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VOD: Aziz Ansari Has the Perfect Holiday Gift For You Featuring Deepak Chopra

In a recent appearance on Conan comedian Aziz Ansari unveiled a rather unconventional holiday gift. If you’re in need of a sari – a traditional garment worn by Indian women that is also popular in many other south eastern Asian countries – he’s got quite the solution for you. Since “sari” makes up over half of his last name, and Aziz is Indian-American he’s advertising his own special take on the gown. Now you can get a sari with Aziz’s face on it! Aziz takes us (jokingly) through the process of making his specially branded saris. Our favorite part is when they use glue to smack his face on the “fine material.”

Better yet, Deepak Chopra makes an appearance to condemn the process (whoever said Deepak doesn’t have a humorous side hasn’t been paying attention). Unfortunately, even Aziz can’t put up with the ridiculousness of it. Oh well, you can still get the Gene Hackman home gene testing kit for all of your celebrity branded gift needs!

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VOD: Life is Just a Ride

shutterstock_roller_coasterTwo years before he died, comedian Bill Hicks ended a stand-up special with a lesson about life. He said that it’s just a ride, but after a while we start to forget that. We convince ourselves that it’s real because look at our money, and our success and our family, our our our. And when someone tries to remind us, hey it’s just a ride we want that guy to shut up. He’s wrong, this all has to be real or everything means nothing…

Or does it? Bill also says that we have a choice. Not a burden or a responsibility or work but a choice – between love and fear. We can hole ourselves up with our possessions and close ourselves off or we can open up and see with the eyes of love. Which sounds better to you? Watch the whole thing below.

Video found on UpWorthy

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VOD: Is Russell Brand an Anarchist or Just Smarter Than We Give Him Credit For?

Russell Brand has been known to rustle more than a few feathers for speaking his mind. He gets a bad wrap for his crude sense of stage humor or the details of his short-lived marriage to Katy Perry ending up in the tabloids. He doesn’t mind telling off reporters when they slack in asking thoughtful and researched questions and he’s all about sharing his enlightening experiences with yoga and meditation. But would you peg him for a political scholar?

He just finished a week as guest editor at New Statesman despite having never voted in his life. In a recent interview on the BBC’s Newsnight, Russell shared his disdain for the current political system and how it favors the rich hierarchy. He spends a large amount of time defending his position of not voting as his way of refusing to comply with a system that clearly doesn’t benefit the lower classes. Having grown up poor, Russell explains that’s why a lot of poor youth don’t vote – their apathy comes from growing up in a system that clearly doesn’t cater to their needs. Newsnight host bawks at Brand, saying he has no right to complain about a system that he doesn’t put a voice into – and Russell argues back that it seems pointless to voice an opinion in a system that doesn’t work. It seems like revolutionary talk, but the further he explains the more you realize it actually makes sense. Is voter apathy a sign of youth laziness or a call for political overhaul? Does it make Russell irresponsible for promoting these tactics or is he on to something?

Even if you don’t agree with Russell’s political sense, you should also check out this interview where he explains that every person is just a different physical representation of God – or the ordering force of the universe. You’ll see it sounds pretty similar to this Deepak Chopra interview. And you probably thought he was just a comedian with crazy hair.

Way to go Russell.

Urban Yogis: Russell Brand Dishes on Sex, Drugs, and Yoga

In the latest installment of “Urban Yogis” on The Chopra Well, Ashtanga instructor Eddie Stern interviews Russell Brand on yoga, addiction, and personal growth. Brand describes his journey from drug addiction, which began for him at an early age, to discovering the power of yoga. He describes the addiction as a “spiritual problem,” something he turned to as a way of looking for solutions to the existential dilemmas of existence. Now freed from his addiction, Brand strives to “see God in everything” and live moment to moment on a spiritual path. Check out part 1 of the interview:

Are you surprised to see this side of Russell Brand? What’s your favorite Brand movie or moment? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Hilarious Acting Moment From the Late Jonathan Winters

zefNrgqIf you’re an improv-lover, an actor, or watched any comedy television from 1960 onwards, then you know the name Jonathan Winters. A pioneer in the comedy world, Winters passed away last night at the age of 87. He was responsible for almost single-handedly making improv a known and beloved style of comedy around the country, with shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway? cropping up in his wake. You may also remember Winters from films like It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and the television show Mork & Mindy. Or perhaps you have your own favorite Winters movie or moment?

Here is Jonathan Winters at his finest, dressed up as a farmer and fictional past classmate of longtime Tonight Show host, Johnny Carson. Permission to laugh at loud, wherever you are:

We will miss you, Jonathan Winters! Rest in peace.

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