for getting yourself out of a rut, etc. We will also increase the “From Intent.com” posts. Right now those happen once a week but we’ll start posting more frequently about inspiring intents that we see that we think the community should know about or that we thought are particularly inspiring.

Most excitingly though, we’ll be using the blog to help showcase updated intents and reward supporters with exclusive content from the intents they support. For example, Mallika is writing her book Living With Intent. One of her smaller goals is to finish a certain amount of chapters by the end of the first quarter. When she reaches that goal we will post a preview or sneak peak of what she’s been working on so you can actually see the work you’re supporting! So you’ll see it here on Intent Blog before it’s officially published anywhere else! This will happen with projects and intents all across the website. As more people sign up and start posting their intents we’ll post info about submitting to the blog as a featured Year of Intent participant. (Featured users will also go in our Intent newsletter as well. Add that to the incentives pile).

As Intent reaches out to more partners to help support the project – both companies that support healthy and wellness lifestyles as well as non-profit organizations we hope to spotlight – there will also be blogs about their intents, causes and goals for the year. They will sponsor content that helps inspire you in your pursuits and also give context to the work they are doing themselves to help make the world a better place.

This sounds great, but I’m not planning to write a book or start any massive projects in 2014. Why should I use Intent.com? 

Intent.com and Year of Intent is going to be useful for everyone. Even if you aren’t taking on a big creative or professional project, we encourage you to set some sort of goal for yourself in the coming year and set that intent. It can be something personal like wanting to get healthier or overcome an obstacle you see in your life. Those are just as important and valuable to our mission. Setting intents is about growing as a person and that means something different for every individual. Let’s say you have the following intent: “I intend to become a more open person in 2014.” Fantastic. How are you going to get there? Are you going to try and be more social? Are you going to join a new book club? Perhaps you’ll try meeting friends on MeetUps.com or go on more dates. Maybe you’ll offer forgiveness or an apology to someone you’ve been holding a grudge against for years. These are your smaller goals towards meeting your overall intent and the things that the community wants to support you in doing.

Support. This entire project will only work with support. Whether you have a project or not you can still support others who are blazing that trail (and who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to start your project). Add a supportive comment. Link them to a resource you think might help with their Intent. Share the intent with others. We believe that by joining the community and getting active you open yourself up and become a more conscious, mindful person.

More questions, comments, concerns?

Tell us in the comments below! Or email support@intent.com and we’ll be glad to advise the best we can!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Help us make 2014 a great your for Intent, for you, and this wonderful community.

Does Announcing a Resolution Make You More or Less Likely To Keep It?

NewYearsResolutions-300x199My recent post, “Beware of “decoy habits,” spurred a lot of conversation, and it’s clear to me that the subject is much more complex, and interesting, than I initially realized.

Readers made many thought-provoking comments. One pointed to research that suggests that talking about a goal can lead to the false feeling of already having achieved that goal. I’ve seen that research–and I’ve also seen research suggesting that talking about a goal can help you stick to it, by making you feel more committed, and also more accountable to the people you’ve told. So it seems to go both ways.

From my own experience–a statistically insignificant yet often helpful data point–this is a point on which people differ. Some do better if they don’t talk it up too much; some do better if they tell others what they want to do.

Exhibit A is my former roommate, who told people that she did yoga, and telling them seemed to convince her that she did, in fact, do yoga. Perhaps discussing it undermined her determination actually to do it.

Exhibit B is my friend who is trying to drink less, who says it’s very helpful to her to announce, “I’m cutting back on my drinking, so I’m only having one glass of wine tonight.” For her, telling people adds an important layer of external accountability.

I’m curious… In your personal experience: Does announcing a resolution make you more likely to keep it, or less likely, or neither?

I don’t think it matters much to me whether I announce it or not–I suspect that’s a result of my “Upholder” nature.  How about you?

* * *

I had a great time doing this interview with Eric Barker, for his site Barking Up the Wrong Tree. We covered a lot of happiness territory. Also, it’s almost time for the May recommendations for my book club! Every month, I suggest one book about happiness, one work of children’s literature, and one eccentric pick. Sign up to make sure you don’t miss them. Because few things give more happiness than a good book.

Would You Bet on You?

I’ve never been much of a gambler. It always seemed too risky to bet money on something that wasn’t guaranteed.

But there I was recently in Las Vegas thinking about placing a bet.

As I walked around a massive casino dotted with people betting their money on slot machines, blackjack tables, and roulette wheels, I asked myself this question:

Would I bet on me? Would I bet on me doing all that’s required to accomplish my most important goals in life?

I realized for the bookies in Vegas my odds of success would be easy to determine. All they had to do was take a look at what I did yesterday, the day before that, last week, the month before, etc. Like a sports team, this is my track record.

The harsh reality is that just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have bet on me, let alone allowed anyone else to do so.

It’s not that I didn’t care—my resume would tell you otherwise—it’s just that for most of my life, I’ve gotten “good enough” results while not nearly giving my all.

I’ve held good enough jobs that I didn’t like. I’ve spent good enough time with family and friends. And I’ve been in good enough relationships that didn’t last.

I’ve always been great at accomplishing goals for others and the various companies I’ve worked for over the years—their goals. But accomplishing what was important to me was a different story.

The reality was that I didn’t know what it meant, or even how, to live intentionally. With purpose.

Over the years, I have let a lot of good opportunities pass me by. I missed deadlines. I skipped important meetings. I didn’t follow up on phone calls. I was great at making excuses.

Why? Frankly, I was afraid of showing up 100 percent. Afraid of giving my all. Afraid of the grit and commitment involved.

I mean, god forbid, I might finish something. Something might work out. I might realize that what I thought was important to me wasn’t important at all. I might spend time with people who made me better. I might, gasp, be happy!

It was only after I experienced a life-changing event that I decided to love and accept my past, put in behind me, and turn the page.

During this raw time, I realized that no one cared more about my goals than I did. That effort was between me and me. The fear of not giving my all shook me to the core.

From here, a shift occurred. I got curious about what would happen if I followed through. What would happen if I surrounded myself with people who made me better? What would happen if I approached each day intentionally? What would happen if I stayed committed and finished something?

After getting curious, I took action, and what happened was results.

Some of these results included self-publishing a book (Student Athlete 101: College Life Made Easy On & Off The Field) and producing a short television pilot on my own dime. No, the book hasn’t made me a millionaire and the networks passed on my show. Slowly but surely, though, I became addicted to finishing projects.

Then in 2011, and scores of finished projects later, I started my company in which I partner with young professionals and help them produce exceptional results in their careers. And you know what? Even with a steep learning curve, it’s going pretty good!

There’s no coincidence that the tag line of my company is, “Transform Potential Into Exceptional Performance.” Initially, that was for me. Now, it’s a call to action to empower others to do the same.

Now a question for you: Would you bet on you?

Would you bet on you doing all that’s required to accomplish your most important goals in life? Would you bet on you following through and staying committed? Would you bet on you taking that first step today?

It took me some time to learn, but until you’re willing to bet on you, it’s hard to get others to do the same.

Share in the comments section below why you would bet on you.

Antonio Neves is a career coach, speaker, and award-winning business journalist. He is the founder of THINQACTION, where he works with young professionals to produce exceptional results in their careers. Via his blog posts, videos, and speaking engagements, Antonio’s goal is to empower young professionals to create their own luck. For more on Antonio, visit his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Weddings, New Wealth and Accountability

By the end of this weekend, I will have conducted 5 weddings in the past month, each of them quite different and distinctive.  From Menorca, to London to France and the final one all in French, they have been a great joy for me to officiate. Each couple has shown emotional maturity, the solid foundation for a happy, healthy and wealthy marriage.

So what is emotional maturity?  It is to know and love yourself well enough to recognize your emotional strengths and weaknesses, such that you own and are accountable for them. You are not dependent upon another person outside of you for your happiness and well-being,. You can stand up in the loving you have for yourself and another person, such that you can give from overflow, not from need. Nor do you take responsibility for someone else’s happiness, although you can contribute towards it.  In relationship with those closest to you, you have the courage and confidence to communicate what is true for you with loving and respect for the other person.

It is no small thing to commit to love one other person for a lifetime. At the outset it is wise to recognize each other’s vulnerabilities and weakness such that when life throws up its challenges, you are prepared to meet them as accountable people.  That is to say: not throwing blame and shame, nor dwelling in guilt and resentment, all of which are draining and will make a difficult situation worse.

When a couple exchanges vows, they not only declare their love, but they also allow for the times when their love will be stretched; when they may need to be flexible, forgiving and tolerant; times when they can grow and be enriched by their greater loving.

Loving enriched with humour, patience, understanding, forgiveness and appreciation can turn a time of potential crisis into one of new wealth:  the wealth of experience and learning. As each one of the partnership owns their feelings and accepts their emotions, they stand forward taking their strength and awareness into the partnership.

Wealth is on the increase. I do not mean simply in financial and economic terms. I do mean in human terms. More than ever before, there are paths of understanding available to us about enjoying a truly wealthy life, even without the symbols of wealth we thought we needed to have in order to experience it.

What do I mean by that?  Advertising sells its products by offering a glimpse of the experience we can enjoy by having them.  What if you do not have to have anything (apart from life’s basic essentials) to enjoy a wealthy life? What if you can choose to experience the wealth of the present moment and all of the riches it has to offer you?

How can you do that?

You can take time, even in a busy day, to enjoy and appreciate the moment and what it has for you.  The family and friends that love you;  the joy of hot and cold running water;  your health, sense of humour, your ability to get around; the books you love to read or the music you love to hear, to name but a few.

What if you can become accountable for your difficult feelings, and more than that, even enjoy them? Those feelings when observed, accepted and embraced will enrich your experience of living. You can be peaceful and at one with them. You do not have to avoid them with distractions such as watching tv, shopping, over-eating, spending endless hours on the internet.

My recent experience has been to be with feelings of sadness and loss, while I keep going with my daily chores.  Amazingly, although I have done nothing about the feelings, they have changed. What is more, I have grown more energized, felt liberated and optimistic once again.  This is not rocket science. No retail therapy or anti-depressants; just being, breathing and observing, while getting on with life.

In a healthy and happy marriage, each partner can be accountable for how they feel (no blaming, shaming, guilt or resentment) and communicate openly such that the doors of greater understanding are opened and new vitality is released.

New vitality, yes and new wealth. When two or more are gathered together in the name of love, fresh inspiration, courage, innovation and resource is liberated – for creating a happiness, success and peace of mind.

The cost for new wealth is not a financial one.  It is one of accountability and the willingness to be true to who you are, giving the best of yourself whenever possible, and forgiving yourself with kindness and compassion when you are less than your best. This is nowhere better demonstrated than in a healthy and happy marriage.

Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist – “Boycott FOX News Advertisers – The Petition Site”.

Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist.
Doing Daily Internet Activism for Supporting Causes of Change. Signing Letters, Petitions, and Sharing News. Founder of: www.EdwardJanus.net | Disability Network Connections.

Take Action! I already signed, Please Sign This Petition. Then please continue to forward on to all of your family, friends, colleagues, and communities. Thank you for making your voice heard and your help to spread the word about this issue.

PLEASE HELP and Sign The Petition.

Boycott FOX News Advertisers – The Petition Site.

Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist on “Health Care Reform”

Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist.
Doing Daily Internet Activism for Supporting Causes of Change. Signing Letters, Petitions, and Sharing News.

Dear Friends,

This is a Reminder Post.

I signed two petitions regarding "Health Care Reform". If you have not signed them yet, please do so!

Please take a moment and join me in signing these petitions. We are trying to reach 10000 or more signatures for both.

"Tell Obama: The Public Option is Not Optional!".
please sign here:

"We Demand a Public Option".
please sign here:

Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

Thank you!

Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist
10707 Wrightwood Ave. Northlake, IL. 60164
Founder: www.EdwardJanus.net | Disability Network Connections.

Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist

Hello, and I just wanted to introduce myself to all Intent Friends.

My name is Edward Janus. I am a Disability Advocate and Activist (Disabled myself). My Campaign and Mission is Fighting for Persons with Disabilities. And Making Our Voices Heard. Internet Activism for Supporting Causes of Change. Governmental & Political Issues, Government Accountability, Fair and Honest Media Reporting, Consumers Rights. Animals, Civil, Children’s, Human, and Woman’s Rights. Educational, Health Care, and Environmental Issues. Abuse, Freedom, Homeless, Hunger, Peace, Poverty, and Violence Issues. And many other Important Causes. Sharing News and Resources.

A little bit more about me. I have Cerebral Palsy and an amputee (both legs) confined to a wheelchair. I am homebound, shut-in. I have worked to earn a living for almost 25 years. Then I had over ten surgeries on my cervical spinal column (neck area) in my lifetime. Now I have been on Permanent Social Security Disability since 1996. I was married and have a daughter. In 1999 an automobile while crossing a street, struck my wife. She died instantly. Now, I Live Alone. I receive only one household income. A Social Security check monthly.

On a personal note, I would contact people by telephone, but I am also deaf. I cannot hear very well on the phone. You can reach me by email; all my activities and tasks are via Internet. Or you may send a regular postal mail. Forgive me not Chatting, Instant Messaging, and Slow Letters. Due to having Cerebral Palsy, it is difficult for me to type with a regular keyboard. Therefore, I use the Windows ‘On-Screen Keyboard’ this way I can type clicking my mouse. This still takes a little while for me to type.

Sincerely and Always,
Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist
Founder of: http://www.edwardjanus.net | Disability Network Connections.
Care2 Page: http://my.care2.com/edwardjanus
Care2 Group: http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/EdwardJanusDisabilityActivist


diets don’t work … Listening Does!

Weight Loss Coach logo.jpgWhat does your body have to say about how you are living your life and the foods you are stuffing into her? Do you know? Or have you been overriding the sound judgment that your body has been trying to express?

Be a Good ‘Body’ Listener.
How often do you really listen to your body? How often do you hear her moan and groan, "I’m stuffed, you can stop now," but you choose to ignore her? How often does the sight or smell of food drown out her words of wisdom? How often do you drift off into a sugar-glazed coma?

It takes practice to be a good ‘body listener,’ but in being one you are not only sending a message to your body that you care, you are also putting yourself in a much better position to act responsibly.

Open Your Ears and Listen
Your assignment for today is to practice ‘intentional listening.’ Plan to sit with yourself before breakfast, lunch and dinner, if even just for a minute or two or three if you can. Close your eyes and respectfully ask your body, "How are you feeling today? Are you getting what you need? How can I help you? I am truly listening."

The Power Within
Just sit. Just listen. Make yourself available … to you! All the answers you need are within you and your body is just waiting for you to stop and listen! You may not have realized the power of listening yet, but this exercise will prove it to you.

Spread the word, not the icing!

Read more from Janice on her Beliefnet.com weight loss blog or visit her Our Lady of Weight Loss website.

Write Janice for a complementary Weight Loss Coaching consult.
Follow Janice on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal an OPRAH BOOK CLUB pick: Summer 2009 – Buy NOW!

Visit Our Lady of Weight Loss.
ART heart.jpg about Janice

Changes; Sometimes it is the Changes; Sometimes it is Us


Changes; Sometimes it is the Changes; Sometimes it is Us

Meaningfully Intentional Responsible Initiatives Empowering our Vision

C for Considering

H for Hopeful

A for Ambitious

N for Needful

G for Goals

E for Empowerment

S for Systematically


It has; is and will always be perceived from a reasonable stand point of view that what meaningful changes are needed to be taken and implemented; will grow more demanding as we enterprisingly progress ahead


At times; if we permit the crucial decisions taking – changes making process; the change taken much later might increment in the price that it demands


Yet at other times similarly; we seek the changes or the changes seek us – seeking our attention and meaningfully responsible actions

The Choice

The choice becomes our at majority of the instances


We either make-adopt the meaningful changes or we permit the changes the power to considerably change us


The difference is that with meaningful changes that we take; we feel a delight when we discover the meaningful changes we made proved to be of immense value and beneficial


We tend to think; had we taken this or that meaningful change much earlier on in life; how much more wonderful life could have been


There is a feeling of remorse and regrets that encompass the thoughts


What is essential that eventually the meaningful changes are made and pursued – balanced with meaningful consistency

So Please

Kindly think again; if there might be certain meaningful changes that are in the queue?


Please kindly take the meaningful initiatives meaningfully; purposefully and responsibly; thank you very much

Youth – Teenagers

It would be greatly appreciated if the Youth; the Teenagers could also be able to read this article and adapt meaningful changes in their lives


So when they grow in wisdom and meaningful accomplishments; they will be glad to make note that the meaningful changes that they made in their respective lives proved to be useful indeed

Changes – It is about Meaningful, Purposeful & Responsible Changes

It is not simply an article written for empowerment of change


It is a sincere appeal and a humble reminder


Some persons might say, so what’s new; we have heard about this before

It Is not

It is not a matter of what’s new or what’s sensational or what is exciting

It Is

It is a matter of an inspiring move that could considerably help shape – design millions of lives

Yes Indeed

Think again; everything begins with a small but simple meaningful change


It is noticed and proudly reminisced that indeed the meaningful changes have brought about considerable improvements – meaningful developments


Then at that particular point in time; there are millions of people coming forward seeking to claim that they were the first who sought to instigate this


They want to bask in the glory and celebrate as if it were their own conceptualization; as if they evolved every aspect relating to the change


Forgetting conveniently that it was actually the respective individuals who took the meaningful initiatives and labored diligently and wisely to reach where they respectfully reach

So it is to be noted

So it is to be noted that the credit goes to all of us; since when the World is Happy, we are all Happy

This is

Every meaningful achievement- meaningful accomplishment is for us all to celebrate

It is not

It is not a matter of yours, theirs; mine – it is a matter of ours; our pride


Yes, indeed our pride; the meaningful welfare and development of the World


Meaningful changes make us matter; Or we make the meaningful changes matter;

It is a matter of

it is a matter of perspective as well as meaningful; purposeful and responsible pathways adopted and prudently pursued with wisdom and meaningful intentions

Thinking – Change your thinking meaningfully

That when we change our thinking meaningfully; our life changes meaningfully

Habits – – Change your Habits Meaningfully & Responsibly

This also applies to habits that when we meaningfully and responsibly change our habits meaningfully and responsibly; it tends to be for our best interests after all

Changes – Seeking to Blame – Inheritance – Where it concerns day to day life matters

It might also be possible that blame is attributed to others; that one has inherited the changes from another where it concerns – relates to daily life; but this is not valid for those who might be deliberately seeking to refrain from making the necessary – essential changes to their respective lifestyles – accountability seeks accountability


Important – Important – Important – Important – Important


Changes – Yet in other Instances – IMPORTANT – Extremely IMPORTANT to Be Aware, Responsible & Accountable Please

Yet in other similar circumstances – scenarios; one might shift the blame on another regarding changes taken but one must remember that once the changes are made;

– at times to regain control it might considerable time; resources; prove to be extremely expensive and beyond control;

so which change is made where should be very carefully ascertained and responsibly and accountably made;

since once one makes a certain change – changes, it is the concerned person’s complete responsibility making the change and NO blame can be attributed to others for what decisions one takes;

Hence, change – changes time and again is simply not just talking and seeking to show one’s proficiency – it is a matter of “immense Responsibility and Accountability” please

– change – changes is not simply a statement made and then hurriedly accelerating one’s pace to catch up; it is a matter of extremely immense Responsibility and Accountability” please;

– since what change – changes one person makes could affect themselves as well as others around them considerably; so meaningfulness; purposefulness; responsibility and accountability should very essentially prevail please

– also it is Important to understand very carefully that there might be certain aspects that cannot be simply changed – for example; Traditions and Cultures have an extremely significant Importance and one CANNOT just try to make a change where it might pertain to Traditions and Cultures please

– a certain careful etiquette – respectful protocol of the very highest essence needs to be stringently observed to ensure that utmost respect and reverence is always accorded to the Respective Traditions and Cultures please

– Cultures and Traditions are Rich in Heritage and need to be Immensely Respected and Revered always please

– similarly it might be possible that there are various other factors in life that cannot be changed and one must not wrestle or seek to implement a change where it is conventionally and universally recognized that any change is futile and not possible

– one must seek to understand the facts and face reality and not live in a world of illusion or self created delusion whereby one tries to stubbornly implement that they think as right upon others

– change is about a cooperative; meaningful; purposeful and responsible approach and implementation

– change is not about non violence in thoughts; speech; actions; gestures and any sort of communication or description, whether in the indicative; whether in the written; whether in the expressive or any format whatsoever

– where change is concerned, it has to be peaceful and take into amicable consideration the collective points of view and provide all aspects are adhering to – complying with the Respective Laws and Regulations stringently; without any exceptions whatsoever


Important – Important – Important – Important – Important


Time changes us; Phenomenal changes

As the scales of time keeps on progressing; it demands much more accountability from us if we don’t make the necessary changes in time wisely and responsibly


This has been evidenced and is a testament for any aspect of life; that if we permit a certain aspect thinking that it will subside or remarkably improve on its own accord; then we might be deluding ourselves


Since where the changes need – repeat need to be taken; they have to be taken and there cannot be two ways about it;


That not taking the responsible decisions – not making the meaningful changes will let things change by themselves


An element of accountability and responsibility needs to essentially prevail consistently with meaningful consistency please


The current challenges being faced globally seek our meaningful changes in various aspects of our life; to change the way we look at things and take the meaningfully intentional steps to implement the essential – relevant changes meaningfully and responsibly

Every Stage

Every aspect of life relates to changes; either certain changes are caused by the process of evolution – natural changes – there are other changes that are climatic and technological changes; and yet further there are various other changes that matter


Time and again; it does come back to each and every one of us; seeking to respectfully know if sometimes it is the changes or sometimes it is us; the point is that we acknowledge and incorporate the meaningful changes in our lives responsibly and meaningfully

Changes will apparently

Changes will apparently make us realize a lot more about life and its various aspects whether we may seek to take them into consideration or ignore them; changes are occurring at this very moment; we are able to experience the intensity of certain changes profoundly; yet there are certain other changes in the process of unfolding or anticipated

Changes – Meaningfully Intentional, Purposeful & Responsible Changes Matters

Where it concerns our participation; meaningfully intentional; purposeful and responsible changes significantly matter and count please

Changes – Either we get it or don’t get it (The meaning of get it here is understanding)

Certain changes might be comprehensible and we adapt ourselves and integrate the meaningfulness within our lives; become more pro active; organized and systematic;

Deliberate / Feigning Ignorance -Overlooking Facts – Pretension

Yet if we tend to ignore certain aspects in life deliberately and feign – pretend – overlook certain aspects – facts of any situation in life; then this might gradually increment and intensify to the point where it begins to seek more resources and proves to be considerably expensive;

Changes – World of Meaning & Results Orientation

It might be called changes or referred to as changes; either casually or seriously; meaningfully and wisely; whichever way it is referred to; there is indeed a world of meaning and results orientation related to changes – provided the changes made are meaningful; purposeful; diligent; prudent; compliant to the Respective Laws and Regulations always and to ensure that the changes are Responsible and Accountable

Changes; Sometimes it is the Changes; Sometimes it is Us – Meaningfully Intentional, Responsible Initiatives; Empowering our Vision Considerably

Yes indeed; our vision is empowered incredibly with meaningfully intentional; responsible and accountable changes


Life encourages us to take every Step in Life with Meaningful Intentions, Considerate, Purposeful & Responsible Actions

It is L I F E we L I V E for

Learning; Inspiring; Fulfilling; Expectations

S t e p s – Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Steps

S t e p s – Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Steps


L for Learning

I for Inspiring

F for Fulfilling

E for Expectations

Live Life Meaningfully, Purposefully & Responsibly

Learning; Inspiring; Fulfilling; Expectations

A Meaningful Vision of Peace, Faith, Hope, Love, Wisdom, Noble Values,  Moral and  Spiritual Principles & The Very Finest of Virtues of Life

Universal Welfare, Development, Stability and Happiness for One and All

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

May One and All be Happy

May One and All have well-being

May Happiness be showered on all

May One and All be Healthy

O Lord Protect us

O Lord Guide us

O Lord Grant us Wisdom

O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

O Lord May there always be Universal Welfare, Happiness & Development

Best Wishes,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi



This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind – type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever.

In no event whatsoever shall the featuring of this post or dissemination of any concerned/related details make me responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon or communication / propagation / transmission of the information featured herewith.


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