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A is for Alignment: NASA, Spirituality, and Our Evolving Universe

heic1316aAn Alignment is the synchronization of apparently separate events and elements into one singular harmonic convergence. In all spiritual traditions, the phenomenon of Alignment is both a prerequisite to and a signifier that things are unfolding with an underlying intelligence and order to them.

It’s both highly desirable and highly auspicious because it’s a marker that dissonance and chaos have been collapsed and that coherence has become the prevailing vibration.

When Alignments occur, there’s an opportunity for a quantum shift: to take not just the next step, but to move through dimensions and find yourself in a space where you’re ready to take the 10,008th step as if you had already made all of the ones in between.

It can happen in careers:

When after years of trying to get your scientific research funded and noticed by the relevant players in your field, you find out that all the players who you want to work with are coming to your department for a 3 day review and you have been selected to organize their welcome and farewell reception; this is an Alignment.

It can happen in families:

When you unite with your mother and two brothers for a Christmas holiday, putting you all in the same place at the same time for the first time in 9 years due to you all living in different countries now – and within 24hrs of your all being together, you receive a phone call telling you that your estranged father, who abandoned his family 20 years earlier, has died and you should all come together now to arrange his passing ceremonies; This is an Alignment.

It can happen in relationships:

When the first man you have said yes to in six years for a date, is driving you to a kirtan on your first date together, and you both find out that the closest female friend you’ve made in the SoCal town you have just moved to all the way from Europe, happens be his best friend of the last 10 years. This is an Alignment.


All Alignments have the effect of triggering irreversible healing and transformation.

When the Alignment is over,  you find yourself in a different position from where you were before – as if you stepped through a Stargate that transported you to a different place than the one you were in before it ever happened.

Mostly, when an Alignment is over, you may feel like you have evolved.

No Alignment is ever accidental, although why it is happening may not always be understood as it happens.

Just like it is hard to make observations about evolution when we watch it in real time, what is happening during an Alignment may not be understood in real time as it happens.

And just like evolution, or history, it is when we look retrospectively that we can begin to understand the lasting changes, the transformations that emerged and changed our reality in palpable ways from any given Alignment in a particular period of time.


Today, Nasa’s Hubble Telescope ran a story called ‘Bizarre Alignment of Planetary Nebulae’ in which it reported that over 100 nebulae are unexpectedly, to the deep surprise of scientists, showing an alignment with our galaxy.

All these nebulae formed in different places and have different characteristics. Neither the individual nebulae, nor the stars that formed them, interact with other planetary nebulae. However… Many of these…appear to have their long axes aligned along the plane of our galaxy…While any alignment at all is a surprise, to have it in the crowded central region of the galaxy is even more unexpected…

From a spiritual perspective, an Alignment is marker of evolution in progress. Change is happening.

Exactly what and how is being transformed, can be properly understood only after the Alignment is over.

Until then, we can put our faith in the only thing we can all trust: the knowledge that evolution can not be stopped.


Originally published on my website, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spirituality.

Photo credit: NASA Hubble

10 Steps to Your Intuitive Life Makeover

YogaBy Anne Deidre

Did you know that you are wealthy? Great sages and saints have discovered that the kingdom of heaven is within. This is just as true for you. As you go through life you can pick up lower vibrational energies. Something a teacher or parent has said is literally stuck in your energy field and you can feel stuck in your life, depressed and anxious and not know why. You may be unable to experience true fulfillment. Without the ability to hear our true and higher guidance we may stay in unhealthy relationships, be afraid to find the career of our dreams, or feel blocked financially.

An intuitive life makeover will help you live your life in alignment with your highest good as you unblock and unlock your own powerful intuition that can change every aspect of your life for the better. You will feel inspired, live on purpose and be able to create more emotional wellness and financial freedom doing what you love.

1. Understanding Alignment

Understand that you can live your life with everything working together. When it comes to making over your life, there are important areas that need to be in alignment for you to feel your best. Alignment means that you are in harmony, at peace with your life. You feel as though everything is working and you have a deep feeling of inner peace that the choices you have made and are making, are the best for you.

 2. Tap Into Your Intuition

Your ability to listen to your intuition is the biggest factor in determining if you are making the best choices for yourself in your life. There are many names for your intuitive guidance system. It is called The Holy Spirit, the still, small voice of God within you, your Higher Self or a hunch or gut feeling. You have it and may not have noticed it. It is them speaking to you constantly.

3. Create Sacred Space

Please be aware that your intuition is always talking to you, giving you the highest good and best guidance for your life. When we are too busy, we will not hear our intuition as clearly. Downtime is that time, even if it is for just 10 minutes, where you will turn off the TV or radio, your cell phone, your computer and just “be”. It is helpful to have a sacred space to create this solitude. You may want a journal nearby. By putting your thoughts, will, energy and intention into this time that you will hear and listen to your Higher Self or Intuition, you will create a flow of energy that supports developing your ability to access this deep inner wise part of you.

4. Meditate

The Kriya Yoga is a meditation that Yogananda brought us. It combines conscious breathing while proclaiming, “I AM that I AM.” It is a spiritual tool for Higher Consciousness.

5. Clear Your False Beliefs

Throughout our lives we receive messages from other people and often take them on as our own belief system. Many of these beliefs do not serve us. They are held in the chakras.  We can clear our false beliefs from our chakras and feel more empowered and free in our lives.

6. Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

Often if one area is out of alignment, others are as well. We don’t feel as well as we could and don’t know why. You are more than a physical body; you have a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. These are energetic bodies that are distinct but are a part of your physical make up. We can clear out the energies that don’t serve you there and give you tools to empower your life in these areas.

7. Discover the Wealth Within You

Within your physical body are seven primary energy centers known as chakras. I have renamed them Wealth Centers as they contain the greatest source of information for you to lead the best life for you. They contain your inner power, spiritual abilities, connection to God, your purpose in life and more.

8. Unleash Your Creative Intuitive Self

One of the worst experiences we can feel as human beings is that we are limited, stuck, powerless or helpless. We are entering a new age on the planet that includes reclaiming our creative intuitive selves. By learning to tap into your creative intuitive right brain, you can experience very different results in your life. Unleashing your creative intuitive self will create profound feelings of wellness in every area of your life.

9. Reignite Your Dreams, Passion and Purpose

Making over your life with your intuition means that you will get back in touch with a part of yourself that was always there. We are all born with unique gifts and talents to express and offer the world. We may or may not have experienced a sense of confidence with these gifts, they may not have been noticed and appreciated by others, or ourselves but deep down inside, we know what we love and what brings us happiness. Many people minimize their gifts and talents and say “Oh, this little hobby”.

10. Ground Your Ideas Into Reality

Whether it is a new relationship, improving your current relationship, changing jobs, finding your dream career or improving your finances, you need a process or formula for bringing about these changes. We all receive divinely inspired ideas, next we can imagine this idea coming to fruition, next we plan, get a calendar and plan the steps we need to take to make this idea happen and then we take action steps from those plans.

* * *

Head Shot 05-07-2013Anne Deidre is an Intuitive Life Coach, sought after Speaker and the Bestselling Author of Miraculous: How Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose and Ignited the Intuitive Powers Within and Extreme Intuitive Makeover 55 Keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness. Anne inspires people globally with her intuitive gifts to find their true spirit and live their own extraordinary lives. Anne is an acclaimed artist. Her artwork is filled with Divine messages and healing energy. For more information and to receive your free Your Intuitive Prosperity Makeover Kit visit www.yourintuitivemakeover.com.

A Modern Yoga Philosophy for an Awakened Heart and an Embodied Mind

AHEMI recently read Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind (A.H.E.M.) by Julian Walker. It’s an expanded version of the manual Walker and Hala Khouri use in their yoga teacher training by the same name.

Having just recently finished yoga teacher training myself and keen to learn more about leading people through an experience of yoga and not just yoga poses, I knew this book was for me. While an understanding of anatomy and alignment are foundational cornerstones for teaching yoga safely, I wanted to learn about the sometimes intangible and energetic experience we can tap into through our yoga practice.

Having felt this in my own body through yoga, I wanted to know how to make this accessible to my students. I was particularly interested in how to weave the holistic form of therapy known as somatic psychology into a yoga class. Yoga by its very nature connects, honors and respects the mind, body, and spirit. Balancing this mind-body-spirit approach with the fascinating and respected field of neuroscience was sure to be a powerful combination.

A.H.E.M. almost seems to come to life, with its asana and pranayama practices sprinkled throughout, as well as the introspective questions and suggested writing practices. It felt like I was stepping into the book more than just reading it. As I read and practiced the movements or contemplated the questions from both the perspective of a teacher and a student, I could feel an inner shift happen.

A.H.E.M. spells out a modern yoga philosophy that is not bound by the yoga sutras while staying true to the heart of yoga. The mind, body, and spirit are all players in this approach to modern yoga, and all are honored and embraced.

In the exchange below Walker answers a few of my questions on his background, experience, and unique approach to yoga.


Monique: Julian, how long have you been teaching yoga and what experience do you have in the fields of neuroscience, neurobiology, and somatic psychology?

Julian: I have been teaching yoga since 1993. I came to the USA alone as an immigrant/refugee when I was 19 from South Africa and have largely educated myself whilst initially working minimum wage jobs. I have been fascinated with finding ways to understand and experience the relationships between spirituality, psychology, and science both in my own process and practice and in the work I have created to share with my students and bodywork clients over the years.

My initial deep yoga training (5 years as a student and 11 years teaching at her school) was with Ana Forrest, who has pioneered work in yoga and psychology. I went to a massage school called the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, and have studied with various mentors along the way. Mostly I have studied the history and theory of body-based psychology as well as the burgeoning field of neuroscience through extensive reading and immersing myself in lectures online.

392244_326277700735072_451275225_n-194x300Monique: I found your section on the chakras especially interesting. You refer to them as “embodied and psychological experiences that most likely have their basis in our neurobiology.” For those of us unfamiliar with neurobiology, can you expand briefly on how mind­-body energy might have its roots in the nervous system?

Julian: Ah, great question! I think an elegant way to describe my theory here is that subjective experience – consciousness and our feeling of energy – are all expressions of our biology. For example, when we feel scared we know that there is adrenaline and cortisol coursing through our bodies, our heart rate is elevated and blood is rushing into our large fight-or-flight muscles.

Likewise, when in deep states of meditation there is a correlation between the quieting down of brain areas that track the boundaries of our bodies and location in time and space on the one hand, and a beautiful experiential sense of being at one with all things as we rest in the eternal void, on the other.

I became fascinated with how the chakras correlate with key nerve plexi (bundles of nerves that branch off the spinal cord to communicate with muscles, organs and glands) and with how we experience life through our bodies. For me, the chakras are a kind of map of how the mind lives in the body; and the nervous system (as well as the endocrine system, which secretes our powerful hormones and neurotransmitters) is a key component of this.

What if the chakras are a heightened awareness of our capacity to experience the neuro-endocrine system from the inside? What if our lived emotional experience is a whole body phenomenon involving the brain, nervous system and musculature?

Monique: Throughout A.H.E.M. you refer to both “mindfulness” and “embodiment.” I’ve seen the two placed into separate categories, and I wonder if you can comment on whether you see them as separate processes or if they can coexist and/or contribute to each other?

Julian: When I talk about embodiment, I am referring to a sense of being really aware of our bodies. Feeling grounded, empowered and in touch with our emotions and sensations, are all aspects of body awareness. We come to this awareness of the body via mindful attention. In essence, it is a brain function we can train ourselves to access more deeply. If our mindfulness does not include embodiment, then we feel like a floating head! Ungrounded, disempowered, out of touch. If our embodiment does not include mindfulness we can be reactive, impulsive or negatively self-indulgent.

With yoga, we can use mindfulness to facilitate a more integrated sense of being alive in our bodies and in touch with our emotional and intuitive wisdom

Monique: In another of your published writings you say, in reference to modern yoga, “We get to define what yoga means for us in the 21st century. This is Enlightenment 2.0.” Where do you see A.H.E.M. fitting into the dynamic picture of modern yoga as it continues to evolve?

Julian: Looking at the history of yoga, it has always been in a dynamic process of evolution. Always influencing and being influenced by the various cultures with which it has come into contact. Yoga is deeply concerned with psychology, science and ethics, and our human understanding of these fields keeps evolving. For me, any field of knowledge, practice and inquiry has to be open to the progress of human understanding.

We maintain yoga as a living tradition that serves our current needs and reflects our current knowledge when we keep it open. I see yoga more as a methodology, a mode of inquiry, than as a dogmatic belief system set in stone. For me, whatever is really true about what yoga is and what yoga does for human beings can only be more deeply revealed by looking at it through the lens of science, philosophy and psychology. It is an exciting process!

My book is the culmination of 20 years reflecting on the relationships between ancient and modern, spiritual and psychological, experiential and scientific. It is an expression of what I have found and how I teach and offers teachers and students a modern and integrated way to think about and experience yoga. I hope it can be of service.

Photo credit: Julian Walker

What’s Your Sign?

What’s your sign? Are you a feisty Leo? Or a stubborn Taurus? Well, it turns out you may need to scrap your old horoscope – or at least make room for a new one.

In this week’s episode of The Chopra Well’s Chopra Centered, Julie Zwillich receives an astrological reading from expert Brent BecVar, M.S. Julie’s birthday is December 20. So she’s a Sagittarius, right? Actually, no. It turns out Mr. BecVar practices Vedic (or Jyotish) astrology, a form of horoscope reading that dates back to ancient Indian wisdom traditions. And it may be a lot more accurate at revealing important trends and characteristics of our lives.

What many think of as the ‘zodiac’ is based on a Western form of astrology. In lay terms, it’s the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth. The Western system uses the tropical, or moveable, zodiac, determined the by the relative, changeable position of the sun. Basically, the planetary alignment is considered in relation to the sun – hence the predominant fixation on ‘sun sign’.

The problem with this system is that the sun signs don’t actually correspond to constellations any more. They haven’t been aligned for about 1,700 years due to a ‘wobble’ in the axial spin of the earth. This is called “precession of equinoxes,” causing the alignment of the Earth with the Sun to shift about one degree every 72 years.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, uses the sidereal, or visible, zodiac, based on the fixed position of the constellations. As the Earth turns, different constellations arise every one to two hours, so an individual’s Vedic chart is very specific. This can be applied to events, as well. “An event that’s well begun has more chance of continuing in a harmonious way,” BecVar relays. Think of your birth as an event – your entry into this world. Knowing how things started may help you understand the course your life has taken thus far. And much like a map, your chart provides a set of potential paths and qualities to help you navigate life from here on out.

Does Vedic astrology really ‘work’? As BecVar notes, astrology has been a part of every ancient wisdom tradition in human history and only began to be systematically discredited in the Middle Ages. If the fact that people have studied astrology for centuries is not enough to convince you of its efficacy, then consider the minute level of detail that makes each person’s horoscope entirely unique.

Check out this quick Vedic horoscope calculator to see what your chart looks like. To really make the most of the information and integrate your chart into your life and personal growth, you can contact Brent BecVar for a full reading. Who knows how many people share your exact birth information. We begin life under rare and special conditions. Why not make the rest of our lives just as extraordinary?

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A Vision For Lightheartedness

 Wednesday, 9/14

A Vision for Lightheartedness

“We see a world full of happy people – people who are having fun, laughing, playing innocently and enjoying their lives to the fullest. We see people everywhere taking time to recharge and recreate themselves by getting away from their work and regular routines for awhile. And we see people forgiving themselves and everyone else, regardless of the situations and circumstances.

For, in forgiving and letting all of the cares and concerns of life go, we have found a balance that allows us to function more efficiently, more happily, more joyfully. We see the world with new eyes. We have lightened our load, and in doing so, the seriousness and importances of life have given way to a feeling of peace within. Our hearts are lighter, which causes our bodies to be lighter, and the whole of our lives to be lighter. We have come into alignment with our core nature, which is light.

The Intenders of the Highest Good;Vision Alignment Project


Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director


A Heart of Iron and Wax

For a long time I have reflected on something that my guru said on more than one occasion. Here are the exact words, in one case:

“And then we should have confidence, because a coward can never achieve any success. Only a strong-hearted person can achieve success. …You have to have a heart made of iron; you have to be a strong-hearted person.”

Whenever he said it, at least in the contexts I have found, it was in the context of treading a spiritual path and being firm in the resolve to do so successfully.

I have thought of this, that you have to make your heart like iron, many, many times– usually in the context of my own fear or feeling of weakness in the face of things that act as my personal triggers.

And then I get hit with the (somewhat obvious, I suppose) inherent problem: If you make your heart like iron, are you then hard hearted?

I recently put this question to a dear friend. Without missing a beat, he replied that the saints say that we should have soft hearts, and that they themselves have hearts like wax.

I let this sink in. So often I have found that concepts that seem so paradoxical in the life and teachings from saints, are ones that hold some secrets, or some power to transform.

This friend of mine, who brought my attention to the importance of a soft heart…well, this was deeply meaningful coming from him. There have been a number of times over the years that I have been stunned into silence and impressed (in the real meaning of impression…like an impression was made on the stuff of my being) by the softness of his heart and his instinct toward that state of being.

He consistently leans towards kindness and offers dignity to others in such a tender way that, to me, feels miraculous.

When he replied without hesitation to my question about iron hearts, with the reminder that the saints have hearts like wax, that they melt in response to the sufferings, great or small, of their disciples, this too made an impression.

So, the charge it seems, is to have a heart like iron and wax. The soft heart does not mean a reduction of all personal boundaries, just as the iron one is not the same as a hard one. Are we soft with others, in the external world, and iron in our internal world? These are tough concepts to verbalize. Powerful paradoxes.

When should it be iron? When wax?

My guru wrote, “Keep doing the simran (the remembrance of the Divine) while walking, and the destination or aim will come to you by itself.”

Applied to this heart paradox, it seems to me: keep in remembrance of the Divine, as much as possible, and the correct attitude of the heart will follow. Not that there is a tidy little summation possible here or that words will necessarily do the thing justice…

One way of staying in remembrance—for me—without relying on tidy summations or dictums, is to read the stories of courageous people or saints or even myths. Ones that inspire. And let them sink in and hope that they work their transformative magic without my mental limitations getting in the way. They say that, if children grow up hearing or reading myths, that they are more successful in life. In that regard, and at the risk of sounding too much like Winston Churchill (never, never, etc.) I’ll end with this quote…

“Try to become a channel for the Divine and the Divine will then flow through you. This is not something impossible, but it is the very acme of all human endeavors. Just learn to implant lofty ideas in your subconscious mind and feed them with the waters of self-confidence, determination, diligence and adaptability. Stick to your guns. Never stoop low, never and still never. Stand aloof with your sublime principles of life, which will stand by you in your hour of need.” Kirpal Singh

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / y2bd

Seeing Repeated Numbers? It Can Be a Message to You

A reader asks about the meaning of a frequent experience for many people — seeing repeated numbers.

Hello Margaret! Over the past two or three months, I’ve noticed that when I look at the clock, I always see the same digits. For example, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc.

This has been happening at least 2-4 times per day, to the point where it is quite annoying. I was wondering if you have ever heard of anything like this or if it might mean something specific? I’ve been a huge fan of your work. It is always interesting to hear your take on life and certain situations. I would appreciate your expertise if you get a minute. It would be nice to know I’m not going crazy :).– Rachel, Utah, USA

Rachel – it is a good question. When you see numbers like that, say to yourself: “GOOD! Alignment!” That is a saying of one of my favorite authors, Ester Hicks, and I like the way it encompasses both the message and the feeling of when we see symbols of order and progess as you keep perceiving. In your case, it happening in such a big way, you can hardly help but notice.numerals

Take these experiences as reminders to stay in harmony with yourself, with your dreams and to get out of inner conflict. You can think of it all as your personal angels reminding you to stay in alignment with your happiness. You can read some more numerology here.

So next time you see repeated or progressive numbers, think: GREAT!

Questions, comments and ideas are welcome and encouraged. Contact Psychic Margaret Ruth on her Facebook page, email mr@margaretruth.com or call 801-575-7103. You can also get details on private readings, Margaret’s classes and blog at www.margaretruth.com. Margaret Ruth has been on radio, television, published in newspapers and magazines and major websites. She is the author of Superconscious Connections: The Simple Psychic Truths of Perfectly Satisfying Relationships (Sept 2010)


Feeling Good: The Secret to Manifesting Everything Your Heart Desires

Would you like to know one of the quickest ways to manifest your goals and your dreams? This one is worth a drum roll…….the answer lies in feeling good. What do I mean by this? When we are feeling good we have no resistance to what we want. We are a vessel of pure, positive attraction. The Universe is moving those goals and dreams toward us at light speed.

When we are feeling good we are so in alignment with what it is we desire. Our Inner Guidance System is saying this thing that we want is a match for how we are feeling in this moment. In other words, we know that the thing we desire is going to make us feel good (otherwise why would we want it). We are also feeling good in this moment. So, when our current emotions are in alignment with what it is we desire, the Universe responds in a co-creation to move those desires towards us.

Sometimes just getting ourselves into a space of feeling good is all we need to do to put us over the top with attracting a specific desire. It is like pulling the plug in the tub that prevents the water from flowing. A little tweak here and a little tweak there with our emotions can make a huge impact in the results we are getting on a day to day basis.

Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings everyday. Reach for thoughts and feelings that are positive and move you in the direction where you want to go. In every moment we can to decide how we are feeling. If in a given moment you are not feeling good, know that you can change it on a dime. Energy flows where attention goes. Choose positive feeling thoughts and feelings as much as you can.

Whoever wrote those lyrics for that one Sinatra song, “I’ve got the world on a string…I am sitting on a rainbow…Got the string around my finger…What a world, what a life…”, you can bet they were feeling good at that time and look at the abundance that song brought them. What lyrics are you writing for your life today?

More Inspiration From Pat @ PatMcCleary.com

Miracles, Synchronicities, Alignments and Other Wondrous Experiences

It is my intention for this blog to be an open invitation to anyone – to everyone –who would like to share their own experiences/stories, or to comment, ask questions, or just dialog.   I love sharing the miracles and fantastic synchronicities/alignments that I have experienced.  I equally delight in reading of the wonders that have happened in others’ lives.


This blog is actually an “outgrowth” of a blog by John F. (titled: “Source and Original Thoughts” from 8/29/09.)  As that blog lengthened and “morphed” into a discussion on miracles, we decided to move it here.  John’s blog and the discussion that grew from it is a marvelous discussion of many things, for anyone who feels inclined/inspired to read it, and toward the end has several “miracle stories” from several people.


Lovin’ Bein’ and Lovin’ Miracles,



Decompartmentalizing My Blogs

Intent.com is the fourth site that I’ve joined with the intention to blog.  Each of the other three blogs are like little compartments of my life.

There is a blog for mind, body & spirit wellness and massage therapy titled "Cedar Hill Massage". 

There is a blog titled "The Medical Marriage Maven" related to personal stories about my experience as a doctor’s wife and strategies for self-care for other doctors’ wives.

The blog, "PFC Picketts Mom", is my private, personal blog that I use as writing therapy to express my thoughts and feelings related to my youngest son’s being a U.S. Marine stationed in Afghanistan.  

Why did I hide "PFC Picketts Mom"? Is it because my feelings of grief and fear are to personal, to human to share?  How will my experience ever benefit anyone else if I don’t share it?

Finally, with Intent.com, my hope is to bring all my "selves" together again; to decompartmentalize my thoughts & feelings into one blog representative of my whole self.

I encourage my life coaching clients, family and friends to be their authentic selves.  Maybe it’s time to bring my blogs into alignment with my intentions.

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