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I Love You Because…

Dog-And-Cat-Love_7I was listening to the radio this morning over breakfast and heard the barrage of ads looking to sell the conventional Valentine’s Day gifts – flowers, candy, cards and jewelry. I love that we celebrate love. What it made me think about was how could celebrate love without buying gifts? Because love is about action, what if we were to notice the acts of love in our lives – then be intentional about doing more of them.

As we tune in to our relationships (we become more aware of them and intentional in them), we tune in to love – we notice the things that make our relationships special, powerful and unique. As we tune in we see that love is present every day in many of the events that happen – how we do things for, care about and connect with each other. This helps us celebrate how we are loved, and reminds us of how to love others. To me, love is the fuel of life. It is the power source that connects, inspires and changes people. Love – it does a life good.

So, to tune in to the love that is around you each day, I thought I would share some of my “I love you because…” thoughts. My intention is to inspire all of us to notice the love around us, and challenge us to show our love in our actions more each day. And be sure to add your own…

  • I love you because you always look at me the way you did the first time we know we had something special.
  • I love you because you know how to let me ramble when I need to and when to interrupt me to keep me sane.
  • I love you because you warm up my side of the bed before I get in.
  • I love you because you don’t complain about emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, getting the kids to their games, making lunches and all of the other things that keep our household moving forward.
  • I love you because you remember the important dates in our lives without any reminders.
  • I love that though you are tired when you get home for work, you still make the time and the effort to show up fully to the things you do.
  • I love you because you can be angry at the world and never take it out on me.
  • I love you because you share your deepest thoughts, dreams and adventures with me, and you invite me to do the same.
  • I love you because if something needs to happen, you make it happen.
  • I love you because you don’t judge me as I work to figure out how to do life.
  • I love you because you make time and effort to be with our friends and families.
  • I love you because you always seem to be able to see the good around you instead of the bad.
  • I love you because you introduce me to your colleagues and friends with pride in your voice.
  • I love you because you think I am amazing and you tell me.

Gifts are nice – use them when you want. But think about making a focus on love through your daily actions. Tune in to see them delivered to you; tune in to know how to deliver them to others. The energy behind Valentine’s Day should be our life’s energy – to show up connected, intentional and loving to the relationships in our lives. It is truly one of the greatest gifts of life – to give love and to get love in return.

How do you share your love? Share with us in the comments below!

photo by: VinothChandar

Inspiring Quotes in Honor of MLK Day

Today we honor a motivational leader and speaker, who advocated for non-violent pursuits of equal rights far ahead of his time. Martin Luther King Jr.  is known now as the face of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and President Barack Obama has declared the national holiday of MLK Day to be a national day of service. As you go out today and serve – in whatever way you can – Intent wanted you to carry the words of a man beyond his years.



MLK day








mlk education


Shift Your Attitude to Create a More Positive New Year

law of attractionAs we near the end of 2013, many of us will naturally reflect on the past year.  It’s easy to focus on the big things, either positive or negative, that happened (or didn’t happen).  Once a big promotion or dream job has manifested, it takes very little mental discipline to be excited or happy- it’s easy to feel joy about something great once it’s right in front of you.  Most people, even the negative and cynical among us, can smile when they see a cute baby or a rainbow.  Similarly, our mind will naturally lament and feel regret over all our unfulfilled desires and dreams (“Another New Year’s Eve and I’m still single!” or “Still need to lose those 20 pounds!” are common complaints that I hear this time of the year, and that give people a license to feel sad).

While I think it’s sometimes helpful to take inventory of what worked and what didn’t this year, simply observing “what is” in your life is not what deliberate creation is all about.  If you follow my writing, you know that I always stress that the only way to create the life of your dreams is from the inside out.  What does this mean?  My favorite analogy is that of the mirror.  When you look in a mirror, you intuitively understand that the mirror is simply a reflection of who you are and what you are projecting. If you smile, the mirror automatically smiles.  If you frown, it reflects a frowning image back.  The mirror does not have its own agenda and does not have the ability to reflect back to you anything you are not already putting out there!  Pretty easy to understand so far, right?

Now here’s the ultimate secret:  the entire Universe and Law of Attraction works in exactly the same way.  What you are attracting into your life is a direct reflection of the energy patterns and belief systems that you innately hold.  This is what the Buddha meant when he said that there is no “out there.”  And “when you control your mind, you control the world.”  These aren’t figurative statements.  “Out there” is literally a series of quantum probabilities that are manifesting as an exact, precise match to the own personal energy frequency you are emitting.  We understand now, even from the latest developments in quantum physics, that the Universe is a holographic projection, or a literal mirror, that is creating and projecting back to you what you already believe about yourself and the world.  Therefore,

A skeptic says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

A person who understands the laws of the Universe says, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

Read those two statements again.  They are not just a play on words; they’re two fundamentally opposing philosophies on life.

Deliberate creation is not observing what is and being happy or sad as a result.  Deliberate creation is creating what is.  It requires focus.  Concentration.  Imagination.  The former makes you a passive  observer.  The latter makes you an active creator.

Just as only a madman looks in a mirror, tries to shake it and manipulate it, and then gets angry that the reflection isn’t shifting the way he wants, only someone who doesn’t understand the laws of Universe tries in vain to manipulate outside events and people, takes uninspired action, and then doesn’t understand why he’s not getting closer to accomplishing his goal.  A sane person understands that the primary shift has to occur within oneself and one’s own energy vibration, then the reflection automatically changes (the Universe literally reflects back to you a different quantum reality which matches your new vibrational frequency.  It doesn’t have a choice in the matter, just as the mirror doesn’t have a choice or agenda).

How does this analogy work in real life?   Let’s say you are focused on a thought or have an underlying belief pattern that goes like this “The world is unfair. Money is going to people it shouldn’t go to.  I’m working hard and yet I’m not getting my fair share!!”  The Universe simply nods in agreement with you, and says, “You’re right!  Here is more evidence of that!”  And then you, despite all your hard work and diligent efforts, can’t seem to catch a break and don’t get what you feel like you really deserve and have worked hard for.  So then you go further, and in an attempt to feel better, blame some outside force- the government, the system, your lousy boss, an unsupportive partner, a weak economy, etc. for being the cause of your failure.  Shaking and manipulating the mirror in an angry temper tantrum just doesn’t work.

Now take another person living in the same world as you, not necessarily someone who is even that talented or brilliant, who has the following core belief system and daily thought patterns “Wow, I’m so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing life.  I just keep having more fun and more great experiences!  Everything just seems to work out for me!”  The Universe simply nods in agreement with this person, and without judgment, delivers a reality to match.  Now, if you’re standing in a negative place, you may be saying to yourself, “Yeah right, who actually thinks like this?  It’s so delusional.”  But I guarantee you, the people that are getting everything they want, do think like this, at least more often than not.  It’s important to note that virtually everyone has some negative, unconscious belief systems or patterning which will show up in different ways in their life (that’s why some people can have more wealth than they know what to do with, but still be struggling with a serious health problem, for example).  But in general, people who are living extraordinary lives have very positive internal set points about themselves, the world, and their ability to create and enjoy what the world has to offer.

While it may seem unfair to you that people just keep getting more of who and what they are already know they are, in actuality, the law of attraction is the quite the fair friend.  Ever present, steady, and consistent, it never fails to coordinate every big and small moment of your life in precise, minute detail to match your own set point.  In fact, the current book I’m working on goes into much greater detail about the process by which this actually occurs, so stay tuned for more articles on that as we hit 2014.

But for now, just remember, You Have To Believe It To See It‼  So like a sane person, begin to make internal shifts in your own attitude and set points.

Until then, many blessings, happy holidays, and a fun New Year to you all!

Life is Like That: How Letting Go Lets You See the Next Opportunity

celebrate-00031352271433You wanted that job – you thought you were the best candidate. You interviewed like a pro. You had letters of recommendation. You know the industry. Then you heard that they chose someone else. Life’s like that.

You saved and saved to go on the cruise of a lifetime – to the very places you have always wanted to go. While on the trip, a hurricane develops in area the ship was planning to go and you are forced to go to the places you have already been – not the exciting places you dreamed of seeing. Life’s like that.

That job that you thought you wanted and didn’t get made you available for a better job that you didn’t previously know about. Going back to searching for jobs, you saw a job that is an even better fit for you – your talents, interests and passions. You interviewed and now have the job of your dreams. Life’s like that.

You break up with someone who has been in your life for years. Though the relationship hasn’t been amazing, it also has been bad. You know you have settled but you felt it was always better to have an average someone than an amazing nobody. But now available, you meet that amazing person who finds you equally amazing. Life’s like that.

Life is as it is. But, we come to it with our expectations – that somehow life should deliver to us exactly what we want and if not, we are disappointed. We take it personally. We think there is some cosmic plan to get us or feel that we must have done something wrong that is now being held against us. We think life is a battle – that there are wins and losses, successes and failures. When really what is happening is that life simply just is.

Life is our classroom. When life goes our way, we celebrate. Celebration is good for the spirit and soul. We develop greater gratitude, energy and passion. And when life doesn’t go our way, we use the event to learn to be better and more capable next time. We can develop greater resilience, endurance and patience. We can develop greater empathy, determination and focus.

If we spend our time getting upset with the things in life that don’t work out, we use all our great energy staying stuck in disappointments instead of allowing life to be, and watching for new opportunities. Life’s events are not personal. It’s a classroom. We are always gathering information to respond in a great, successful and grateful way regardless of what happens. There is always the next moment for something amazing if we watch for it. If we close our minds and our hearts, we’ll miss that next opportunity.

As a greatness coach, I help people discover their unique abilities – their intrinsic greatness – and learn how to show up great, confident, and authentic to what life shares with them. The greatest challenge I see for myself and my clients is that our expectations always seem to color the events in our lives. We ride the highs and the lows. And depending on which place we are at the moment – the high or the low – determines if we love or hate life.

But the only way to live life is to love it. To see its value requires us to shift our perspective from the expectations that life should be as we need them to be, to one where life is as life is – and how it shows up is how we will show up back to it. Tough times will make us stronger. Great times will help us celebrate. Both are our choice. And constant in this choice is that no matter what happens, we realize that life’s like that. It’s not personal – it just is. And when we get to that realization, we don’t need to be overwhelmed by any moment. We then have the awareness to use our best energy to find value and be part of the next amazing life moment.

Rethink How to Celebrate The Holidays

HolidayHappiness_1224210-01They’re back – The holidays. From mid to November to early January, many faiths and traditions celebrate. It has indeed the potential to be the most wonderful time of the year – a message that much of the music of the season shares with us.

But with the extreme commercialism that has come to define them, it is easy to lose sight of the real reason for holidays. How we celebrate is entirely our choice – we have the ability to remove or add things to ensure our celebrations are as we want them to be. Though we have the choice, we can get overwhelmed and intimidated into letting the commercial voices tell us how to celebrate the holidays. Don’t give in. Decide early, before the season is fully on you, how you want your celebrations to be.

I regularly see frantic gift-buyers rushing through stores with names of people to buy for. This focus on tangible gifts is still a challenge as our national media and commercial marketing has us believing that lovely diamonds, new cars, electronics and gift cards are the way to share how you feel about others. Though it activates our economy, what is its true place our celebrations? Gifts are truly gifts when they share something of us in a meaningful way with another. So, before you buy one more thing, consider the following gift ideas:

  1. Give the gift of time. Though we may be physically present, the pace of life can frequently make us mentally absent. Make time to fully show up in your relationships. Not only increase your contact – phone and face-to-face – but be more involved and interested in your relationships. Plan events together and really show up. Making time and being present for someone feels amazing. Who needs your gift of time?
  2. Give the gift of friendship. Redefine what being a friend means to you and show up this way to your relationships. Value them more. Be more involved. Share more. Connect at a deeper level. Say what you feel. Who needs your gift of friendship?
  3. Give the gift of patience. Manage your comments, opinions and tone. No two of us see the world in the same way so our responses to similar situations will likely be different. Not right or wrong; just different. We don’t have to agree. We just allow others to be who they are and to have the patience not to force them to see things always from our perspective. With our aging parents and our developing teens, patience can work miracles. The great thing about giving patience is that it generally gives you a similar gift in return. Who needs your gift of patience?
  4. Give the gift of forgiveness. Use this time of year to settle an old disagreement, right an old wrong and be the bigger person. Celebrate a renewed friendship or relationship that had felt the effects of ego, emotions and misunderstandings. Forgiving is a gift we give to others because we know they are human and sometimes humans get things wrong. And again, maybe by giving the gift of forgiveness, you may get it back. Who needs your gift of forgiveness?
  5. Give the gift of acceptance. Life isn’t easy – we are each trying to find our way. What if we were more accepting of others as they define their lives, values, interests and directions? The gift of acceptance is one of the best and most powerful. I received this gift from my grandfather. When I came out, he called to find out how he could learn more about what being gay meant to me so he could support me; he accepted me. That was years ago. I remember this gift every day. Who needs your gift of acceptance?

Rethink your holidays; transform them from commercial events into powerful celebrations of people and relationships. We are on this planet together to learn from each other and to participate together in the wonders of our world. Celebrations are a way to bring us together to help us learn more, connect better and build a stronger sense of community.

We have been trained that a nicely wrapped present means I love you. But spending time, being more forgiving, accepting, patient, friendly and present are more powerful ways of saying the same message – they just get less marketing dollars. Though some may think this approach just gets them out of the hassle of buying a gift, it actually takes considerably more work to show human to your relationships. But think of this one additional and important benefit: as you give these, you are changed. You become more present, more loving, more forgiving and more patient. They benefit, you benefit. That is what true celebration is.

Consider as the volume escalates on holiday music, ads and deals, that things don’t say ‘I love you’; your voice, heart, time and commitment say ‘I love you.’ May your holidays be merry. May they be happy. And may they remind you celebrate the wonderful people in your life.

5 Ways to Honor Yourself for Valentines Day

urlValentines Day in the USA is traditionally a day to celebrate romantic attachments. But for some people it is happier to find alternative ways to celebrate the day of hearts and flowers. Here are just a few ideas to honor the feeling of love in your life without making the day a romantic occasion.

Love the Little Ones

Make Valentines Day an occasion to have little Valentines.  Take your children out to dinner and everybody gets dessert (including you).  Bring gifts to your nieces, nephews or the neighborhood children.  Beloved dogs would like a special one-on-one with you every day, clearly, and so find some time to create that. Take your little guy to the best dog park or spend some extra time grooming and cuddling. I believe excessive treats are required in this last case too.

Feel Your Own Heart Beat

One very self-loving practice is to move:  exercise, dance, walk, run, bike, play. Working within your own limits, see if you can create the sensation of feeling your own heart pumping by some fun activity.  Experience your heart creating your body’s rhythm and bask in every beat the unique signature of you.

Expand Awareness of What You Love

Expand your awareness of wonderful people and experiences that surround you now. Make a poster of everything and everyone you love by drawing hearts around pictures and words that symbolize the things you love. Physically surround yourself with things you care for; if you love music, immerse yourself today especially well. Spread t
he love and make a donation to the beneficial charities, such as causes that support children and animals.

Love Nature

Some people feel peace and contentment when communing with nature. Walk, hike, or ski (a happy possibility for Utahns) on Valentines Day and allow yourself to feel connected with the larger natural world, which is what receiving flowers symbolizes. Focus on the life around you and come home feeling more alive.

Fall in Love with Yourself

Write a love letter to yourself. Write down 25 things you love about yourself. They can be small or great things; it doesn’t matter as long as you come up with 25.   Add some kind, heartfelt words to the list. You will feel great after doing this. More importantly, the more you love yourself unconditionally, the more available you are to receive love — and the more unconditional love you will find in yourself to give to others.

And, the good news is that even those of us with current romances can do all of the above too and  so reap the same benefits of Valentines Day.

Originally published in 2010

Why I’m Not Setting New Year’s Resolutions

After all the fuss and celebration surrounding New Year’s, how much has actually changed? What have those resolutions amounted to? Once the festivities die down, there’s little left to remind us of our resolve. And it seems the new year often masks a continuation of old habits and routines, despite how loudly we hail its transformative powers.

I’m a fan of shaking things up – traveling, trying new things, pushing my boundaries. But come New Year’s, I’m as complacent as anyone else. There is just too much built into the changing of the year, too many expectations. I often feel utterly defeated before we even make it to December 31.

This year was no different, and I sat with the familiar feelings of reluctance and disappointment as the day approached. Just need to make it through the next few days, I thought, and life can go back to normal. It was that prospect, though, that filled me with dread. Life will go back to normal, unless I do something about it…

I didn’t paint any gaudy signs or post any dramatic declarations on Facebook. Rather, I let the new year sneak into my life like a little draft of wind and followed it around for a bit to see wherecanal it would go. I followed it from my favorite Venice Beach cafe into an unfamiliar neighborhood. I turned a corner and dove into a serene, sunlit series of canals. Down the flowery lanes I walked, over decorated bridges, past ducks and children playing. So close to home yet heretofore unexplored!

The next day, the wind led me from my Silverlake spot over to Griffith Park. Yeah, okay, I’ve been here before. Not too exciting. But the new year had something else in mind. I started down my usual route, with about fifty other New Year’s Day hikers. Somewhere along the way, caught up in the beauty of glowing green hills, my feet took a turn, then another, and another. I soon found myself alone in a clearing of brush, standing in front of a lone and overflowing sage bush. All of a sudden this place I thought I knew so well had revealed itself anew, like a little treasure. I took a sprig of sage home as a souvenir.

This year I’m not setting any resolutions. It’s not that I don’t believe in them, but the practice just isn’t going to serve me this time. The freshness of 2013 has come through in unexpected turns and hidden revelations. This year will hold much to surprise and delight, and there is clearly plenty of the “familiar” that remains to be explored. I intend, therefore, to find the new around every corner, let my feet ramble, and trust the wind that guides me along the way.

Gotham Chopra: Dancing on Osama’s Grave

It came up at least four times today. Once at the office with a colleague, once on a conference call with a partner with whom whom I’m producing a television show, once in line at Starbucks, and finally with my nine year old niece at dinner at my sister’s house.

“My friend at school said,” Tara remarked between bites of her chicken sate, “that she was kind of sad to see people singing and dancing about some dead guy.”

“I mean I know he was, like a terrorist,” she qualified, “but it was kind of weird to see everyone celebrating like you did when the Celtics won the Superbowl or whatever.”

I reminded her it was the NBA Finals, not the suberbowl, but point taken.

Tara’s point of view was pretty much the consensus of those that I hang with. But then again, we’re all Hollywood types, you’know the pagan liberals with no real values or moral eqilibirum. Our only allies, ironically, are the east coast ivory tower snotty intellectuals whose worldliness these days are considered a liability and source of anti-patriotic weakness. It seemed for the most part that my 2000 odd face book friend shared my same point of view.

Listen – I’m not really wavering on this. Late Sunday night shortly after President Obama not so subtley declared “mission accomplished” by telling the world that Osama Bin Laden was dead, I tweeted the following: “Celebrating vengeance is uncomfortable to me.” It’s on the record – you can check it.

To me, there was something disturbing about watching all the singing and dancing outside the White House, the partying in the streets, the chants of “USA..USA…” as if, well, the Celtics had just won the Superbowl or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve explained countless times over the last few days in stating my position, I have no empathy for Osama Bin Laden who by all objective accounts was  mass murderer who never had any remorse for the countless lives and families that he destroyed. It would seem the only thing that stopped him from continuing his hellstorm of murder was that he’d been forced into a literal corner of the world hiding out like some lame thug that his mob family no longer considered worth protecting. When fate came knocking on his door, there were no protectors saving their master, just a few “couriers” and sad sack wives used as human shields.

Still, to me, even at the most instinctive level – for at the time few details had leaked of the nature of Osama’s kill – something about seeing frat boys flexing their muscles and singing “God Bless America” rubbed me the wrong way. Why? Countless reasons really. It reminded me of frenzied celebrations I’d seen as a reporter covering processions in places like Gaza where you Arab men burned Israeli and American flags in effigy. it was reminiscent of the horrid story I’d just heard a few hours before when 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan described her assault just weeks ago in the chaotic “celebrations” that had occurred in Tahir Square in Cairo.

I’m not sure how to say it, except that all the jubilation from the bloody death of another human being just plain felt undignfied to me. Yeah – I think I’m beter than that. I get the fact that this Human Being barely qualified as part of our species and had few, if any, sympathizers in the first world, but still.  It’s not even the “messaging” of it all to the Arab world, how it might spur retribution, much of which was talked about on talk radio and elsewhere. It’s deeper than that. It’s, dare I say, a spiritual issue to me. Because how we react as a people to the vengeful killing of another person defines us in many ways. Are we people who celebrate life? Or death?

Here’s my confession: I’m happy Osama Bin Laden is dead. It’s not even some sort of karmic thing to me. For surely in this tangled several decade long war, sponsored by and then resolved by (for now) the CIA and other like western agencies, there are a lot of karmic debts to pay in the cards, a lot of blood on a lot of people’s hands. But nope, Osama being assassinated by the President of the United States – and make no mistake, that’s what this appears to be – sends a clear message to those that prey upon the innocent through acts of terrorism: no matter how long it takes, no matter how much it costs, no matter where you hide – in a cave or some Pakistani version of Palos Verdes – you’ll get your comeuppance. There’s something badass about that which I quite respect. Seal Team Six definitely has my admiration, even if Tara and her third grade friends have even more for simply questioning the dignity in dancing on the grave of some dead guy.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / John McNab

The Festival of Holi: A Celebration of Color — A Vision of Unity and Love


Festival of Holi: A Celebration of Colors — A Vision of Unity and Love





This weekend, millions of jubilant people in India and other countries are celebrating the Festival of Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors. Holi is one of the most significant festivals in Hindu society, though people of all faiths are welcome to participate. The dates of the festival are determined by the lunar calendar, and take place late February to mid March on the full moon day known as “Phalgum Purnima”.


The Festival of Holi heralds the arrival of spring with a burst of vibrant colors. Holi also celebrates the triumph of good over evil and symbolizes harmony, unity and love. During Holi, people attend parties and family gatherings and greet each other by applying tilak on the person’s forehead. Bonfires are built the evening before and elaborate feasts are served, but color is the primary element of this unique celebration. 


Participants gleefully anoint each other with brightly colored powders known as “Abeer” or “Gulal” and colored waters sprayed with Pichkaris and balloons. Older people bless younger ones by rubbing pink Abeer on their foreheads. Younger ones show respect by smearing Abeer on their feet. People stand in the streets shouting "Holi-hai! Holi-hai!" raining colored water or powder on anyone who passes by. There is no restriction and no "class distinction" during Holi. On this day, everyone is the same.  Everyone is equal. Everyone is participating in the game.


Today I have found myself daydreaming about Holi, wishing I could participate in this spectacular idea. How magnificent it would be to wake to a world in technicolor, knowing everyone I meet today will recognize us as equal and One. How glorious to express the truth of us so vividly and explicitly — brilliant prisms of joyful energy reflecting the full spectrum of the Divine! Not one of us better. Not one of us lesser. No one irrelevant. And No one left out. All of us luminous, in every color, arm in arm, and following our bliss.


Holi-hai! Holi-hai! Holi-hai!


For stunning festival photos click below: 






Kimberly King, President & CEO

The Peace Company & Peace Leadership Institute



One Simple Tweak Can Transform Your Life

As you think about setting goals for next year, take some time to write down and CELEBRATE everything you have accomplished this year. (This exercise could take about 30 minutes.It’s worth it!) Keep your focus on your successes. Be careful of negative self-critical thoughts coming in when you remember the goals you did not achieve. Put those on your list for next year.

Here are 11 questions to help you write your success list. It’s important that you acknowledge and CELEBRATE all your wins, even those that didn’t start as a written goal or intention. It’s also important that you CELEBRATE failures – there’s a gift for us in every failure.

*  Successes or progress in your work?

*  Did you develop any new skills or abilities?

*  Did you ask for help and receive it?

*  Did you learn any new technology?

*  Did you spend more time in nature, take any trips or vacations?

*  Did you develop any new positive habits?(like meditation, exercise, gratitude, celebration?)

*  What are your successes in the area of finances?

*  Did you create new relationships or deepen existing relationships(professional and personal)

*  Did you have any successes in your health and fitness?

*  Did you attend any positive events(lectures,workshops,concerts, sports) or read any positive books?

*  Did you show kindness to anyone?help a friend or neighbor in need?


And there’s more ….just be sure and cover every area of your life: health and fitness,

relationships, finances, and every positive thing you can think of that nourishes your body, mind, heart and soul.

CELEBRATING keeps our focus on the positive and attracts more for us to celebrate. Focusing on lack attracts more lack. You might be surprised how much you have to celebrate about yourself. Take this energy of CELEBRATION with you into the New Year and keep it with you throughout the whole year. Make CELEBRATING a habit that becomes infused into every day. This simple tweak can transform your life.

4 Minute Meditation: Celebrate Yourself


Celebrations are a constant reminder to your mind to think

positive thoughts. They change your attitude to life. Eventually,

every moment of your life becomes a celebration, a win-win,

a success.

Add One Thing to Your Life: Celebration!

Choose one thing to celebrate about yourself: your health, your

positive attitude in doing this practice, your willingness to try new

things. It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, only that you are

celebrating yourself. You can celebrate the same thing every day,

or find different things.

However big or small the occasion, look for excuses to be in a

state of celebration. You can celebrate failures too. They open doorways

for something new to come in. Your positive attitude will make sure you

attract more positivity and goodness.

Pragito’s new book is available now:  Laughter, Tears, Silence:Expressive Meditations to Calm Your Mind and Open Your Heart 


Pragito offers: Free Weekly Meditations; Laughing Buddhas Network(it’s free to join); Laughter Meditation 101 Teletrainings and more. Visit her website: www.discovermeditation.com

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / Auntie P


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