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Spirituality in Stilettos: Spiritual Bliss with a 21st Century Twist


Spirituality in Stilettos celebrates the beauty, strength and style of a women’s spiritual bliss grounded in the 21st century with an irresistible twist!

Spirituality is truly a big word for spirit … the truth and joy of who we are and Stilettos remind us that we live in the 21st century with all of its mixed messages and noise. Most of us yearn for clarity, balance and connection but we don’t have a year to eat in Italy, pray in India and fall in love in Bali to find ourselves. We need to keep our feet on the ground, but allow our spirits to soar. You have both, be enlightened and embrace the power of mind, body spirit unity: all while hugging a tree, wearing a pair of stilettos and drinking a glass of wine in a sexy red dress.

Finding your spiritual bliss. This doesn’t mean you have to box yourself in, become holier than thou and give up everything else. In essence, it means you have the ability to expand beyond your physical self; We’re multi dimensional beings, made up of layers of conscious and unconscious experiences and roles all stored in our mind, bodies and soul. Only by approaching life as a whole in all of our glorious shades of perfect and imperfect color can we be our original, exceptional, sexy self …we wear many shoes, so be kind and forgiving with yourselves. Spirituality in Stilettos means different things to different people, so be different and be your own judge.

Follow your bliss. First, there is no secret timeline when it comes to Spiritual bliss. Spirituality is our own journey, whatever that may be. I just ask that you choose yours and not someone else’s. I do encourage you to let the fear creep in, face it, but don’t let it stunt you.

Embrace your childlike wonder, be curious, creative and answers will flow. Bliss comes from what your spirit needs, not textbooks, so when you feel doubt. I want to remind you to ask yourself a simple question. “Who has the right to judge your journey?” Continue reading

Following Bliss: An Intent Interview with Modern Mystic Alanna Kaivalya

FollowingBliss_HerosJourney_COVER_500pxAre you following your bliss? Do you even know where to start? Our newest course in the Intent Shop, “Following Bliss: A Modern Mystic’s Guide to the Hero’s Journey,” written by Alanna Kaivalya, gives you the playbook you need to find your own happiness and unlock your inner potential. Intent sat down with Alanna to ask her how the inspiration for the course came about and how she thinks it can truly help you discover your own inner hero.

INTENT: For those in the Intent community that aren’t familiar with your work, what is your background and how did you get into your field?

ALANNA: In my college years, I took a course on South Asian religions and was at once captivated by the stories within those traditions. These were myths I had never been exposed to, and the rich characters and antics immediately awakened something within me. It was right at that time that I began to teach yoga, and incorporate the stories into my classes. People loved them, and eventually I ended up writing a book on the mythology behind yoga poses called Myths of the Asanas (Mandala, 2010). During the time I was writing this book, I stumbled upon the extraordinary work of Joseph Campbell and was inspired beyond my wildest dreams by this man whose work paved the way for people to think outside the box and explore the common thread within all mythologies. I decided to embark on a program that would take me through Joseph Campbell’s own course of study so I could broaden my understanding of myth to include myths of the contemporary west. With the pursuit of my PhD while continuing to teach mythology across the country as well as the completion of my second book (Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning of Mantra and Kirtan, New World Library, 2014), I find myself now fully immersed in Joseph Campbell’s teaching with the unique lens of having brought it to the public in a way that allows them to unlock their own personal mythology and find the core connection to the self-empowering force of myth.

INTENT: What lead you to designing this course?

ALANNA: Joseph Campbell wrote his seminal work in 1949, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, where he looks at the common structure of the journey of the hero throughout various myths and legends around the world. Understanding how this common thread affects us now, in a time where our myths are constantly being questioned, helps us to reunite what has been broken and lost. Finding a way to track and discover our own heroic journey is a way to revivify our aliveness and take back the precious moments of our lives. Joseph Campbell asked people to “follow their bliss.” I’m showing you how.

INTENT: What does being a “modern” mystic mean to you?

ALANNA: It means taking the tools and structures that we have in this life, in this time, at this moment that are relevant and alive for us and using them to discover something more about ourselves. The time has come for us to recreate living mythologies that speak to our current modern psyche and enliven us. What is great, is that each of us already has some kind of personal belief system–figuring out exactly what that is, and what it is aligned with–is how we answer the question Carl Jung asked himself, which is “What myth do we live by?” When we know what myth we live by, what kind of hero we are, then we understand how to navigate all of life’s trials, tribulations and challenges in order to reveal something more powerful within ourselves.

INTENT: In the course you build a lot off of Joseph Campbell’s archetype for a hero – how did you find his work and what drew you to Campbell?

ALANNA: Joseph Campbell is the man behind our modern understanding of myth! You can’t go very far into an inquiry about myth without bumping into his work. He popularized the study of myth and brought to the fore the idea that there is a common theme within all mythic structures, building off of Carl Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious and universal archetypes. Joseph Campbell, it turns out, had some pretty serious answers to my biggest questions and so I’ve come to be an admirer of his body of work and have been very interested in doing what I can to not only bring his work even further into the public eye, but also to show people the power and potential that his work can have in their own life, on a personal level.

INTENT: You say in the course that you want to take off where Campbell left off in mythology – where do you want to go with it now?

ALANNA: When Campbell died in 1987, he was on to something… that technology and the modern age would continue to accelerate and it would fundamentally change how we interact with one another and how we understand ourselves. This is true, and as a modern comparative mythologist, I’m looking at how to use our experiences of the world today to make our myths start working for us again. Basically, a living mythology activates human potential, and the human psyche has a primary need for myth in order to understand the unexplainable. There is a lot we still can’t explain–even with our technology and science–but as we learn and are able to explain more and more about our universe and condition, our mythology must be malleable enough to evolve and continue to speak to our human potential. This kind of rapid growth and learning can be embodied through our own personal mythology–what each person carries inside of them. Because each of us is now developing our own unique experience of the world, outside of the old, simpler way of living where the world experience was pretty well defined and confined to a much smaller group. On a global scale with wider, varying interests, what we believe needs to satisfy the core structure of each of us as individuals while still uniting us to the larger group.

INTENT: We are currently being bombarded with super-heroes in pop-culture, especially with the success of franchise films like Iron Man and the Avengers. What do you think makes hero stories so appealing to people? Why are they necessary for a fulfilling life?

ALANNA: Everyone needs a hero. Everyone needs someone who can show them the possibility and potential of their own human life. Knowing that someone has gone before you, enlightens you to the possibility that it maybe you can do it, too. This gives us two necessary qualities: Hope and connection. Without hope and connection, we live, in the words of T.S. Eliot, “amongst a heap of broken images.” I believe that the beauty of the Avenger’s series is that it is alive and responsive to the current times and culture. Each of the characters has a modern day twist on the hero: Iron Man is a billionaire genius, The Hulk is a super-smart scientist, Captain America is the ultimate soldier. These are characters that are alive and well in our culture, and with The Avengers, they get just a little boost that makes them superhuman. This is what is active and alive in our cultural unconscious and is speaking to the problems of our society including poverty, modern warfare, the development of the digital age and the collapse of large social structures. We have to have hope and inspiration in regards to the problems we face now. I believe that The Avengers are doing a stellar job of giving us a template for this hope and inspiration.

INTENT: Did you learn or realize anything new about your own definition of hero while designing this course?

ALANNA: Actually, it was the other way around. It was my own discovery of the importance of the journey of the hero and personal mythology that made me want to write a course to show people how to find this for themselves. In my more than decade plus years of taking people through the mythology in the context of eastern spirituality and yoga, I was seeing for myself how important it was for people to discover and understand that the hero they were hearing stories about did not exist outside of themselves. The hero’s path, ultimately, is an internal path and we use the stories of our heroes as templates to discover our own internal journey. This is how we find hope, inspiration and connection when it otherwise becomes unavailable in our relationships, careers, health… you name it. Give people the tools and techniques to reignite their own internal power, to rediscover their own internal hero, and they can make it through any challenge. They become heroes themselves. I have seen this time and time again not only in my work with thousands of students, but within myself. How could I not share these powerful insights with others? This is why I wrote the eCourse for Intent, and why I’m leading this as a live workshop at Esalen in January of 2014. Because, it’s a simple process, and once you know how to find your heroic journey, you can do it time and time again, no matter what struggle you face.

INTENT: What should our followers and those who purchase the course expect to gain from taking it? What should be their goal before starting the course?

ALANNA: This work is designed to give you the tools to face your greatest challenges and overcome your greatest fears in order to live the life you imagined. It’s not small stuff. I encourage those who purchase the course to think big and see where their journey takes them.


Overcome your own deepest fears and emerge as the hero of our own story. Joseph Campbell asked people to “follow their bliss.” I’m showing you how. Join Alanna at the gorgeous Esalen retreat center on the Coast of California with breath taking hot tubs, locally grown food and Kaivalya Method Yoga.

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Wordplay Wednesday: To My Dear Child

Submitted by Sophie Badami, from Pune, India

I love you if you reply to my mail

But if you don’t reply to my mail, I love you even more.

I love you if you acknowledge my e -message,

But if you don’t I love you even more.

I love you if you acknowledge my existencce

But I love you more if you dont

I love you if you have to say something nice about me

But I love you more if you say something not -so- nice about me.

I love you if I know that you are happy

But I love you more if I know you are unhappy.

I love you if you are successful

But I love you more if you are not successful.

I love you if you are hale and hearty,

But I love you more if you are sick.

I love you if you are physically fit

But I love you more if you are not.

I love you if you are friendly to me

But I love you more if you ignore me

I love you if you phone me sometimes

But I love you even more if you don’t.

I love you if your share your thoughts and feelings

But I love you more if you cant.

I love you if you follow my advice

But I love you even more if you cant

I love you if you achieve something in life

But I love you if you fail to do so

I love you if you help me out

But I love you even more if you overlook my request for help.

My child, I used to think that love is two-way-traffic.

But now I know, one-way is bliss.

And all my love- you-more are indicators,

That I share your pain, your hurt and your suffering like my own.


Do you have a favorite or original poem you would like showcased on Wordplay Wednesday? We’d love to share it! Email the poem to editor@intent.com, and we will feature it in the series. Click here to view past Wordplay Wednesdays.

photo by: legends2k

Why Ayurveda Could Change Your Life


Imagine you’re outside, by a beautiful lake, enjoying the perfection of your surroundings. You feel comfortable, relaxed, as if you are an important part of it all. You are so in tune that it is as if you can hear nature speaking to you.

You see a swan glide past, and the swan is thinking to itself: “How wonderful it is to be a swan. I can take my time; life is serene. I am graceful and lovely. All is right with the world.”

And then you notice an eagle flying high overhead, and the eagle is thinking: “Ah, what a joy it is to be an eagle. I am strong, and free. This is the life!”

A hummingbird flits past, and you can hear the hummingbird is thinking: “I’m having so much fun on this glorious day. There’s so much to see and do. I’m so glad I’m a hummingbird and can move easily to all the things I love.”

Everything in nature has a purpose. We’re all connected. Sitting amongst the trees and looking at the clear blue sky you know that you are an important part of this connection. You breathe deeply and feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace.

Now, imagine you’re in that same place, same time. When you hear nature speaking to you things are a bit different.

You see a swan glide past, and the swan thinks to itself: “Oh, my. Why am I stuck being a swan? I would so much rather be like that little hummingbird. I want to flit around like that! I feel so dumpy just floating here on this silly lake.”

Then the eagle flies overhead, and you read its thoughts: “Wow. Look at that swan down there. He’s got the good life. Why can’t I just hang out on the lake? Instead I’m up here working so hard. This isn’t fair. I’d rather be a swan.”

Then the hummingbird flits by and thinks: “Really? That eagle is so lucky. She’s way up there with a great vantage point. She can go so far without even flapping her wings. I’m down here pumping away a million beats a minute! Man, I want to be an eagle.”

Somehow, this second scenario just doesn’t make sense, does it? Because this is not how nature operates! And yet, this is exactly what we do as human beings all the time. We fight our own nature. We compare ourselves to one another. We think we need to always be thinner, more beautiful, more successful, more something, anything! When the truth is that we are inherently perfect. If we are carrying around excess weight, or stress, or feeling bad about ourselves it is because we are out of balance, our lives are out of balance in one way or another. We can find that perfect state of balance, and regain our strength and confidence and energy to be the best that we can be.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves, to be our healthiest and happiest, body, mind, and spirit, is to know who we are. Some of us are swans, some of us are eagles, and some of us are hummingbirds. Each being is valid, each being has value, and each being brings his or her unique gifts to the world. When we know ourselves, and our own nature, we allow the best of ourselves to shine through. Nature operates through us. So why are we fighting it?

Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old “Science of Life” from India. It explains the nature of everything in the universe. It teaches us how to live in harmony with nature, knowing the connections that we share. Ayurveda is all about balance, and this is something we are in dire need of today.

There are a lot of things that take us away from our state of balance. We are overstressed and overworked. We overeat and are overweight. We over exert ourselves and overspend so that we end up tired, hungry, in debt and living in a mess. Look at all the extra “stuff” we carry around with us. We need to lighten up! We need to shed the stress, the pounds, the debt, and the distractions and focus on what is good for us, what serves us. Food is a huge part of all this. We use food to soothe our emotions, to fill up our tummies when we feel a lack in some part of our lives. We fall into habits, with food and otherwise, that we think are easy, and they become mindless and robotic so that we don’t see any other possibilities or potential for ourselves.

It’s time to get back to nature, to get back to basics, to get back into balance. And what better way than by turning to a practice that has been tried and true for all these centuries? Ayurveda is a “sister science” with yoga and meditation. As we experience the benefits of these practices in our lives we naturally want to learn more – and that’s where Ayurveda is positioned right now.

Twenty years ago or so here in the west Feng Shui was a foreign concept – but now it’s a part of our every day vernacular. If you haven’t heard of Ayurveda yet – now you have! And if you haven’t lived the Ayurveda lifestyle yet, I encourage you to try it now. Lots more info in my new book, The Perfect Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to a Lighter Body, Mind, Spirit & Space and on my new website: perfectbalancediet.com

Cultivating Joy That Lasts Longer Than Chocolate

2413036973_184907341d_bHappiness is eating a delicious chocolate bar. It’s a physical pleasure that lasts a very short time. What if you could find something akin to happiness, only deeper and longer lasting? Kind of like a permanent orgasm? Would you want some? Joy dives deeper and lasts longer. It’s a spiritual experience that comes from within. Joy is like an amped-up shade of happiness that doesn’t depend so much on senses or outer experiences. Bliss is the ultimate harvest of spiritual life. It’s an experience that transcends the physical and according to wisdom traditions, it is our true nature. If you want to find that path through the shades of happiness and joy to bliss, how do you get there?

One way to begin is to experience joy is through cultivating your inner sacred space. I call this place the secret garden. It’s a good place to plant seeds that can be cultivated and grow into a harvest of bliss. Some essential tools that help to dig deep and tend the inner garden include the hard work of self-inquiry, a regular meditation practice, a dedication to pay attention to and act on the guidance of your inner gardener – that higher, wiser part of you that is Divine – and a yearning to get rid of inner junk and pests that stand in the way. This junk is often old stuff from the past, including attitudes and habits that may have served us well at one time, but now just get in the way and hold us back. It’s time to let go of these and grow into the new life that’s waiting. One of my favorite ways to cultivate bliss in my secret garden is through consciously choosing guiding values.

Values are like seeds. They may include peace, kindness, generosity, joy, determination, patience, and more. When we choose the seeds we want to grow more of in our life, we can begin to cultivate them both inside during meditation and also through actions in our daily lives. Will the seeds you plant today lead to joy?

* * *

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Debra Moffitt is the award winning author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life and “Garden of Bliss: Cultivating the Inner Landscape for Self-Discovery” (Llewellyn Worldwide, May 2013). A visionary, dreamer and teacher, she’s devoted to nurturing the spiritual in everyday life. She leads workshops on spiritual practices, writing and creativity in the U.S. and Europe. More at http://www.awakeintheworld.com.

How to Connect With Your Inner Secret Garden of Joy

shutterstock_57647326-436x270If you do not know the difference between pleasure and joy you have not yet begun to live. – Thomas Merton

Everyone wants to find happiness, but what if there is something deeper, something more lasting? Happiness is good. It’s a wonderful feeling that comes from buying a new dress or eating an ice cream cone. It may be connected with having physical desires met, but happiness can be fleeting and temporary.

Joy dives deeper and lasts longer. It touches into the spiritual and comes from within. Bliss is the ultimate harvest of spiritual life. It’s an experience that transcends the physical and according to wisdom traditions, it is our true nature.

If you want to find that path through the shades of happiness and joy to bliss, how do you get there? One way to begin is to cultivate your inner secret garden, that sacred space within you where  the seeds you plant can be cultivated and grow into a harvest of joy.

Some essential tools that help to dig deep and tend the inner garden include a regular meditation practice, a dedication to pay attention to and act on the guidance of your inner gardener – that higher, wiser part of you that is Divine – and a yearning to get rid of inner junk and pests that stand in the way. This junk is often old stuff from the past, including attitudes and habits that may have served us well at one time, but now just get in the way and hold us back. It’s time to let go of these and grow into the new life that’s waiting.

* * *

Debra Moffitt is the award winning author of Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life and “Garden of Bliss: Cultivating the Inner Landscape for Self-Discovery” (Llewellyn Worldwide, May 2013). A visionary, dreamer and teacher, she’s devoted to nurturing the spiritual in everyday life. She leads workshops on spiritual practices, writing and creativity in the U.S. and Europe. More at http://www.awakeintheworld.com.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

L♥veHow many times have you had an experience and it wasn’t what you thought it was going to be but you had already predetermined what was going to happen?

How often have you judged someone in your life only to get to know them and they were very different from who you thought they really were?

Just because something seems a certain way doesn’t mean it really is.

We often go through life thinking we know what is going on. We have preconceived ideas about a situation and others, that can block us from truly experiencing the gift that the moment has for us.

It is important to look deeper in a given situation. Things may not be what they appear to be.  Don’t let what you think you know get in the way of living with an open heart.

Several times in my life I remember making false assumptions of what I thought someone said or what I thought they meant through their actions, and most of those times I felt hurt, and it caused me to withhold my love.

The truth is I had no idea what really happened but created a reality in my own mind which impacted my actions greatly.

If something is unclear, or you feel hurt by a loved one or a friend, rather than withdraw in resentment……….. communicate and get clarity.

What might be clear to you might not be clear to another, and what might not be obvious to you might be obvious to another.

We are 7 billion people on this glorious planet. That means 7 billion different realities, and interpretations of life. It really is a miracle that we can somewhat understand each other let alone get along and love at all.

We are all beautiful. Not because we are perfect human beings but because in our imperfections we are such unique riches and gifts… despite all we have individually been through as human beings, the challenges, struggles, and childhood traumas. We wake up each morning to meet another day the best we can.

This takes courage: To live in this world that can sometimes be crazy, beyond challenging, and even sometimes seemingly cruel.

So it can be easy to judge, but let’s remember the courage it takes for all of us to be human, and that we don’t really know what another human has gone through. We don’t really know everything it has taken for them to just wake up this morning and live.

So when in any situation, choose love.

To choose anger, withholding, judgment is the easy option. But to choose love is the real purpose for why we are here.

Remember just because things seem a certain way doesn’t mean it really is.



Every moment is your invitation.

Will you choose Love?




P.S. IF you feel ready to free yourself, Love fully, and live your life’s true purpose, join me on a truly life changing journey www.boundlessblissbali.com APPLY NOW if you feel the call!!!!

Why settle for sex when you can make love to the Infinite?

Let’s talk about sex.

It’s everywhere. Movies, magazines, romance novels, conversations with friends, billboards, radio.

Sales for:

Viagra was $1.9 billion in 2011

Porn industry is a $10-$14 billion per year business

Romance novels $1.4 billion in 2011.

Yet are we any more fulfilled and free?

What is it that we are really seeking?

Surely it’s more than just a momentary release…

I feel that we are really seeking that which is formless, unbounded BLISS. Beyond pleasure, or duality. We are really seeking a sense of Oneness. We are really seeking freedom from our small selves. We are seeking the Infinite whether we know it or not.

Real sex is the surrender of yourSELF, into Infinity. It is a death that is a Life. A death of your small self, and resistance to LOVE. Then all boundaries dissolve and that which has always been you shines through.

It can be scary, as it means letting go of control and truly opening your heart to another. It is no longer about getting a quick release, but about sharing love, exchanging energy, and serving each other in the highest way possible. Sex without love is meaningless. Sex infused with heart, love, and sacredness can become a living prayer and a spiritual practice.

Your body becomes the temple that you invite your lover to worship inside of, a portal to the Infinite that is living within and as your very essence.

Sex then takes on a totally different dimension and quality. It becomes true lovemaking. No longer about simply getting something, or “LoveTAKING”. But it becomes a pure offering of the Love within your heart, the Love that you ARE. This offering then also awakens and reminds your lover of who they really are.

Sex becomes a release of yourself into Infinity. It is no more a path to get love, but it is the very manifestation of the Love that you are. Love expressing as the play through your bodies as a gift.

Great sex is…

Beyond the physical.

Beyond the orgasm.

Beyond techniques and positions.

Great sex is about surrender. To the degree you are able to surrender, you open yourself up to real ecstasy. Then there is no you, or other. There is only now. Then you are no longer having sex as a separate Ego, or a “me”.

You move from an orgasm to a SOULGASM, where not just your body but your soul awakens.

Then there is no more lover, loved, and loving.

There is only LOVE.

Pure and simple.



PS –

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What are you pretending not to know?

How many times have you had a gut feeling about a person, or a situation you were in. An inner knowing of what you needed to do?

How many times have you NOT listened to that voice?

We have all done that.

Yet we all have that sense and inner guidance.

Your intuition is the way in which the Universe speaks to you.

Not listening to it is expensive and will more often than not cost you your happiness.

Intuition is beyond your mind, logic, or emotions. Emotions can often be rooted in your personality and past conditioning. Intuition is the sense that arises from the deepest part of your soul. Intuition is the pure impulse of your Soul that nudges you in the direction of your highest path.

Your emotions can come and go. How you feel can constantly change. But a true intuition about something will remain as an authentic constant underneath it all even when you might be afraid.

Deep down there is a part of you that knows everything. Simply because you are everything. Yet as we mature we tend to lose touch with that part of us that is intuitive. We learn to protect ourselves as children from feeling hurt and pain, yet in doing so we disconnect from the intuitive wisdom and live in a world of rationality. Don’t get me wrong the mind has it’s place. But trying to figure life out with the mind has its limitations for sure.

So when faced with a decision if you are willing to be truly honest, you often know what to do. Yet we constantly question ourselves.

What if I am wrong?

What should I do?

What if it’s not so?

Can I be sure?

I don’t know.

One of the sneaky strategies I have seen people play with themselves is this game of “I don’t know”. We convince ourselves “I don’t know what to do. I am so confused.”

The truth is we sometimes we use “I don’t know” as an excuse. If you were to truly admit your deepest truth then you would no longer have any excuses to not move forward or take action. Instead we hide in the convenient cloud of “I don’t know.”

What don’t you want to acknowledge or admit? What are you convincing yourself that you are confused about?

Is it about not knowing what your life purpose is? Because if you actually got clear it might mean taking action towards itwould be a little scary.

Is it about the unfulfilling relationship you are currently in, that you convince yourself you don’t know what to do about because getting clear would mean leaving?

What are you pretending not to know?

When you acknowledge your deep intuition, and live in accord with your deepest truth, you become the truly powerful being that you are. You bring yourself in sync with the flow of life. The power of life flows through you.

Your happiness is in direct proportion to the degree you listen to your intuition and follow it. To the degree you suppress your intuition and live a lie is to the degree you will suffer and experience misery. You choose.

As you free yourself from your conditioning and programming the more you will be able to distinguish between your true intuition, your emotions, and your mind.

So, listen to your Soul. Sometimes you will not be able to see where you are going in life, clearly. But know your Soul’s inner GPS will guide you home. You will find that you will be the right person, at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing rightly.

Simply put one step in front of the next. And each step will reveal to you what will be next. You don’t need to know the path for your entire journey. Simply feel what is most true now and have the courage to live that boldly.

Trust your intuition.

You know what to do.



P.S. If you feel a nudging in your heart that you are ready to fly, and break free of limitations, and live your destiny, then join me one the most amazing transformational journeys of a lifetime www.boundlessblissbali.com!! It takes place December 2-13 2012. APPLY now.

photo by: gnuckx

The Man Who Rocked My World

(photo from Slice.Seriouseats.com)

This is #16 of 108 Ways to Livin the Moment. Let’s take back our lives one beautiful, funny and delicious moment at a time.

#16 of 108:  Get Off on Joseph Campbell

If you have read some of writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell’s wisdom…

…you might agree his words are like a sip of 2005 Philip Togni Cabernet…

…or a bite of the Sonny Boy (Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella, Salami, Gaeta Olives) at Pizzaria Bianco (#1 Pizza in USA…located in Phoenix).

Just read a few of Campbell’s nuggets and watch your inner wisdom seeker jump for joy:

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are!”


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”


“Life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends.”


“If you are falling…dive!”


“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I stumbled upon a fact from the sage’s history…

Joseph Campbell once attended a Grateful Dead concert!! (see photo of Campbell meeting the Dead after the show)

(photo from sirbacon.org)


Yes it’s true. February 1985.

Said Campbell of the experience, “The Deadheads are doing the dance of life and this I would say, is the answer to the atom bomb.”


“When you see a room with 8000 young people for five hours going through it to the beat of these boys … The genius of these musicians- these three guitars and two wild drummers in the back…when you see 8000 kids all going up in the air together… Listen, this is powerful stuff !”


“And when the great beam of light would go over the crowd you’d see these marvelous young faces in sheer rapture- for five hours! Packed together like sardines! Eight thousand of them ! Then there was an opening in the back with a series of panel windows and you look out and there’s a whole bunch in another hall, dancing crazy. This is a wonderful fervent loss of self in the larger self of a homogeneous community. This is what it is all about!”‘


“It reminded me of Russian Easter. Down in New York we have a big Russian Cathedral. You go there on Russian Easter at midnight and you hear Kristos anesti ! Christ is Risen ! Christ is Risen! When I was in Mexico City at the Cathedral of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, there it was again. In India, in Puri, at the temple of the Jagannath…the same damn thing again.”


“It doesn’t matter what the name of the God is, or whether its a rock group or a clergy. It’s somehow hitting that chord of realization of the unity of God in you all, that’s a terrific thing and it just blows the rest away.”


And there you have it…

Something to remember…”The unity of God in you all”… sounds like spiritual hogwash…

…but mix in Joseph Campbell and the Grateful Dead and tell me you are not ready to go hug your kids and tell your wife you love her and “Carpe the freakin hell out of this Diem!”

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