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Intent of the Day: Know Our Heroes


Black History Month has been a time of celebration and appreciation for less than 50¬†years. Prior to that, Negro History Week had only been in effect since 1926. It’s amazing when you realize that this means we have less than 100 years of highlighting the contributions of an integral group of Americans but we are excited that we live in a time where we are better able to know our heroes. Heroes who innovated, who saw a bigger vision, heroes who persevered. Our intent is to know our heroes and here are 3 ways you can do the same: Continue reading

Reclaiming A Missing History: The Founding of Black History Month

Can you imagine what it must feel like to hold a history book in your hands and find no trace of yourself in the pages? To know you exist, to know your parents existed before you and their parents before them, and find no record must be a kind of grief and alienation one hopes to never feel. Born in 1875, a child of slaves, Dr. Carter G. Woodson would become both a scholar and a historian as well as lead the charge in reclaiming the silent history of African Americans.

What started as his own effort became the founding of the (later known as) Association for the Study of African American Life and History, the publishing of the Journal of African American History, organizing the 1st Annual Negro History Week in February 1926 and, fifty years later, he would see that week become an entire month of celebration. Continue reading

Celebrating American History in Words

America is home to inventors, artists, scientists, activists, freedom fighters…
The list could go on forever and it is something we’re very proud of.
We’re celebrating today with words of wisdom from Americans who overcame amazing odds to make history that changed us all.

We are not makers of history.
We are made by history.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader

I freed a thousand slave.
I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
-Harriet Tubman, Abolitionist Continue reading

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