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5 Reasons You Should Consider Adding the Alternative to Healthcare


There’s an alternative for everything.

Alternative healthcare has gained in popularity over the past couple of decades. Why is this happening? I believe it’s for two main reasons: people don’t want to be passive about their health anymore and they can’t afford the high healthcare costs in the U.S. 

There are several terms out there that can be a little confusing … alternative, complementary, integrative. Here’s the difference:

  • Alternative healthcare is used instead of mainstream medical care. It’s usually for pain  and stress relief. The most common forms are chiropractic adjustments and massages.
  • Complementary healthcare is using alternative together with mainstream medical care. An example of this is using acupuncture to help with the side effects of traditional cancer treatment.
  • Integrative healthcare is when healthcare providers offer both – traditional and alternative – care in their facilities. You can see an acupuncturist in the same building as the oncologist.

Seeing a chiropractor is one of the more popular forms of alternative medicine that is paid for by many insurance policies. I have received regular chiropractic adjustments for the past 16 years. It all started after falling on ice that injured my shoulder. The standard treatment – prescription drugs and physical therapy for 6 weeks didn’t help. My pain finally went away after getting adjusted for 3 weeks. 

The thought of seeing a chiropractor seemed a little crazy at first only because I didn’t know any better. I’m glad it was recommended to me. My experience has been positive and weekly adjustments still makes me feel better overall.

Intrigued yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider and engage in alternative healthcare: Continue reading

8 Incredible Photos of Burning Man’s Singular Landscape

A woman performs with fire at sunrise at the Temple of Whollyness

A week in the middle of the Nevada desert. No running water, no escape from the dust, no cell reception, no contact with the outside world. If these conditions excite your imagination and call to your soul, then all roads lead to one place: Burning Man.

This once-a-year-temporary-town, called Black Rock City, draws tens of thousands of people from all around the world seeking adventure, communion, transformation, and much more. Burning Man is essentially an art festival, if you allow “art” to encompass extravagant installations, fire shows, music, dancing, cooking, performance, yoga, and an everything-covered-in-LED-lights atmosphere. There’s the Temple, where people go for spiritual connection, write prayers and affirmations, and even get married. There’s Center Camp, the one place where people can exchange money for goods (coffee, tea, and lemonade.) And of course there’s the actual “burning man,” a massive effigy burned at the end of the week-long festival, a transcendent experience for all who witness it.

If you missed out on Burning Man this year, then not to worry! It’ll come back around next year, always the first week of September. Apart from actually attending, nothing can give a better sense of the festival than the incredible images captured by participants.

Here are 8 of the most moving photos we saw from the 2013 Burning Man:


Photo credit: Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Photo credit: Kevin Tang

Finding Balance Using Natural Investing

Every morning, I have the habit of getting up early and heading to the local Starbucks for that first cup of coffee.  Regardless of the weather, it is fun, at least for me, to start the day in that quiet moment before the sun rises and all the commuters hit the road.  Starting the day in the peace and quiet of morning gives me balance, which is important mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Many of the different alternative approaches to traditional medicine have the goal of acheiving balance.  This is true not only for our being, but also for our activies, work, play, and our investments.

This morning was cool and windy and a crowd of Canadian geese flew over heading south for the winter.  It made me think about the things we see everyday around us and how they might apply to investing.

There are several characteristics of the natural world that are very relevant to investors.  The markets operate on the same planet as everything else, so it is logical that the natural laws that govern Earth apply to investing.  Natural investing is simply applying the rules of nature to learning from nature and applying it to how we invest our money.  Like alternative medicine, the goal is to find the balance between our desire for growth and our need for safety.

In nature, there are four major seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  These four seasons all occur at different times, and for differing lengths of time across the planet.  The Fall Equinox marks the transition from Summer to Fall and it occurred in the United States on September 22 at 5:18pm.  As you may know, for all of those places below the equator, fall actually began six months earlier on March 20, 2009.  There are different markets, as well, and their cycles also begin and end at different times.  Some of these changes are predictable, others completely unpredictabe!  As the seasons change, plants and animals make adjustments to prepare for the new season.

As fall begins, the birds begin their migration to the warmer climates of the south.  Bears begin to eat heavier meals and build the fat that they will need to survive when they hibernate during the Winter season.  Squirrels continue building their supply of acorns and nuts.  Nature is full of examples of the instinctive behaviors that allow life to flourish and survive regardless of the dramatic changes of our seasons.

Unlike the markets, the seasons of nature are regular and predictable.  Whether it is the stock market, bond market, commodities or futures markets, investors do not have the regular changes of seasons that our friends in the animal kingdom enjoy.  The market has no equivalent to lunar cycles or regularly occuring seasons so maintaining a balance is the only way to be prepared for any season.  We may know the season we are in currently, but we do not necessarily know what season will follow and we certainly don’t know the exact time that it will arrive.

When you periodically review the investments in your portfolio, think about the four seasons.  Do you have investments that will survive the cold of Winter and others that will explode with growth when Spring arrives.  Do you also have investments that will survive the heat of Summer and provide a bounteous harvest in the Fall?

Featured Article: Cleansing vs. Burying the Symptoms (I’ll be in SD, LA, and Balt. 2/20 to 3/2; stop in and say hi!)

Cleansing vs. Burying the Symptoms
By Dave Markowitz

The old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?…Practice!” isn’t really a joke. Like most idioms, the messages are based on facts. Practice, consistency, determination, resilience: these and others like them are the stuff of motivational posters, books, and workshops. And with good reason: they’re effective. The main difference between those who’ve made it and those who’ve failed is how each person dealt with their discomfort.

Here in the “west” we’re taught that any discomfort is a bad thing. If our nose is running we take a decongestant and if we’re in pain we take a pain killer; in fact the entire pharmaceutical businesses and much of the modern medicine is based on temporarily relieving symptoms. In the “east” or with more alternative medicine practices, these symptoms aren’t seen as nuisances that we need to bury at all costs, but more as warning signs of a deeper opportunity that something in our lives is amiss. Taking pain killers to mask the signal that something is wrong is like clipping the wires on a ringing fire alarm because the noise is bothersome. Meanwhile, your home is burning and you may not realize it until it’s too late.

Read more here


Dave will be lecturing at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in San Diego Feb 21, holding a Healling Circle in Los Angeles Feb 25 and lecturing and giving a workshop, Finding Your Soul’s Purpose in Baltimore Feb 28 to March 2. In all cities, as well as by phone, he’ll be offering private sessions at discounted rates. Click here for more info.


A Celebration of LIfe…Request!

Hi All!

My dear friend, Nikki, lost her Dad a few weeks ago.  She and her sister, at his request, had a big party for him as a celebration for his life. This, of course, is not unusual; howvever, she began to think about how she might be of service in this capacity for others.

They had no funeral – just the celebration and they did it very well….many pics, videos, and people sharing.

As wedding planners are so big now that offer alternatives – why not the same with the celebration of one passing on to the new.

I’m looking for anyone who has done this type of thing as a business and/or knows of those who do.  We would like a model of how to begin of offer this service.

Please write me at sheila@lifevisioncoachingllc.com or call me at 216 932 6012.  I will welcome all of your thoughts.  Of course, you can also post here.



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