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My Birthday – Setting Intents for 44!


Tomorrow, July 24, is my birthday. I will officially, technically, be in my mid-40s.

At 43, I completed and released my 3rd book, Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy. In the process I made some significant steps to bring more balance and joy into my life – all of which can be read in my book! And if you want to give me a birthday present go ahead and buy it for yourself or a friend – Ha Ha! 🙂

Many people ask me if I am in a better place after writing the book. I can categorically say yes! I am happy and healthy and feeling fulfilled – a good place to be. I made some major changes in my lifestyle that, while still inconsistent at times, have become part of my daily habits. Meditation has been more regular. Exercise and sugar, well, lets say the journey remains messy.

This morning, my last day of being 43, I had to go to the DMV to renew my license. In my sleep last night, I remembered that I had got a notice two months ago that I had to go before July 24th when it expired, and take an eye test, give my fingerprints, and take a new photo.  I had an hour waiting with nothing to do so started scribbling notes for my intents this year.

Here they are: Continue reading

Better Than Before: Recovering from a Cruise Excursion

cruise buffetA few weeks ago, I was invited to go to an 80th birthday party. Among the select group of fellow guests were important political figures, judges and lawyers. Now, one would naturally assume that this distinguished assembly of New York City notables would have preferred something equally elegant, say a staid steak house or an upscale Italian eatery. Nope. The destination of choice was, wait for it, a ‘Cruise to Nowhere.’ That translated to one night on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Gem, a massive modern ship that normally sails to the Caribbean, Canada and the Bahamas. On this voyage, however, the ship simply goes a few miles out to sea – and back. Enough distance, though, to be able to gamble and shop at a duty-free store. Who knew that sailing to New Jersey (or at least safely offshore from the Garden State) could have such lucrative advantages – and be considered “international” waters?

There was one minor problem, though — I have been known to get seasick in a hot tub if the jets make too many waves! So I was understandably hesitant to accept this invitation. But then I read the trip’s description on NCL online: “Leave all your cares on land and slip away for a cruise to nowhere,” it beckoned. “Enjoy dinner and dancing, take in a show, win big in the casino, party the night away or spend some time in the spa to relax and rejuvenate!” It had this overly stressed journalist who hasn’t had a vacation in years at “leave…” So off I went – with my own Lawyer in tow (not that he needed a lot of convincing to take part in something that pretty much promised an open buffet for the entire time). Besides, I was determined to prove to my readers that it is possible to go on a cruise – and return in shipshape, no matter what the temptations. While 18 hours on board isn’t much time to get out of shape,  I still considered this an opportunity to test the waters for the longer lasting versions. Detective Beauty was on the case!!

We have all heard horror stories about these types of trips. As one would naturally assume with something informally known as a “booze cruise,” they either attract the college crowd who stay up all night and drink wherever they are, or those who could be deemed the “Real Housewives of 7-Eleven.” And upon boarding and looking around, I had to admit that this particular excursion lived up to that reputation. There were drinks of every form offered on practically every deck – for an extra fee. Even though it was only 1pm in the afternoon, it seemed as if many cruisers had already had a few — or ten. Of course, when somebody dressed in a full dolphin costume came over and put his or her (hard to tell) arm around me to pose for a ship photo and I happily submitted; smiling broadly at the ridiculousness of it, it no doubt appeared to others that I might have knocked back a few myself.

Let’s skip to lunch. Unless you want to go to a specialty restaurant onboard, which is also extra, it’s basically what you’d expect for cruise food – and lots and lots of it. That means unlimited amounts of whatever is on the menu, much of it not terribly good for your health. Suffice it to say, though, that The Lawyer was in seventh heaven. Restaurants with All-You-Can-Eat buffets, you see, usually have to check with their bankruptcy counsel whenever he and our sons descend upon them. “Jane, should I have a steak?” he asked, knowing that I was sitting next to him and would kibosh the order, but decided to see if I mellowed in the negative ions of the ocean air. Here’s a tip: Look for the options with checks in front of them signifying that they are ‘heart healthy.’ Okay, maybe not what you would get at, say, Sweet Greens organic salad bar, but good enough to not gain ten pounds or fill any arteries left unclogged. And order triples on vegetables. That was all I actually ate, but the waitress nonetheless commented that I had a “hearty appetite.”

There is a long list of possible activities that my group of women and I scanned during our meal. I strongly suggested for them, and for those of you who follow this nautical path, a visit to the gym and spa. Every top-of-the-line ship has them and they are a perfect way to while away the hours instead of going to a bar or playing afternoon Bingo. The gym is open from 6am to 11 pm and offers everything from Thighs, Buns and Tum hour, to Fab Abs, yoga, Pilades, body shaping and all things in between. Everything you would find at a full service gym is right there. I loved the TRX workout, a revolutionary method of suspension training that is brought to us by the Navy Seals, and will make it a point to find a class here in the city that offers something similar. So take advantage of a unique opportunity to try different exercise options.

Finally, visit the spa. This cruise had a particularly gorgeous one — the Mandara. Splurge on a hot rock massage, an oxygen facial, acupuncture, or a cleansing thermal wrap. (And if you’re not Gwyneth Paltrow, how many of us realistically have all those hours to devote to detoxing?) I knew where The Lawyer would be – undoubtedly at the afternoon buffet — so I didn’t have to worry about him honing in on my “me” time. I still remember one year when I was certain that he was at the marina of a French resort taking note of the topless human condition, I called down to the hotel spa to arrange for a treatment. “Impossible, Madame,” was the reply. “Your husband is at this moment on the massage table about to start the very last appointment.”

Yes, I was a little sick to my stomach; but it was because the waters were particularly choppy, not the fact that I caught the dreaded Norovirus. But, at the end of the day, I disembarked the morning after looking and feeling Better Than Before. And if you just plan your cruise activities accordingly, you can, too. As for The Lawyer, he’s still annoyed that I didn’t let him eat any birthday cake. 

What Are Your Jewelry Stones Saying About You?

jewelryBy Linda Lauren

Not long ago, I found myself standing in line behind a woman at the pharmacy who was speaking very loud.  Not many people were in the store at that time, so it was impossible not to eavesdrop on her conversation.  Attractive and dressed in impeccable corporate attire, she was leaning in toward the pharmacist with excitement.

“I’m amazed at how grounded I am,”  she said. “I just don’t know why today is so different.”

I did a very quick inventory of the jewelry she was wearing and immediately discovered why she felt so good. Dangling from each ear was a Hematite earring. Hematite is a dark gray stone with a shiny finish and is known for its grounding of our energy to the reality of our daily routine.  In fact, every piece of jewelry you wear carries a vibration. That vibration is enhanced by the energetic properties of the stone, the color, and the setting. A diamond ring set in gold represents innocent power and purity of heart, and it will ground us to being powerful on a more practical level. However, when set in silver it works with that the energy of silver and will allow more power in communication. By learning the general meanings of the colors and gemstones of the jewelry you choose, you will be able to direct your energy to choose gemstones that embrace positive intention.

Here is a list of Birthstones and their meaning. This list of will help you choose gemstone combinations that can be applied by month, by birthstone energy, or by color.  Nothing is etched in “stone” here. Have fun and experiment.

BIRTHSTONES (Traditional)

January/Garnet: Promotes friendship and trust.

February/Amethyst: Connects you to the intuitive energy within you

March/Aquamarine: Eases our travels for a safe voyage.

April/Diamond: Helps with clarity of vision and clear thinking.

May/Emerald: Embraces new beginnings and helps us start over.

June/Pearl: Allows you to be in tune with emotion.

July/Ruby: Offers us love and a boost to our physical energy.

August/Peridot: Assists in mending relationships and moving forward.

September/Sapphire: Inspires spirituality and devotion.

October/Opal: Creates spontaneity and helps with emotional states.

November/Yellow Topaz: Instills confidence and good health.

December/Blue Topaz: Offers creative expression and help inspire compassion.

Before you put your next piece of jewelry on, give yourself a moment to reflect on how it makes you feel. Sit quietly for a few moments and let the energy speak to you. Then choose gemstones and colors that embrace feelings that are positive, happy and protective.  With experience, you will learn to enhance and embrace a personal vibration that makes you feel complete and at peace.


Linda Lauren is a fourth-generation psychic medium, Color & Energy Consultant, Author and Reiki Practitioner, who connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them.  Linda, known as the ‘Travel Psychic™’, also uses that energy to guide her clients with their travel plans.

A Very Happy Birthday to Mallika Chopra, Intent Founder!

It’s July 24 and a very special day… We at Intent would like to wish our founder, mentor, and friend Mallika Chopra a very happy birthday!


Mallika is a mother, a mentor, an author, a meditation teacher, an entrepreneur and so much more. She has touched the lives of many around the world, both those she has met in person and those who have connected with her through her writing and classes. For those of us who know her personally, Mallika’s creativity, thoughtfulness, and vibrant spirit are truly an inspiration. We all feel blessed to know and work with her, and we wish her the happiest of birthdays!

It has been a busy and fulfilling year. Mallika worked with her brother, Gotham, and dad, Deepak, on the inspiring Chopra Well YouTube channel, produced her own show on the channel entitled “Perfectly Imperfect Parents,” and continued building the Intent platform. We applaud her for all her brilliant work!

Thank you for everything, Mallika. We wish you a beautiful day, an inspired year, and a delicious birthday cake – because you totally deserve all of it!

How to Throw a Junk-Free Kid’s Birthday Party

I was terrified the first time I threw a kids’ party without the usual pizza and brightly dye-colored cakes and candy. I was worried I was going have a revolution on my hands, a mutiny, a gang of pizza-crazed 2-year-olds who were going to make me walk the plank. I was pleasantly surprised when only one parent asked,  “Where’s the pizza?” and astonished when there wasn’t a peep or a whimper from the kids. “Phew,” I thought back then. “It is possible.”

This year I had a little boy pull me aside. He had a concerned look on his face. He said, “I only eat one kind of chicken nugget, and I don’t eat salad.” I replied, “I’m sorry that I don’t have your special nuggets, but the chicken on the table is really tasty and you don’t have to eat salad.” About ½ an hour later I saw him happily munching on a sweet and sour lemon chicken stick and the noodles with pesto sauce. I personally handed him an apple lemonade ice pop and saw him wipe his cake plate clean. So, even the picky ones left satisfied.

On the menu this year was:


For starters I made Guacamole and served it with Organic GMO free “Way Better” sweet potato chips.

Two quick tips on guacamole-making:

  1. Keep the avocado seeds in the guacamole. It will help keep it from turning brown.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of avocado oil to your guacamole. This, too, will help it from turning brown.

Next up, hummus and vegetables. This year I bought some fresh made from a local market. Usually I make it fresh, but there is only so much time…

For a sweet snack, fruit kebabs. Honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and grapes. Yum.

And finally, the main course!

Grilled Chicken on a Stick 2 Ways. I marinated the chicken overnight and then I grilled them. Well, my husband grilled them…

  1. Sweet and Sour lemon. I used the marinade from my “Sweet and Sour Lemon Chicken.”
  2. Chicken Satay.

Here’s a picture of the Chicken Satay final product:


Some ideas for healthy side dishes:

And now what the kids are all waiting for: dessert!


First, homemade ice pops. Chocolate Mint, Apple Lemonade, Pina Colada, Sour Apple Sorrel, and Ruby Beet.

Sam is eating the Pina Colada Pop here. His favorite was the Ruby Beet. He looks like a vampire in the photos of him eating that one though!

These were a huge hit. I actually got a call from a 7-year-old boy who was at the party asking for the recipes! Ice Pop recipes will be available in an e-book I will be releasing in the next couple of weeks.

For a more traditional cake option, try one of these:

So there you have it! A kids’ birthday party without junk. It can be done.


Originally published on my website, Tapp’s Tips.

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Honoring My Mother on the Anniversary of Her Passing

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.26.43 AMIt’s a practice of healing and cleansing, one of renewal and expansion. As the shift happens, a rawness sets in. It is a total unshielding of spirit/heart/energy…whatever you choose to call it, it really doesn’t matter as it is one in the same. Once the breakthrough has taken place through yoga, you can’t hide.

Today she would have been 73. And fabulous.

A few sweet notes came in, three or four from family. I rolled through the day aware, but unfazed. I have been through 7 birthdays now without her, and 7 deathdays. I don’t miss her any differently on these days as I find little significance to the anniversary and birthday. Every day, any day, could be one of those dates. All those dates hold is one moment in time where she came, and left. There is an entire lifetime in between, so those are the days l choose to celebrate and honor.

Or do I? Is this my triumphant ego talking of my healing path? Am I seeing what is really happening here? Today, I had a distracted morning yoga session. Happy but not, light but heavy, sorta wanted to be there sorta didn’t. The class I taught in the evening was about the same. “Totally disconnected to spirit,” was how I described my feelings to a friend after class. Without seeing the connection to the importance of the day, I chose to teach heart openers themed on balance between all facets of ourselves needing acceptance, honor, and love. All facets include flaw, beauty, scar, perfection, imperfection, insecurity, spark, and even consciously choosing dark when light is handed over on a white glove. In order to live a life of honor and self-love, we must self-love all of it. Just as we need to deeply feel pain so we feel joy in even greater measure, we must also honor the dark and the dingy so we can even more so love the easier to love pieces that ignite us.

It wasn’t until 9:30 this evening that I realized why I had been off all day. It wasn’t so much that I was full of sorrow and pain, it was that I hadn’t taken the time out to honor her. It has taken me years to get to a place where the pain of losing her isn’t so strong it shows up physically in my body. As much as I don’t want these days to be of significance, as much as my ego would like to decide when and where I shall feel…the heart doesn’t follow suit. My energy body needed to honor and love her. My soul needed to connect with her through some kind of ceremony. Living in a much more raw and unshielded place these days, it just doesn’t fly anymore to let my mind do the driving.

For my 36th birthday last month a friend gave me a tuberose candle that has two wicks. Unbeknownst to her, it was my mom’s favorite scent. I lit two flames tonight, laid for a few minutes with each of my sleeping babes, ate rainier cherries (her favorite), and sat in the quiet to write this piece.

It doesn’t need to be a big production to quietly and ceremoniously honor the heart. It doesn’t need much…just a little attention, some raw love, honor, and recognition.

Heart mended for the time being, maybe even on its way to being healed.

5 Mother’s Day Life Lessons – Wisdom From A Wise Mom

The Beauty of Old AgeBy Jay Forte

As I write this, it is early – just after 6 am. I am in New England, in Putnam CT, at my Mom’s house. Today, she turns 80. And as in all good Italian families, my siblings are all flying in from around the country to celebrate – to celebrate her birthday, our family, her impact and her wisdom as a remarkable mother.

We tried to keep the party a surprise, but when you are the mother of six, you seem to have this natural ability to always know what is going on. Somehow, she knew things about her party that some of my siblings didn’t even know. This sets the stage to share some great wisdom from someone – from a powerful, loving and capable mother – who has lived a long time, has learned much and never misses an opportunity to share what she knows. Mom is a wonderful cook – so you’ll see that so much of her wisdom involves food. We’re Italian…what can I say?

1. You are as old as you think you are.

Though Mom turns 80 today, there is nothing about her (save some really gray hair) that makes anyone think she is 80. Her cooking, gardening and painting has her up and down stairs, in and out of the house, all around town and doing what she loves. When you wake up happy in life, you stay young. When you do things you love, you stay young. When you treat yourself with care and respect, you stay young. When you eat really good food (she means healthy), you stay young. Age is a number; being and feeling young is a mindset. As she says, the greater the age, the better the bragging rights.

2. Be interested in others.

Ask questions and be interested in the answers. Learn to listen. Show up and be present with the people in your life. Not only do they have information to help you learn how to “do life well,” but they are also the treasures of life. It’s the people in our lives, not the things, that make life amazing. Remember the important things in others’ lives. Stay connected, send a card, make a call, bake something, share some soup…

3. Treasure your family.

Our families are in our lives for a reason. They keep us supported and strong; we learn respect, manage our emotions, share, support, love and celebrate. Families are the training ground for living a great and happy life. We learn how to successfully be in the world from our time with our families. And in the process, we find those we can rely on and count on in every day of life.

4. Do great things with your life.

Each day we have the opportunity to bring our best to the world. Never miss it. Learn what you are good at by trying new things and experiencing life. Then show up with your A-game to all that you do. Since you do not get this day back, make each day outstanding by improving any part of the world you touch. Inspire people to step up and stand out in life.

5. Be grateful for whatever you have.

There will always be those who have more and those who have less. It isn’t what you have that matters; it is how grateful you are for what you have. This is the reason to say grace or thanks before a meal. It is the same reason why every time you look at your spouse, partner, kids or friends, you should smile and think how blessed you are that they are in your life.

Though today is Mom’s birthday and we are celebrating her, we are mostly celebrating what she (and other mothers) have taught us to be ready to live our own versions of great and happy lives. Think young. Be great. Inspire others. Be grateful. Treasure people. And mostly live around the table – because all important things can be discussed, debated, invented or solved over some kind of pasta or roasted chicken and finished with biscotti.

Celebrate, applaud and learn from the powerful women in your lives.

photo by: VinothChandar

Declare Today Your Birthday! It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again!

Everyday is your birthday.

Each day a new day filled with a blank slate of possibilities for you to create.

Each day a new day filled with opportunity where something new can be birthed out of your creative imagination.

Just because you made your bed in the past does not mean you have to lie in it in your present or your future. At any moment, if you decide, you can unmake the bed you made in the past and remake your bed in the present.

This moment is an invitation to make a new choice. You can start with the choice to choose again in this moment. Once you give that up you are powerless.

The past is gone. Wallowing in it just keeps you stuck, preventing you from moving forward. It robs you of vital energy with which to create your future.

What happened happened. You cannot change the past. What you can change is the meaning you give it and focus on the present which will alter the course in your future.

Mistakes are a part of life. They are simply the price you paid to learn life’s lessons. Just make sure you get the lesson and move forward. The more time you spend holding onto what was not, the less time you have available to create what can be.

Wasting your present wallowing about the past is like going through the toilet after you use it and crying about yesterday’s meal (You get my point).

The past has as much power over you as you give it. Learn from the past but don’t live in it. If you live in it you miss today and the past will live you and keep recreating over and over and over and over and…… OVER!

So declare today your birthday too. A new day. The day you will be born anew. It’s never too late to begin again. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.  It’s only too late if you decide it is.  What matters is now. Forgive yourself. This is a great gift you can GIVE yourself.

So celebrate my birthday with me today as a new beginning for yourself also.

Let go of what no longer serves you so that you can step fully into who you were born to be.

This year, don’t just have your cake but EAT it too.

Happy Birthday!!!



P.S. If you are ready to live the life you have always dreamed of, and ready to give up all excuses join me on the journey of a lifetime: www.boundlessblissbalil.com!!

photo by: Aih.

Happy 77th Birthday to His Holiness the Dalai Lama!

Today, June 6, 2012 marks the 77th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. From refugees to the likes of Richard Gere, people around the world have followed and celebrated this spiritual, humanitarian icon. And today, thousands worldwide wish him a happy birthday and many happy returns.

The 14th Dalai Lama is perhaps best known for being the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet. His official leadership in the region was short-lived – he’s been in exile since 1959. But the Dalai Lama has become a force for humanitarian rights (especially those of the Tibetan people under the Chinese government), interfaith dialogue, and international diplomacy. Anyone skeptical of the selection process of incumbent Dalai Lamas just needs to take one look at this man’s list of achievements and beliefs, spend five minutes in his presence, watch as thousands of people around the world cry, cheer, and celebrate his life…We’re dealing with an extraordinary human being.

I don’t know about you, but it’s strange for me to think of someone like the Dalai Lama having a birthday. He’s one of those timeless, larger-than-life figures who I assume has always and will always be around. Today reminds me that His Holiness is more than an icon, more than a statement on human rights. He is a man, albeit a remarkable one. He has had an immense impact on the world in his 77 years on this planet. I know millions worldwide (including Deepak Chopra!) join me in wishing him many more years in this journey of learning, teaching, and spreading love in all corners of the globe.

Gotham Chopra: Birthday Letter to my Future Self

Dear Future Gotham

It occurred to me tonight while at yoga class, being that it’s my birthday it might be an interesting idea to write myself a letter to be read by me/you about 25 years from now. Yeah – you read right: I did yoga on the night of my birthday. Lame? Sort of. Cool? Sort of. Do you still downward dog? If you don’t, you should. Trust me.

I hope things have settled down in your time. It’s a particularly frenetic time right now in 2011. California – where I live these days – is bankrupt as is most of the country on account of some inane and reckless leadership the last decade or so. Unemployment is very high, healthcare is a disaster, and the federal deficit is more than my iPhone can compute.  Yeah – iPhones, blackberries, facebook, and twitter. Remember those dinosaurs? Probably the same way I remember television before HD or the NFL before the lockout. Back to America: to be honest, I’m not sure where we go from here. There’s a lot of fear in America. Fear of the way the world is flattening and changing. Fear of the way many on the planet are veering toward religious extremism while countless others are abandoning religion altogether.

This week alone, we’re watching as another country in the Middle East (Libya) comes apart at the seams. The details are gruesome – another dictator slaughtering his own people, pledging to shed his own blood rather than giving way to the will of his people. This after having bled his own country for the last forty years of their resources and wealth, not to mention generations worth of hopes and dreams. As was the case a few weeks ago with Egypt while similar unrest boiled over there, it’s unclear how exactly America plans on playing this Libya eruption. Standing by, expressing indignation, but not interfering seems to be the opus operandi. In a global climate that seems to have little tolerance any more for the US playing policeman, I suppose it’s the safest and most reasonable approach…but it leaves me very troubled. When I read about people being butchered in the streets by outsourced mercenaries wielding machetes and AK’s or a dictator ordering his airforce to bomb their own citizens, I do think America – or someone – has a moral obligation to step in and do something about it.

Moral – yeah I said it. I know Chopras are supposed to understand the inherent contradictions of the Universe, recognize that good and evil are simply expressions of the same underlying consciousness. But whatever – I’ve not mastered it yet, and frankly doubt you have too. This Gaddafi #$@% is an evil mother@#$%^# if there ever was one, and he needs to go. I get it by the way – I know he’s not the whole problem. But you know what? You got to excise the tumor before you can cure the cancer….Go ahead you can use that line if you want to.

Getting down to the brass tax of this whole Middle East thing, dude – I just paid 4 dollars a gallon for gas in my car. Please tell me that sh!t’s been solved because that ain’t right. I mean if Libya going nuts is spiking the pumps that bad, what the hell happened when the Saudi regime went bust? Because that happened, right? WDOD then (i.e. what did Obama do)?

Obama – it’s only been two years, but it’s been a rough ride for my man. People seem to have forgotten how far down the rabbit hole his predecessor took us. For God’s sake, no one seems to remember “shock and awe.” Shock and awe people – remember that chant?! Yeah sure, the bar was high – impossibly high in retrospect – with all that “Yes we can, yes we did” lingo with Obama, but it was fun for the few weeks that it lasted. I hope Obama got to fill out the two terms he was entitled to – tell me that happened. I really believe if it did, you’re in a better place for it.

This afternoon, while eating Baskin Robbins Ice Cream cake with baby Krishu (who’s 3.5 – sparing you the math. And I hope for your sake you’re still eating Baskins…), I couldn’t help but look at his cute little Chindian face and feeling optimistic despite all the madness. I mean, his half Indian, half Chinese, All American complexion is the face of your time, isn’t it? it excites me that looking at him I feel like maybe we’re on the precipice of abandoning these maddening tribal identities. Do you look back at this time and see it circa when we moved from this survival of the fittest mode to survival of the wisest? Do you remember how tired you were of all the jingoists and Jihadits, the tea partiers and terrorists who frankly all sound the same? Trust me I’m trying my hardest not to go all “can’t we all just get along,” but can’t we all at least agree that we’re living in a world of rapidly diminishing resources in which we better learn how to coexist peacefully and sustainably? The alternative I suppose is indeed a (ironic) unified last stand as we all circle the drain together. Glass half full…

I’m going to wrap this up. You probably should go to sleep or smoke a joint or something, you old bastard. That’s legal now, right? Plus I want to watch Sportscenter – the Knicks traded for Carmelo Anthony today. I need to scout their highlights and make sure they’re not a serious threat to our Celtics. Yeah – I know, some tribal allegiances never die. Like I said, the Universe is full of contradictions. I get it.

Ciao –

Gotham Chopra 2011

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