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Take A Breather


We’re halfway through holiday season and everything seems to be moving lightning fast. Is it possible to keep up? We’re going to suggest that maybe, in the midst of madness, we find a way to slow down. Slow down to remember where you are, what you’re doing and what matter. Slow down to re-evaluate. Slow down to appreciate. If no one invites you to take a breather, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it mandatory for yourself.

Our intent of the day is to take a breather.

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Break the Norms: What Happens After We Die


In the light of so many tragedies, we are continuing our difficult questions series as led by the author of Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex, Chandresh Bhardwaj.

What happens after we die?
Dust? Heaven? Hell? reincarnation? There are lot so of opinions.
What does it mean for how you live today?
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Break the Norms: Bad Things to Good People


Several weeks ago we asked our Intent community “what are the life questions that come up most regularly?”

We received many excellent ones. Some we regularly shared. Some brought new perspective. We asked the author of Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex, Chandresh Bhardwaj to share his words of wisdom on the delicate topics and today we are happy to share and answer to our first question.

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7 Pieces for Peace on Valentine’s Day

Love: As much joy that this word promises, it also comes with its share of pain too. Love isn’t created to give any sort of troubles though. However, our attitude toward love has created a lot of havoc.
Here are my 7 norm breaking tips on making peace with love on this Valentine’s Day.
1. Don’t categorize love.
You have been taught to shower a different kind of love for different people in your life. Your spouse gets a certain kind of love, your children get another, and friends and colleagues are reserved for other varieties. Who taught you to categorize love? Society! The custodians of society will always come up with reasons to categorize love, just like they have categorized religion. Don’t use any filter in your love. Let it be equal,  transparent and pure.
2. Learn to let go.
The day must end to give night its way. The rain must fall to let the clouds have their way. The child must come out of the womb, grow up, and set on an independent journey. Letting go is the necessity in life. You cannot hold on to something in the name of love. You have had your experience with the person or situation, but now its time to let go. Be it an ex lover or a beloved who has passed away, release them all from your memory bank.
3. Express yourself.
Learn to express yourself. When love is expressed in its entirety, life is no longer a pursuit of happiness; It becomes happiness. Be it the person that you admire on Facebook or at your work place or your loved one. Take time to compliment the best thing in him or her. A well intentioned compliment finds its way into the other person’s heart.
4. Liberate your love.
It could be possible that you were insanely in love when you met your “soulmate” but now it’s also possible that you both have evolved (or devolved) to a significant extent. It is perfectly normal to bid a happy goodbye to each other when it’s time to part ways. Liberate your love from day one. Your loved one isn’t a prized possession. In liberating your love, you will find your truest self.
5. Love isn’t about others.
Your health is about yours. It’s not about others. But if you are healthy, you can help others to be healthy also. In the same fashion, love isn’t about loving others. We do that to fulfill our insecurities and loneliness. Love is about being loving. Love shouldn’t be what you are doing. Love should be what you are. If you are in state of deep love, you can have others in love too. The whole idea of loving others is a sham as it’s created to satisfy the innate needs of feeling fulfilled mentally and physically. The authentic love travels far and wide beyond such shallow needs.
6. Love is not attachment.
In fact, love is the complete opposite of attachment. Most of us are attached to the people in our lives and continue to call it love. Hence, the problems begin! In attachment, you would yearn for approval and seek happiness from others. In love, you don’t seek any approvals because you have accepted yourself the way you are. The extraction of happiness from others doesn’t happen in love. Do yourself a favor and see if you are in love or attachment with others.
7. Love, the express train.
The perfect metaphor to describe love in today’s times is that of an express train. We get on and off of the love train very often. The moment the other person doesn’t fulfill our needs, we get out of it. The moment someone starts to make us happy (even if it’s momentarily), we get on the love express train. It is tragic, to put it in one word. You have used love to channel the happiness in life but how long does  it last? You know the answer.
My job is to questions your answers. If these 7 pieces question any of your answers, then I feel accomplished.

24 Intentions to Manifest in New Year

So there are just a few days left of this year! What are you intending to manifest for this coming year? Do you have any unfulfilled goal from this year that you wish to accomplish next year? There is no better way to manifest your desires than to release your intentions out into the universe and allow it to unfold on its own accord! The best moment to plant seeds of your intentions in your consciousness is during your meditation. In meditation, you connect with deeper levels of your awareness, making a better foundation to manifest your deepest desires. I recommend bringing your awareness on your heart and set the intention that feels just right at that moment. Then release it and don’t worry about when and how it will manifest…just know that if it is meant to be it will. Just have full faith on the energy of your heart. The power of love is magical enough to create many miracles!

Here are 24 intentions that you may use for a better and happier new year. Try working with 2 every month and see where it leads to. Don’t attempt to use one for each hour of the day… this is too much.  Just take it slow and steady.

  • Expressing love more often.
  • Understanding that forgiveness is an everyday ritual.
  • Witnessing the temple in your physical body and taking care of it.
  • Practicing compassion towards all.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Creating thoughts that lead to optimism and courage.
  • Building an attitude of gratitude.
  • Meditate everyday even for a  few minutes.
  • Being bold without being a bully.
  • Treating work as a way to serve others.
  • Respectfully parting from those who discourage and lower your self esteem.
  • Stop blaming destiny and start working on manifesting your own goals.
  • Staying present.
  • Staying in touch with old friends.
  • Taking a break from work to relax.
  • Eating healthier.
  • Reading books and articles to expand awareness.
  • Staying offline often to connect with the people in your life.
  • Fall in love.
  • Letting go off regrets.
  • Release the need to treat yourself so seriously.
  • Being kind, but not weak.
  • Complimenting others more often.
  • Breaking the norms.

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Thanksgiving: Make it Happen Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving

LA doesn’t get rain too often and when it does, I make sure to enjoy the fragrance and all that it brings. This week when it was raining, I was enjoying looking at the trees and rain all blending together joyfully. I was wondering what would they say if I could ask the rain or trees how they feel about giving all these beautiful gifts to us. Right away, their reply popped into my mind, “We just give it because we want to. There’s no other way we know. Giving is fun. It is our nature. Maybe that’s why we are called ‘nature’. ” This is the only reply I would expect! Every night when I watch the moon and sun playing hide and seek, I feel it’s the most beautiful love story ever. The sun hides itself everyday so that the moon can shine.

This is me, trying to find meanings in all the natural phenomenon happening around us. Every time I decode the meaning, I come across only one force functioning behind every being in the universe: gratitude. The power of gratitude is way more miraculous than we can imagine. Gratitude is our nature. When we are not grateful, we are not in sync with our original self. If we experience blessings everyday, then why limit Thanksgiving to just once a year? Why don’t we take out one minute of every day to express gratitude? It will attract the best possible circumstances for our growth on all levels.

We love to complain about $4 gas but happily enjoy our $8 coffee. Both are the fuels which we cannot live without. But how about not complaining for either and instead being grateful that you have enough money to enjoy both everyday in every way?

Our prayers consist of asking the Almighty for all kinds of improvements in our personal and professional life. How about making your prayer just a statement of gratitude? Let your prayer be the most honest statement of thankfulness. No agendas. No expectations. Just counting the blessings!

Last but not the least, let this Thanksgiving be the first Thanksgiving which will not end with a get together with family and friends. Let this Thanksgiving continue forever. We make sure to take a shower everyday and check our emails, social media and so on without any interruptions. Then, why interrupt the ritual of saying thanks?

Here’s my five honest statements of gratitude. I hope you share yours!

1. I am thankful for having Intent as my blog space which allows me to reach to all of you.
2. I am thankful for my friends and family for accepting me the way I am. The unconditional love is the fuel I run on.
3. I am thankful to everyone for accepting my vision of ‘Break The Norms Movement’ and spreading it globally.
4. I am thankful for my spiritual journey. I would have been lost in some unknown land without it.
5. I am thankful to God / universe / higher energies for giving me immense strength to walk my talk without surrendering to the rat race.

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How can education raise the global consciousness?

The word ‘education’ holds a deep meaning for everyone. Parents save money for their kids’ future to ensure that their kids get the best education possible. The leaders of the world emphasize education in all ways possible. Education is truly the top priority of almost every nation. An honest education system will produce bold fearless leaders. On the other hand, any flaw in the system will create leaders of flaws as well. Education is the strongest tool we have to transform the world. The change begins in one’s mind before it becomes a ritual anywhere in the world. Education is the seed of that much needed change.

Education, of course, should not be restricted to just getting good grades and landing a secure, stable job. The essence of a true education lies in its power to educate the person, as a whole. Education, then, is a process by which awareness is achieved, leaders are born, social justice is created and as a result, the global consciousness is raised. Here are a few of my suggestions on the ways in which education can create a new consciousness in the world:

1. Sat-Chit-Ananda: This is a set of three Sanskrit words. Sat means the truth that is timeless and pure. Chit is the pure consciousness. Ananda refers to the bliss which we are born with. If our educational institutions make Sat-Chit-Ananda their motto, we will create a world which is just and honest in its approach. Of course, we don’t need to put these Sanskrit phrases all over the institutions. Rather, it should reflect in the aura of students and their actions.

2. Well-Being sheets: Just like schools hand out the grade sheet showing the academic performance of students, there should be a well-being sheet for every student. There can be various categories such as most enlivening smile,  the most peaceful student,  the most poetic soul and so on.  Each student gets to vote for a student of his or her choice. The students who get chosen should be rewarded to encourage such well-being within their fellow students. These well-being sheets can also be used as an opportunity to create more activities focused on overall well-being, instead of gearing the students towards competition with each other.

3. Self-realization: Self realization, here, simply means that a musician shouldn’t be forced to become a doctor.  Can you imagine if someone like Steve Jobs was forced to settle down in a 9 to 5 job? It would be tragic!  The goal of education should be to discover the unique purpose of each and every student. We all are here to fulfill a purpose that no one else can fulfill. A mindful education would consist of cultivating the manifestation of self-realization which is already present in every soul.  Albert Einstein puts it beautifully, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

ll सा विद्या या विमुक्तये ll

This is a Sanskrit phrase which refers to the education that liberates oneself. I am big believer in an education which helps one to unlearn all that is being forced upon our consciousness. We spend 25-35 years attaining an education and there’s a strong possibility that the rules we learn in our formative school years become a strong part of our conditioned self. Any education system which gives you the freedom to think independently rather than conforming to the old, dead rules of surviving in the world should be encouraged. The idea here is to create a fearless mind who speak the truth, not someone who knows how to memorize and regurgitate information.

5. The poetic self: If there is any fun left in this world, it’s only because of the people who don’t take themselves too seriously. I was at the Chopra Center, for the ‘Journey into Healing’ retreat recently.  Deepak Chopra talked a little  bit about how we should learn to laugh at ourselves, often. All educational institutions need to highly encourage poetry, music, meditation and various other forms of art which can help the students to remain alive and keep their creativity flowing. The real tragedy today is that the world is sharing stress as a common concern in our day to day life. Let’s work to make happiness, creativity and self-realization as the common goals among all!

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Guru – Myth or Reality?

July 3rd is the day of Guru Purnima which falls on the day of the full moon. Just like certain days that are dedicated  to fathers, teachers, mothers, and our Valentine’s, this day emphasizes showing gratitude and love to our Guru. The gratitude is shown humbly from the students to their Guru for the teachings and blessings that have been bestowed upon them. On this day, many seekers also get the initiation for their spiritual training.

Don’t confuse Adhyatam Guru (Spiritual Guru) with a teacher. There are many names for a teacher such as master, mentor or leader. But there’s no synonym for a Guru because the word holds a unique meaning. Guru is a Sanskrit word that literally means the one who spreads the light and removes the darkness. A teacher teaches you and gives you knowledge from books or his experience of the world. A Guru helps you to see the knowledge that’s already within you. He peels back the layers of ignorance and negligence, helping you to encounter the light within you.

Many seekers want a Guru for enlightenment, truth and other such reasons. Guru doesn’t transfer any magical truth from the tip of his finger.  He is not a genie.  He would never aim to make your journey so easy that you are reduced to a mindless person. Rather, he will show you the path that you must walk on in order to reach the truth. He will protect you from hurdles and keep you moving forward. But if you are looking for a shortcut to enlightenment, then the Guru is not the right source.

If you have ever watched Deepak Chopra answering who a Guru is, he simply says that it means G-U-R-U (gee, you are you). In such a simplistic manner, he defines the originality of Guru. Every Guru in the world is trying to teach the same message which is to just be yourself. There is no need to chase anyone. The light is within you. Osho rightfully said, “The Guru is one who pulls you towards himself just to throw you back into your own being. He functions as a mediator; via the Guru, you arrive at your own self. Because you cannot go directly, he helps you via himself. But his whole effort is to make you yourself.”

Why ‘Gurus’ get bad name?

This question has nothing to do with the authentic Gurus who have transformed the global consciousness. However, this does apply to many self-proclaimed Gurus who just become infatuated with the popularity and respect that a Guru receives so they try to emulate the same. For example, a doctor can heal you or kill you. He has the complete knowledge and tools to do either. If a doctor uses his knowledge and tools to kill, we cannot condemn the entire medical profession. We just need to be aware enough that we must shut down his particular malignant practice.  In the same way, just because he decided to call himself a Guru doesn’t make him a Guru.  It is really up to us if we pamper that person with unnecessary attention or simply be aware enough to experience his aura. Ask a sleeping person if he’s sleeping, and if the reply comes, “yes” then, of course, he’s not sleeping. When you ask someone, “Are you a Guru?” and his reply is, “yes” then clearly he is not a Guru.

Why Gurus only come from India?

This is just a stereotypical concept that Gurus only come from India. A Guru can be from anywhere in any part of the world. We have had amazing souls from other part of the globe such as His Holiness The Dalai Lama who is originally from Tibet but currently resides in India. Lao Tzu, Gurdjieff and  Rumi, just to name a few. However, the interesting thing about India is that it has been the land of most renowned Gurus of the world. Some of them are Buddha, Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Osho and Ramakrishna Paramhansa. India has also been the land of some soul stirring studies of Tantra, Patanjali’s Yoga, Vedanta, Upanishads, Mantra and Puranas which also made it a resort to seek the truth in the deeper aspects of spirituality. It is difficult to find such a mix of spiritual wisdom in any other civilization of the world. Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote a book, The Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus’ 17-Year Journey to the East, where she put that according to ancient Buddhist manuscripts’ record, Jesus left Palestine and traveled to India too deepen his spirituality.  No doubt many people in India are trying to cash in on in this brand of Indian spirituality.  There will always be those who claim to be something that they are not in all areas of life, not just spirituality. Take the example of the Yoga scene all over the world. I empathize with Patanjali who created the sacred Yoga Sutras to indulge in deep valleys of consciousness.  It unfortunately has been butchered by many in the name of marketing and selling the information to make a profit.

Does Guru need to have a long beard and wear robes?

Not at all! If we go back to ancient times, the sages started growing their beards as an acknowledgment of the renunciation of the world. They stopped interfering with what nature has given to them. They simply accepted everything as it is. This acceptance from nature is one of the major reasons for growing beard. There is no denying the fact that today most so called spiritual people do it just as a herd mentality, but as I said, this has never stopped and will never stop. We just need to be mindful of our own journey. The most authentic and respected Gurus of the world never had beards except for Osho who simply never shaved since childhood. But everyone else, Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda and Jiddu Krishnamurti all had shaven faces.

Ego – The block

Our ego can act as a major block in accepting a Guru’s presence. If we jump from our ego to our awareness, the gap is too big to translate into words. The ego will always doubt the person who looks like us but is known to have special wisdom. How to resolve this problem then?  The key is to not chase after a Guru. Stop making all efforts to find your Guru. Your efforts won’t lead you there but your preparation will. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. We don’t have a GPS to reach the Guru but the existence is designed in such a way that when we shed the ego, doubts and insecurities, the wisdom will just keep appearing to lead us to the next step.

Being a Guru is not an act of going to a school and achieving some certificate of holiness. It’s an intrinsic blast of light that happens with meditation. When you read the teachings of any ancient Guru, it helps and inspires, of course. However, you do need a real physical person to guide you in all steps of your journey as a seeker. When you see a person who looks like you and yet they are so unique and filled with inner light, you also become inspires because that can happen to you too!

Here are my 7 suggestions to prepare yourself for your Guru to appear:

1. Accept that you are a student and be open to learning from the experiences in your existence.
2. Stop blindly believing! Start questioning and exploring the truth.
3. Guru is only one just like we have one set parents.
4. Stop chasing after a self-created image of a Guru on Google or other places. Trust the cosmic existence, that it will lead you to the one when you are ready.
5. Meditate as much as possible with the intention of igniting the light within.
6. When you meet a teacher, don’t go by any testimonial but instead see the quality of your life changing after meeting him.
7. Work everyday to shift the level of ego and awareness. The awareness should be so high that you don’t even see the presence of ego.

In the end, we cannot accept or reject the phenomenon of Guru. The real ones are incredibly rare to find and the unreal ones are glorified due to our desperation of finding one. My intention with creating this blog is to just subdue the desperate need of finding a Guru because it may lead you to a wrong one which will leave you with a bitter taste!

Lastly, I just want to use this blog as an opportunity to thank two Gurus in my life who allowed me to reconnect with my inner self. One thank goes to my father who gave me the freedom to experience spirituality and gifted me with tons of wisdom. The other thank goes to Deepak Chopra whose work inspires me everyday and shapes the foundation of who I am. Thank you both!

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Incredible India: Pilgrimages That Rewired My Consciousness

I received an email from Chelsea, wonderful editor of Intent Blog, stating that pilgrimages is the theme for Intent blog this week.  I immediately decided to share the pilgrimages that I have been taking for a number of years now. These pilgrimages are a significant part of my training as a spiritual seeker.

The places I am going to mention are popularly known as temples of the Hindu religion, but I always treat them as shrines of transformation where you receive an abundance of energy to make your next move as a seeker. My spiritual quests are resolved at these pilgrimages. I have always been fascinated with the mysticism of the eastern sages, and  these places also allowed me to gain access to some of the most rare sages ever known. They never spoke much but whenever they said anything, it was more than 100 times of what a NY Times bestseller can give you in terms of knowledge.

The common theme in all these places is Tantra, which is a sacred science of transformation. I have been learning Tantra even before I started learning how to make a cup of tea. I began these journeys without much knowledge about them but it all unfolded beautifully with every visit!

1. Vaishno Devi:

Location: Jammu and Kashmir

What’s so interesting about it? It’s considered one of the holiest pilgrimages with more than 10 million visitors coming every year from within India and abroad. Situated at 5,200 feet above, the pilgrims have to walk for about 9 miles in high mountains before they reach the ancient cave where the Goddess is believed to have meditated thousands of years ago. There are no statues or idols inside the cave but simply the presence of rocks where she’s believed to have manifested.

My connection: When I went there for the first time, I was just one year old. For a couple of years, I used to accompany my parents and elders. But my first independent journey happened in year 2000 and since then I have been going every year on December 31st to begin my new year in meditation. The journey is tough and long, but somehow the meditation on top of mountains makes it all worth it and it all makes total sense to me! By the way, the management now offers helicopters and many other ways of commuting if you don’t wish to walk.

2. Kamakhya

Location: Guwahati

What’s so interesting about it? Kamakhya can be easily counted as the most mystic of all the pilgrimages. Unlike Vaishno Devi, Kamakhya doesn’t attract millions of people. In all my visits, I  always see just a handful of people, majority of which are just local visitors or the students of Tantra. Kamakhya is respected as the most important Tantra goddess and this shrine is believed to have the yoni (female generative organ) of the Goddess. There is no light in the shrine as a symbol of respect toward her private part. The shrine remains closed in months of June and July when the Goddess is believed to go through her menstrual period. It is during this time that one can see sages of over 100 years old coming here to meditate from all over India. I have been told that the media is usually shy (read it as ‘scared’) to cover the festivity during these two months.

My connection: It was after requesting my Guru for a number of years that I finally got permission to visit there along with him. I was fascinated by the mysticism of the place. After my first meditation experience, I added this is to my permanent must-visit list and now I am in my 8th year of regular visits to Kamakhya. Nothing energizes me more than doing my meditations here for a few days!

3. Mahakaaleshwar

Location: Ujjain

What’s so interesting about it? The western world is fascinated by Lord Shiva and his mystic look. In all my public talks, I am asked constantly about Shiva and his stories. What most of the western seekers don’t know is about this place where Shiva is worshipped as the Lord of death. Considered one of the highest abodes of Tantra, it has a one of a kind of Bhasm Arti (ash ritual) performed every morning to wake up Shiva. The Shiva Lingam (symbol of Shiva’s male energy) is decorated with flowers and the ash, which is collected from funeral pyres of the last body cremated. No women are allowed to join in this ritual. It attracts tourists and also some serious seekers of Tantra.

My connection: After I got married, this was one of the first places I decided to go with my newly wed wife. I thought this might be a good place to show her the the kind of life I live. For the last 4 years, I have been making constant trips there  and  hopefully I will visit it by the end of year again.

4. Kal Bhairov

Location: Ujjain
What’s so interesting about it? Many major newspapers of USA and Europe have covered this place as the ‘Indian God who drinks liquor’. Yes, Bhairov (the residing God of this shrine), drinks liquor. Everyday hundreds of devotees come and offer liquor to Him. It’s not known where  all the liquor goes. When I met the head priest of the shrine (seen in picture), he mentioned that a lot of media channels from India and abroad come to inquire the same question but have had no luck so far in getting an answer. Bhairov is considered as one of the very sacred manifestation of energy in the field of Tantra and is regarded by many as the savior to eliminate negativity.
My connection: My most memorable connection will always remain the fact that He motivated me to buy my first bottle of liquor. I never drank in my life, so I felt quite awkward going to a liquor shop and buying the bottle. In excitement, I ended up buying a bottle of high end wine for Him and offered it in a bowl. It vanished in front of my eyes! I still don’t drink but always get Him a bottle from here whenever I visit India.

By now, you must be thinking that I am only interested in such over the top mystical places. The truth is I never saw them as anything mystical or weird. Sometimes, my friends join me to see only the mystic side of these places but all of them forget about such elements after they enter the shrine. The collective consciousness of such places is so high that it transforms many souls. I will be more than happy to share my traveling details if anyone is ever interested to visit. You can join my Facebook page to ask about the traveling information.

My conclusion in one line would be that all these places were never a journey to mysticism or spirituality. These are my journeys within, and there’s never a day when I don’t find myself connecting with loving energy of these pilgrimages. The more I travel to these pilgrimages, the more I travel within.

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Money and Enlightenment: Embrace Both The Worlds!

“Is enlightenment for ONLY rich people?” I have often been asked this question from seekers who are on the path of spirituality. Before we move ahead, let’s first clarify what is actually meant by enlightenment and money.

Enlightenment is simply a permanent state of mind where you completely shed your ego behind and live in a state of pure awareness. Enlightened minds see themselves beyond their name, social status, nationality and religion. They live their truth, which is pure consciousness. Enlightenment does not mean to renounce the world or responsibilities. It does, however, mean to joyfully attain the prosperity and circulate it globally for the upliftment of others.

Money is a means to your end. Money helps you to buy things which you need for your survival, enjoyment, and in some cases for luxurious living. Money doesn’t need to be looked upon as a negative thing. The ways to earn money can be done in a negative way but money in itself is one of the most powerful sources of helping yourself  as well as others. Earn it. Circulate it. Respect it. But don’t hanker for it blindly! And don’t make money your master!

Money and enlightenment have a lot in common. Both are looked upon as a tough nut to crack for those who are far away from both of these. People are chasing after money and enlightenment and taking help from countless experts to attain both of them!

Now coming to the question; “Is enlightenment for ONLY rich people?”

Although this may not seem like a popular answer, the answer in one word is ‘yes’. Enlightenment happens more often and even faster to financially well off people versus those who struggle financially. There’s a simple reason behind this. If I tell you to meditate every morning for 1 hour and every night for 2 hours, you may not be able to do so if you are struggling to pay off your monthly bills. I have often had people who can’t meditate because they have worries for the next job promotion or they are managing a business all by themselves. Meditation, for them, is far away from being a tool of enlightenment. People with enormous wealth also have sleepless nights fearing that they will have less money tomorrow morning. However, this fear is easier to cure than the fear of not having enough money to survive at the end of the month. Sadly, majority of our world suffers from the latter situation.

Now, this doesn’t mean that someone with no money or less money cannot become enlightened. Once in a while, a Kabeer happens to the humanity! Saint Kabeer was one of the wisest and greatest spiritual mystics that we have seen from the incredible India. He challenged the religious beliefs and dogmas that prevented people from thinking out of the box. His beautiful couplets can shake the soul and transcend our consciousness to a new plane. Souls like Krishna, Buddha and Osho have been seen living a life of immense prosperity. Krishna was a king, Buddha enjoyed his kingdom before renouncing it and Osho had more than 90 Rolls Royce automobiles gifted to him by his followers. Many other spiritual leaders have started their journey after living a lifestyle of immense wealth. This became possible because once you reach the peak of wealth, you will also understand that money, in no way, can give you happiness. Saint Kabeer was an exception because he has been known to live a life of no money and he was one the most rebellious thinkers in spirituality.

In today’s world, it will take an inner revolution to be a Kabeer. We have increased our desires to a huge extent and also have family responsibilities which make it tough to practice what Kabeer did! However, there’s another way which I suggest to everyone:

Pave the path of prosperity.

Embrace the different ways that  you can attain prosperity in both known and unknown ways. If you are satisfied from your financial side, then you can afford some time for your inner growth. But we can only do so if we refresh our attitudes toward money. Our understanding toward money needs to be rewritten so that we can live fearlessly without having to worry about recession, inflation and bills, allowing us to focus on our inner growth. Look at the money as a circulating phenomena. Lakshami, the Indian Goddess of wealth, is meditated upon everyday by millions of Indian people. It’s said that Lakshami likes to move and circulate her energy. If you keep her stuck at one place, you will forever block her path.

I would like to share a brief story that I heard from my Guru, which was instrumental in shaping my understanding of money.

Once upon a time, there was a businessman on the verge of dying. He saw Lakshami in his dream and she said that after he was dead, She would leave his house forever. She would grant him one wish before she left. The business man, called his two sons and asked for their suggestions. The older son suggested that  Lakshami could multiply the current wealth to 10 times so that they would have enough money forever. The younger son suggested to ask for enough wealth so that they can buy more businesses which can be further used to create more employment and charities. The business man having a far wise experience of the world decided to go with younger son’s suggestion. He asked Lakshami to grant the wish to buy more businesses and then She can leave. Lakshami smiled and said that now she doesn’t need to leave. She was leaving because she was afraid that after his death, she will be just conserved and not circulated for prosperity.

This has been the foundation of my life as an inner monk and business man. The story might be just a piece fiction, but the lesson is not!

Friends, beat the recession with your sacred tools to transform the world around you!

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