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Kate Northrup Tells Gabby Bernstein her Money Love Story

In today’s economy is there a way to make a decent living but have autonomy over our time? My friend Kate Northrup grew up always knowing she wanted to be a mom – but one that was financially free and had the ability to be present and there for her kids. So she began writing about her journey, and developing tips to share with you.

I’m so proud to share my Kate’s first book,  MONEY, A Love Story. In this video, Kate shares how you can untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want. Check out the book here and feel free to leave questions for Kate in the comments below. She will reply!

Why Passion Matters in Your Career!

Not all that long ago I had a conversation with the former vice president of recruitment from a major car rental agency about the role of passion in job hunting. As we looked around the packed auditorium I asked him how he could differentiate truly viable candidates from those desperately throwing darts at the board.

His answer was simple: “I look for passion.” He went on to say that he and his team focus on those who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for creating a positive customer experience. To be successful at his company he really believed that agents have to have that inner desire to work with people to create solutions. Quite simply, passion matters.    

On the flip side, think about the last time you were at the Department of Motor Vehicles (or any other similar administrative government bureaucratic entity for that matter). It usually starts with a long painfully slow line that culminates in a frustrating interaction with an emotionless bureaucrat robotically going through the motions. You can feel the apathy in the air, an apathy that only serves to enhance the negativity of the experience. Would it hurt to have just a little passion for helping someone through the process?

Harnessing Passion

When it comes to behavior there are a multitude of factors that motivate how and when we act.

Just as your personality, culture, upbringing, and education influence your behavior, so too does your passion. Passion can be thought of as a root emotion that compels you to take action, an emotion that is often influences by external forces that influence our perceptions about what is exciting and alluring.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes passion as an emotion that is “deeply stirring or ungovernable.” In other words, passion is something that must be harnessed. Your passion can be as much of a detriment as it is an asset, which is why you must be mindful of its power. The ability to harness your passion for positive gain can provide you with a tremendous advantage. The first step is to explore where your passions really lie by asking yourself:

• What is meaningful to me and what gives me a sense of purpose?

• What generates excitement and enthusiasm in me?

• What types of activities truly engage me in a positive way?

Aligning Passion and Work

Will your passions and your work always be perfectly aligned? Of course not!

Often your greatest passions will lie outside the realm of work. The idea is to find a way to close the gap between your passions and your careers as best you can.

This means figuring out what your passions are and then seeking out those opportunities that best allow you to align your passions with activities that generate income. The harsh reality is the most of us spend most of our waking hours working.

For those who are unemployed or underemployed, most of your time is spent working toward getting back to work. At the end of the day, focusing your energy where your passions are only makes sense. Having a positive emotional connection to your vocation will help create a better experience for both you and those around you.

Passion matters when you learn to use it to your advantage. If you can effectively demonstrate to our potential employers that you have that energizing spark or extra edge, you become infinitely more valuable, and you stand out. Remember, recruiters aren’t looking to hire people who need the job, they are looking for people who want the job. They are looking for those candidates who stand out and have something genuine to offer. Find your passions and learn how to use them to your advantage.
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Getting to the “How” of Positive Change


Everybody needs a coach. You know that, right? Well, I write today to introduce you to my new business coach: Lilly Platt—she’s a genius!

I met her in the course of my everyday work thoroughly unsuspecting that she was a coach. She has a day job for the moment. Anyway, when I met her I looked long and hard at her. There was something about Lilly.

I saw her for a little bit each week, and every week, we had some conversation. I recommended a book to her; she sent me toward two hilarious books on Yiddish etymology. Something happened; our connection deepened each week.

Finally, we visited briefly in the office and arranged to have a phone conversation on our own time, and Love with a Capital L burst into bloom between us. At least, on my side of the equation.


Turns out, Lilly was an organizational development consultant in an earlier phase of her life, and has now decided that she wants to shift all those O.D. change agent gifts into two different tributaries. Lilly has clients like me who need coaching in their personal lives. She also helps wholistic practitioners who want to develop their ability to facilitate change in their clients.

Here’s the thing. In my experience Lilly can deal with anything. She’s old enough and young enough and smart enough to walk with me through any matter I choose to throw at her, but where she truly excels is in teaching the hardest part of interior work. Let me spell it out for you. Lilly trafficks in:


The How.

And that is her abundant blessing to this world. Lilly teaches people how to change. Her clientele are people and practitioners who know already that we want to change; what we’re missing is how. Lilly Platt is a how expert.

Let me tell you what she did for me from the moment we started working together. I was in the midst, as you know if you read this blog, of doing my marketing plan for my agent and was I stuck! I needed images and ideas that made my peace work fit with my fiction-writing self. I don’t see these two aspects of myself in conflict but it’s sometimes hard to explain that to other people.

Lilly sat with me in silence, over the phone, until we found a way to express a metaphor for a different kind of marketing. I finally talked about heart marketing—marketing which appeals not to the material realm but to the hearts of my potential readers. My books, after all, appeal to the hearts of their readers. The point to the novels is to help people change!

A traffic light image came to me, not just any traffic light but a special one that could be all greens. I recently wrote about this in my blog. I needed the knowing to make the marketing turn all three lights green. Lilly held the space for me to figure this out—a hologram for spiritual alignment, the core of my work at Visions Healthcare, the core of my peacework, and the core of each novel.

If you need to know how, email me, and I’ll get you connected to the can-do how wizard, Lilly Platt.

For spiritual nourishment, visit Dr. Susan Corso’s website and blog, Seeds for Sanctuary. Follow her on Twitter @PeaceCorso and Friend her on Facebook.

This is What I Live For: A Real Life Dream Come True!

I had to share this story with you!

 Last night I was at a meeting and sat across the room from a kind, smiling man with nice eyes. When it was his turn to introduce himself, he shared that he is a retired accountant and banker and is going in a new direction. He shared shyly that his passion is writing and singing. He didn’t share much else but later on, we connected and wow what a story!

 30 years prior, this man spent a lot of time writing. He loved to write song lyrics but didn’t know how to take this dream further, so he shelved them – literally. He spent a lot of time beating himself up for not following his dream. For years, he kept wishing that he could be a song writer and singer but he needed to be responsible and work.
Time went by and now in his retirement, he pulled those lyrics off the shelf and studied them. He began to write again. An advertisement found its way to him from a company that creates music from your own written lyrics! So taking it as a sign, he sent off his lyrics and soon thereafter his music came back!

By chance (which we all know is really divine timing), he was invited to be in a local choir and now every Monday he sings!


And guess what, they were looking for new music – so this kind, smiling man brought in his music and in October, his work will be performed in front of an audience!! A dream come true!

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did, my heart is soaring! Let’s take our dreams seriously, treat them as the special gifts that they are given especially to us and embrace our lives now and follow our hearts today!!

Lots of love,

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach


 AND if you are in the Windsor/Detroit area and have a dream to act – email me at Kelly@embraceyourlife.ca and I will put you in touch with a fantastic director who is looking to put you on the stage! Your dream is possible!

Action Steps – Finding Purpose in Your Career

If you are looking for more meaning in your career here are some brief tips and advice. Enjoy!!

Short term:
1. Assess your Attitude
· Often when we aren’t happy in our work, we spend a lot of time complaining and/or criticizing management for the things we don’t agree with or don’t like.

2. Take Responsibility
· Ask yourself: What am I bringing to the table here? What am I contributing? Do I present solutions? What can I do to improve the environment at work? Consider all of the skills and strengths that you have that you are using in your current job or want to use and look for ways to demonstrate these more actively every day.
3. Start Today & Be Grateful
· Look around and see all of the things that are going right at work. Look for the things that you are grateful for, if necessary write them all down to remind yourself.

Long term:
1. Create your Happy or your Dream List
· When were you the most happy in your life? What do you want to be doing with your time? Write out a list of ideal jobs or career scenarios. Get in touch with what really makes you happy!

2. Look for Opportunities
· Consider a lateral move at work, what opportunities exist? If not, find people that have the job you want and conduct informational interviews. Find out what you need to get where you want to go! 

3. Get Involved & Bridge your Gap
· Become the ideal candidate for your ideal job by taking courses, volunteer and meet the people necessary to move you to where you want to go. Find a mentor, a career coach and surround yourself with supportive people as you make changes in your life!

You are here for a reason, your contributions matter!

Your dreams are clues to finding your life purpose and each day can move you closer to your potential! Enjoy the process!


Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach


Revive Your Dreams!

Do you have a dream that keeps resurfacing yet you ignore it or immediately dismiss it?

Why do you push it away? Do you think it is too grand?

Do you shy away from it because of what other people might think about you and what they may say, "Who does she think she is?"

Recently someone complained about their job to me. I asked, What do you really want to do? After a bunch of "I don’t knows", he shared that he wanted to open up an artsy downtown cafe/restaurant. He smiled when he said it and radiated pure and sweet energy – it was beautiful!

A similar scenario played out recently when I was having a massage. We were speaking about my work as a coach and she shared her concerns about the limited time that massage therapists can practice and didn’t know what to do afterward. I probed a little and a little more and again after a bunch of "I don’t knows", she told me that she wanted to travel and audit world class spas for magazines and private spa product companies! She nearly sang the words as she told me about her dream! Again, it was so beautiful!

We all have dreams!

Listen for your "I don’t knows" and then dig a little deeper. Listen to your heart, find the image and then sit with your dream for a little while, imagining that you have it all right now and feel the excitement bubble inside of you 🙂 I am getting goose bumps just writing this!

Then ~ Believe it is possible!

How can you believe that the "unbelievable" is possible? By having Faith!

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and a belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe." ~ Gail Devers

Faith overcomes fear and doubt ~ how do we develop and then maintain our faith? Stay tuned for more next week…

Enjoy the day & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

Can HOPE be bad for you?

Today, I visited Reaching Recovery a team of researchers at the Mental Health Center of Denver looking into what "really" helps people overcome psychological issues and get on the road to mental health recovery.  

Here is what they say about themselves on their website:  

At the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) we believe strongly that recovery is possible because we see it happen every day. The vision of Reaching Recovery is to transform the mental health system from one which helps people stabilize their illness to one which helps people take the next step and achieve a full and meaningful life in spite of their illness.

We began the process – which lasted for several years – with logic modeling and statistical expertise to insure reliability and validity of the data. In the process we obtained valuable input from all stakeholders, including consumers, case managers, managers, and psychiatrists. This helped us sharpen our focus on recovery and long-term success for consumers and led to the conceptual framework of The Four Measures of Recovery that provide a constant feedback loop about consumer’s recovery. </blockquote>
During our conversation, Roy Starks, the director of the program, showed me one surprising result that popped up after combing through mounds of their data.  Whenever, someones level of HOPE increased, their level of symptom interference increased as well.  

What did that mean?  

Basically, when people start believing they can change their life (hope, they have an upsurge in "issues" or "problems".

So if you are someone that has dealt with depression through your life. Then it may work this way:

Increased Hope = Increased Depression  

This is similar to something I deal with in my life coaching work.  I often say it this way:
You are going to face your hardest challenges when you pursue your most important dreams.

This frustrating truth is one reason so many keep their dreams on the self and never really try and make them become a reality.  This paradoxical effect weeds many people out, side-lines them, and can lead to some serious despair.  

However, it is also true (and this was supported by the data as well)when people hang in there, find ways to cope with the added pressures, tolerate the increase in symptom interference, get support and encouragement, and understand this process — dreams can come true, goals can be achieved, and a new level of joy does eventually emerge.  

So – expect the heat to turn up when you reach for the stars.  And don’t give up!  You can ride it out if you hang in there and keep hope alive!

© 2009 Mark C. Jones, MA, LPC – Life Coach and Counselor

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Indulge & Take Time for Yourself!



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Through her encouragement and support – as well as the "Follow Your Heart" workbook and other resources Kelly offers – I have been able to clarify and streamline my goals and desires for my business and other areas of my life – and work to make those goals a reality.

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Carol D’Annunzio, VA

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Enjoy the day! Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

4 Steps to Greater Career Satisfaction!

Do you love your job?

Follow these 4 steps to greater career satisfaction

Good Morning! Statistically Tuesdays are one of the happiest work days in the week.

Are you happy today at your job?

I hope so but if not, the best advice I can give is to look around and see what you like about your job, what is going well and recognize all the perks you do have and if you can’t find any, start by being grateful for having a job.

We have all heard loads about the Law of Attraction and one of the principles says~ What you focus on expands.

So if you are unhappy and unsatisfied with your job there is a way to improve the situation. Exercise:

Step 1: Get a piece of paper and write your thoughts on these questions: What is going right? What do you like about your job? What are you good at?

If you are blocked, think there must be something or else you wouldn’t have stayed so long. Write down all of the good things.

Step 2: Now write down all of the things you wish you could be doing. If you could spend your time doing anything you want, what will that be? Now consider how can you bridge this gap? Be creative, consider volunteer positions, eduction, certificates, lessons, people to meet, new routines to incorporate, memberships to pursue…

Step 3: Research! Set up informational interviews with companies you want to work with, local college and university websites and talk to academic advisors, visit the volunteer action centres and art centres, read newspapers, talk to people about what you want and what you are looking for – network and get involved!

I read somewhere that we tend to overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can achieve in ten.

Step 4: Create a 1, 5, and 10 year plan.

We always say, time flies therefore: a 3 year degree one or two courses part time will also fly by, as will volunteering or joining a group to get certain skills and meet certain people; look at how that investment will pay off and if it involves a career change how happy you will be!

If we can avoid thinking of all of the reasons why not to do something and instead focus on what we want and what we already have, our career decisions would become a lot more clear and easier to make.

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." ~ Buddha

Enjoy the day! and Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

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Changing the Definition of Addiction

 Since my book The LifeQuake Phenomenon was released in February, I have done a lot of interviews with journalists on a variety of topics, some with the theme of addiction – mommies who drink too much wine at play dates, men who use exercise to compensate for big appetites, screen writers who think they need pot to reach the muse, etc The one question that has come up a lot about addiction is to whether non substance related habits can be addictions. For example, the internet. Can surfing the net, participating in social communities, or watching You tube be an addiction?

My answer is always the same. Nothing outside of us in and of itself is ever an addiction. So here are four questions to ask yourself to determine if you have an internet addiction:
1) How many hours do you spend on your computer in non-work related activity?
2) Are there things in your life that aren’t getting attended to because of your internet time?
3) are there people who need your attention that you are avoiding by being at your computer?
4 Are there emotions you are corking through this distraction?
One of my clients felt trapped in her marriage. She had had an affair and ended it because she had children and wanted to keep the family together. Unfortunately, instead of working on the issues with her husband, she chose to watch You Tube videos instead. Another client used chat rooms as a way to safely connect with people and avoid being in the world where she could get emotionally wounded as she had experienced when her boyfriend dumped her.
So, the key is to notice if your computer time is providing a way to not deal with changes you need to be making. Left unaddressed, this will lead to a crisis. when we need to make changes and distract ourselves instead, eventually the life you’ve outgrown will burst into chaos. By taking the time to really let yourself feel your feelings, you could discover solutions to how to negotiate the next phase of your life a lot less stressful.
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