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7 Telltale Signs You’re A Hardcore Greenie

max-R Outdoor Recycling BinGoing green is a great way to show your love for the environment and to promote a sustainable lifestyle that really helps the planet. It’s also incredibly addictive, so after the first few steps you might find yourself engaged in an increasing number of green activities. You know you’ve become a seriously hardcore greenie if…

You Look for Recycling Bins Instead of Trashcans

Recycling is one of the easiest, most essential ways to go green. It only takes a little effort, it’s great for the environment, and it’s becoming much more widely accepted. If you’re becoming a hardcore green-friendly person, you likely start looking for recycling bins before you ever look for trashcans, because you realize that practically everything is recyclable. Whether you’re out shopping or visiting a friend, you’re loathe to throw away your paper cups, soda cans, or newspapers, and secretly you feel a little appalled when you discover that there aren’t any recycling bins available.

Your Have Reusable Bags Hidden in the Car

You can’t remember the last time someone at a store asked you if you wanted paper bags or plastic ones because your reusable bags are always at hand. You’ve been known to turn around without shopping if you arrive at the store and realize you forgot your fabric bags. To avoid that in the future, you started squirreling reusable bags away in your car.

People who carpool with you (of course you carpool—it’s better for the environment) are likely to find cloth bags in the side pockets of the door, the glove compartment, the trunk, under the seats, and in the hidden cubby console between the front seats. You now use them for everything, from carrying around your gym clothes to carrying your shopping. In fact, you have enough reusable bags that sometimes you lend them to people at the grocery store who insist on using plastic bags.

You Unplug Without Thinking

Many people don’t even realize that their appliances and gadgets still suck up energy even when they’re turned off—but you do. You’ve long suspected that your electricity bills are high and your appliances are wasting energy even if they’re turned off, because they’re still plugged into the wall sockets. Now that you have proof, unplugging is second nature to you.

When you’re a serious greenie, your routine changes. Where once it was enough to simply walk through your home turning off the lights in empty rooms, now you go around unplugging those big energy vampires. You make sure to unplug your computer and all of its components because you know your favorite tech-toy is one of the biggest culprits. You gleefully unplug kitchen appliances, especially the microwave, and you always pull the plug on the TV too.

Of course, if you’re really green, you likely have smart power-strips as well, to save energy even when you’re using your favorite devices.

You Take Marathon Showers

People waste so much water every day! Long baths and showers aren’t special treats saved for stressful days, they are daily occurrences. But you know better. Not only do you turn off the faucet as you brush your teeth so you’re not needlessly wasting water, you’ve turned showering into an Olympic event.

You’ve timed exactly how long it takes you to do everything you need to do in your shower. You don’t waste one single second—or a single drop of water. In addition to installing a low-flow head for your shower and a shower timer, you’ve equipped every faucet with an aerator to conserve energy, water, and heat. You know, as you get all clean and fresh, that you’re doing your part to save water.

You Wanted Solar Energy for Your Birthday

After long dreaming of using solar energy, you finally decided that was all you wanted. You saved up, looked around for the best deals and the most quality work, and decided that solar panel energy was the best choice for you. That’s because you know how efficient solar energy really is. You understand the joy of relying on the sun to give you heat, power, and even hot water. While your panels were your biggest birthday present, you still insisted that anyone who got you a present used recyclable paper, of course.

All Your Gadgets Are Solar-Powered

It wasn’t enough to install solar power on your roof, though. You want everything powered by solar energy because, again, you realize how powerful the sun is. So your kitchen is fully outfitted in appliances powered by solar energy. The fridge uses solar power and all of your other appliances are completely energy-efficient. You’ve got a solar-powered watch and the charger you use for your phone, tablet, and other mobile gadgets is also solar-powered. All your friends are jealous of you when the power goes out because you’re still connected. How cool are you?

You’ve Got the Best Compost Pile on the Block

If you’re a hardcore environmentalist, you’ve been composting since long before it was cool. You’ve discovered a way to compost almost everything. As a result, your grass is lush and all the drought-tolerant plants in your garden thrive. You can easily sustain yourself on the food you grow and you routinely share with your neighbors because you want them to eat healthy too.

Composting is part of your routine. Almost everything that comes out of your home either gets recycled or composted. You try to reuse everything for a good purpose and it works for you. Not only do you know you’re doing your part, but you help to erase your carbon footprint every single day. You even offer to start compost heaps for the neighbors who compliment your lifestyle, your commitment, and your gorgeous greenery.

If you’re a serious greenie who takes the eco-friendly life seriously, then you are unquestionably awesome. You’re kind to the Earth, to your family, and to your neighbors because you know that what you’re doing matters.


Image via Flickr by max-R

Van Jones Succumbs to Republican Pressure

Eminently qualified White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was forced to resign despite his profound knowledge of the green economy and his impressive resume of vision and leadership.
Republicans attribute his forced resignation to a petition he signed in 2004 and a disparaging comment he made about Republicans. Yet recently Rep. Joe Wilson screamed "you lie" during the President’s televised address to Congress and received little more than a proverbial slap on the wrist.
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Is Sustainability the result of Science and Spirituality’s merger?

Dear Friends

Is Sustainability the result of Science and Spirituality’s merger if we need new processes + values to go from Linear to Holistic thinking? What are your thoughts, observations and views?


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The White House About-Face: Obama

The environmental movement has been in a near dream state since November 4th.  Much like a kid before Christmas, dreams of magically replacing all past, current and future environmental ills with shiny new renewable energies, sweat organic treats and pristine lands have abounded.  While the Administration’s storybook is still in its early chapters with much hope remaining, many believe that our stockings may be filled with coal, literally and figuratively. 

Of the many egregious activities by anti-nature corporations and politicians in the United States, Mountaintop Removal Mining is quite possibly the most ruthless, and certainly the least intelligent.   Rainforest Action Network sums it up: “Rather than remove the coal from the mountain, MTR removes the mountain from the coal.”

Jeff Biggers, writer for Grist and Huffington Post and one of the strongest voices of clarity around MTR, describes the decision that has rocked the movement:
In an extraordinary move to disregard a 38-year rap sheet of crimes of pollution, harassment, and forced removal of some of our nation’s oldest and most historic communities, and the destruction of over 500 mountains and 1.2 million acres of deciduous hardwood forests in our nation’s carbon sink of Appalachia, the Obama administration [announced] that it plans to “regulate” mountaintop-removal mining operations—rather than abolishing them completely.

MTR has been a big dream for environmentalists due to President Obama’s own words.  According to BarackObama.com, [Then Senator Obama] said the country also needs a forward-thinking energy policy, and he alluded to his disapproval of the coal mining process of mountaintop removal.  "We’re tearing up the Appalachian Mountains because of our dependence on fossil fuels," he said, sparking loud applause.

When Appalachian Voices asked Obama in August 2008 what he thought of strip mining, he answered, "Strip-mining is an environmental disaster!" and went on to say, "We have to find more environmentally sound ways of mining coal, than simply blowing the tops off mountains."

Yet now, Obama sends out the EPA’s Lisa Jackson and Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, to publicly make what is really his own about-face.   They don’t announce that MTR will be banned as a practice, but rather that mountains are acceptable to destroy if regulations exist to ensure a “livable environment” for the surrounding neighborhoods.  Jackson and Salazar both directly stated that the practice would not only continue in the current locations, but would be allowed to move to other sites

Now, the first gift for those who have hoped for an end to MTR is a big, ugly lump of coal, delivered by the unlikeliest of sources and directly in the face of his own promises.  This about-face supports not only an activity that should violate local, federal and international law but also undoubtedly breaks a higher law. 

For Christians, like Obama, let’s great really clear: if you support MTR, you are breaking a covenant with God and creation.  Mountains are forever; they are not renewable; no god is going to come down and make more mountains; they are priceless and infinitely important to our planet.  Instead, 3.5 millions pounds of explosives are destroying them every single day, day in and day out, more explosives in a week than the US Military detonated over Hiroshima.  Who knew that a leveling of such proportions wouldn’t happen at the hands of an enemy military but by our own private companies?  To call this a catastrophe, disaster or crime resembles a compliment more than a damnation considering the profound loss that results from Mountaintop Removal. 

Mr. President, it is your duty as a citizen of this planet and as a Christian to put an immediate and irrevocable moratorium on Mountaintop Removal today.  Go to Appalachia and see for yourself.   There is no time to waste; there is no compromise.  Human lives and nature’s mountains are at stake. 

You have the power to stop it.  So, what’s stopping you?  

If this plea isn’t good enough for you, Dr. James Hansen, our most important climate scientist, makes his own

Find out what you can do about Mountaintop Removal, here.


Early Morning Thoughts! – Part XXXIII

Dear Friends
Part XXXIII – Some early morning thoughts:
. Heard about the solar powered aircraft ‘Solar Impulse’ that will fly around the globe from Zurich? If so, why not cars, A/Cs, computers?

. Nothing is impossible for a brave heart! – French Proverb – À coeur vaillant rien d’impossible!

. How can private investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency more than triple, revitalising the global economy with green jobs?

. New energy economy is: investment source for sci-tech, driver for jobs and economic growth, base of energy security, counter to climate chaos!

. A dose of adversity is often as needful as a dose of medicine! – American Proverb

. Good? If renewable energy grows at present rate of 7% annually then new-tech will meet less than 2% of total global energy demand in 2020.

. At 7% pa rise in renewable energy use, world will remain mostly dependent on fossil fuels in 2020 and climate chaos will continue unchecked.

. God helps those who rise early! – Spanish Proverb – A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda!

. Unless pace of innovation and investment in clean energy is hugely accelerated now, it is not possible to provide energy security by 2020.

. Excellent GigaTon Report: Redefining What’s Possible for Clean Energy by 2020: Job Growth, Climate Change, Energy Security http://ow.ly/g0yi

. Immediate, stable policies and increased investment are needed to support the necessary, aggressive scale up in clean energy. – Gigaton Report

. Calmness is the virtue of the strong! – Italian Proverb – Calma è la virtù dei forti!

. On old horses, one learns how to ride! – German Proverb – Auf alten Pferden lernt man reiten; What are they?

. Too much color blinds the eye Too much tone deafens the ear Too much taste dulls the palate Too much play maddens the mind. http://ow.ly/fZxb

. Too much desire tears the heart. Sage provides for the belly, not for senses; lets go of sensation and accepts substance. http://ow.ly/fZxF

. Since the Sage follows Tao his emotions do no harm; it is not that they lose their power but that they do not hurt others. http://ow.ly/fZy5

. Practise no-action! Attend to do-nothing! Taste the flavorless! Examine the small! Multiply the few! Return love for hate! http://ow.ly/fZyq

. Soft overcomes hard, Formless penetrates impenetrable, Value taking no action, Teach without words, Work without action! http://ow.ly/fZz9

. Alive and dead abstract from growth; Difficult and easy abstract from progress; Far and near abstract from position. http://ow.ly/fX9z

. Strong and weak abstract from control; Song and speech abstract from harmony; After and before abstract from sequence. http://ow.ly/fXaa

. When Beauty’s recognised in the world Ugliness has been learned; When Good’s recognised in the world Evil’s been learned http://ow.ly/fX8A

. Sage controls without authority, teaches without words; lets ALL rise and fall; Nurtures, doesn’t interfere; Gives without demanding; is content!

. ONE Creator.Name Truth.Sole Doer.Fears None.Without Hate.Never Dies.Beyond Birth-Death.Self-illuminated.Realised by Master’s Grace.Ever True! – Mula Mantra (Root Chant)

To witness the One-in-All, and the All-in-One! To listen, learn and love!


DK and Family

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Green Your Community: How Do We Diversify the Message?

Majora Carter, Aimee Christensen, Dan Carol (L-R)I’m listening to a clean energy panel with a focus on local implementation: how clean energy can affect local communities.

One of my heroes, Majora Carter from Sustainable South Bronx, is speaking, as are Aimee Christensen who councils Google on sustainabiltity, and Dan Carol, Issues and Content Director for Obama.

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