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Wellness Living That’s Good for the Planet

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We all know the health of our planet takes a daily beating from us. A few of today’s major environmental problems include water contamination, air pollution, soil depletion, overflowing landfills, and global warming – all influenced by conventional industrialized production and our daily routines. While none of us want to give up our modern conveniences, there are ways that you (yes, I’m talking to you!) can decrease the toxins that enter your body, support the wellness of the planet, and entice businesses to do the same – all without quitting your day job.

  • Check Wellness & Beauty Product Labels: Today, chemicals and additives are in practically everything, including common products you put on your body, face, and hair. Unfortunately, many of these products contain petroleum-based ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and pesticides – all ingredients linked to a host of health problems including skin issues, hormone problems, endocrine disturbances, allergies, liver/kidney damage, and cancer. These nasty chemicals and side effects not only affect you, but they contaminate the fresh water supply and contribute to environmental issues. One easy solution is to start incorporating natural health and beauty products such as shea butter, essential oils, herbs, and beauty supporting foods for your skin and hair into your routine. Also, the next time you plan to buy commercial beauty and wellness products (sunscreens, face creams, lotions, etc), be sure to check the ingredients for harmful chemicals and additives before you buy. If you don’t like what you find, consider switching to products with less or no chemicals or additives.
  • Opt for Organic: I know it’s practically impossible to choose organic food, beauty, and wellness products all the time (hopefully one day it won’t be!). For now, make an effort to buy the organic option as much as possible. You don’t want to expose yourself to the harmful effects of pesticides that include birth defects, nerve damage, hormone changes, headaches, and cancer. Luckily, one of our modern conveniences is the Internet, which is a great place to find organic products (often less expensive than brick and mortar stores) and get them delivered directly to your door. Not only is organic the way to go for your body’s health, it’s better for the environment too. Those same ingredients you and your family should be avoiding, the Earth’s soil and water don’t want either.
  • Choose BPA Free Water Bottles (and other products): Part of wellness living involves drinking plenty of quality water. However, if you’re still using plastic bottles, you could be exposed to a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is in most plastic bottles (including baby bottles) and the harmful toxin leaches into the water when the bottles are exposed to heat from the sun (a common occurrence). Exposure to BPA is linked to endocrine system disruptions, reproductive problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, plastic bottles are terrible for the environment as they take an average of 450 years to decompose (and some never do). The best way to limit your risk to BPA and decrease waste in our landfills is to use a reusable, BPA free water bottle. Many companies are also eliminating BPA from their packaging and products – choosing these companies’ products is a great way to avoid BPA’s harmful effects.
  • Support Conscious Companies that Focus on Sustainability: It’s vital that you support companies that consider the health of the planet in their business decisions. For example, in addition to understanding the health risks to consumers, a conscious company might choose to produce organic products out of concern for water contamination, destruction of wildlife, and the worldwide increase in soil erosion. We need more companies like these, and not only do you support them when you purchase their products, but you support them by sharing your experiences with others. It’s easy to do – if you love a product or company tell your family, friends, co-workers, and mention it on your social media sites. Word of mouth and personal experience is huge to creating conscious consumers who make purchasing decisions that are not only good for them, but also good for the environment. This leads to more companies creating organic, chemical free products that align with your personal health and environmental values.

These four wellness living tips give you tremendous power to enhance your health, share health with others, and help combat global environmental issues that we all contribute to. You may be one person, but your daily actions and choices do matter and make a difference in the world.

What ways do you practice wellness living that’s good for the planet? Share in the comments below. 

the green 411

I am a strong believer in natural, healthy, safe solutions for all aspects of ones life. Our bodies, our health & beauty and our homes should be cared for with the best products prossible. I believe that when we take time to care for our immediate environment we find it easy to care for our planet. I believe that our planet is our main home and our dwellings are an extention of it. We should all protect both equally. Join me in this stance to try and always be green and Lead the environmental movement by example.

Building Bridges Network

My name is Bernard Wesley.  I am the Chair of Building Bridges Network.  Building Bridges Network is a registered 501c3 organization. 

Building Bridges Network has three major programs namely, education, water and sanitation and rural electrification.

First, Building Bridges Network seeks to develop substandard schools in rural Africa.  In rural Africa, some schools are built with tree limbs an lack walls and a proper roof.  Building Bridges Network is on track to provide these schools with four (4) walls and a roof.  In addition, we will provide school furniture namely, blackboard, desks and chairs.

Second, Building Bridges Network seeks to provide clean water in area where this is a luxury.  This will be done by digging wells.  Building Bridges Network is always open to ideas and better technology that can get the job done.  Sanitation includes the building proper toilet facilities, educating locals about maintaining clean environment to prevent diseases.

Third, Building Bridges Network seeks to provide electricity with the use of solar panel, low-cost hydro and wind turbines to schools and health clinics.  At this time our focus is on solar panels.  The villages in rural Africa do not have electricity.  This makes it hard for the children who are in schools (with a building) difficult to study.  By providing electricity in the school, this will enable them to study after dark in a central location. 
Most clinics in rural Africa do not have electricity.  This creates problems like still births; drugs do not reach their shelf life as they lack the proper environment, unsterilized equipment and so on.  Some of these clinics can be powered by 600 watts system.  This is very small but creates a huge difference.

I am looking for donors in these areas who want to make a difference.  The only caveat is that significant donors will be asked to come to whatever part in Africa their donation was sent to or used.  Building Bridges Network operates on a stringent accountability and transparency platform.

Our website is at www.buildnbridges.org.

Thanks to you all for participating in this blog.