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A Taste of England: Yorkshire Pudding (Recipe)

yorkshire puddingMy mom grew up in a small village 45 minutes south of London. Having a British mom has awarded me a lot of things in life that a lot of kids never get to have – true English Christmases, the ability to fake an accent better than anyone I know and getting the inside jokes on Downton Abbey. My favorite thing about being a half-brit though is yorkshire pudding.

It’s a running joke in our family that there are so many things to love about England, but food isn’t really one of them – outside of fish ‘n’ chips of course (and I don’t eat anything that comes out of the ocean – so bust.) I mean, would you be willing to be try a plate of spotted dick (that’s a real thing. Least appetizing dessert name ever)? Or maybe some steak and kidney pie? Didn’t think so. However, there is one delicious morsel usually reserved for Sunday roast dinners that make hearts appear in my eyes and the kickstart automatic drooling. Contrary to the name, yorkshire pudding are more like bread rolls and muffins had a baby than American pudding. As I said, they work as a side dish with a bit of gravy for roast dinners or can be eaten with jam for a light dessert.

Whenever I had a rough day at school or wasn’t feeling well my mom would whip up a batch of these delicious morsels to go with dinner and it was always the best surprise. As I’ve been trying to experiment more in the kitchen I decided to try them out for myself. Luckily, they are the simplest thing in the world to make! So get out your union jacks, put Monty Python in the DVD player and get in touch with your Brit side with this easy Yorkshire Pudding recipe.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk (It also works with water instead if trying to cut down on fat, but milk makes them fluffier)
  • 2 Tbsp melted butter
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • Cupcake pan


  • Pre-heat your oven to 450˚F
  • Mix together flour, salt, milk/water, butter and eggs in medium mixing bowl until mixture is cohesive with no bumps
  • Pour mix into cupcake pan, filling each well about halfway (they rise a lot so be careful).
  • Place in the oven for 10 minutes (or until golden brown)

The recipe makes about 12 medium yorkshires so prepare accordingly. I was so

The Bottom Line on Gluten – No Longer the “Staff of Life”?

Homemade Wheat BreadWhat’s the deal with Gluten?

With all the hype around “gluten-free” food, this is a question I often get. “What is the big deal?” the question goes. “People have been eating wheat for thousands of years.” They’re right, of course. Wheat is called the “staff of life” for a reason. It has been nourishing us since the dawn of civilization. Traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians, wheat has been a mainstay in the human diet. So, what happened that changed this nourishing grain into a toxin for many people?

The answer is that what we eat now is not the wheat our ancestors ate. It’s not even the wheat our grandparents ate. The wheat we grew in this country a scant 50 years ago does not even resemble the over processed, pesticide-laden, gluten packed stuff that is common throughout the western world. Most of the wheat in our current food supply is a dwarf variety that has been hybridized to have as much as 10 times the amount of gluten as its ancestors 100 years ago. This, plus the pesticides, fungicides, and over-processing over the last 50 years has made wheat almost unrecognizable from it’s original nutritious form.

In just 10 years, the numbers of reported gluten intolerance and celiac disease have seen a meteoric rise. One report found that while only 1 in 2500 people reported a gluten intolerance in 1990, the number is 1 in 133 today.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and related grain species like spelt, rye, barley, and kamut. This grain is used as a “glue” for holding together most baked goods, as well as some candies. It is used as a thickening agent for soups, glazes, marinades and sauces. Gluten can also be found in processed deli meats, textured vegetable protein, lipstick and play-doh, among other unlikely places.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that gluten is difficult for many people to digest. Gluten intolerance occurs when the body reacts to gluten as it would to a virus or bacteria. It sees the protein as a foreign invader and attacks. This is called an immune response. This response creates inflammation, and inflammation causes anything from joint pain to headaches to eczema to inability to concentrate to fatigue, as well as the more commonly associated stomach pain and indigestion.

 What is the difference between a gluten intolerance and celiac disease?

A common misconception is that gluten intolerance and celiac disease are interchangeable terms. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease have a common culprit, but the way the body responds to it is different. Both conditions create an immune response in the body. The difference is that celiac disease also creates an auto-immune response, which means that the body not only attacks the foreign invader, but it also attacks itself. This results in the villi in the lining of the stomach being killed off by the body’s immune system. The villi absorb the nutrients from the food we eat, so most people with untreated celiac disease will also show signs of malnourishment.

Either way, gluten intolerance and celiac disease create major disruptions in the way your body digests food. Doctors and scientists are discovering many ways that gluten can impact your health. A newly recognized form of celiac is called behavioral celiac. This condition occurs when the symptoms tend more towards disruptive behavior, and inability to concentrate, than the more common signs of celiac, and is often misdiagnosed as ADHD.

How do I know if I’m intolerant?

Unlike celiac, there is no reliable test for gluten intolerance. The best way to find out if you are gluten intolerant is to take it out of your diet for a while and then put it back in and see how you react. A major problem is that the Standard American Diet is packed with gluten. It is in nearly all processed and fast foods because it is inexpensive and flexible. If you are intolerant, you can be having a chronic low level inflammatory response and not even know it. Maybe you are tired in the afternoon or tend to get headaches or feel bloated. Maybe you think that this is not a big deal. The fact is that this low level inflammation is the root cause of most diseases, and should be taken seriously.

The Bottom Line on Gluten

Everybody’s body is different. If you’re interested in a gluten-free diet, the very best thing to do is try it out for yourself. You may be one of the many people who discovers it improves their health, mood, and overall wellness.

I strongly recommend trying a 7-day elimination diet. Eat absolutely no gluten for 7 days, and monitor your energy level, mood, and mental clarity. On the 8th day eat a bagel (which is like eating a brick of gluten) for breakfast and see how you feel for the next 24 hours. If you find that you get that familiar headache, stomach ache, or feel sluggish, then you might have an issue with gluten and should remove it from your diet.

Need help figuring out how to go gluten-free? Take a look at my list of gluten-free diet substitutes.

If you’re interested experimenting with GF recipes, try my delicious gluten-free banana chocolate chip muffins!

photo by: Emily Carlin

What’s the best thing between two slices of bread?

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Though I’m a vegetarian, that does not stop me from enjoying my sandwiches. Here are some of my favorites:

* Once upon a time, I came across this gourmet vegetarian sandwich recipe that is quite possibly the best homemade sandwich I ever made for myself. It involves bell peppers, cream cheese, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, and–get this–potato chips. It was epic.

* Every once in a blue moon, I negate about four months’ worth of healthy eating by making myself a peanut butter, banana and mayonnaise sandwich.

* From my college days: spinach leaves, craisins, mustard, black pepper and soy turkey meat between two slices of whole wheat bread.

What’s the best thing between two slices of bread? 

And while we’re on the topic of food, don’t forget that Mallika Chopra wants to know your quick, easy and healthy recipes by the end of this week! 


Advent Calendar:Christmas Eve!-Goonj and Action !(Karam) from the Place of Love’s Pure Clear Light



From Meady’s Musings
Before on this Christmas Eve I give to you my thoughts I must apologize and it seems I have unfortunately let down the man in the song and ‘dagmagaye’ in that my steps have indeed faltered and unfortunately yesterday I fell to sleep without doing any entries on my Advent Calendar! 🙁 So I let the man in the song down! 🙁 Check my original post about setting up this Advent Calendar to see which man I’m talking bout! I thought about doing one back dated but Christmas Eve is upon me and I felt I should spend my time soaking it in and sharing it live with you!

I give you an early post today as I go off to enjoy the times…I’ve just baked two things from a pack nonetheless but still smells nice! Two kinda bread things…Orange something and Blueberry…smells nice…and hopefully when cut will taste nice too! I’ve helped out my mum cleaning about…a rare experience! 🙂 and so I’m trying to see if can convince her to get about to making what in Trinidad we call ‘Hops Bread’…’Hops’ for short…in others words home-made bread…what we call ‘Hops’ in Trini I think roughly translates to dinner rolls. Here in Trini on an evening many a bakery churns them out hot in quarts. Anyway if we get about to putting out a homemade batch and I get a chance to sneak a pic and come here I might just post it up later! 🙂

On the whole this has been a nice preparation time for me this Christmas as I’ve achieved so much in terms of cleaning out and organizing my spaces…at least at home…and between now and the New Year I plan to do the same to my office and car…it really is a lovely feeling. I didn’t do it for the Christmas celebs in particular in fact it really all started my bed fell in and  I literally woke up one morning and fell out of bed! 🙂 But luckily didn’t hit my head!:) However it meant I had to get a new bed and then I got a new chest of drawers and then I just started cleaning…it was cool to work towards the big cleaning ending up on Christmas Eve and I’m please to say it is complete!

All through my cleanings I kept wishing I could send all the extra cloth I kept coughing up to this cause! Which I learnt about this year on Intent from a friend that represents The Global Oneness Project! Here is the cause’s blog

Isn’t it so lovely?! :)For sure this guy in India is leading the way and not dagmagaye (ing) :)….pardon my Hinglish! 🙂 But seriously this is a cool cause…wish I could get all the extra cloth I have no space to store out there to those ladies! 🙂 Who knows…perhaps a local drive can be sorted out? You can find out more about this effort at GOONJ.

As you would know I have three blogs- this one, Universal Collective Prayer and Books and Films Corner. So I will leave my talks on the Christ child for the Prayer blog…and on here all the same Wish Everyone A Very Happy, Holy Christmas and A Bright and Reflective New Year filled with Love and It’s Pure, Clear Light! 🙂

And I will leave you with this song I played on my Universal Collective Prayer blog when the Mumbai Terror Attacks occurred cause I find it so inspiring and really is my wishes for us all in this Universe tonight and in the coming New Year! That we won’t dagmagaye! 🙂 …our steps will not falter…So my Advent gift to you tonight…is to take Action (Karam) from the place of Love’s Pure Clear Light! :)and you can take a strip of cloth out of Goonj’s heap! 🙂


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