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The Most Basic Guide to Affirmations


There are infinite schools of thought as to how good things happen in a person’s life.
Maybe that person is just extra good.
Maybe they believe it, so it happened.
They made a deal with the Devil.
They made a deal with God.
They were lucky.
The sun lined up with Jupiter just right and the full moon was in retrograde.

I’m not a scientist, so I can neither confirm nor deny the power of the moon in retrograde, but I do know that the practice of positive affirmation isn’t a wasted one. There is something to having hope, faith and love. Believing for the best has the power to rewire your brain and help you finally put a stop to the things we are usually eager to leave behind.

Dr. Arlene Taylor specializes in speaking on brain function and she had some very interesting things to say about the best way to get your brain to respond:

According to the dictionary, the word affirm means to validate and to state positively. Practically, this defines a nurturing communications style; one in which you talk to yourself and to others in a positive manner. In general, “positives” are more powerful than “negatives.” Positives are a one-step process that creates a picture that you want the brain to follow. Negatives, on the other hand, require a two-step process. Words such as don’t are meant to convey do the opposite of the picture that was just created in the brain. This is often difficult for a mature brain to figure out and may be virtually impossible for the immature brain to compute.It might feel silly at first, but let me encourage you to speak affirmations out loud.

-Dr. Arlene Taylor, “What Does Affirmation Mean?”

Much like we do, our brains respond best to a positive environment with clear, direct communication.

What do you want?
Say them. Audibly.
It doesn’t have to be for an audience but it’s important that you AND your brain gets the message about what you’re going for.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to the words you choose, no magic spell.
So again, what do you want?
Put those desires together in a clear and direct sentence.

I am awake and alive. I have all the energy I need for today.

I am capable and strong enough to face the challenges that come my way.

I can form habits that are beneficial and long-lasting.

Choosing happiness is something I can and will do everyday.

Where are you in your life right now?
What would you like to see come into your life or change?
That’s a great place to start.
Speak what you would like to see.
Speak what you would like your brain to agree with instead of agreeing with things that aren’t necessarily any more true-

That you aren’t smart enough, likeable, pretty, strong, able.
That good things will never happen for you.
That you aren’t good enough.
That you just aren’t the kind of person who gets what they dream of.

Stop agreeing with those things consciously or subconsciously.
You are able and you are enough.
So say it.

The Benefits of a Bilingual Personality

Diversity quiltSince living in Brazil and regularly writing and speaking in Portuguese, I’ve noticed my English speaking and writing personality (the one I’ve had my whole life) isn’t the same as my Portuguese personality (currently in the terrible two stage). I started looking into this more and actually discovered that this is super common for multilingual people.

I’ll share with you my experience having dual personalities and tell you why I think speaking 2 + languages is good for the soul!  Plus, it’s just plain cool to have more than one personality and not be hangin’ out in a psychiatric hospital!

  • You connect with others from the heart

I love using words to connect with others, but it’s nice and refreshing when the connection is based from a place of oneness. When you’re speaking your non-native language people focus more on the energy you give rather than the actual words you use. I think this is cool and it shows that while our minds are amazing tools that allow us to do so many great things (like your ability to read this right now), it’s great to just connect on a heart to heart level. The words, phrase structure, and exact understanding is secondary.

  • You face constant vulnerability, but discover refreshing freedom

Letting go of the need to control that you’re saying what you mean to say (in the way you hope to say it) makes you vulnerable. There is a huge opening for miscommunications (both small and large – and sometimes funny). But at the same time, you gain an exhilarating sense of freedom. My analytical English personality goes out the window. The most important thing to me, in that moment, is having a conversation and connecting with another person. What the person I’m talking to or someone around us thinks about me (based off my word choice, comprehension, or strong American accent) is none of my business.

When you 100% believe that , you easily see that the same principle translates into any language and any person you talk to in your life. That’s freedom baby! This reminds me of a popular affirmation, “The good or bad opinion of others doesn’t affect me”. Speaking another language can help you grasp this idea so much better – and as a result, you’ll be so much happier, at peace, and love yourself unconditionally!

  • You become more direct

I didn’t realize how non-direct I can be in English until Portuguese came into my life. I don’t play word games (not really sure how) or beat around the bush in Portuguese.  I say what I’m thinking and don’t hide behind being appropriate or polite (of course I’m never rude and my body language supports that), and I don’t phrase my words in a sly attempt at achieving the result I secretly hope for (come on, we all can be a little manipulative sometimes). I’ve discovered that I love being direct and it’s translating to my English personality too!

The real you has nothing to do with your job, language skills, where you live, how much money you have in the bank, what type of car you drive (or if you drive), or any other material and ego centered status. Your second language personality helps you see this more clearly. You realize that who you are truly is something beyond what you typically spend you days worrying or thinking about. The real you simply hangs out inside you, waiting for you to connect with its awesomeness.  It doesn’t have any problems, complaints, concerns, or worries. Connecting to the “real” you allows you to experience a more peaceful and rewarding time in the material world – regardless of your circumstances.

  • You have another avenue of self expression

After you realize that your personalities are not the real you (the real you is spirit and is innately connected to everyone and everything in the whole universe), you can choose to use your ability to communicate in more than one language as another avenue of self expression. This allows you to connect with more people, express yourself in different ways according to languages and cultures, and simply learn more about the depth of life.

Do you have multiple language personalities?  Can you relate to my experience? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  

photo by: OregonDOT

6 Quotes to Inspire a Weekend of Positivity



It’s all about starting the day with the right attitude. Let go of what happened yesterday and tell yourself that today will be a good day. Half the battle is believing that a good day is possible, which opens you up to see the great things that happen all around us we sometimes neglect to see through the haze of our own drama.



A lot of the time the thing standing in the way of what we desire most is ourselves. Tell that voice in the back of your head to be quiet and step out of your own way. You’ve got this – go for it.



Keep going! The road to all things worth it is obviously rough and full of obstacles. Don’t let them thwart your progress. Just go one step at a time, and it all adds up. We have faith in you.



Doesn’t just reading that make you feel better? Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you find yourself stuck in the weeds take a deep breath and a step back. Give yourself a minute to look at the bigger picture and reassess the current snag you’re stuck in. 99% of the time you’ll find it’s nowhere near as bad as you thought it was.



Carpe diem Intent! Don’t get stuck in your head to the point you can’t see the opportunities that are unfolding right in front of you.



Okay, we admit it. This made the list in most part for the picture, but it’s still true! The best way to create a positive atmosphere around yourself is to spread it to other people. Smile to the rude lady at the bank, don’t engage the family member that always starts the fight. You have the power to pay the positive energy forward, so do it!

Change Your Inner Voice with Positive Affirmation


By Simona Rich

I was staying in a guesthouse room in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, Nepal. I was preparing for the night’s sleep – I switched off my laptop and was about to go to the bathroom to remove my makeup and brush teeth.

A thought came as a response to my intention to go to the bathroom – “Wait a minute, I already removed my make-up and brushed teeth! I’m so lucky!”

The last thought caught my attention. Was it really lucky to have brushed my teeth and removed make-up? It wasn’t, but the most important thing here is that my mind is so used to positive affirmations that they come out naturally, even in situations they shouldn’t.

I completely changed my self-talk. I used to put myself down a lot when I was a child and a teenager. Children always thought of me as different and thus I was alone most of the time. It was easy for me to make up imaginary reasons why I had so few friends.

When, after finishing school, I moved out of the family home and out of my country (Lithuania) to study in England, I felt more empowered to change my behavior and my life. It was as though I gifted myself a blank page of life to write whatever I wanted on it.

I started using positive affirmations to heal my mind and self-image. Although it sounded silly to tell something about myself to myself that I didn’t believe in, I continued with the practice because something in me felt it was the right thing to do.

It worked. I’m a living affirmation now. I am lucky. I’m one of those bloggers who succeeded to make a living of this art and I only need to work a few hours a week.  I live wherever I want – now in Nepal; soon I will be going back to India where I usually stay. Early next year I’ll be settling in London to organize sound therapy sessions.

I feel so blessed and happy. Yet the being that blessed me was my own self. Affirmations made me into who I am today, so my own life experience tells me not to underestimate the power of simple words said regularly and with complete focus on them.

What’s the mantra you’re going to use to empower yourself with? What is it that you really want to manifest? A change in behavior? Material riches? A loving relationship? This you can surely do if you dedicate a few minutes a day, every day, to repeating words that already embody the change you want to experience.


Simona Rich lives in tropical South India, rides scooter, meditates, does yoga and helps people create fulfilling and unique lives. Read her story to find out how she changed her life. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

photo by: lednichenkoolga

“Affirmations Are B.S.” and Other Things You Shouldn’t Believe

UpwardBy Orion Talmay

“Affirmations? Yeah, whatever… I don’t do that new age B.S.! That’s only good for weak people with no self-confidence! The people I train don’t need that crap!”

I actually heard these words from one of my fitness mentors I look up to. His huge resistance to the idea of affirmations was kind of shocking to me. I, for one, believe in “that stuff”. Does that mean I am weak? Is it all a scam to make us feel better about life? Am I just a hippie dreamer?

In my free-spirited late teens, I read two books that really shaped me. One of them was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Murphy spoke about the power of our thoughts and how they influence what we manifest in our lives:

There is a miraculous curative force in your subconscious that can heal the troubled mind and the broken heart. It can open the prison door of the mind and liberate you. It can free you from all kind of physical and material bondage.

The other book was You Can Heal Your Life by the remarkable Louise Hay. Hay’s philosophy is similar to Murphy’s. In the book she described using positive affirmations to eliminate self-defeating thoughts: “What you choose to think about yourself and about life becomes true for you. And we have unlimited choices about what we can think.” According to Hay, an affirmation is anything we say or think, therefore all of our self-talk is a stream of affirmations. In order to change your life, you must pay attention to your thoughts and choose empowering ones. By choosing thoughts that make you feel good and stating a desirable intention as a daily practice, you are retraining your brain how to think and speak and you are reprogramming your beautiful subconscious mind.

Affirmations are the seeds of your dreams that you plant for later harvesting. By writing your dreams down and affirming them in ink, or vocalizing them out loud, you bring them into the physical realm and one step closer to manifesting. If you say a lie over and over again, won’t you start believing it? If telling a lie can affect you like that, why not tell a good “lie” – one that has the potential to change your life for the better?

Many times when I’ve gone back to read what seemed originally to be “impossible” affirmations, I actually found they had manifested in my life. Who cares if it seems weird and too “outside the norm”? Who wants to be normal anyways? Popular thinking usually turns out to be average thinking. Galileo Galilei was sentenced to spend rest of his life in prison for his ideas. He vocally supported the Copernican hypothesis that the earth is not the center of the solar system, but one of many planets revolving around the sun. Three centuries later he was called the “father of modern science” by Einstein.

When researching this subject, you will find that in this day and age, science is backing “new age” thinking more than ever before.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the tidy, objective, mechanistic view of the world began to fall apart…scientists began looking into the world within the atomic nucleus, and they were shocked to discover that on the subatomic level, the physical world did not behave at all the way Newton said it should. In fact, the “atom” itself turned out to be a sort of illusion: The closer scientists looked, the less it really appeared to be there…And when our vision of the atom fractured, the foundation of classical physics fractured along with it. Our view of how the world works was in for a radical transformation. – John Assaraf & Murray Smith (The Answer)

Quantum physics nowadays include theories like parallel universes. It’s no longer science fiction that the power of our thoughts affect physical objects and create new realities. No longer are we in an age where meditation sounds “funny.” Today’s science backs up the positive sweeping impact of quieting one’s brain waves into lower frequencies. People are opening up to possibilities in the realm of the unknown.

The ancients knew that space is not empty; it is the origin and memory of all things that exist and have ever existed…[This insight] is now being rediscovered at the cutting edge of the sciences [and is emerging] as a main pillar of the scientific world’s picture of the twenty-first century. This will profoundly change our concept of ourselves and of the world. – Dr. Ervin Laszlo (as quoted in The Answer)

When I train my clients, my rule is: no negative self-talk. “It’s too hard”, “no way can I do it” are being thrown out the window in the first session. I know for a fact that the body reacts to what you tell it. What you affirm feeds your future blueprint. One of my favorite clients once said “OMG, I am so bad at lunges”. So I told her: “Let’s change your self-talk about lunges. I think it would serve you better to instead say that I am getting better and better”. She looked at me frazzled and really forced it out uncomfortably, saying: “I am getting better and better.” Guess what? She did get better and better, AS SHE WAS SAYING IT! She started listening to – and modifying – her self-talk outside of our training sessions and consequently improved on achieving other personal goals.

But affirmations are not enough! If you look at your dirty laundry and say all day long “My laundry is getting cleaner and smells great” nothing will happen… You have to take action. Say you can do it, then do it! Just like saying I am getting better and better, while lunging. Affirmations will put you in the mindset to take action. They will keep you focused on your goals and desires. They will keep your unconscious mind open to all great opportunities around you. Previously you may not have noticed your self-talk if you were not attuned to it; but now that you are aware of its power, you will know to leverage it for positive action.

Please comment below and share your questions, stories, and experiences with affirmations. I would love to hear your thoughts; I greatly appreciate the feedback!

* * *

picOrion Talmay is a fitness expert and life coach who helps her clients transform their bodies and their lives. Her fitness skills include yoga, weight training, kick boxing, Aikido, MMA (mixed martial arts) and Krav Maga. Orion completed the Tough Mudder, a 12-mile extreme obstacle course with an ice pool, electric wires, buttered monkey bars, and more. She’s not all hard-core though; she is also a woman of the arts — loves to dance and sing, went to acting school, and speaks three languages. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Personal Training and is AAFA, AAPT, KBA, and Zumba certified. She is currently working on an online coaching program for weight loss and self development, designed to empower people across all aspects of their lives: physical, mental, social and spiritual. Orion is also working on her first book, about transformational change. Originally from Israel, she currently lives in sunny Santa Monica, California.

This One Goes Out to all the “Nobodies”

girl with dandelionI’m a house frau.  I live a relatively ordinary suburban life in New England.  Technically speaking, I’m a nobody.  My name has never been in lights, I have about 14 Twitter followers, I have a moderate talent for writing.  But I do have something that makes me very special.  God lives inside of me.  Yep.  Crazy, right?  I mean, I’m not religious.  I don’t even go to church.  I’ve never read The Old Testament and I don’t celebrate Ramadan.  But God still hangs out in my heart.  Who’d imagine He’d make time for a nobody like me?  But He does.  Somehow He remembers me.  Everyday He encourages me to be better, to try harder, to do the best I can with the time I have.

I’m a writer.  I write about spiritual awakening.  I hope to share my experiences in hopes of inspiring others to live more mindfully.  This is my small contribution to world peace.  I’d like to grow my audience and make a larger contribution to world peace, but that’s hard to do when you’re nobody.  But I keep on posting blogs and mailing submissions to Oprah and creating slightly embarrassing YouTube videos because I care.  Because I want to do my part.  Because if God is going to grace me with the opportunity to live a whole lifetime with His beautiful energy in my heart, I want to do my very best with it.

I have an affirmation card hanging on my refrigerator that says, “It’s happening.”  I love that card.  It’s powerful.  Every morning I pull out my Stoneyfield Farm Banilla yogurt and think, “Oh yah.  I’ve got to pull my load today because it’s happening.  Can’t let God down.  He knows that I know that I know that He knows.  Time to work.”  So I pick up my phone and reach out to people who know I’m a nobody and cross my fingers they’ll see that God lives in my heart.  If I can’t convince them to return my calls, maybe He will.  I send emails and fumble around over-designed social media sites, strike up overly-honest conversations after yoga class and take advice from my brilliant sister – all to create connections with the just-right people to help me on my mission.  Sometimes it works (ding ding ding!) and sometimes I’m rejected.  But the rejection doesn’t feel like failure to me.  Rejection isn’t personal.  It’s just a sign that I’m not ready for that experience yet or that I’m sniffing out the wrong lead.

I’m not afraid.  Nope.  No way.  I’m not afraid to try.  Trying is risky because buried deep inside of the word “try” is the word “fail”.  But also hidden in that word is “Congratulations!  You did it!  You passed!  Now jump back in the game and try something else – there’s a lot of work to do with your life and time’s a-ticking!”  This Nobody’s got her eyes trained on the latter.

3 Mini-Meditations to Help Get You Through the Day (and Night)

What stops you from sleeping through the night? Is it when things are not going your way or they look topsy-turvy and you just want to scream; when your life appears chaotic and you are not sure if you are coming or going; or when it feels like everything is piled on your shoulders?

 Life should be an exciting and outrageous adventure. Isn’t it a wonder how a spider weaves a web or a bee makes a hive? Did you ever notice the small, everyday miracles, like the fact that you can breathe in and out? But how many of us get to experience this miracle? Sometimes life just feels too awful. We  want to feel good, we want to be happy, in fact happiness is our birthright. But so often there are just too many difficulties to deal with. And although we may know that meditation chills us out, if we are feeling stressed or irritable then it just doesn’t seem so appealing.

 So here are three mini-meditations, moments to just stop and breathe and remember why you are here. A moment to check yourself out, to look within, and to find what is really meaningful to you. You can get it together even when you think it is all falling apart.

 Mini-meditations can be done on a train, walking down the street, at an airport, standing at a bus stop, in an elevator, while sitting in the bathroom (often the only place you can be alone!). Silently count your out- breath up to ten times, or walk with awareness of each step for up to ten steps. Or relax each part of your body, then silently repeat "soft belly" for five breaths.

 If you are at work, then use your lunch hour to find a quiet spot, perhaps in a park, or even in the office if everyone else has gone out. If you are traveling then use that time to consciously breathe, letting your awareness follow your breath from the nose tip to your belly and back out again. If you are driving or operating machinery and feel you are getting tense, then stop for a moment, breathe into your belly and silently repeat "soft belly, soft belly." Focus on any part of the body that is feeling tight and breathe into it, until you relax and let go. Silently repeat "soft shoulders" or "soft neck" and so on.

 As you walk down the street or ride in an elevator, practice a mini-loving kindness by silently wishing everyone be well, wishing that everyone be happy. In the office you can spend a few moments repeating the names of everyone you work with and wishing them happiness. On your way home from work reflect on your day and generate loving thoughts to all those you met. When you send out relaxing and loving thoughts it relaxes the space around you and often any chaotic or disturbing energies will dissipate. What you put out comes back to you ten fold.

1. Mini Breath Meditation

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Take a deep breath and let it go. Begin to silently count at the end of each out breath: Inhale… exhale… count one, inhale… exhale… two, inhale… exhale… three. Then start at one again. Just three breaths and back to one. Simply following each breath in and silently counting. So simple. Do this as many times as you want, eyes open or closed, breathing normally.

2 Mini-Walking Meditation

You can do this walking along a country lane, a city street, in the office or the garden. You can walk slowly, normal or fast, whatever feels right. As you walk become aware of your walking, of the movement of your body and the rise and fall of your feet. Become aware of your breath and see if you can bring both your breathing and your walking together. Just walk and breathe with awareness for a few minutes.

3. Instant Letting Go 

Find a quiet place to sit, have a straight back, and take a deep breath and let it go. Then quietly repeat to yourself: "My body is at ease and relaxed… my heartbeat is normal… my mind is calm and peaceful… my heart is open and loving." Keep repeating this until you have let go of the tension and are at peace. Then take a deep breath and have a smile on your face!

We would love to hear your story and also comments on how you relax with meditation.

You can pre-order a copy of our book at: BE THE CHANGE, How Meditation Can Transform You and the World. It will be published Nov 3rd. Join us for a booksigning: Nov 3rd in Boulder CO; Nov 11th in Portland OR; Nov 13th in Seattle WA; Nov 16th in NYC; and Nov 17th in Springfield MA. More details at: www.EdandDebShapiro.com

Our new book, BE THE CHANGE, How Meditation Can Transform You And The World, has forewords by the Dalai Lama and Robert Thurman, with contributors such as Marianne Williamson, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Beckwith, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jane Fonda, Jack Kornfield, Byron Katie, Dean Ornish, Dan Millman, Seane Corn, Ram Dass and others. It will be published Nov 3rd 2009 by Sterling Ethos.


Deb is the author of the award-winning book YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND. Ed and Deb are the authors of over 15 books, and lead meditation retreats and workshops. Enjoy their 3 meditation CD’s: Metta – Loving kindness and Forgiveness; Samadhi – Breath Awareness and Insight; and Yoga Nidra – Inner Conscious Relaxation, available on their website: >www.EdandDebShapiro.com

Manifesting 101 series: INTENTION


How many times have you said to yourself I did it with the best of intention? And the next thing you know everything just simply falls apart. Intentions are necessary for forward movement, however, intention set out without proper planning and motivation can lead to failure. If you have something that you are intending to do you must understand why you are intending to do it. The why is the base of the intent it is the core of the matter. Doing something simply because you think it will change how someone feels about you is intention without merit for most times it matters not what you do, or say to the person you are trying to please. Doing it because you want to create a change within you and your life towards the positive is intention with merit; it will most always bring you joy and contentment.

Learning how to set an intention, or goal is the next step in growing towards making the right choices. There are short term goals and long term ones, and it is important to have a few of both. Why? Understanding where you have come from and where you are moving towards in terms of your bigger picture will give you more energy to want to keep creating positive change. Knowing that you have obtained a short term goal will give you the strength and conviction to say yes I can. When you create positive change in your life others will see this and they will either support you with open arms, or leave by the wayside. In many cases those who do leave were not really meant to be there in your life in the first place. There is sadness when you do eventually come to a point where people are leaving from your life; do not let this grief stay within your mind though it will hinder your growth.

Change can cause grief you are essentially going through a mini death. When change occurs old habits are left while new ones now take priority. How long should you grief? No one should tell you how long to continue grief, but there does come a time when you must lay that burden down in order to receive new joy and peace of mind. I am reminded of a Chinese proverb where a novice was confronted with terrible grief and the master asked the novice how long he was going to carry his burden. The novice replied, “Master do you not see how much pain I suffer?” The master then turned to the novice and said “Do you not see how much peace you are denying?” Take on your grief allow it to show itself and then ask yourself how long you want to keep denying yourself peace

Intention means purpose. What is your purpose today? Do you feel the need for change? Are there things in your life that you have been denying yourself that you can finally decide today to say I will work towards it with a positive decision towards change? Say this out loud yell it if you feel the need I will make a choice to stand up for myself and to create a new purpose. I intend to make this change today and then say out loud what that intention is exactly. If it is to quit a vice then state firmly what you will replace this vice with in order to fill the void that will inevitably be left.

Many times a vice such as over eating needs to be replaced with an action. Taking a walk, reading your bible, phoning a friend instead of taking a bite of something you know is not good for you is a good positive change towards ending such a vice. Remembering that nothing changes over night and that it takes 21 days to change this will help you push forward. Each time you make a better choice, and do not give into to your old ways you will be creating positive energy, and this energy will help push you to your goal.

What if the vice is another human being? Being involved in a bad relationship is one thing usually it takes care of itself by simply dissolving; you split up and start again. However, there are some relationships that are just truly toxic. Clients will talk about how much they love the person; and how they would simply be willing to do anything to get them back into their good graces. And each time they do “reconcile” within months, or less they are again broken and devastated that they are experience the same thing over again. What is said most by both men and women is I love them why would they do this to me? Love is compassionate it is not threatening, or abusive in any manner. Love does not destroy someone it adds to their joy of being alive. It does not say oh let me take you off that shelf I put you on and play with you for a while, then put you back until its convenient for me to stop by again.

If you find that you are in this sort of relationship I am here to tell you that this pattern will never change. How do you fix it? You don’t. Most likely you were raised to do the right thing all the time every time, and when you run into someone who you think has the same values, but later find out something else, and you try to bring them up to your level; you will be disappointed every time. Again this goes back to the value system that the person learned early in childhood, and or in their young adult life. If they do not understand that it is not morally correct to use a person and leave them in a puddle of despair without so much as a good-bye then they will never come up to your expectations of decency.

Those who recognize that there is no real relationship here and move on have made the best decision possible. On the other hand those who keep saying what did I do wrong, how can I fix this tell me what to do; those people are in a toxic relationship. They will resort to anything in order to get that person back into their life. Many times they will turn to those who work in the occult to bring about a love spell, or some other type of magic that binds the soul of their desire. These things never work out right, and in some instances they can lead to death. The words love spell seems harmless enough right? It seems like it’s just something fun that can take away the sting of a relationship gone amuck, but let me tell you it can be your worst nightmare come true. I have a lady friend I will call Marta who decided she wanted to purchase a love spell from a local woman because the man she wanted had decided to go back to his wife. The spell was produced and the man became intoxicated again with her; however it was to the point where she was so over whelmed by him that at one point she had declared him a stalker. She could not do anything to get away from him she was trapped in her life until she finally could not take anymore and moved out of state. The lesson here is that if you decide to bind another soul to yours consider Marta, and make a choice to walk the other way.

Finally, you must believe that you have what it takes inside to make changes. You must be convinced that yourself worth and your life situation no matter how bleak can be change even if it is only your thoughts that change first. You have an amazing capacity for creating, and for bringing about change everything you need to do that is inside of you. You have already started to make those new changes by taking in new information that is stimulating a desire for positive change now. Take some time today to write out a few short term goals and then at least one long term goal. Write out how you want to move forward with these goals, and remember write down specifically what you want that final goal to look like so that you can recognize when you have finally achieve that goal. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.

Is it socially acceptable (yet) to be wonderful?

For many years now I have worked with intentions and affirmations. I just realized today that there may be a gap between what we are encouraged to say in the mirror and what is "acceptable" to say out loud. I am left wondering if  it is reasonable (or wise) to state in company: "I am wonderful. I am good at what I do. I am grateful for my talents and gifts. I love myself. "

Of course it is welcome here on this site and for that I am very grateful, but may I, if I meet you in person, announce myself as a phenomenal woman? Well, I hope so, because I will. It seems like a bit of a dirty secret to only love myself in private, to only claim my power in the mirror. I want to live my affirmations and while I believe they show non-verbally, I still feel a taboo regarding affirming self to others.

Self love and self worth, in my opinion, are quite different than ego. There can be full humility in self love, just as there is in the love we extrend to others which sees both faults and graces, strengths and weakness, and offers forgiveness and compassion.

So here I am falling into the trap: Can I say I love myself out loud, without qualification? I want to tell you that I do see my faults, that I don’t think I am better than anyone, that it is a struggle to shine and not hide my light because I fear "the voices."

"Who the hell does she think she is?"

"How arrogant!"

"What about some humility, huh?"

"How about thinking of someone other than yourself?"

"How dare you!"

So in my discourse today, I found myself trying to back-pedal and I learned another interesting taboo: It is "acceptable" to wish for empowerment but not for power. I reached for the word "power" and found myself using "empowerment" instead which led me to question whether empowerment might be a diluted word we still use becuase of fear of plain old "power."

Is empowerment, as a word, self-limiting and still reserved for the type of power that is "safe" and socially acceptable? Further, does it have a connotation of being bestowed, regained, or retrieved and not already present? It felt weaker and safer to me. There may be a reason: Power gets abused, empowerment…doesn’t? I really don’t know but I was surprised in the difference in potency between the two words, and of course, that may just be me.

So yes, I write from a personal place because I want to own this and not to preach. And I use "acceptable" in quotes hopefully with the understanding that I do not agree or subscribe to the beliefs that limit our positive expressions, yet I have encountered them. I write to clarify my thoughts after a tough day of trying to stay centered and I write just in case someone else is struggling with being wonderful in public. If so, I will be glad to hear your voice, see your light, celebrate your wonderful being!


Finding Instant Calm

We’ve all had those times in our lives when everything seems to go wrong. You keep trying to pick yourself back up and yet you keep falling back down.  It’s as if everything in your life seems to be conspiring against you.  You’re worried about money to pay the bills, your company is threatening a layoff, your car is making strange (and expensive sounding) noises. And one of your parents is sick. You feel like you’re barely able to come up for air. 


  • "I know that I’ll feel better soon."
  • "I am safe; surrounded and protected by a loving wisdom."
  • “I’ve gotten through tough times before. I know I’ll get through this.”
  • "I know that new doors to opportunity will open as I go through this transition."
  • "I know that I have to let go of the old in order for the new to be born."
  • "I am open and receptive to new avenues of abundance."
  • "I am guided through this day.  I know that I will make the right choices."
  • "Good will come out of this situation.  I need to be patient as it unfolds."
  • "I have control over my thoughts and right now I am choosing to feel peace, not fear."
  • "My life is unfolding in new ways.  Things will get better."




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