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Let Your Actions Say ‘I Love You!’

i love youWho doesn’t want to be loved? It doesn’t matter if you’re educated, uneducated, young, old, rich or poor, every being on this planet loves to be loved. Although it’s great to say ‘I love you’ often to your loved ones, how many of us really mean it? How often does it come from your soul? The most precious things in life are said in silence. I am going to mention some of those below and let you say ‘I love you’ without uttering a word. Some of these suggestions may apply to your romantic loved ones while some for even the stranger on road. Apply these suggestions wisely and you may just fill your (and others’) heart chakra with a lot of inspiring energy!
Compliments: Genuine compliments are hard to come by. We don’t hear or see them very much! What if you start a practice of complimenting someone everyday? Keep in mind that some people may block your compliments and give you a cold shoulder. This has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. Don’t take it personally. Try with them again after a few days. Most people love receiving a genuine compliment and the ones who don’t are the ones who need it most.  So let your intention be to compliment those who seem to reject it. You may end up creating more trust and love in their lives and, ultimately, in our planet.
Hugs: Hugs come with therapeutic power. A hug with right intention allows a sacred exchange of healing. I just saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed that said a longer hug brings about feelings of joy and bliss. The post further mentioned that a sincere hug produces a hormone called “oxytocin” which makes us feel safe, relaxed and calm. It is recommended to hug for a duration of 20 seconds. Start with those who already feel safe with you or who need and  expect love from you. Once you are comfortable enough to spread this 20 second love, you are free to spread it all over.
Kiss: A small peck on cheek or a long, passionate kiss in the rain, both can speak volumes. A kiss says that you are loved, admired and cherished. Let kissing and being kissed become a new addition to your love menu. I am not asking you to jump on anyone that you feel like kissing (I know there may be a few or many!). But at least let your loved ones feel that you said ‘I love you’ with such a gentle gesture.
No tweets: Actions speak louder than your tweets. Instead of writing fancy love posts on your Twitter or Facebook, try to just give your undivided attention to your loved ones when you are around them. This means no Facebook or Twitter or Instagram use while they are with you. If they see you doing it, they may also follow your example, which leads to comfortable distance between people. Be need more genuine connection, more heart-felt interaction, more intense presence with our loved ones.  Don’t Instagram the special dinner before acknowledging the actual presence of everyone sitting at the table. Give social media a rest and arrive in the now, with love.
Gratitude: Express gratitude as often as possible. Your ‘Thank you’ is more touching than ‘I love you,’ at times. Pick small moments in the day that you can use to express gratitude. Don’t limit your gratitude either.  Acknowledge each and every person who helps you in some way.  The cleaning lady in your office, or the building security manager, or the stranger in supermarket who helped you. There are so many people who are deserving of your gratitude. Open your awareness to all the souls around you!
Since I don’t have any way of showing my love to you right now, I will use my words to express love to all who took time to read this post. My intention is to help you spread the silent love all over the globe!
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In An Instant


Monday, 9/12

In an instant




“Life can change in an instant, so do everything you can to make that work in your favor. Choose to use this instant to change your world for the better.


 Life can change in an instant, and you can be the one who changes it. Even the small, positive actions have beneficial consequences that stretch and multiply far into the future.


 This is just one small moment right now. Yet it is an opportunity to have a positive impact, and after it will be another such opportunity, and another, and another.


 The power you have is in this instant, right now, ready for you to make use of in a positive way. The influence of what you do today will quite literally shape the future, in ways that go far beyond anything you can imagine.”

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director


You Are the Critical Link




Friday, 5/6

“You are the critical link between what is possible and what is real.  With your actions, you can bring to life the best of what can be.

Life is awash with great and wonderful possibilities.  Yet possibilities alone are not enough. 

Someone has to follow those great possibilities, and work at them, and breathe meaningful life into them.  In your world, that someone is you.”

–The Daily Motivator by Ralph Marston


Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director

Trust In The Breath; Breathe In The Trust; Respectfully

Trust In The Breath; Breathe In The Trust; Respectfully


Trust In The Breath Is The True Representation Of Life And Its Magnificence; Respectfully


Life Is Measured By The Moments We Breathe Our Breath A Way; The Right Way; Infusing Characteristic Excellence And Ensuring Practice Of Ahimsa; Non Violence; Righteousness In Each And Every One Of Our Thoughts, Actions And Expressions Consistently; God Bless; Respectfully

Trust; Breath; Respectfully

We trust our breath; We breathe our trust; God Bless

Moments; Respectfully

Moment by precious moment, we inhale, we exhale; every moment encompassing amongst the very greatest of treasures ever; our precious breath; our sincere trust in our breath; God Bless

Gratitude; Respectfully

In life, we might come across certain special moments when we experience a joy; a profound perspective of immense gratitude; when we are overwhelmed with happiness and would wish to express our sincere thanks to God for all that we have been endowed with; God Bless

Truly; Respectfully

Some moments truly take our breath away yet it is the trust in our breath that meticulously regulates the breathing patterns very most amazingly, with the highest calibrated precision that could ever be conceptualized; God Bless

Evolution; Respectfully

The evolution of each breath is transcending infinitely; it is akin to the evolution of a lotus where it compassionately provides us the grace, the wisdom and the pivotal sustenance; the energy that is our life force; it is the breath within each breath that is its creative brilliance which can be simply termed as miraculous and truly outstanding; God Bless

Life; Respectfully

Let us seek to breathe every breath of our life with immense delight and rejoice each and every precious moment of this fabulous life and always express our immense appreciative gratitude for the foresight; the amazing intellectual faculties and capabilities we have been equipped with to accomplish the respective visions and dreams that belong to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely; God Bless

Incomparable; Humbly Empowering Our Breaths;Respectfully

Truly the preciousness and greatness of each and every breath is beyond any compare and although it has been mentioned that life is measured by the moments that take our breath away; I would wish to humbly and respectfully say that life is measured by the moments we breathe our breath a way (not away); the right way; infusing characteristic excellence and ensuring practice of ahimsa; non violence;  righteousness in each and every one of our thoughts, actions and expressions consistently; God Bless

Radiate; Respectfully

This breath a way; the right way should inspire us to consistently accomplish our respective agendas faithfully and ensure that we are able to let our light shine through and radiate the hallmarks of magnificence in living a purposeful life; a life of purpose that encompasses meaningful values based principles as its primordial agenda consistently; God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love & Light God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi

Life of Purpose; Respectfully

This breath a way; the right way should inspire us to recognize that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose- to live a life of meaningful values based principles and ideals that are each evoking our awareness to express ourselves truly- to recognize and experience our True Nature, our True Selves; God Bless

Intuition; Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness- Let us seek to develop our intuition- Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life- Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul- God Bless

God Bless; Respectfully

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Awareness, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always- God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


Copyright ©2010 Vashi Ram Chandi

All Rights Reserved


This article is being expressed in good faith- with sincere and meaningful intentions- but devoid of any kind – type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith

Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions- errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview- dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever


Dearest spiritual siblings, first of all I wish to thank you or continuing offering this soul your wonderful friendship in spite of not being able to answer back your comments on so many topics.
    My heart rejoices every time I think of you as my loving spiritual peers. What I have recently realized is that thinking in helping others is the best way to feel grateful to God, because we are indeed His children. Today, I am helping you, so you can help others tomorrow. So, please allow me to share some insights about this. Let’s warm up our hearts and minds by making some mental associations to get most of this inner contribution by repeating at least three times each statement by trying to feel each one of them in your loving hearts and then into your brains to be clarified and reinforced:
Great Divine Energy…………..
Mansions of the soul…………..
Sharp conflicts and pain in our lives……………………
Preparing ourselves to take full advantage of our wonderful golden years………………………..
Feeding our inner emotions with divine thoughts……………………
Vitalizing our inner strength with altruistic actions and allowing our spiritual self to manifest fully…………………………………… 
It is when a human being reaches the age of sixty three years old when our amazing golden age starts. This is when we become a real blessing for us as well as for others. Nine times seven equals sixty three. Since I was seventeen years old a dear sweet soul who was one of my mother’s brothers helped me understand any human being interesting life cycles. Sometimes using multiple of the always mystic number seven makes us understand our life cycles, but sometimes it is numbers which are multiple of the number nine that show us the way. Well, just allow me to expose some of my humble discoveries dealing with these two odd numbers. To understand life cycles as human beings the seven year cycle becomes very handy, but when we deal with the eternal wisdom and dedication of our spiritual being then the nine year life cycle answers a lot of our questions. Our first beautiful opportunity starts when we are five years old until we reach the age of twelve. Our second spiritual chance commences at the age of sixty three until we abandon our body. This is a main reason of our strong and magnificent affinity with our grandchildren.
What a joy to feel and be useful for others! I believe there is no other privilege for any human being than to be consciously dynamic in some aspects of our evolutionary efforts. To be able to use and apply the knowledge obtained by humankind. The sum of all our previous lives enriches our productive lives by way of the aid of our subjective memory. There is for us a useful Geometry of the Spirit. Every single effort done by humanity in both realms; physical and spiritual now makes perfect sense for us! We realize that nothing is impossible to achieve! Both, mystics and shamans have always understood a special formula:”what energy we can get us must ourselves acquire “When we succeed on this then we are certain that a sacred interior assertiveness has grown in us, so we can accomplish much more in our spiritual nine year cycle.
Once more remember please that I am at your service as you are at other people’s service. So feel free to ask anything.
The Candyman


LET’S TALK ABOUT MEN…..and Relationships


LET’S TALK ABOUT MEN…..and Relationships


Are you feeling confused, frustrated or
hopeless in your relationship?


Do relationship “patterns” seem to show up
sooner or later with each new man?


Is there some hidden secret in relationship
you do not know about?


Do you really believe love is enough?


Relationships are a LIFE classroom.


Everything must change, including our beliefs about relating.



I have been working in the Human Potential Field for 40 years. During these years the greatest teachers are my students, clients and couples. I am going to share with you, what I have learned from hundred’s of sessions with couples seeking to improve their relationships. You will NOT find this guidance in any book.


Relating is the key to life.

  • 70 trillion cells in your body are relating to each other – whether you know it or not
  • Your mind and heart are constantly relating and activating biochemical responses in your body, whether you know it or not
  • Your energy, attitude and behavior is relating with everyone around you, and theirs with you, whether you know it or not


Balance is the key to relating.

Nature knows!!! Life is about balance. Your heart knows about balance and is a master guide in life choices that create inner and outer balance.


Your mind is trained to be “in reaction”…that is not balance, and this defies your heart’s innate design to BE IN BALANCE!!!


In these two classes, we are going to create foundational measurements for you to use to discover “who’s is in charge” – your mind or your heart?


When you know this, you can “course correct” your thinking, your choices, your behavior and actions and focus and obtain balance.


During our class, I will present information and then we will have a Q&A session as well.


Men are welcome to join this class.


The class has a maximum number so register now at:




Class One: Saturday, March 6 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM


Class Two: Saturday, March 13 11:00 AM – !2:30 PM



Tuition: $150



My gift to you at



This class is recorded so you can register and join in at your convenience, even if you are not on the live call.  All registrants will receive an MP3 file for downloading the class information.



Class time based on PST:


11:00 AM PST

12:00 PM MST

1:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

9:00 AM HI

10:00 AM AK



If in doubt, check your local time zone.

When you are registered we will send you the Teleconference Number and the access code for the classes along with any other class details we want you to have.


I look forward to our time together.


Blessings to you,



Kay Snow-Davis

Soul Purpose Academy
Global Family Education Center


     The intellectual curiosity has always been a very important factor in finding reliable solutions for our world. Its gates are right in front of any human thought. It is the same at any kindergarten as well as any theoretical Physics Lab. One such attitude is to acquire critical thinking is to increase in our children and youth intellectual curiosity. The greatest thinkers of our world have asked questions the same way many modern children ask questions. There exists an amazing resemblance in the questions between great thinkers and children. The remarkable inquisitive attitude observed in children is the same as that experienced in scientists when they do research;                       Doctors searching for cures and engineers trying to discover new ways to rule our physical world.
    Every man and every woman from our community should become a reliable channel to express original and bright ideas concerned with the objectives of our society. I firmly believe that this measure would be a way to pay a little tribute to God.
    It would be a great breakthrough if we could embody the inventive spirit, the desire to improve existing things and processes. To posses “x” knowledge means nothing if we cannot apply such knowledge to solve today’s issues.
 Every human being has the right to acquire and transmit education, to have free access to eternal truths and their verification and most importantly to learn and to teach with the most ideal methods, but respecting always order and morals.
 It would be a great advantage if we could be ready to try out new ideas, new applications, new approaches, and new developments. By doing this we would be ready to enter an age of real progress.
 One of the objectives of THE APPLIKOM PROJECT PROGRAM is to build and use the wonderful habit of our intentional thinking. It is when we acquire this super useful habit when we immediately attract numerous tangible benefits , and this initial dynamic action will provoke a chain reaction regarding man’s self-improvement.
 End of part two