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Intent of the Day: Take a Breath


As we move into what should appear to be the most wonderful time of the year, it can also become the most stressful time of the year. We’re trying to close up shop before we leave work or go on vacation for the end of the year. Clock’s a-tickin. We gotta get our reports done faster, get someone on the phone to answer our questions, leave no strings untied before operations shut down. Then we have family plans, presents to buy, time to schedule, stockings to stuff, parties to RSVP for. All of it means you might wake up in the morning already stressed out about everything and nothing. Setting this intent is extra important today. Our intent is to take a breath.

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Take A Breather


We’re halfway through holiday season and everything seems to be moving lightning fast. Is it possible to keep up? We’re going to suggest that maybe, in the midst of madness, we find a way to slow down. Slow down to remember where you are, what you’re doing and what matter. Slow down to re-evaluate. Slow down to appreciate. If no one invites you to take a breather, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it mandatory for yourself.

Our intent of the day is to take a breather.

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Break the Norms: What Happens After We Die


In the light of so many tragedies, we are continuing our difficult questions series as led by the author of Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex, Chandresh Bhardwaj.

What happens after we die?
Dust? Heaven? Hell? reincarnation? There are lot so of opinions.
What does it mean for how you live today?
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Break the Norms: Bad Things to Good People


Several weeks ago we asked our Intent community “what are the life questions that come up most regularly?”

We received many excellent ones. Some we regularly shared. Some brought new perspective. We asked the author of Break the Norms: Questioning Everything You Think You Know About God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex, Chandresh Bhardwaj to share his words of wisdom on the delicate topics and today we are happy to share and answer to our first question.

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Let Your Actions Say ‘I Love You!’

i love youWho doesn’t want to be loved? It doesn’t matter if you’re educated, uneducated, young, old, rich or poor, every being on this planet loves to be loved. Although it’s great to say ‘I love you’ often to your loved ones, how many of us really mean it? How often does it come from your soul? The most precious things in life are said in silence. I am going to mention some of those below and let you say ‘I love you’ without uttering a word. Some of these suggestions may apply to your romantic loved ones while some for even the stranger on road. Apply these suggestions wisely and you may just fill your (and others’) heart chakra with a lot of inspiring energy!
Compliments: Genuine compliments are hard to come by. We don’t hear or see them very much! What if you start a practice of complimenting someone everyday? Keep in mind that some people may block your compliments and give you a cold shoulder. This has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. Don’t take it personally. Try with them again after a few days. Most people love receiving a genuine compliment and the ones who don’t are the ones who need it most.  So let your intention be to compliment those who seem to reject it. You may end up creating more trust and love in their lives and, ultimately, in our planet.
Hugs: Hugs come with therapeutic power. A hug with right intention allows a sacred exchange of healing. I just saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed that said a longer hug brings about feelings of joy and bliss. The post further mentioned that a sincere hug produces a hormone called “oxytocin” which makes us feel safe, relaxed and calm. It is recommended to hug for a duration of 20 seconds. Start with those who already feel safe with you or who need and  expect love from you. Once you are comfortable enough to spread this 20 second love, you are free to spread it all over.
Kiss: A small peck on cheek or a long, passionate kiss in the rain, both can speak volumes. A kiss says that you are loved, admired and cherished. Let kissing and being kissed become a new addition to your love menu. I am not asking you to jump on anyone that you feel like kissing (I know there may be a few or many!). But at least let your loved ones feel that you said ‘I love you’ with such a gentle gesture.
No tweets: Actions speak louder than your tweets. Instead of writing fancy love posts on your Twitter or Facebook, try to just give your undivided attention to your loved ones when you are around them. This means no Facebook or Twitter or Instagram use while they are with you. If they see you doing it, they may also follow your example, which leads to comfortable distance between people. Be need more genuine connection, more heart-felt interaction, more intense presence with our loved ones.  Don’t Instagram the special dinner before acknowledging the actual presence of everyone sitting at the table. Give social media a rest and arrive in the now, with love.
Gratitude: Express gratitude as often as possible. Your ‘Thank you’ is more touching than ‘I love you,’ at times. Pick small moments in the day that you can use to express gratitude. Don’t limit your gratitude either.  Acknowledge each and every person who helps you in some way.  The cleaning lady in your office, or the building security manager, or the stranger in supermarket who helped you. There are so many people who are deserving of your gratitude. Open your awareness to all the souls around you!
Since I don’t have any way of showing my love to you right now, I will use my words to express love to all who took time to read this post. My intention is to help you spread the silent love all over the globe!
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24 Intentions to Manifest in New Year

So there are just a few days left of this year! What are you intending to manifest for this coming year? Do you have any unfulfilled goal from this year that you wish to accomplish next year? There is no better way to manifest your desires than to release your intentions out into the universe and allow it to unfold on its own accord! The best moment to plant seeds of your intentions in your consciousness is during your meditation. In meditation, you connect with deeper levels of your awareness, making a better foundation to manifest your deepest desires. I recommend bringing your awareness on your heart and set the intention that feels just right at that moment. Then release it and don’t worry about when and how it will manifest…just know that if it is meant to be it will. Just have full faith on the energy of your heart. The power of love is magical enough to create many miracles!

Here are 24 intentions that you may use for a better and happier new year. Try working with 2 every month and see where it leads to. Don’t attempt to use one for each hour of the day… this is too much.  Just take it slow and steady.

  • Expressing love more often.
  • Understanding that forgiveness is an everyday ritual.
  • Witnessing the temple in your physical body and taking care of it.
  • Practicing compassion towards all.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Creating thoughts that lead to optimism and courage.
  • Building an attitude of gratitude.
  • Meditate everyday even for a  few minutes.
  • Being bold without being a bully.
  • Treating work as a way to serve others.
  • Respectfully parting from those who discourage and lower your self esteem.
  • Stop blaming destiny and start working on manifesting your own goals.
  • Staying present.
  • Staying in touch with old friends.
  • Taking a break from work to relax.
  • Eating healthier.
  • Reading books and articles to expand awareness.
  • Staying offline often to connect with the people in your life.
  • Fall in love.
  • Letting go off regrets.
  • Release the need to treat yourself so seriously.
  • Being kind, but not weak.
  • Complimenting others more often.
  • Breaking the norms.

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Thanksgiving: Make it Happen Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving

LA doesn’t get rain too often and when it does, I make sure to enjoy the fragrance and all that it brings. This week when it was raining, I was enjoying looking at the trees and rain all blending together joyfully. I was wondering what would they say if I could ask the rain or trees how they feel about giving all these beautiful gifts to us. Right away, their reply popped into my mind, “We just give it because we want to. There’s no other way we know. Giving is fun. It is our nature. Maybe that’s why we are called ‘nature’. ” This is the only reply I would expect! Every night when I watch the moon and sun playing hide and seek, I feel it’s the most beautiful love story ever. The sun hides itself everyday so that the moon can shine.

This is me, trying to find meanings in all the natural phenomenon happening around us. Every time I decode the meaning, I come across only one force functioning behind every being in the universe: gratitude. The power of gratitude is way more miraculous than we can imagine. Gratitude is our nature. When we are not grateful, we are not in sync with our original self. If we experience blessings everyday, then why limit Thanksgiving to just once a year? Why don’t we take out one minute of every day to express gratitude? It will attract the best possible circumstances for our growth on all levels.

We love to complain about $4 gas but happily enjoy our $8 coffee. Both are the fuels which we cannot live without. But how about not complaining for either and instead being grateful that you have enough money to enjoy both everyday in every way?

Our prayers consist of asking the Almighty for all kinds of improvements in our personal and professional life. How about making your prayer just a statement of gratitude? Let your prayer be the most honest statement of thankfulness. No agendas. No expectations. Just counting the blessings!

Last but not the least, let this Thanksgiving be the first Thanksgiving which will not end with a get together with family and friends. Let this Thanksgiving continue forever. We make sure to take a shower everyday and check our emails, social media and so on without any interruptions. Then, why interrupt the ritual of saying thanks?

Here’s my five honest statements of gratitude. I hope you share yours!

1. I am thankful for having Intent as my blog space which allows me to reach to all of you.
2. I am thankful for my friends and family for accepting me the way I am. The unconditional love is the fuel I run on.
3. I am thankful to everyone for accepting my vision of ‘Break The Norms Movement’ and spreading it globally.
4. I am thankful for my spiritual journey. I would have been lost in some unknown land without it.
5. I am thankful to God / universe / higher energies for giving me immense strength to walk my talk without surrendering to the rat race.

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Are You Shopping for Enlightenment?

The most common answer, sadly, is ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’. But it is almost never a ‘no’ for any of us.

Our human mind is always chasing something. It constantly prompts you to shed any responsibility and instead place it onto others. Be it social, professional, or spiritual responsibilities. Your mind will not let you take full responsibility for your own divinity. Thus, you will constantly chase after Gods that you have never seen. You will wait for some special spiritual experience to open your third eye or some mystic who holds the power to enlighten you with the touch of his hand.

Even in our romantic relationships, we impatiently wait for that ‘someone special’ to fulfill the vacuum within ourselves, only to find that no such person even exists. All you have been missing was you. Once you find yourself, everyone is a mate of your soul. We wait and search for that perfect person instead of using our energy on becoming that perfect person. It all comes down to you and what you’re looking for can never be found on the outside.

In the same way, you can read books, attend seminars, light incense, and get certificates of meditation and yoga, but spiritual light doesn’t need validation of anything; it comes from within. None of the masters chase after books. Enlightenment simply happened to them out of their sheer innocent attitude and openness to receive it. Homecoming is enlightenment; when you realize that it exists nowhere else but within your own self, it is like coming home. But with most of us, our egos are shamelessly sensitive and anything, just anything can shake our ego…leading us further away from our true eternal self and more into the illusion.

The result is that we start to shop for enlightenment. We try out every solution offering happiness. We try out every self proclaimed Guru promising divinity. In some cases, seekers have some experiences which are mistaken as signs of enlightenment. The profound transformation is still missing.

Is there a solution?

The solutions are very simple. Nothing fancy. Nothing mystic is needed. In fact, the ‘simplicity’ of enlightenment goes against it more than often.

Try out some of these suggestions to warm up:

  • Forgive yourself. Forgive others.
  • Love yourself. Love others.
  • Take responsibility for your spiritual journey.
  • Know that one master can change the entire world. But we need the entire world to be a set of surrendered seekers who are ready to shed the ego.
  • Stop shopping for enlightenment. There is nothing to buy anyway. You just need to take off the social mask.
  • Being uncomfortable with yourself in meditation is perfect alright. That is the whole goal! When you peel off layers imposed on you by societal norms, you will feel uneasy… But go ahead with it! The more your seek, the more you will find.

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Letting Go: The Mantra That Will Change Your Life

It has been a few years since this incident happened, but it still remains fresh in my memory from when I was traveling in the mystic land of the Himalayas in India. From the mystic teachers to the scenic beauty, everything was utterly gorgeous. We were on our way to the river Ganges and got stuck in traffic. I came out of the car to get some fresh air and saw a female monkey holding a dead baby monkey in her mouth. As torturous as it was to see the painful view, I just couldn’t resist to follow her for the next few moments. I saw she was holding to the baby monkey as if it was fully alive. She wouldn’t let it go, jumping from one branch of the tree to another.

I came back to the car and shared the experience with the driver, who was native of the town. He explained that it’s very tough for a monkey to let go of her child. The realization that her child is no more doesn’t sink in for a very long time. It’s only after the bones start to come out of the rotten skin that the monkey finally releases the body. The driver wrapped the conversation by saying, “Tabhi toh yeh bandar hai” which means, “That’s why it’s a monkey” pointing out the lack of wisdom in the animal. I said nothing and delved deeper into my thoughts, analyzing the situation again and again.

The next morning, I had a few appointment calls with my clients. While talking to each client, one by one, I realized that we too are part of the monkey culture and tend to remain stuck in our own traps. The sacred chaos of our mind makes us feel comfortable about our troubles in life but we can’t run away from the truth for too long. The monkey was still able to let go of the baby monkey after realizing that it was dead. We have a stronger sense of self awareness and yet we find it next to impossible to accept when it’s time to let go of certain things.

Our human mind is in a much more beneficial position when it comes to dealing with problems in life, whereas an animal tends to evolve very slowly in its sense of awareness. As a human being, we have access to tons of wisdom and techniques that can create a Buddha mindset. You will find it tough to teach Gita to a holy cow roaming on the streets of India, but a human brain is capable of learning and understanding it so easily. Let us use this human factor to our advantage. I always wonder if the animal world is probably laughing at us and wondering who the real animal is. The one in the jungle enjoying nature and living every moment, or the so called ‘human’ being, who is always restless, reactive and upset about everything.

There is no one-size-fits-all, standard solution to letting go, but based upon my experiences with people, I have compiled a few suggestions and I hope that you will find them helpful as well:

The Power of Gratitude

We want to feel that we are too important for the world. The result is that we start taking ourselves too seriously. When we treat ourselves as sensitive dolls, everyone has the button to make us laugh and cry. We are at the mercy of circumstances everyday. One sure shot way to get out of this chaos is to be grateful every day, in every way. Being in gratitude helps us to take things in a different and easier way. It also sheds the unnecessary weight of ego on us.

Letting go is natural

The best thing about letting go is that it’s part of our natural cycle. When we decide to let go, the auric vibes around us support our intention. Letting go does not mean to bring in anything new. It means to live in a no-goal and no-expectation zone. Keep diving into the realms of silence and you will never have to make any effort to let go.

Gift of the Present

The major cause of stress is our attention lies in the past and future. We are always in a relentless tug of war between the memories of our past and the worries about our future but neither exist. The present is, thus, effortlessly ignored. The major cause of our stress is not being able to live in the present. Be fully in the present in all your actions. Know that 99% of situations won’t even bother you a bit after a few months or years. Use your energy and time to maximize the benefit from the present moment.

Detachment from identity

In ancient days, Gurus or Masters would change the name of their spiritual students in order to prevent them from clinging to their identity. The change of name helped students to let go of the bloated ego brought upon by the social status of name. My grandfather gave me the name Chandresh, which means, master of highest consciousness. He said I am giving him a spiritual name from day one which will remind him every moment about his Dharma toward the world.

Meditation to let go:

-Take few deep breathes.

 -For 5-10 minutes, simply watch the movement of your breath. Don’t make any efforts to change the pattern of your breathing. Simply keep watching it. Inhale and exhale gently.

 -Bring your awareness on the heart. Acknowledge the presence of heart. Acknowledge the presence of your loved ones and even those who you may hold grudge against.

 -While keeping the awareness on your heart, set your intention to let go and release everything from your consciousness.

 -For next 5-10 minutes, be an observer of all the action happening in your consciousness.

-Invite emptiness and be in present as much as possible.

-Spend some time releasing unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone.

Suggested mantra is ‘Om Shanti Namaha’ or ‘Soham’

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Setting Intents 101: Ten Intentions for Higher Consciousness

  1. I intend to manifest a world where war is a fictional concept than reality.
  2. I intend to choose respond over reactions.
  3. I intend to witness God in everything and everywhere.
  4. I intend to live a life of example.
  5. I intend to receive abundance from known and unknown sources.
  6. I intend to take myself lightly.
  7. I intend to forgive myself and others.
  8. I intend to practice unconditional love.
  9. I intend to make meditation part of my lifestyle.
  10. I intend to make someone smile today.

How to use intention in your meditation?
Start your meditation with a few deep breathes and silently observe the stillness within. Thereafter, bring your awareness to your heart and choose your intention. Now, simply observe the movement of breath in and out. Continue to let go off all the grudges and suppressed emotions. Don’t identify your thoughts with yourself. Witnessing the activity of mind is the best thing you can do during meditation. In the end, take few moments to be grateful for the intention you chose. Stick to one intention for few days before quickly moving on to the next one.

The Art of Intention
Your intention is the driving force in your consciousness. Setting an intention is almost equivalent to creating a map of where you wish to go. Without having an intention, you are on a road with no destination; however you cannot create it forcefully. It’s a seed that you sow, and you must let it reap on its own. You cannot force your mind to create an intention that you don’t believe in at all. If done forcefully, the purpose intention is ruined.

In the ancient Eastern ritual Yagna, the scholars performing the Yagna always ask the Yajmaan, the person for whom Yagna is being performed, for the Sankalpa, or the intention announcement, behind doing the Yagna. All the ancient Eastern rituals set emphasis to the Sankalpa before they initiate any new step. Be it a Yagna for personal growth, marriage or to attain spiritual powers, the Sankalapa must be prepared very carefully. Advanced scholars often boast about their proficiency in completing the Sankalapa for a Yagna. People who are familiar with science of Yagna always look for experts in the Sankalapa field although it lasts for just a minute, while the rest of Yagna takes an hour or more. Consider your intention as a modern version of the Sankalapa. You need to be well versed in it!

Let’s review some important points about your intentions:

1. Positive Intention: Make sure the intention is set in positive words. For example, if your intention is to remove stress, then say something like, “My intention is to invite peace and calmness within myself with today’s meditation” rather than saying, “My intention is to fight stress with today’s meditation.” Avoid using any negative words. The chosen intention should be positive, uplifting and always in the present tense.

2. Keep Evolving Your Intention: Our minds are very clever. Whenever we bring something new to it, the first reaction is always one of surprise. As time goes along, the mind stops paying attention to the new entrant. A perfect example of this occurs when we walk into a fragrant room — we sense the odor immediately, but after few minutes we don’t sense the smell at all. Likewise, when we drive a new route, we pay attention to even smaller details, but after couple of rounds there, we start driving with no conscious effort. The same can happen with your intention. If you stick with the same intention for weeks upon weeks, your mind will stop responding to it. The best way to address this challenge is to keep evolving your intention or goal. For instance, if your intention on the first day is to invite peace and calmness after few days, you may change your intention to “My intention is enjoy the peace I create in myself.” Please be advised not to change your intention or goals constantly. Instead, keep on polishing and enhancing it.

3. Short -Term Intention: It’s considered more practical to set an intention for a short-term goal rather than a long-term one. The best practice is to divide your long-term intention into few shorter intentions. This will help you achieve a grandiose goal in more powerful segments. For example, if your intention behind the meditation is to become specialized in your profession, then see the steps involved in specializing in your field. The first few steps might be to obtain good grades in prerequisite exams. Then, you may need to land a leveraging internship for experience. Finally, after successfully manifesting your short-term intentions, you will reach the actual goal that you had nurtured in the beginning.

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