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From Intent.com: I intend to celebrate!

This Week: My intent is to celebrate!

Do not regret growing older.
It is a privilege denied to many.

This summer has been a mess.

I left a new job and went back to a job with not enough hours to pay my bills. I upgraded from a studio apartment into a wonderful two bedroom apartment only to have to move a month later and found a new place with only 4 days to spare. I lost a grandfather and a grandmother. Between time, money and distance, I wasn’t at  either funeral. I cried a lot. I was very stressed. I probably made my friends wish they were deaf so they couldn’t hear my whining.

My birthday is on Friday. I turn 28. WHAT? Yes. It’s the oldest I’ve ever been.

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. That’s something for which I’m super grateful. After the past three months, I’m even more grateful for a time to stop and celebrate. I can start with the fact that I’m alive. Considering the number of people lost every year to disease, war, and random acts of God – making it another 365 days deserves some attention. It was 365 more days to call my mom so she could tell me what our family dogs had gotten into that day. It was 365 more days to go see comedy shows with my best friend and lay on a California beach just because. It was 365 more days to enjoy things like pumpkin pancakes and Easter candy and Thanksgiving dinner. Not everyone gets to say they’ve had 28 Christmases, 28 birthday parties, 28 anniversaries of waking up on this Earth another year.

I intend to celebrate because gratitude and happiness are good for your soul. There are legitimately terrible things that happen every day. In LA, sometimes it’s a struggle just to get groceries into your house without putting your back out. The unfortunate part is that terrible things have this way of being so loud and in your face. They seem bigger than the wonderful things, but trust me, they’re not. You can spend 24 hours focused on the dent on your bumper, the watered down coffee at work, the obnoxious person who just called to yell at you on the phone, or you can spend that same amount of time thinking about pictures of puppies on Instagram, drinking chai tea lattes with coffee ice cubes or telling someone how much you love them. You get the same amount of time everyday. Spend it thinking about things that won’t give you an ulcer or make your hair fall out.

I intend to celebrate because cake is good. And presents are good. And people you love paying for your dinner at fancy restaurants? Also good. Celebrate whether or not it’s your birthday. Because it’s good.


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Two Essential Questions Before Saying “I do”

Wedding ringsBy: Sasha Stone

Recently I caused a minor Facebook frenzy with the following comment:

“It is my observation that marriage for my generation is irrelevant and represents the death of love. I have a few examples in my life that prove otherwise, which is beautiful and wonderful. What about you? What’s your experience?”

I will admit, I did this partially to provoke people. I knew it would strike a chord and married people would get defensive. I was curious to see what that defense would be, because honestly, I would rather my observation be inaccurate. No surprise, most responses had a lot to do with romantic notions of forever, family, and devotion. Those that said their marriage was thriving sited communication, honesty, and respect. This, though, was my favorite response of all:

“Marriage is not just a piece of paper. It is not a piece of paper to prove love. My husband proved that to me well before we got married — which is why we got married in the first place! However, it does open up a lot of options legally – think about health care decisions, financial combinations, term life decisions etc…”

Why my favorite? Because this is real. This has a purpose.

Since my divorce in 2009 I’ve kept a close eye on my views on marriage, observing any changes and fluctuations that might occur and why. In the midst of my divorce, I felt fairly certain I would never get married again. Not because I was bitter and jaded, and not because I didn’t want to have a family, but because marriage had lost its meaning to me.

I got married very young (age 25), and though in love, we hadn’t really spent any time discussing our motives for taking such a huge next step in our relationship. There was the practical consideration of me being able to stay in the U.S., and the idea of wanting to be together forever. Beyond that, we didn’t really look at the deeper currents of why, and consequently nor whether this move was truly in the greatest good for either of our lives.

Whether consciously or not, I think many people get married to hold on to that relationship and that person forever, no matter what, even if there are massive gaps in values, vision, and priorities. As though somehow, having that official certificate guarantees your idealized vision of love and that the person will be yours forever. Clearly, divorce rates indicate otherwise, but people still seem to think, for them it will be different.

What happens all too often though, for my generation at least, is the paper gets signed and the relationship takes a nosedive. I know that is not the case for everyone, but it is strikingly common. I could probably write a 1000 page essay on this topic, there’s so much to it. But I am going to stick my neck out and say the main reason this occurs is because despite our social evolution, we still cling and grasp onto the romance saturated view of marriage that is fed to us through fairytales, both classic and contemporary. Our starving mind (our hearts are usually wiser) latches on to that idea and laps it up voraciously. Then we get married, and our socially evolved self revolts, does not want to accept the illusion of this arrangement, and suddenly, desperately, wants out.

Last year, I had the honor of officiating a wedding for a beloved student and friend (yes, that’s right, minister Sash). I had to be very thoughtful about it because I didn’t want to be a fraud standing up there, guiding two people into an institution for which I hadn’t yet made peace. So I asked the couple tying the knot to answer two questions for me (an assignment they had to do separately, without consulting each other).

#1) Why are you getting married?

Seems straight forward enough, but many people answer this question with something basically along the lines of, “I love this person, I want to be with them forever, and I want to build a family and life with them.” That is awesome! I say go for it, but guess what, you don’t need to be married to do any of those things (at least not in the Western world). Love and commitment are beautiful and wonderful, but you can be married and completely not committed. You can also be fully devoted and not married.

Dig deeper. What are some REAL reasons for making this massive commitment? I find the answers that are deeply spiritual, deeply traditional, and/or deeply practical to be the most compelling. If you and your spouse-to-be have those reasons in common, then there is a much more substantial backing to walking down the aisle than simply the forever story. You have no idea what life is going to hurl your way, but if you have super strong convictions about why marriage is essential to the progress and evolution of your relationship and life together, then you have a firm foundation to stand on.

#2) Why are you marrying this person?

Ok, here is where you get to be romantic and gushy. Still though, I encourage you to dig deep. What makes this person so highly unique and dear to you that you are willing to make a lifelong commitment to them? Get it all down. Be extremely personal, reflective, and specific. Then, when you hit those rough spots in your relationship, come back to this document and remind yourself what a precious being you have the privilege of sharing your life with.

Of course, there are many more questions to ask oneself, but this is not intended to be a guide on finding the right partner (when I figure that out I’ll get back to you ;). My intention is simply to draw your attention to two basic questions whose answers are often taken for granted rather than sincerely discussed.

Yes, I do believe in Love. I believe in commitment, I believe in family, and I believe that humans are meant to live their lives in togetherness, not isolation. I want love, I want babies, and I want to experience the crazy journey of being with someone for a very long time. Would I get married again? Only if the reasons for it truly make sense, and that if I decide to take that step with someone, that we have been openly thoughtful about it and see eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart on the why.

Take action now:

  1. Share your reaction to this article in the comments below.
  2. Send this to someone preparing to embark on the marriage journey. It might offer them a little guidance before taking the plunge.

Originally published on Sasha’s blog 

photo by: State Farm

Elephant in the Room: I Can Only Be With My Boyfriend If He Proposes

Gay-MarriageDear Cora,

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years.  I am 23 and he’s is 30. I am from a religious family so my mum and dad won’t allow me to live with him without being married. He lives quite a few miles away from me and works a lot so I only see him once a week and being away from him is breaking my heart. After  five years I want him with me every day and not just to see him 1 day a week for a few hours. I feel as though all I have done for 5 years is miss him. Do you think he will ever propose? He has been married before and maybe that is putting him off.  I don’t know where I stand, please help. 



Dear Anonymous,

Oh, babe. We have a lot going on here and I think we need to break it down step by step to see what we can come up with.

The first thing that pops out at me is that you’re 23, stop talking about marriageYou especially shouldn’t be talking about it when you approach it as a method to see your boyfriend more often. That’s not what it’s about. Marriage is a serious commitment – it is promising to spend the rest of your life with someone. That means when things aren’t fun, when they aren’t paying attention to you, for better and for worse. Real marriage is about accepting that making a life together is hard work, and that you’re willing to commit to sticking it out together. It’s not a quick fix for missing someone. It’s a life-long, very serious, situation. If your boyfriend has already been married and it ended then he probably knows this better than anyone and his hesitation may be because he knows you two aren’t ready for that level of commitment.

Speaking of your boyfriend, let’s talk about him for a moment. Actually, no. Let’s talk about you, and your feelings for him. I agree that a few hours a week isn’t enough to maintain a serious relationship – especially after five years. How well do you two really know each other? How do you build something solid and lasting on mere glimpses of time? That is a conversation you need to have with him instead of asking when is he going to propose or if he wants to get married. You need to ask what do we need to do to make this really work? Your words and emotions are serious but the level of the relationship seems casual and I think it would behoove you to make sure that you are both on the same page before you continue on writing the rest of the novel.

Now here’s the tough part, but I think if you are able to take advantage of this last piece of advice you’ll find that the rest of it gets easier. It seems the deepest root of your troubles comes from the rules of your parents. While I think you may be too young to be thinking about marriage (at least in your current situation) you are old enough to be making your own decisions. I have no doubts that your parents want the best for you as only they know how – however, they can’t live your life for you. You are old enough to be making your own decisions about how you want to live your life. The hard part of that is finding a way to make your parents accept that, or having the strength to move on by yourself even if they don’t. What I think you need Anonymous is to start thinking about moving out on your own instead of with your boyfriend. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet – that’s what your 20s are for! To figure out who you really are as a person by making your own decisions and your own mistakes. With your own place you not only get the chance to figure out for yourself what you believe but it should allow you more time to see your boyfriend. You two can get to know each other on a serious level, figure out how you work as a couple that has to function with the rest of the world and whether it really does work.

Don’t sell yourself short of this opportunity to grow into your own skin by moving from your parents to your boyfriend. You need time to grow, lovely. Unburden yourself from those shackles. It’s a tough world out there and you have to dig deep to find the strength to choose and hold on to your own happiness. I’m afraid if you keep sitting around waiting for your parents or your boyfriend to hand it to you that you’re going to miss out on the wonderful things you deserve.

Best wishes,


Before You Judge Plastic Surgery, Read This

Curious girl

Have you ever jumped to criticism after seeing someone with plastic surgery or hearing of a friend or relative’s decision to alter their appearance? Or if you have had cosmetic surgery, have you ever faced judgment from others for your decision?

Truth be told, plastic surgery is a controversial subject, and such responses are typical. In a compelling article from the September/October issue of Spirituality & Health magazine, one poignant story stands out:

“I was at a pub one night where I liked to sing karaoke with my friends, about six weeks after having breast implants,” says Michelle, 55, of Nevada. “There was a group of very competitive ‘mean girls’ who would come in. When I got up to sing, one of them said, ‘Whoa! How do you spell plastic surgery?’”

Women, is this really how we want to be treating one another? Does one person’s decisions need to perfectly align with our own beliefs in order for us to treat them with respect? Before we condemn the perceived vanity that goes into a decision to receive plastic surgery, let’s try on the hat of compassion and take a look at some of the real reasons people – women in particular – opt for that course of action.

Nearly 40% of the U.S. population is 45 years old and above, and 14.2% of American women are 65 years and over. Many of the cosmetic concerns women face in later years – wrinkles, sun spots, greying or thinning hair, loss of pigmentation – can be attributed to age, which, after all, is one of the most natural processes human beings go through. There is nothing inherently shameful about aging, and if anything it should be a source of pride. As Oprah Winfrey wrote recently in an article for Huffington Post:

I’m well aware that trying to stay fresh and current can be a challenge, especially if you live a lot of your life in public view. Of course I want to look my best. I want to feel strong and vibrant. But I know for sure that the pathway to your best life isn’t the route of denial. It’s owning every moment. Staking a claim in right now. And, with gratitude, embracing the age you are.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, by far the largest age group for both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures is 35-50 years of age, with the 51-64 age group following as second largest for nonsurgical procedures. Nonsurgical includes Botox injections, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and the like.

That means a sizable amount of women past their 40’s are looking in the mirror, feeling uncomfortable with how they look, and undergoing cosmetic alterations to their appearance. But even nonsurgical procedures are not devoid of risk. Such procedures can cause burns, scarring, darkening or lightening of the skin, and other unwanted side effects.

That’s not to say these procedures shouldn’t exist, but it’s important to fully understand what you’re getting into and ask yourself a few questions before choosing that path. For one, does your interest in cosmetic surgery arise out of deep introspection and soul-searching, or is it born of fear, shame, or insecurity? If the latter, explore some other options for increasing happiness and self-esteem, first.

As Jane Ganahl writes in Spirituality & Health:

Cultivate inner happiness by giving of yourself. Volunteer at a senior center, organize a book club, audition for community theater. Doing for others keeps you from obsessing about those crow’s-feet.

Buck the cultural impediments to visibility. Walk tall, refuse to take a table by the kitchen, make your opinions known. Change the way you look at yourself, and the world will change too.

What are your thoughts and experiences with cosmetic surgery? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

* * *

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.18.59 PMSpirituality & Health is a magazine for people who want to explore the spiritual journey and wake up to our capacity for self-healing, vitality, and resiliency. Read the entire article on plastic surgery in the September/October edition of Spirituality & Health, on newsstands now! Get your first issue FREE here.

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5 Mother’s Day Life Lessons – Wisdom From A Wise Mom

The Beauty of Old AgeBy Jay Forte

As I write this, it is early – just after 6 am. I am in New England, in Putnam CT, at my Mom’s house. Today, she turns 80. And as in all good Italian families, my siblings are all flying in from around the country to celebrate – to celebrate her birthday, our family, her impact and her wisdom as a remarkable mother.

We tried to keep the party a surprise, but when you are the mother of six, you seem to have this natural ability to always know what is going on. Somehow, she knew things about her party that some of my siblings didn’t even know. This sets the stage to share some great wisdom from someone – from a powerful, loving and capable mother – who has lived a long time, has learned much and never misses an opportunity to share what she knows. Mom is a wonderful cook – so you’ll see that so much of her wisdom involves food. We’re Italian…what can I say?

1. You are as old as you think you are.

Though Mom turns 80 today, there is nothing about her (save some really gray hair) that makes anyone think she is 80. Her cooking, gardening and painting has her up and down stairs, in and out of the house, all around town and doing what she loves. When you wake up happy in life, you stay young. When you do things you love, you stay young. When you treat yourself with care and respect, you stay young. When you eat really good food (she means healthy), you stay young. Age is a number; being and feeling young is a mindset. As she says, the greater the age, the better the bragging rights.

2. Be interested in others.

Ask questions and be interested in the answers. Learn to listen. Show up and be present with the people in your life. Not only do they have information to help you learn how to “do life well,” but they are also the treasures of life. It’s the people in our lives, not the things, that make life amazing. Remember the important things in others’ lives. Stay connected, send a card, make a call, bake something, share some soup…

3. Treasure your family.

Our families are in our lives for a reason. They keep us supported and strong; we learn respect, manage our emotions, share, support, love and celebrate. Families are the training ground for living a great and happy life. We learn how to successfully be in the world from our time with our families. And in the process, we find those we can rely on and count on in every day of life.

4. Do great things with your life.

Each day we have the opportunity to bring our best to the world. Never miss it. Learn what you are good at by trying new things and experiencing life. Then show up with your A-game to all that you do. Since you do not get this day back, make each day outstanding by improving any part of the world you touch. Inspire people to step up and stand out in life.

5. Be grateful for whatever you have.

There will always be those who have more and those who have less. It isn’t what you have that matters; it is how grateful you are for what you have. This is the reason to say grace or thanks before a meal. It is the same reason why every time you look at your spouse, partner, kids or friends, you should smile and think how blessed you are that they are in your life.

Though today is Mom’s birthday and we are celebrating her, we are mostly celebrating what she (and other mothers) have taught us to be ready to live our own versions of great and happy lives. Think young. Be great. Inspire others. Be grateful. Treasure people. And mostly live around the table – because all important things can be discussed, debated, invented or solved over some kind of pasta or roasted chicken and finished with biscotti.

Celebrate, applaud and learn from the powerful women in your lives.

photo by: VinothChandar

Give It Up For Beautiful Mother’s Day Cards Representing LGBT and Alternative Families!


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, and you may be scrambling to get cards, gifts, and plan get togethers with those special moms in your life. But for many families in the United States, this holiday is more problematic. After all, does Mother’s Day representation in media and on greeting cards pay equal tribute to single moms, young moms, queer moms, incarcerated moms, or minority moms? And what about families headed up by two dads – should they just wait until Father’s Day and leave it at that?

One organization, Strong Families, is tackling this issue head on. This grassroots organization states that their mission is to help all families thrive regardless of race, class, age, sexual orientation, citizenship status, or any other marker of relative enfranchisement and alienation. Strong Families’ line of custom alternative Mother’s Day cards is as  beautiful as it is groundbreaking. Take a look at these amazing cards, and if you feel inspired, go ahead and create on for a special parent in your life:

Click here to make your own Mother’s Day card using one of these beautiful templates from Strong Families.

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?


Images from http://strongfamiliesmovement.org

Has Science Discovered the Answer to Eternal Youth?

Scented PinkOurs is a culture that values youth and childlike beauty above anything else, even to the point of neglecting our elderly population. Not only do we covet the strength and flexibility of a spry body, but we obsess over youthful beauty and go to inordinate lengths to maintain it well into aging. Well, forget about plastic surgery and face creams – what if there were a way to not only live longer and look younger, but to actually stay young throughout your life?

We aren’t making any promises, but Nature science journal recently published findings linking the activities of the hypothalamus to the process of aging. Early trials have been conducted on mice, but if applied to humans it could change the way doctors approach age-related illness and measures for increasing longevity. The study has discovered correlations between inflammation, stress responses, and aging all localized in the hypothalamus, which could suggest that reducing the one would alleviate the other, etc.

The hypothalamus is a region of the brain that regulates hormones associated with temperature, sleep, hunger, blood pressure, sex drive, and moods, as well as the release of hormones from various glands, including the pituitary gland. The complex nature of the brain is such that we can’t draw a simple line between stress and aging or even inflammation and aging, when a host of hormones and neurological factors are at play. Several things can be said, though, about the effects of stress on the body, which meditation and other mind-calming techniques have been shown to help alleviate.

Stress can increase blood pressure, slow digestion, increase heart rate, and cause muscle to tense, along with other problems. And the latest research on meditation, the brain, and overall health suggests that the practice may reduce these stress-related effects, as well as improve the immune system, cognitive function, and control of the nervous system.

We look forward to further research on this subject! We hope that in the near future much will be uncovered about the potential to reduce age-related suffering, whether through mindfulness practices like meditation, or even through manipulating hormones in the hypothalamus. After all, wrinkles and grey hair are marks of wisdom and rich life experience, but we could just as soon do without the pain and illness that often goes along with aging.

What do you think? Take a look at the studies on your own and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Gray-Haired Women Are Sexy

Someone told me once that 37 (my age) is the beginning of middle age. So be it. Most of my friends now have gray hairs and it’s never much of anything to let your guy friends know they’re aging. But recently I saw a woman from college I hadn’t seen in many years. Also 37, she aged beautifully and I tried to compliment her when she signed in for my yoga class.

“Heyyyyy, what a surprise, you look great! If it wasn’t for your gray hair, I’d totally think you were still in your twenties,” I stated enthusiastically.

Yeah Dave,” she said angrily mocking my supposedly positive nickname.

As class ended, and she was rolling up her mat, I again shared my thoughts, “I really admire you, seriously, for going with gray. Most women would cover that up and it’s so awesome how true you are to yourself!”

I don’t think she wanted me bringing it up…another time. Evidently, thirty-something women don’t like to be told they have gray hair, especially by men.

She just looked at me, and I felt like Sookie Stackhouse from the TV show True Blood, able to read her mind. I was certain she was thinking, “David Romanelli is a fu-kface, Why did I come here?” And then amazingly, she actually said,  “David Romanelli. You’re a fu-kface. Why did I come here?”


We are so youth-obsessed in America to the extent that gray hair is perceived as a negative thing.  In fact, 75% of American women color their hair. Look up “cover gray hair” on Google and you’ll get 8,180,000 results.

One place in the world where things are different (very different) is the Caucasus region of southern Russia in a place called Abkhazia. Its has an extraordinary amount of centenarians.  Abkhazians are considered more beautiful in their old age than in their youth. To tell an elder Abkhazian that she looks young is considered an insult. To tell the same person “You’re looking old today” is a compliment.   Wrinkles are battle scars, the coolest of cool in the land of Abkhazia. Can you imagine if I would have said to the college friend mentioned above, “Not only do I love your gray hair but your wrinkles are freakin fabulous!”?

So here’s the question. If you are going to great lengths to hide your wrinkles and gray hairs, is that really healthy? Not to say changing your hair color is bad. But what is bad getting down on yourself about a streak of gray, or a new crease on your brow, or a little extra blubber on your belly.  As a wise one said,

“Youth is not entirely a time of life—it is a state of mind. It is not wholly a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips or supple knees. It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions.”


David Romanelli

 Originally published in 2010

Testing the limits of our Youth

 For years growing up, my mother would only allow skim milk, whole wheat bread and for the grand finale of a huge present, the taste of Honey nut cheerios in our house.  As the result, anytime I was visiting another friends house, I would ravage through their kitchen like the boy who never had food on the table where he lived.  Enjoying a great binge festival with every waking opportunity and somehow able to ingest large amounts of garbage at a time without even the smallest hint of nausea or discomfort.  Low and behold, that habit went long on into my 20’s and at the brink of 30, I have now realized, my youth has carried as much as it could along the way but times are tough and the foundation is giving way.  

At some point in our lives we have to realize that as we grow, so do our bodies and along with them, our organs and overall metabolism go through change as well.  Now, at an age still considered young but old enough for most to assume you own property or have at least one child, I find myself gearing towards a new outlook on health and what exactly it means to me.  When you are young and well into your pre 25 twenties, you are able to carry anything from a little extra weight to a general sans effort look without every really losing any appeal.  In the end, it is not only the collagen that begins it’s sneaky retreat from your body, but this very supple seeming energy as well.   Looking in the mirror at 29 is not a total disappointment, but rather a wake up call to the fast food generation, what we put in our bodies is starting to show and that shine we always relied so heavily upon is beginning to look a bit lackluster. Suddenly, health mantra’s that were previously no more than the nagging words of an earlier generation have become my unforgettable mind music and the contents of my kitchen have slowly begun to change.  In place of what would normally be regret and disdain, I find myself rather excited about this new dawning era, and not only how good healthy can look but more importantly, how amazing healthy feels. 

The 20’s were great and my youth has not gone, but my 30’s approach and everything is about to take on new forms, ever evolving, thank God for our brilliant bodies and their universal wisdom to grow with change.


Age with Grace

Age with Grace – Grace with Age – God Bless


Age with Grace

Age with grace is growing gracefully


Grace with Age

Grace with Age is Growing in Wisdom




The inevitable factor of life is that we will grow as our age progresses




We cannot be anxious or seek to restrict and restrain the natural aging process



The aspect relating to aging gracefully is relating to the perspective of adapting meaningfully; purposefully; respectfully and responsibly to the respective phases of one’s life



This is not seeking to accelerate or pretentiously put on a facade whereby from the external point of view the cosmetic representation is portrayed


It is

This is being natural; being authentic from the core; reflecting and representing the vibrant and versatility; *the authenticity and magnificence of life in each and every aspect of life very most naturally



This is seeking to adapt towards adopting a healthy life style whereby the food consumed accompanied along with the exercise are moderately balanced please


Discipline – Moderation Please

It is a matter of discipline please; It is being aware; It is being accountable; It is being conscious; It is observance of due diligence and prudent acumen please whether this might relate to any habits or indulgences please



Imagine how very truly fortunate we all are indeed; always thanks to God; time and again thanks to God for such wonderful health, wellness and all the happiness in life; thanks to God always; God Bless




It is considered that stress and anxieties tend to tremendously affect one’s health as well as appearance please




There are certain aspects that we can manage; for certain other aspects we need to very most carefully understand that by deviating from the conventional protocol – the etiquette of evading responsibilities and time management as well as other related aspects, the concerned aspects cannot simply fade away or elapse please




We need to carefully understand; be pro active; be vigilant; be observant; be meticulous; be accountable; be meaningful; be purposeful; be respectful; be responsible as well as seek to attend to our respective agendas; assignments; duties; projects; studies and other related activities with a sense of purposefulness and meaningfulness responsibly please



If at times it might be to impress someone in particular one needs to genuinely reflect upon impressing one’s ownself since the competition is actually with one’s ownself first and then with others; being true to ourselves brings



* The Authenticity of Life

The authenticity of life refers to living life harmoniously; aligning with our trueselves; our true identity;purity; naturalness and simplicity



Authenticity; Recognizing

The authenticity of life refers to living life harmoniously; aligning with our trueselves; our true identity;purity; naturalness and simplicity




Accompanying the authenticity of life is the intensity of life



The Intensity of Life

The intensity of life refers to living life with abundance; recognizing the immense potentialities that dwell within us and utilizing the same ingeniously and also seeks to refer emphatically to the purposefulness of life accompanied along with meaningfulness; respectfulness and responsibleness



Intensity; Recognition

The intensity of life seeks to encourage us to discover and recognize the abundance of goodness that dwells within our realm and to pursue a disciplined approach towards accomplishing meaningful goals purposefully



Grace with Age

Grace with Age is Growing in Wisdom



Wisdom is the power of knowledge; being aware; being insightful meaningfully; being aware of the various aspects of Humanity, Life, Morality, Nature & Spirituality



Grace of God

The grace of God is the greatest gift we have; although it is there with us always; yet, let us keep on seeking it also wisely always for Universal Happiness and Wisdom always; God Bless; We are all interconnected; the Universe is One Healthy and Happy Family; What we do for others, comes back to us; God Bless; God’s grace is truly the very greatest gift of God; God Bless



Praying for Universal Happiness and Wisdom always

All of us have this investment in Life, a few precious moments that we can allot to humbly praying to God, seeking God’s divine grace for Universal Happiness & Wisdom always; God Bless



One Moment – Every Moment Matters Please

A few precious moments from the wonderful ; One moment can change someone’s Life profoundly and make someone regain Hope and look at the challenging aspects of Life more clearly for what they are; God Bless




This is the grace of God, the Blessings of God; God’s grace, God’s Love and Light shining throughout our Life, inspiring us to think for a few moments and devote these for the Universe always please; God Bless



Universal Traditions and Cultures

Each and Every Culture and Tradition all across the Universe is Truly a masterpiece by itself; the very most precious treasures of treasures; brilliant, outstanding; enormously rich traditions and cultures all across the Universe that are meaningful and inspire one another always; God Bless


Life teaches us each and every day either through lessons or experiences, it is upto us to learn or be learned

We are provided various opportunities, however certain opportunities do not repeat themselves; Therefore, when we are presented with an opportunity, we must seek to understand and utilize it meaningfully and efficiently for the intended purpose that would bring about – create goodness and welfare for one and all always please; God Bless


The Heart is the Where God Is

God is always there with us; God Bless


Discovering Ourselves amidst the Wonders

It does matter to take time to devote a certain time each and every day to discover one’s higher purpose in life; God Bless


The Heart Speaks; The Mind Speaks; The Conscience Speaks

Yes indeed; the point is that when the heart speaks; the mind speaks; the conscience speaks; are we merely hearing the speech or are we listening to what is being expressed and when doing so, are we understanding the essence please?


Life Inspires, Seek The Inspiration – The Inspiration prevails and truly abound in each and every aspect of Life Please

Yes indeed, the inspiration can be found everywhere around us; it is a matter of perspective; awareness; consciousness; meaningfulness; purposefulness; respectfulness and responsibilities please; observance of due diligence and prudent acumen responsibly please; God Bless



God’s Grace

The grace of God is truly the very greatest gift of gifts ever; right from the very most fortunate moment that we have been born in this Wonderful Universe; all along our precious lives; and even when we are about to depart from this earthly realm after a graceful completion of this very most fortunate sojourn of life; we should always in all ways; always at all times sing and truly express and rejoice in the glory and greatness of God; it is always God’s grace that prevails; we might be ignorant at times and seek to complain but God’s grace is always there; without God’s grace, we cannot even imagine a single moment of life




But naturally we have to efficiently and promptly attend to our respective agendas; our respective assignments and duties; our employment and studies and other obligations with a perspective of discipline; with a perspective of meaningfulness; purposefulness; respectfulness and responsibleness while observing due diligence and prudent acumen responsibly please; yet time and again it is God’s grace; truly God’s grace that we should be always thankful for and wish one and all goodness and happiness always please; God Bless



The Divine Grace of God

When God’s grace; God’s love and light shines forth in our lives; we are able to experience peace despite all the restlessness or contradictions that may prevail since and through the peace one is able to find true happiness


Always Thanks to God; God Bless

Peace and Happiness accompany each other; one cannot be separated from the other. Wisdom is peace within ourselves as well as the interactions that we have with the Universe.


Always God’s Grace

If we might keep on experiencing turmoil, doubts, contradictions or seek to establish our own ways that defy Nature and go against all that has, is and will prevail; then we are seeking to relentlessly pursue an incessant and infinite pathways that contradict the Universal laws and principles of life which would eventually culminate with the results clearly reflecting that it is always and always God’s grace; it is always and always God’s greatness that prevails; God Bless



Thank God always

Always thanks to God time and again for such a Wonderful Life; such a Wonderful Universe; such Wonderful People; Such Wonders upon Wonders in each and every moment always; always and always utmost thanks to God always; God Bless



God Bless

May One and All to be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health; Wellness; Happiness; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless



World’s Happiness

When the World is Happy, We are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness; God Bless



Universal Appreciation; Happiness; Gratitude & Wisdom

May Universal Appreciation; Good Health & Wellness; Happiness; Consideration; Compassion; Respect; Peace; Love; Cooperation; Inspiration; Gratitude; Economic Development, Stability; Prosperity, Progress & Wisdom prevail always



Love & Light;



God Bless,






©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi




This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind ; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith


Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever

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