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From Intent.com: Time to follow through


You buy a brand new television and keep it in the box in your garage.
You buy plane tickets for a vacation to Bali and then never pack or go to the airport.
You get engaged and then married to a person you don’t even really like.

If you did any of those things, my hope is that the people in your life would say “hey, what’s up?” They’re trite examples, I get it, but we do it all the time with our own lives.

Everyday people are posting their intentions on Intent.com.
People are wanting support as they embark on new business ventures, lifestyle choices, or general adventures.
You can intend to change your eating habits.
You can intend to ignore fear.
You can intend to make a fresh start.
But what happens the moment after you make an intention?

Don’t ignore the other half of setting an intention which is seeing it come to fruition. What is the point of spending money on plane tickets to Bali if you never plan on getting on a plane to begin with? What is the point of wanting to conquer fear if the moment you voice that desire, you immediately forget it? Our hope is to see people empowered to live the lives they dream of. If you want to conquer fear, then our hope is that you absolutely will.

So, check this out.

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 12.18.31 PM

Mallika posted an intention about committing to her health.
But now what?

Does she go back to ordering fast food? Does she stay up late and wake up early?
Instead, she came back and affirmed her choice. She reminded herself of her goal.
She found support and advice from other users left as comments.
She updated us on her progress. Now, I say it was for us, but honestly, it’s just as much for her. It’s written on the stones of time (or just the internet) and she can keep moving forward while being able to see how far she’s come.

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 11.58.40 AM

So if you haven’t been yet, it’s time to be serious about taking the TV out of the box.
You’re breathing, so you have everything you need to get the process started.

There’s no promise it won’t be hard work.
There’s no promise it won’t mean going against your instincts for self preservation or that you won’t have to cut things out of your life, a pruning of sorts. But what is more worthwhile?

My mom always says “the time is going to pass no matter what.”
Sometimes we don’t take on challenges because it’ll take forever.
We don’t want to go back to school. We don’t want to get back in the gym.
Purely because the results will be a long way off, we don’t start.
But the time is going to pass no matter what.
Whether it’s 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, wouldn’t you rather be on the other side of it a little (if not a lot) closer to where you dreamed?

It’s Monday, to day is a good day to follow through.

Rebuild Your Life After a Crisis

When your life as you know it falls apart, it is a great blessing. Give thanks.

In that moment realize that your life is actually falling together even though you might not see it. If your life falls apart then you are ready for something bigger. It falls apart because it was too small for who you are becoming. It falls apart because there is something more that is seeking to express itself in and as your life. It falls apart because what you were living is no longer in alignment with who you are. It falls apart because life is letting you know that perhaps you have gotten too comfortable where you’re at and need to grow to the next level.

Life is change. Life is growth. Life is a cycle of Creation-Life-Destruction. Every birth is another form of death. And every death is another form of birth. Often when things fall apart we become afraid, we panic, we resist and fight life. We hold on to what we know, even though it no longer works or serves us. This only keeps you stuck.

Holding on to the old will not bring what is new. Resisting what is new will not transform or change what is old. When life falls apart you can resist or fight, which ultimately only leads to suffering and struggle. So, what do you do when your life as you know it falls apart?

Simply, LET GO!

Perhaps it’s a relationship, job, or a house. Let Go! And Trust.

Trust that what no longer remains in your life is no longer meant to be there. And that the Universe is just making room for what is more in alignment with your highest good. When things fall apart the Universe is trying to make space for something greater. When life as you know it stops working and falls apart this is the moment to let go of your ego, as it can only take you so far. This is the moment to let go of your ego’s attachment of how your life should be, and surrender. In every crisis is an opportunity to let go of what is inauthentic and live with more integrity. In every breakdown is the blessing of a breakthrough. In every challenging situation is the gift to help your soul evolve and become who you were really meant to be. So if your life as you know it is falling apart give thanks and…LET GO!


 If you are ready to experience freedom and live your true life purpose then join me on www.boundlessblissbali.com

How to Give Up What Other People Think of You

gossipWhat other people think about you is none of your business. It’s their business. Wasting your time thinking about what they are thinking about you, serves nothing. Seeking approval is a waste of your time and energy. It will only bring you suffering. It’s not about whether others approve of you but if you approve of you.

This is what counts.

Being popular with the world at the expense of your soul is a true booby prize. How people perceive you reveals more about themselves than it does about you. People will perceive you based on their own conditioning and filters. So don’t take it personally. We sometimes hold back being fully ourselves, or stepping out and living our purpose in a big way because of the fear of being judged and what people will think or say. Here’s the deal: When you put yourself out there in the world, and dare to follow your dreams, it is a risk. It is a vulnerable and courageous act.

People will judge you. People will talk about you. People will project their stuff onto you. It is what it is. In fact some people won’t like you. And they don’t even know you. This is unavoidable. Make peace with this up front. Do not give those that don’t even know you the power to determine your happiness. Do not give even those that know you the power to determine who you should be and what your limits are. Know who you are.

As you accept yourself as you are and as you are not. You become powerful. You consolidate your energy and remain rooted in your center. You become free. When you no longer seek other people’s approval you are free. As you unhook yourself from other people’s validation you become truly powerful. Your soul is already SELF validated. You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all of the time. In fact there will be those that, no matter what you do, will think negatively and never be satisfied. This has nothing to do with you.

Jesus. Bruce Lee. Gandhi. Bob Marley. Martin Luther King Jr. They all had people that didn’t like them. Remember that there really are no enemies. Just those that don’t know you yet and neither themselves. At the end of the day you are the one that has to live with yourself. Even if you do get others approval, if it’s at the expense of yourself, it won’t be truly satisfying. Trying to get people’s approval is a form of control. But in doing so you are the one that ends up controlled.

The energy it takes is not worth it, as it often requires you give up a part of yourself in order to get the approval. It’s expensive. As I often say, if everyone likes you you might want to be concerned. When you follow your heart you will make waves in this world. You will stand out. You will upset some people. You will create change. Life is a daring adventure to be lived with no regrets.It takes true boldness to be yourself fully. People have the right to think whatever they want to think about you. Let that be their business.

So what do you think about you? What other people think about you is none of your business!

VOD: How to Achieve More Success

There are so many books today on success that will teach you:

– How to make millions without any effort.

-How to get everything and anything that you want whenever you want it.

– How to manifest your soulmate to your exact specifications in less than 7 days guaranteed!

There are so many promises of success formulas, secret affirmations to control your reality exactly how you want it. They are all great but if you practice the key I am about to share with you, you will manifest beyond your wildest dreams. We tend to think that we know what we want but often we are determining what we want based on who we think we are. It is indeed helpful to be as clear as possible about what you want in life. However, sometimes it can be easy to get so attached to what you think your goals should look like or how you think life should be that you block the flow.

The mind can only take you so far, sometimes limiting what’s possible because it can’t see the whole picture. It functions in a purely linear and logical manner. So what is the secret key to success?


Yes, surrender. Surrender is not about giving up, rather it’s about opening beyond your mind’s perception to the highest good that is possible in any situation. Surrender is a giving up of your limited idea of what you think should be and being open to the infinite fulfillment and creativity of the Universe manifesting. Surrender doesn’t mean not being in action. It’s about bringing your actions into alignment with the highest flow and working in harmony with life.Your intention and prayer becomes, “Universe, I ask for only the highest possible outcome for my Soul and all concerned. Only the highest outcome!”.

Trust that your soul has an intelligence that is way beyond your mind. When you surrender you tap into a higher level of wisdom. When you surrender you tap into infinite intelligence. When you surrender you access the zone of miracles. You may not always get what you thought you wanted. But in surrendering you receive what your soul is most needing at this moment. As you evolve you often realize in retrospect that what you thought you wanted was not necessarily the case. Trust bigger than your mind.

Real success isn’t simply about what you achieve but who you become and how you evolve as a soul. What you achieve will come and go. Who you become will remain forever. When you surrender you go beyond your mind and bring yourself in sync with the entire universe that is already working on your behalf rather than just your limited small self. You will find that incredible things will happen in ways that are beyond what you originally planned. Surrender and set yourself free. Surrender and you will see the miracles manifesting all around. Surrender and you will achieve success beyond anything you can imagine.

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Wordplay Wednesday: Stop Beating Yourself Up

Stop beating yourself up.

It serves nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

We all have things about ourselves that we want to change, or don’t like so much.

However, beating yourself up in order to change actually has the opposite effect.

Beating yourself up for not being loving enough or compassionate enough like the Dalai Lama.

Beating yourself up for any reason whatsoever serves nothing and is a waste of time.

There is so much pressure and expectation from society to conform, to be a certain way, to behave in a certain manner. It can suffocate your authentic expression.

Sometimes in an effort to improve we end up being very harsh and critical towards ourselves. We impose unrealistic expectations and pressures given by those around us. We bombard ourselves with unkind mental chatter and self talk.

Get all A’s.
Be perfect!
Never feel sad or negative.
Don’t make waves.
Be nice.

It becomes easy to be judgmental towards yourself.

Judging yourself as a way to be better will only lead to inner resistance and internal rebellion. It always backfires.

Whatever you judge about yourself you reinforce. Judgment is simply a way to perpetuate the very thing you are judging. It keeps you stuck.

Judging yourself doesn’t change the thing you are judging, it just tends to make it worse.

Anyone can be loving in an ashram. Anyone can be loving to Mother Teresa. But can you be loving to yourself?

There comes a moment when no matter how much healing or therapy you have done, how many books you have read or seminars that you have attended, you must make the bold choice to love yourself no matter what.

Loving yourself is a great act of courage. The simple yet powerful decision to love yourself no matter what is the key to your freedom.

It’s easy to love yourself when you perform, when you do it “right”, when you get all A’s, or when you are your ideal weight.

But can you love yourself even when you screw up, collapse, or fail? This is when it counts. This is the real spiritual practice.

You might find that the more kind and compassionate you are with who you are being and not being now, you actually end up getting to who you want to be much more quickly.

So commit to loving yourself even when you don’t succeed in fully loving yourself.

Can you love yourself even then?

Beating yourself up in order to get yourself to love yourself only creates more self hate.

Self hate never leads to self love. Beating yourself up in order to get yourself to improve more quickly actually slows you down.

We often think that when we heal, and become whole, we will then finally be worthy of loving ourselves. When in fact, it is the very act of loving yourself that will help you heal and feel real self worth.

When you accept yourself exactly as you are and exactly as you are not, you set yourself free.

So today can you be a bit more kind to yourself?

Healing is applying love to all the parts of you that hurt.

So stop beating yourself up and start loving yourself in this moment.

Nothing else needs to happen.

You don’t need to be any different.

You deserve it just because you ARE.


Do you have a favorite or original poem you would like showcased on Wordplay Wednesday? We’d love to share it! Email the poem to editor@intent.com, and we will feature it in the series. Click here to view past Wordplay Wednesdays.

How Gossip is Wasting Your Time

Gossip robs you of energy and is a cheap way to feel good about yourself.

It is pointless entertainment.

Whenever you gossip about someone else you lower your own vibration.

Whenever you gossip you waste your time, and your own life.

Whenever you gossip you give the person you gossip about your energy and power for that moment.

It serves nothing to gossip or speak negatively about another. Gossip is an empty calorie communication, like eating cheap fast food that leaves you dissatisfied.

Ask yourself if the person was there with you whether you would speak in the same manner about them.

Ask yourself if you would feel good about other people speaking the same way about you.

Ask yourself if what you are saying about the other person is loving.

Your words are powerful. They are energy and vibration.

When you speak, you impact yourself and you also impact those around you.

When you gossip about another, you are impacting their world and how others perceive that person.

What impact do you want to have in life?

Know that everything you put out will come back to you. It’s the law of karma. The energy with which you speak about another will come back to you. So be very aware and conscious of what you say.

It’s easy to gossip about those that are successful and going for their dreams. But realize it takes humility to let yourself be inspired by their success and use it as inspiration to live your highest.

It’s easy to gossip about those that are negative and “failing” in life. But it takes courage to hold them with compassion, amidst their pain, and send them love instead.

Commit to speaking about others in a manner that enhances more love. This doesn’t mean you won’t be honest or certain communications won’t be challenging. Rather, it’s an invitation to be clear in your intention.

So, what is the intent for your communication?

If your commitment is to love, then what would you say and how would you speak?

Speak only love.

Or don’t speak at all.


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Wordplay Wednesday: Empowerment

GirlLaughingYoga-850x567Every moment of your life is an opportunity to live fully and to love boldly.

Your heart is your paintbrush.

Your life is your canvas.

You are an artist.

Art is not simply something in a museum.

Your art is your life.

What could you do?

What will you create?

Who would you be?

If you no longer let your fear, your past or your limitations stop you?

At any moment you can create magic. At any moment you can do something different from what you have done in the past. Never having done it before is no excuse to not do it now.

You were born for greatness!

There are dreams dancing within your soul for a reason. Your dreams are the way that life seeks to manifest itself in form.

Real heroes aren’t angels in the sky, floating amidst cotton candy clouds.

Real heroes don’t need to climb Mt. Everest, jump from planes or walk on hot coals to prove their strength.

Real heroes aren’t necessarily named Kobe or Cruise. They don’t run from life in order to find peace.

Real heroes deal. They know how to take responsibility for their lives, regardless of what has happened in the past.

Real heroes are those who have the courage to love, laugh and live fully, despite all of life’s challenges.

Real heroes are those who dare to live larger than what scares them, and live life with an open heart.

I acknowledge YOU because it takes courage to be alive and to be who you really are in this world.


Blaze your own trail.

Dare ecstasy.

Defy gravity.

Transcend the past.

There are no refunds in life. It’s over before you know it. Live each moment fully with no regrets.

Remember, it’s not the risk you didn’t take.

It’s the love that you dared to make that is the difference.

No ones coming.

Not the government.

Not your parents.

Not some hero from the sky.

Because you are already here.

The world is waiting.

For you.

The time is NOW.

You are IT!

So don’t compromise your heart no matter what.

Dare to create a life that’s a masterpiece!




If you are ready for the next level of your life, and to create the life you have always dreamed of, then join me on www.boundlessblissbali.com . It is the transformational journey of a lifetime. This Dec. 5th-16th. APPLY if you are READY!


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Are You Trying To Find Your Purpose?

Enjoying the sunHas trying to find your purpose ever stressed you out? Do you feel some sort of pressure to make something meaningful with your life? In the past, when I heard people talk about their purpose, I would feel stressed and believed I was supposed to be doing something different or more with my life.

I thought that I needed to be clear about what that purpose looked like in the physical world. I then realized that by searching for this clarity, I was missing the life that was actually given to me as this present moment. I realized I had been missing the opportunity to express what was most important to me while I was searching.

What if it’s not as complicated as the mind makes it out to be? What if in the larger picture, what you’re doing is not as important as how you are being while you are doing it and the quality of energy you are putting out into the Uni-verse?

We are all hooked up differently to feel alive and sometimes it’s just about paying attention to what already lights us up. One thing that has helped me get clarity around this, and that I often recommend to clients, is having what I call a Joy Journal. It consists of taking some time every night to simply write down your favorite part of that day: this could be connecting with a coworker on a break, teaching a child how to ride a bike, or even being in nature or with animals.

Over time I was able to become more aware of the themes that spoke to me and I consciously created a job that brings in those elements and that feels aligned with my values. I knew I enjoyed connecting authentically with people, creating environments where people could more deeply discover who they are and ask meaningful questions.  I loved being a part of an inspiring community, and I knew I loved Bali.

So… I created a Wellness Retreat to Bali and over the last four years have been leading groups there on an immersion retreat where we do yoga, daily meditation, we get massages, eat raw food, get inspired by each other and also express our creativity. At the heart of these activities I could see that what I truly value is consciousness work, genuine relationships and supporting people. It’s no surprise that I also work as a psychotherapist because these qualities are expressed in that work as well.

It’s not that my purpose is my work, but my work supports me in expressing what I hold as most important to me. The invitation is to first clarify what you truly value. If at the heart of things you hold important in life is love, then discover how love expresses itself in your life moment-to-moment, person to person. Or if what you really value is service, then simply asking yourself everywhere you go, “How can I best serve here?” is a way of embodying your purpose. Then watch as life unfolds by honoring what is truly in your heart.

You can trust that the intelligence that holds the stars and the galaxies in the Uni-verse is also orchestrating your life… you can rest in that. A flower doesn’t know where it is going or its ultimate purpose, and yet it still blooms… something in it knows.

Goals are fine, and if you already have clarity about a specific expression your life is taking, then follow that, assuming it’s aligned with your heart. Just don’t get lost in the goal, thinking that getting “there” will somehow deeply satisfy you. It’s easy to have the end in mind or believe you have a purpose and then lose sight of the other 90% of your life, brushing your teeth, driving to work, meeting people at the grocery store, etc. This 90% is as much a part of life as the other 10%. By mentally living in the future, we miss out on the opportunity to express what we truly value now.

Often what we actually deeply yearn for is the creativity and spontaneity that arises out of the present moment. I invite you to enjoy this discovery as you let go of the stressful ideas about how you believe life should be, and experience the fullness of following what you truly value in your heart moment-to-moment.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

L♥veHow many times have you had an experience and it wasn’t what you thought it was going to be but you had already predetermined what was going to happen?

How often have you judged someone in your life only to get to know them and they were very different from who you thought they really were?

Just because something seems a certain way doesn’t mean it really is.

We often go through life thinking we know what is going on. We have preconceived ideas about a situation and others, that can block us from truly experiencing the gift that the moment has for us.

It is important to look deeper in a given situation. Things may not be what they appear to be.  Don’t let what you think you know get in the way of living with an open heart.

Several times in my life I remember making false assumptions of what I thought someone said or what I thought they meant through their actions, and most of those times I felt hurt, and it caused me to withhold my love.

The truth is I had no idea what really happened but created a reality in my own mind which impacted my actions greatly.

If something is unclear, or you feel hurt by a loved one or a friend, rather than withdraw in resentment……….. communicate and get clarity.

What might be clear to you might not be clear to another, and what might not be obvious to you might be obvious to another.

We are 7 billion people on this glorious planet. That means 7 billion different realities, and interpretations of life. It really is a miracle that we can somewhat understand each other let alone get along and love at all.

We are all beautiful. Not because we are perfect human beings but because in our imperfections we are such unique riches and gifts… despite all we have individually been through as human beings, the challenges, struggles, and childhood traumas. We wake up each morning to meet another day the best we can.

This takes courage: To live in this world that can sometimes be crazy, beyond challenging, and even sometimes seemingly cruel.

So it can be easy to judge, but let’s remember the courage it takes for all of us to be human, and that we don’t really know what another human has gone through. We don’t really know everything it has taken for them to just wake up this morning and live.

So when in any situation, choose love.

To choose anger, withholding, judgment is the easy option. But to choose love is the real purpose for why we are here.

Remember just because things seem a certain way doesn’t mean it really is.



Every moment is your invitation.

Will you choose Love?




P.S. IF you feel ready to free yourself, Love fully, and live your life’s true purpose, join me on a truly life changing journey www.boundlessblissbali.com APPLY NOW if you feel the call!!!!

How to Live in Harmony with your Head and your Heart

My heart in your handsHow many times have you known something deep inside but did not trust it.

Instead you listened to your head rather than the deeper knowing of your heart.

Often times the head and the heart are not in harmony, and when you listen to only the head it leads to a great source of confusion.

One minute the head tells you one thing, then a few minutes later it tells you something else, and before you know it you end up more confused than when you began.

Living a life run by your head is limited and will misguide you out of the poetry that is each moment.

The heart has an intelligence and knows things that the head cannot know, it has a knowing beyond logic. The heart is beyond mere emotion, but rooted in deep wisdom.

There are things that you know deep down.

I often hear people say, “Kute, I know what I need to do… the truth is that I am afraid. What should I do?”.

Or after something negative happens, “I knew in my gut I should have made a different choice!”.

Sometimes we are afraid to OWN our inner-knowing, so we create the false sense of confusion for ourselves. Confusion is a game we play with ourselves to keep ourselves stuck where we are. The more you remain confused the less you need to make a choice and take action. Confusion keeps you playing small.

It can be scary to get clear and own the fact that underneath the fear and confusion you DO indeed know what to do. As you own your knowing, there are no more excuses only the courageous responsibility to follow your truth.

We avoid truly listening to our heart sometimes because we are afraid of what that might mean to be that honest. Perhaps it will mean acknowledging that your relationship needs to end, or that it is time to leave your unfulfilling job.

There is a part of you that knows everything, since at the deepest level you are everything.

When you allow yourself to listen to your heart it will guide you on the right path. Your heart has an intelligence and wisdom – even though it might not always be easy, and sometimes rather challenging, there is usually a deeper sense of peace that comes with following your true heart’s knowing.

Deep peace is living your deepest truth, rather than out of the confines of your fear.

The stress, anxiety, craziness we feel often happens because we are stuck in our heads, when in reality everything inside of us is saying something else. There is often a gap between what the head says and the heart says. The degree to which you follow only the head is the degree to which you will suffer.

To go against your true heart’s knowing is to betray yourself, and to betray yourself only leads to pain.

It is not worth it.

The head has its place, but it must serve the guidance and direction of your heart. So first feel your heart, and be 100% honest about what you know. Even if you are not ready to do anything about it right now, simply being honest about what your heart tells you is the first step.

Owning your hearts knowing is to step into your power, and to step into your power is to live authentically who you are in the world without compromising yourself.

Living with your head running the show often leads to a safe life, where you compromise who you are, living what you think you are supposed to.

Living in harmony with the head AND the heart will allow you to thrive. Tune into the heart, honor its knowing and guidance, and then use the head to assist in the fulfillment of your hearts authentic direction.

You know.

There is a deep wisdom in you.

Own it.

You are it.



P.S. If you feel ready to trust your heart and live a life that fulfills you then join me on the journey of a lifetime in Bali: www.BoundlessBlissBali.com

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