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Amazing Timelapse Makes Pregnancy Look Like a Breeze

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.49.31 AMNine months of pregnancy condensed into a minute and a half – with a healthy baby at the end!

Anyone who has ever gone through pregnancy, whether as a mom or a partner, knows that the process is a lot more tiring and involved than a timelapse can convey. Then again, sometimes we’re so preoccupied by every ache, pain, and subtle change that we forget the amazing, holistic arc that pregnancy truly is.

Knowing that the process would demand plenty of focus on the micro level, this creative couple decided to document their pregnancy so that in the aftermath they could enjoy the entire journey from start to finish. In their whimsical representation of child-bearing, both the pregnancy and the baby’s birth come about with just a kiss to the belly. Take a look!

If only it were that easy! And what a happy, healthy baby little Amelie Amaya is. Congrats to the happy family!

Did you document your pregnancy (or your partner’s/sister’s/friend’s) in any special way? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Watch the Amazing 1-Minute Painting!

Sure, we could all throw a painting together in a minute and a half – but there’s no guaranteeing it would be anything worthy of praise. What you’re about to see, though, will knock your socks off – we promise! (And stick with it because you’re not going to know what you’re looking at until the last possible moment.)

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The clip featured on the Anderson Cooper show, “Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent,” and the artist is speed painter/performer D. Westry. Nicknamed “The Talent Show King,” Westry is known for his high-energy, often themed entertainment, particularly specializing in patriotic and celebrity iconography. It may seem gimmicky, but it takes a high level of perceptiveness and artistic prowess to produce the likenesses Westry is able to capture in a matter of minutes. And his performance wows not only Anderson, but the other judges, the host, and the audience alike!

What can you paint in a minute and a half or less? Try it out and send us your results!

Heart Disease and Pregnancy: Mom Dies, Delivers Baby, and Then Comes Back to Life

A miracle if we ever heard one: Erica Nigrelli, a high school English teacher, collapsed inside her classroom at 36 weeks pregnant. A school nurse, assistant, and athletic teacher quickly began CPR and used a defibrillator to restart Nigrelli’s heartbeat. She was rushed to the hospital with her husband – a fellow teacher – at her side, and her baby was delivered by emergency cesarean. But Erica was essentially dead; there was no heartbeat.

Watch this video to hear how both mom and baby ended up surviving this horrible incident, largely thanks to the three heroes who jumped to Erica’s aid:

Erica had an undetected heart defect that caused her to collapse at 36 weeks. Though we don’t know exactly the condition Erica suffered from, there are several things to note about heart conditions during pregnancy.

According to Heart cardiology journal, congenital heart disease is the most common heart defect, with roughly 1% of newborns diagnosed with this condition. Thanks to modern methods in cardiac surgery, more infants than ever  – over 90% – survive to adulthood. There is a population of at least 1 million adults in the United States living with congenital heart disease. Due to the dangers of this disorder, many patients are advised against pregnancy, altogether, though many are able to carry babies to term. Consider, though, that pregnancy already entails increased heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and increased blood volume – all of which can put strain on the heart and exacerbate existing conditions. The challenge isn’t necessarily insurmountable, but it is definitely something to discuss with doctors and partners.

What can you do to minimize the risk?

  • Schedule an appointment with a cardiologist before conceiving (or early in your pregnancy so that you’ll know what you’re dealing with)
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Minimize stress as much as possible
  • Pay attention to any warning signs – shortness of breath, fainting, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, bloody coughing
  • Adequately prepare for labor, which might include planning to deliver at a birth center that specializes high-risk pregnancy, temporarily moving or staying closer to your place of delivery (to minimize labor stress), and hiring a doula for extra support

Do you have any experience with heart defects and pregnancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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These Shockingly Realistic Statues Are Carved From Wood!

If there’s one thing that can be said of artist Bruno Walpoth it is that he knows his craft. Born in Italy, Walpoth has been creating art since the mid-1970’s when he began apprenticing under sculptor Vincenzo Mussner. His sculptures has been exhibited around the world, with many discussing the eerily lifelike quality of his works.

Take a look for yourself:

Click here to see more of Walpoth’s work.

This obviously isn’t the first time we’ve seen incredibly lifelike art. Remember how amazing photorealism can be? And the remarkable tattoos that look surprisingly 3-d? We seem to have a fascination with art that transcends the boundaries of real/false. Maybe sometimes art portrays reality more intimately and authentically than “real life” does.

What do you think? What would a lifelike wood carving of you portray that your actions and words might not?


Art by Bruno Walpoth

18 Amazing Facts About the Human Body (infographic)

Did you know human bone is 4 times stronger than concrete? That a sneeze can travel at 100 mph or more? If your lungs were laid out flat, they would span 1,500 miles!

Check out this amazing infographic and learn some unbelievable facts about your own body:


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