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Intent Web Awards 2011 Is Coming! Nominate Your Favorite Website Today!

Dear Intent Community,

Next week, we are launching our second incarnation of the Intent Web Awards, our annual web award for recognizing the best online spaces that help you achieve your intention to lead a better life, whether it is in the areas of mental health, parenting, spirituality or serving others. Just like last year, the nominees for the Intent Web Awards are suggested by you and the winners are voted for with your votes! 

So without further ado, we are inviting all of you Intent community members to nominate your favorite website, blog, and online community in any of the ten categories listed below: 


Sex & Relationships



Yoga & Fitness

Diet & Healthy Eating

Health & Healthy Living



Get Involved

Nominating a website (you can nominate yourself!) to be considered for the final list of nominees is easy! Simply comment on this blog, share on our Facebook page or tweet to us @intentdotcom the website you wish to nominate for a specific category. Or if you are shy and don’t want to be public about the websites that rock your world, e-mail us your suggestions at editor@intent.com

You can nominate as many websites under as many categories as you wish!

(Winners from last year’s Intent Web Awards are not eligible; however, past nominees who did not win the final vote are definitely eligible).

See last year’s winners here.

We are taking nomination suggestions until the end of Tuesday, July 19 and voting for the final list of candidates will launch next week.

Looking forward to recognizing more amazing websites and blogs this year! Let’s get those nominations rolling.


The Intent Community

It’s Not Unpossible: 7 Non-Trashy Non-Celeb Websites That Make For Good Brain Food

For every time I get sucked into clicking through another trashy celeb-related photo slideshow on The Huffington Post (I never learn), I try to balance my internet-surfing with some thought-provoking, intelligent content that replinishes at least half of the dead brain cells that shriveled away with every new picture of Lindsay Lohan sitting in the courtroom with her "fuck you" manicure.

Yes, I know. Waaaay easier said than done.

Which is why it’s important to celebrate online blogs, websites and communities that actually find an audience based on original, intelligent, creative content. I love me my crass celebrity gossip and bullshit horoscopes of the day, but I also love learning really wacky things about human psychology. Or innovative ways technology is helping improve the lives of people in impoverished countries. Or how visual language continues to evolve in how we consume information.

Here’s to online brain food, in alphabetical order, that doesn’t always stoop to the lowest common denominator. Also, I would love to hear your favorite online destinations for nourishing your curiosity as a passionate lifelong learner. School may be out for the summer, but fun learning never stops! 

Big Think. Steal the knowledge of the world’s biggest thinkers via essays, videos and articles across every field imaginable.

Boing Boing. The ultimate information porn for nerds and geeks. This blog is a never-ending reward of cool information nuggets pulled from all over the web, mixing in absurdity, profundity and relevant current events told from an interesting angle. Cat stealing women’s undewear? Jesus’s face spotted at a Canadian water park? Random video animation of street graffiti? I dig.

GOOD.is. Interested in doing the world some GOOD? Learn everything you need to know about helping do some good in the world through interesting articles, relevant videos, and their eyecandy infographics about the latest hot-topic issues. In addition to being an online destination for the do-gooder in you, GOOD is also a quarterly magazine with 100% of your subscription fee going to a charity or cause of your choice.

Information Is Beautiful. An ongoing curation of the latest and best infographics visualized into some cool eye candy. With information and data getting more and more complex, today’s visual thinkers are coming up with more and more challenging and innovative ways to convey statistics in graphical form. Even creation myths across different cultures can be summed up into a graphic composed of colorful symbols.

 Ode Magazine (www.odemagazine.com). Its slogan speaks for itself: "The online community for Intelligent Optimists." Tackling many social issues and current events from climate change to alternative medicine, Ode focuses on not just the problem ailing humanity, but the innovative solutions that the world’s pioneering scientists, human rights activisitsts, artists and everyday people are coming up with to make the world a better place for everybody. It isn’t every day you find a news site that makes you feel more intelligent AND more optimistic for humanity.

Vanguard. Streaming for free on Hulu.com, four news correspondents tackle challenging topics in their "no-limits" documentary series ranging from the cocaine mafia in Italy to the high levels of sexual assault taking place in Native American reservations across America. Every episode is an unforgettable rude awakening of what is going on in the world right this second.

WNYC – Radiolab. What happens in the afterlife? Do animals have souls? Do human limits exist? Podcasts about scientific curiosities combined with big philosophical questions, all condensed into hour-long episodes that can make your next long car ride or house-cleaning session a fun and enlightening experience.

Not in the mood for smarty stuff? Check out a list of 8 silly and absurd internet blogs for some major LOL.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / kalidoskopika

Celebrity Cheaters: Why I’m Over Them & 10 Better Things To Do Than Read About Them On The Internet

There are a number of things that are annoying about our present day pop culture and what is considered "news worthy". I don’t particularly believe Kate Gosselin appearing on Dancing With the Stars is necessarily an appropriate piece for a "Parenting" headline nor do I care to hear anymore about Lindsay Lohan’s career woes. But I’m not here to try to stop the public’s insatiable appetite for shallow, star struck escapism or go as far as to say you’ll never catch me lackadaisically flipping through an issue of US Weekly at the nail salon because, let’s face it, sometimes it takes a while for your toes to dry.

I’m just here is just to throw an idea out there, you know, into the universe and hope it is well received.

Can we all just stop talking about all these celebrity dudes cheating?!

That’s it! That’s really all I want. Yes, keep plastering photos of Lady Gaga’s latest getup for a nineteen hour flight. I’ll take Justin Bieber smiling at me from every check out at the market. Heck, I will even stomach Heidi Montag’s boobs but for the love of LOLCats can we please stop talking about Tiger, Jesse, Dave, Jon and every other jerk-off who is ruining his marriage in the limelight?!

First of all, it is so incredibly disrespectful to the soon to be ex-wives. Take the most painful experience of life and imagine everyone not only knowing about it and talking about it but also publishing their opinions on it. Take that and put it on top of the already excruciating process of divorce, which can be messy and take months to finalize, and you’ve got yourself a nicely packaged possible mid-life crisis without the proper emotional maturity and support. Not saying Ellin is going to go off the deep end, but c’mon guys, I’m sure we can’t imagine the kind of weight on her shoulders.

Secondly, is this really a new development?Um, no. Celebrity infidelity is old hat; it’s just people didn’t used to be able to get reality shows for homewrecking.

Thirdly, now, on every dang website, there is some quiz or article about  Are You The Sandra Bullock Of Your Relationship? Great. Now I have a bunch of trend riding bloggers giving me ambiguous questions to apply to my relationship. Yes, my boyfriend DOES have a password on his iPhone! It’s not that it’s his work phone that may have important emails or something like that, no definitely not, he’s definitely HIDING SOMETHING! Oh, my goodness, HE DID GET A NEW CAR! It wasn’t because the muffler was detached and it was about to explode, it was definitely because HE IS OUT IMPRESSING THE LADIES!

All it is doing is creating a paranoia amongst women, stressing us out, making us overanalyze more than we already do, checking his underwear drawer and screeching down the hall at sweetheart Dan, "WHEN DID YOU SWITCH TO BOXER BRIEFS?!" when they were just simply on sale last time he went to pick you up tampons at Target. 

You may be saying, "well, then don’t read it" which is valid. I don’t read them although as a blogger, my job is to know what the public is interested in. Unfortunately, this is it and I am constantly subjected to these headlines and the thoughts that are circulating through the media. I believe that on a higher level of consciousness it is unhealthy for a person, let alone an entire population, to focus on these infidelities.

You may now be saying, "oh great, now here is where she gets new agey" but I’ll spare you the spiel because I don’t think I need it here. I don’t think anyone out there is really thinking to themselves "Yes, flipping through Tiger Woods’ mistress photo albums on People.com is a valuable use of my time", or at least I hope not. 

In hopes people are siding with me and think it’s all very disgusting, disheartening & disrespectful, here is a list of things I find devastatingly cooler & more fun than cheating celebrities for you to check out while you’re on the internet. 

Note:  I’m not saying these are all "valuable uses" of your time on the internet but the truth is I’m not your mom. I’m not here to tell you to get back to work or buff up on your Health Care Reform knowledge. I’m just here to say that if you’re going to look around leisurely, the internet is a big place. Don’t just stop at every Ed Hardy print ad of Jon Gosselin you see.

1. New iPhone "Lost" & Sold To Gizmodo – Alright, so for all of you who need scandal, here you go. Last week, an unreleased iPhone was "lost" at a bar and sold to Gizmodo. Not only is the phone super sweet, but then there was this saga about whether or not Gizmodo would be in trouble for possibly buying STOLEN GOODS! DUN DUN DUNNN!!! Alright, maybe this is just for my tech friends but you have to admit this sounds better than listening to Tiger’s mistresses talk on Maury. Not sure if they’ve been on Maury yet, that just might be some of my flashes into the future coming through. Check out the Gizmodo iPhone story here.

2. South Park versus Revolution Muslim – Recently, Matt Stone & Trey Parker had an episode that featured the Prophet Muhammad dressed up in a bear suit. Now the website Revolution Muslim is predicting (but not threatening) that the creators will be murders much like Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Get the whole story at the NY Times.

I’m not really into "scandals" so here’s just another eight things I think are wayyy cooler than Perez Hilton musings.

3. Pitchfork’s Forkcast – Every day Pitchfork.com posts new songs, most of them free for download, on a little part of their site called The Forkcast. Next time you feel like reading about Sandra’s New Heart Ache you should go get some new music for your iPod.

4. StumbleUpon – A website that takes all your interests and then directs you to random websites based on those interests, which saves you a lot of Google time plus puts you on to tons of things you may have never even found in the vast see of webs. For Mozilla, they even have a toolbar so anytime you’re tempted to see what Jon’s last girlfriend said on her Twitter, you can just click away! CLICK AWAY FROM THE GOSSIP! CLICK AWAY! Check out StumbleUpon.com here.

5. The Daily What – This Tumblr has the top links, viral videos, pictures and everything else throughout the day. Good for news and or LOLz, The Daily What is a great place to light heartedly stay up to speed with the internet.

6. Cute Overload – If I need to explain to you why adorable little animals are better than reading tired out editorials about Jesse James’ tattooed lovers then fine. Go ahead. Read exactly what you read yesterday ran through a thesaurus. Or you can go look at kittens and smile! Puppies make the world a happier place! C’mon! Check out Cute Overload.

7. Molls – If you need some sort of "celebrity" to obsess over, why don’t you pick one that is awesome like internet celebrity Molly McAleer. Molly, who mostly goes by Molls, is a hilarious, funny, intelligent blogger (mostly of Defamer, er, fame) who is the face of the millennials, basically. She reads the paper daily, is down with your favorite pop stars and will make you laugh your face off with her Tumblr entries. Molls was one of the New York Times’ top Twitters to follow so you know the girl is doing something right.  Check out Molls’ Tumblr.

8. FFFOUND! – Addicted to pictures? FFFOUND! is one of the best places to get them! Users find and add images, making it an eclectic place full of long lost old polaroids, fashion spreads, new design ideas and just about anything else you could want a picture of. Join and start your own collection of things you’ve found right here!  

9. Knight Cat – For those with fashion fever, check out premiere fashion blogger Knight Cat. Knight Cat shows off the latest from the runways and from magazines, with beautiful spreads as well as must have looks! 

10. Cracked – Next time you’re slacking off at work, take a gander at the hilarious blogs this website gets from submitting readers with lists from "6 Things Men Do To Get Laid That Science Says Turn Women Off" to "The Seven Most Soul-Crushing TV Series Finales", Cracked is sure to get a couple chuckles out of you.

I’m just sorry I can’t help you at the supermarket too. 


Having A Bad Day? 8 Silly and Absurd Internet Blogs That Just Might Turn That Frown Upside Down

Sometimes sadness and crankiness can only be solved with absurdity. When all else fails, forego the happiness tool-kit and reach into the fun box of banal, random and silly absurdity that can only come from the internet. Here are 8 absurd and absurdly hilarious blogs that just might cheer you up on your next bummer day.

1. garfield minus garfield. Just as the title suggests, what would happen if Garfield daily strips were viewed with the title protagonist completely missing from the storyline? The resulting comics, many of them which involve his human owner Jon Arbuckle talking to himself in an empty room, are disturbing, thought-provoking and actually a whole lot funnier than the original.


2. AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. The most cringe-worthy family portraits you will ever see, all conveniently located in one blog.

3. Scanwiches. Someone came up with the idea of dedicating a blog to photos of sandwiches cut in half and then scanned directly against the scanner glass so the sandwich contents can be seen in extremely clear detail. It just might distract you long enough from your problems to make your own tasty sandwich.

4. FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwned and FAIL Moments. The subtitle speaks for itself.

5. TANKS A LOT. A blog dedicated to punny and pun-tastic store names. Laugh, groan and marvel at the cleverness of some of these store-owners. My personal favorites: "Avant Garden Landscaping" and a dog-grooming store called "Murphy’s Paw."

6. hipster puppies. Is your puppy stealing your black-framed glasses and fedora hats? Find out at hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com

7. xkcd: a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. Nerdy stick people comics that will make you smile. Warning: can get extremely addicting.

8. Awkward Boners. Yes, I saved the best for last. And I am willing to admit what an immature 12-year-old I really am because this blog made me laugh the most.

Do you have any absurd, silly and random internet blogs that make your day? Don’t be greedy; share them with the community in the comments below!

Best of the INTENTernet, April 23, 2009: Be a Recession Rockstar

So bring it, recession.

Your little media minions like to scare us ordinary folk with the latest big, bad news of the ongoing economic crisis. But us little people have a funny way of responding with our untapped inner resources in these times of crisis.

Take this news story from The Huffington Post on how co-workers donated time off to a pregnant nurse. Donating paid time off during a recession? Betcha didn’t see that one coming.

Or how this so-called recession monster is not making us pee our pants, but simply giving us the opportunity to do things that we have been meaning to do for a while. Like, I don’t know, saving money and spending time with our loved ones. Or giving us a better reason to do some money-saving gardening. Boo-ya.

Living in tough times also just brings out our altruistic tendencies more. Take note, these alternative gift-giving birthday party ideas that isn’t all about getting more stuff but actually sharing our abundance and giving back to the community. I just might have to use this idea of a used-book swap with my birthday guests for my next birthday gathering!

We might be broke, but we ain’t scared. We just finished reading this blog post from Zen Habits on beating the fears that are holding us back.


P.S. Holy mother! Twitter actually does more than kill time at work. Check out this article about Twitter being directly used in a project to help paralyzed patients who tweet with brain impulses! 

March 19, 2009 Best of the INTENTERNET: Cheap, Sleep, Tweet

Here are three links to keep your savings happy–in honor of this week’s theme on saving money, being frugal, and hoarding those greenbacks like squirrels hoarding acorns for the coming winter. A sobering article from The Huffington Post reminds us that however tough these economic times may be, tightening your wallets should never mean tightening your hearts.

Personal Expenses Mangement – Eight Things You Should Not Buy New from Mint.com

Too Broke For a Vacation? Take a Stay-cation
from MyBadPad

10 Popular Luxury Items You Can Buy for 10 Cents on the Dollar
from International Listings

Salvation Army Struggles With Increasing Demand from The Huffington Post

In Buddhist philosophy, the purpose of life is to wake up into awareness. Here are some thought-provoking posts to slap you into wakefulness. If you prefer to stay cozy in your la-la dreamland, at least make your bedroom walls look really pretty.

5 Ways ‘Common Sense’ Lies to You Every Day from Cracked.com

Are You Sleepwalking Your Life Away? from EMBRACE Living

Art Filled Rooms from sfgirlbybay


Twitter is the new Facebook. And judging from the brouhaha over Facebook’s new homepage design, Facebook wants to be the new Twitter. #($*)#*$ poseurs! Meanwhile, people not living in the dorms scratch their heads and wonder what all this fuss is about.

99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications from Smashing Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Growing Up on Facebook
from The New York Times

What is your website of the moment?

What’s your favorite website of the moment? 

I have to admit this question is a little selfishly motivated, because I like to peek on other people’s internet bookmarks. Granted, we can all probably afford to use the internet less; but I am always inspired by the possibility of accidentally stumbling upon something inspiring, useful–and possibly life-changing.

Here are a few of my favorites. I am curious to hear what the rest of you have to share.

PostSecret: Every Sunday, readers are rewarded with a new collection of anonymous, handmade postcards sent from all over the world. Each postcard contains a secret from the person who sent it. Funny, heartbreaking, poignant–and sometimes all of the above.

VegWeb: Thanks to this extensive online database of vegan recipes, I have impressed my meat-eating friends with delicious spinach-tofu wontons and a vegan mac ‘n’ cheese casserole, to name a few.

No Impact Man: My favorite green blog about one man’s ambitious mission to reduce his New York family’s carbon foot print as much as humanely possible. Not only is this guy so darn likable, he is extremely knowledgable about the challenges of our planet without ever coming across as pretentious or preachy.

Pandra Radio: This ambitious Music Genome Project may keep your eardrums happy for hours. You will have to see and hear it for yourself.

Are Some Intent.com Blogs Just… Advertisements?

Dakini Love artwork


Below is a somewhat revised version of a comment I made within a blog thread by an author/member here which elicited some cynicism about the purpose of the author’s blog.  I decided to turn it into a blog out curiosity about other people’s perspectives on this by way of sharing my own.


I do find a kind of pattern here at Intent–and this includes Deepak’s blogs (which are most likely put together and published by his daughter).

1. Auto-Blog?

Author/therapists blogs seem to be pre-packaged, often based on a letter or question posed to him or her by someone at some point, somewhere. Some could be years old.

2. So Maybe There’s Nobody Here

Due to the above and/or because these authors are busy/elsewhere, they very, very rarely respond to anyone’s comments. I.e. I’ve never seen a response by Deepak.

Which also means that there is often no point in addressing your post to said author, either.

And so…

3. Don’t Take It Personally

I strongly suggest that one not expect any personal attention.

Which is sometimes what we seek when we see an established author/etc. here; it’s natural human nature, but it just sets up disappointment.

In short, just be aware of what kind of blog you are reading.

So What Is Their Real, Well… Intent?

Now, this doesn’t mean that their sharing in this way is "bad" (everything can be a teaching or conduit for wisdom).  But this type of blog can come off as rather impersonal or formulaic.

Or to put it a bit more bluntly…

Are these kinds of blogs veiled commercial hustles and/or self-aggrandizement — or not?
Maybe yes, maybe no.  Maybe a bit of both.

Whatever the case, at worst, they are really quite harmless. At best, perhaps healing/serendipitous to someone, somewhere, somehow.

The latter being one of the reasons they are published.
Absolutely nuttin’ wrong with that.

That said…

One Member’s P.O.V.

I usually don’t respond to those kinds of blogs — or if I do, it is as a response to a comment by another "real live" member in the thread.

Otherwise put — and this is just my particular perspective:

  • While understandable that time is often short for those with busy/famous lives, blogs should be more about inter-communication, not  just cranking out articles self-promotion, etc.
  • If one doesn’t have the time to even post a quick "Hey, thanks to all of you for your input," then maybe a blog is not the the most audience/participants respectful way to go.

Which again, doesn’t mean such blogs can’t be useful.  They just have less overall one-with-one humanity.


Last but not least, for full disclosure/self-honesty:

I sometimes put my website’s signature at the end of a comment at Intent.com when if feels right (though said site is not a commercial enterprise nor am I a teacher or therapist).

And when I do scribble a rare blog, I usually enhance it with some of my artwork.

And since this has turned into a blog, I have done both of these.
(Hey, at the very worst, I’m just showing off–nobuddy’s perfekt :o)

So what do you think about this is-it-a-hustle-or-not issue?


Philip Steven Knight

Pluto in Capricorn – NOW WHAT?

We have just come through an astrological gateway, that I called a Window Of Grace, June 14 – November 27, 2008. The reason this time period is so significant is that this participation with Pluto in Sagittarius will not happen again for 246 years.

We are living in defining moments of transformation on more levels than our conscious mind realizes, and this is one of them.

When a major planet changes position or elements it has a profound affect on all life here on planet Earth.

We are now going to be living with the powerful energy of Earth for the next 15 years, with Pluto in Capricorn.  What does that mean?
This relationship with Earth will not happen again for 246 years.   This is once in a lifetime of great opportunity for each and every one of us.

That will be our focus on this call.  See the details below.  I sure hope you can join us.

Kay Snow-Davis


Saturday, December 6, 2008

10:00 AM PST
11:00 AM MST
12:00 PM CST
1:00 PM EST
8:00 AM HI

We have had 13 years of Fire with Pluto in Sagittarius and now as of November 27, 2008 we are headed into 15 years of Earth with Pluto in Capricorn….Now what?

How is this affecting you?  Your family?  Your community?
What should you focus on right now?

We will explore these questions together on this call.
•    Create a quiet space; set aside 30 – 45 minutes for you
•    Have water available to drink during the class
•    Have paper and pen handy so you can take notes if you want.

The FREE class will be 30 minutes, with a 15-minute Q&A time for you if you have any questions. This class is live only, no recorded call and not archived.

Call: 218.486.1600
Access Code: 799595#
Press *6 for mute and un-mute

If you are on this Teleconference Class with me, you are entitled to a 30 minute Soul Purpose Astrology Review for $50.  I will need your birth date, time and place to print your chart.

Contact me and reserve your appointment.  Let me know you are responding as a member of this Pluto in Capricorn class:    kaysnowdavis@yahoo.com

Please check out:   

•    http://www.GlobalFamilyEducation.com 

•    http://beta.intent.com/kaysnowdavis/profile

•    http://www.earthharmonyhome.com

Read the Blogs and share your thoughts.

GATEWAYS TO THE SOUL:  Heart of Astrology is a BOOK…. you can be one of the first to order this new book by Kay Snow-Davis and Margaret Koolman, then you can review your own chart with this wonderful material.

If you want an autographed copy by Kay Snow-Davis place your order on:

•    http://www.GlobalFamilyEducation.com 

Otherwise you can order your copy and/or special Christmas gift copies from Amazon.com.
I look forward to our time together on Saturday, December 6, 2008.

Blessings to you,